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Chapter 7: A Second Bite of Forbidden Fruit

Moments later, having somewhat recovered, he withdrew his shrunken member and rolled from her to lie on his back by her side. She moved to touch him, pressing her side, hip and flank to his, maintaining tactile contact with him for a purpose. She realized instinctively that, with the ebb of his passion, guilt inevitably would rush in to fill the void and she was determined to prevent that.

“Baby,” he began in that “I should have known better” tone of voice.

“Shhhhh,” she whispered softly and rolled to her side. Her breasts brushed him intimately. She supported her head with her hand, elbow on the deck by his head. She looked at him warmly and reassuringly. Her hand stroked his chest idly as she told him, “You were wonderful, daddy. I knew you would be, but you were better than I imagined. I’ve wanted this to happen for so long; I’ve wanted to fuck you, feel your cock shoot cum inside me, but I just didn’t know how to go about it, you know? I used to lay awake at night thinking about you and me and getting all hot and wet thinking about what it would be like to feel your prick in my cunt, and I would finger my pussy to make myself cum, but it never was good enough; it always left me wanting you more than ever.”

Her words flowed like warm water over him, soothing and calming, stifling the shrill voice of his conscience that even then, in the quiet aftermath of his ecstasy, was rising to berate him. He listened and her soft words turned back the black shroud of his guilt.

“So, I planned this, daddy. As soon as I heard mom was going to Chicago, I decided this was my chance, so I asked you to bring me up here for the weekend. I lied about Barb and Bonnie; I never invited them to come along, or Lance either. I wanted us to be alone. I wanted to dance for you, just you and me, and to be irresistible for you. I wanted to make you want me as much as I wanted you. So, I planned it, daddy. I got you here alone with the music and me and kept bringing you beer, just like I planned. Well, almost; I was going to start out naked, but I chickened out on that and had to find that gown of mom’s in the drawer. But this was all my idea, daddy, so if you gotta blame somebody, then blame me.”

“But, dammit, baby,” he started to protest.

“Shhhhh,” she hushed him with a finger to his lips, “I’m not finished. But I don’t care if I do get the blame for this, I’m glad it happened. I loved it, every minute of it and I don’t want it to end either.”

He attempted to lift himself to a sitting position, but she gently restrained him with her hand on his chest, saying “Let me finish, please, and she continued, her voice assuming a coaxing, almost cajoling tone. “ I don’t want to stop now, daddy, and we don’t have to if we don’t want. Nobody will know; it’ll be our secret, just you and me, and we’ll be very, very careful, I promise. Nobody will ever find out about us, not ever.”

As she spoke, her fingers played lightly with the hairs surrounding his nipples, almost absentmindedly tracing circles on his bare chest. As her words turned more to request, her fingers moved lower, stroking across his belly, while her eyes searched his for an indication of acceptance. Her fingertips encountered the damp mat of his pubic hair, and paused momentarily, tickling gently, before grasping his limp member and lifting it from its bed between his thighs.

He jerked, startled, at this renewed intimacy, but closed his eyes and did nothing to resist her. She took him wetly into her cupped hand and squeezed him gently. She spoke to them both. “I know you liked it. You liked watching me dance for you, didn’t you? You watched and it made you hot; you wanted me and couldn’t wait to get your hands on me. Your cock got so hard you thought you were going to cum in your pants, didn’t you? And, you wanted to fuck me so bad you could taste it, isn’t that right, daddy?”

He lay motionless, eyes shut, listening to her provocative words and knew everything she uttered was the truth, but he feared to admit it to her. Her words mingled powerfully with the sensations of her fingers upon on him.

She waved her fist and his limp cock waggled aimlessly. She leaned toward the reddened head hanging from her encircling fingers.

“I know your little buddy here loved it, didn’t you little buddy?”

Her hand waved, and his prick, puppet-like, nodded assent in response.

She spoke with mock gravity, “Well, at least somebody around here can talk. You loved it, didn’t you, little buddy. My hot wet pussy was tight for you wasn’t it, sweetheart?”

His penis nodded in eager agreement.

“And, it squeezed you sooooo gooood, when we were fucking, didn’t it?”

He bobbed enthusiastically again.

“And, you just loved it when I jacked you off with your head in my pussy, didn’t you?”

He nodded so excitedly that his head slapped Don’s belly.

“And, darling, you came sooo good for me, spurting and squirting all your hot cum into my pussy, didn’t you, baby?”

Smack, smack, smack, his head, nodding in enthusiastic agreement, slapped Don’s belly in rapid succession.

“Why, you’ve never cummed that good before, altyazılı porno have you, baby?”

His reddened head shook in answer, as her hand changed direction and jerked him back and forth.

“And, darling, you want to do it to me again and again, don’t you. You want to keep fucking my hot pussy forever and ever, don’t you? Whenever, wherever and as much as you and I like, don’t you?”

She smacked Don’s penis against his belly playfully, nodding the head eagerly, until he stayed her hand with his own and laughed, and she knew she had won again.

She leaned forward and touched her lips to his in a lingering kiss. He responded instantly, eagerly and his mouth opened in welcome. His hand cupped the back of her head, holding her close as their tongues explored and teased. Their kiss deepened, but lacked the frantic, lust driven urgency of their earlier kisses. Her hand held him lightly, patiently. Her breasts, nipples hardened anew, brushed his chest and side.

“Hmmmm,” she breathed into his mouth as she felt the early stirring of revival. He kissed her harder, his tongue probing deeply then withdrawing only to plunge deeper into her moist depths. She closed her lips around his tongue, pursing them into an “O” for him to thrust through, and he began an eager penetration and withdrawal, replicating the movement of their previously joined loins. He grew within the confines of her fingers that were holding him passively while his strength returned.

He thrust his tongue upward, stiffening that organ to a slippery point and she moved her encircling lips up and down on him in a lewd sucking action. Her hand tightened and his member throbbed in her grasp. His fingers ran through her hair, holding her, encouraging her to inflame him again, while she fornicated his tongue with her mouth. His penis strove to mimic the rigidity of his tongue, and he lifted his hips to induce her fingers to move on him. She laughed deep in her throat, a gurgling sound, at his excitement, and stroked the soft head of his penis with the pad of her thumb. He strained to force his tongue deeper into her mouth, as though such pale penetration would relieve the quickening urges in his still recumbent loins.

She recognized his need and lifted her lips. “You want to fuck me again, don’t you daddy?”

He nodded his head, mouthing the word “Yes,” inaudibly, and in the same instant she shook an affirmative response from her “little buddy.” They laughed spontaneously, and she giggled, “I’m sure glad you two agree on that.”

She slid down his body and laid her head on his belly. Her hand lifted his member for her inspection. He was still only semi-erect, without the starch to stand alone, and he lay helplessly across her fingers. She encircled him with thumb and forefinger and attempted to masturbate him, but he lacked the required rigidity. She moved her head and brought him to her lips. Her tongue slipped out and the tip entered the eye in the head of his penis. She tasted him and heard a groan slip from his lips at her intimate caress. Her lips opened, and she took him into her mouth. She sucked him deeply and felt his pubic hairs brush her cheek as her lips closed about the base of his member. Her tongue stroked and caressed the soft, spongy flesh filling her mouth. She lifted his head with the tip of her tongue and pressed it against the roof of her mouth. Her tongue held him tightly, and she began to suckle him, as a child suckles his thumb. Her tongue stroked the underside of his penis, rhythmically, in accompaniment to the rhythmic hollowing of her cheeks. Her fingers moved to tickle his scrotum, scratching lightly and feeling the sack retract and tighten as his excitement began to increase. He lengthened in her mouth, and she accepted the increase with intensified suckling. Her fingers tickled the underside and back of his testicles and his legs spread to accommodate her. Remembering his earlier responses, she tickled the area between his balls and anus and felt him wiggle his hips in answer to her caress. He stiffened perceptibly within her lips, the head nudging the back of her throat eagerly and she continued to suck. Her fingertip passed over the tight circle of his anus, stroking the lingering wetness there and elicited a groan of delight from her father. Continuing to suck his stiffening post, she began to move her mouth up and down thrusting him in and out of her throat. He was gasping with delight at the erotic sensations of her mouth and tongue on his growing penis. His arms were thrown out to his sides, empty fingers scratched frantically at the grassy deck. Words, lewd and excited, streamed from his lips as the girl hungrily mouthed his member.

“Oh God, yes, baby, yes. Oh yes, you are sucking me so good. Jesus, baby, yes, suck it like that; don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Thrilled by the returning wave of his energy, she laid the tip of her finger on his anus. Instantly, his hips bucked and his penis throbbed in her mouth.

“Oh, yes, baby, stick it in,” he shrieked, and she felt his sphincter relax to accept her finger.

Slowly, tantalizingly, she pushed her finger into his bowels, fraction by tiny fraction. He writhed like a worm on a hook as her türkçe altyazılı porno finger penetrated, and his penis spasmed in her throat in wanton anticipation.

“Arrrrrgh,” he cried out in delirious excitement, thrilling to his ravishment by the girl’s dainty finger.

“Deeper, baby, please,” he implored her deliriously, and she accommodated by driving her finger fully into his ass, and her mouth moved down on his throbbing member till it filled her completely.

His prick quivered rigidly, fully erect and throbbing with recovered desire. Her finger probed his rectum and encountered the hard bulb of his prostate gland. She circled the gland with her fingertip and the sensitive organ shot bolts of sexual lightning through his member. She began a gentle massage and immediately his cock heaved in her mouth and emitted a gush of hot, salty liquid.

“Ieeeee, baby,” he bellowed as the fluid flooded her mouth. “You’re making me cum.”

His hips rose in an effort to force more of his penis into her mouth, to penetrate her more deeply in anticipation of impending ejaculation. She gulped, swallowing his emission, and carefully withdrew her finger from his anus. Amazing, she thought, as she deliberately slowed the movement of her mouth to preserve his stamina, how erotic he finds the stimulation of his anus. I could easily take him from completely soft to ejaculation in a minute or less just by fingering his asshole, and she realized that she had very nearly driven him over the edge.

“Oh, baby, don’t stop,” he implored her weakly, as she withdrew her lips from his twitching penis. The cool air enveloped his wet member with chilling effect, and the flood tide of his onrushing climax relented momentarily. He bit his lip to restrain himself and closed his eyes, fearing that the mere sight of her bending over him would cause his cock to erupt in a shower of premature cum.

“Take it easy, daddy,” she cautioned. “There’s no need to hurry.” She moved to kneel over him, placing her knees on either side of his hips and laying her hands flat on the deck on either side of his head. Her breasts hung pendulously, nipples brushing lightly against his chest. His penis rested impatiently on his belly, glistening with her saliva and twitching erratically in hopes of attracting renewed attention. She moved her shoulders causing her breasts to sway and scraped his chest with her nipples. The movement sent shock waves of desire through her body. He lay passively still, allowing her to stimulate herself, and her nipples traced circles on his chest. She drug her nipples across his and thrilled at the touch. He looked at her questioningly, but she said nothing. She leaned forward and drug her breasts up his chest to his face. Swaying back and forth she drug the points of her nipples across his face and lips, shivering with desire as the roughness of his beard stubble scraped her sensitive flesh. Abruptly, she brought a breast directly above his mouth and lowered it, bringing her nipple into contact with his lips. She lowered further, mashing her breast against his mouth.

“Suck my tits,” she commanded and his mouth sprang open to obey. Her nipple dropped into his hot cavern, and his tongue leapt to embrace it. His lips locked around her swollen areola, and he began to suckle her as she had done to him.

“Hmmmmmm, daddy,” she breathed huskily. “That feels nice.”

She struggled to remain motionless, but the sensations ran like a hot wire from her nipple to her clitoris. Each stroke of his tongue brought a fresh burst of electric excitement to her loins. Her lips throbbed with desire. He sucked her nipple and her vagina drew taut in response. His tongue circled her and coaxed a spate of hot fluid to rush from the walls of her womb. She watched his mouth caress her breast and felt the pressure of her passion building. She shifted and brought a fresh nipple to his mouth. He accepted it hungrily and sucked it into his mouth.

“Harder,” she cried in heated insistence. He pulled the rubbery nugget deeper into his mouth with increased suction.

“Harder, dammit,” she cried again. “Bite it; use your teeth.”

His eyes blinked open, searching her face for guidance. His teeth closed tentatively on her nipple, gently pressing into her sensitive tissue.

“Harder, I said,” she said, glaring at his hesitancy, and her hand twisted in his hair painfully.

His teeth bit harder, and she arched her back, hissing, “Yessssss.” Threads of exquisite pain and pleasure intertwined in her mind and wove themselves into coils of passion that tightened around her nipples and her clit. Hidden within the folds of her soft lips, her clitoris throbbed insistently for more direct stimulation.

His teeth chewed her tender flesh, and she writhed above him. His hands reached for her breasts and began kneading them roughly. Her back arched further, offering her breasts to him, as she chanted in delirium, “Yes, yes, yes.” His fingers closed on her nipple and clenched it forcefully. His nails dug into the sensitive skin of her areola, matching the ferocity of his teeth on the other breast, and she fought to maintain control of her urgent passion. Her clit throbbed unbearably.

“Oh hd altyazılı porno God, daddy, that feels soooo good,” she gasped. Her hips lowered bringing her mons into contact with his stiff member. She shuddered as the pressure of her weight mashed her clitoris against his resistant hardness. Waves of pain and pleasure collided in confusion in her brain. Her hand snaked between their bodies, her fingers separated her lips to allow his member to burrow deeply within her moist furrow.

“Ohhhhhh,” she gasped as the smooth skin of his penis touched her clit directly, igniting sharp pangs of desire.

His teeth closed harder on her nipple; fingernails dug, scoring tender flesh harshly and she cried, “Yes, yes, do that.”

She lurched, and her clit swept along the rigid length of his shaft; electric sensations of pure pleasure mingled with fierce, stabbing pain and lust flowed like molten lava from her breasts to her loins. She groaned and drove her clit harder against him.

He lifted his hips in answer, thrusting his hardened member through her folds, stroking her tense bud repeatedly with the hard knob of his cock head. Her nectar flowed anew and inundated his prick. Her lips thickened in the throes of her excitement. Her clit rolled back and forth under the assault of his battering ram. Her breasts shrieked as his teeth, frenzied by his soaring passion, scythed the darkly tender tissue. The bronzed globes of her breasts were streaked, slashed with crisscrossing ribbons of angry red welts. His hands clenched her flesh, stuffing her nipple into his mouth. Fingers, like pincers, fiercely gripped both nipples and forced them together. Her nipples felt as if they were being ripped off as he mashed them together and thrust them, united, into his mouth.

“Arrrrrgh,” she screamed as he held her nipples in his mouth with his pressing fingers, chewing and sucking her tormented flesh. “Oh God, daddy, yes,” she cried out with back arching, offering her breasts in sacrifice to their combined lust.

In her mind, wild, unrestrained sensations jolted her from every direction, vying for control of her passion. Her breasts flamed with hot, wicked, masochistic wantonness, relishing the contrast of teeth and tongue on tender tissue and tugged insistently on the tiller of her attention. Her clit, obscenely engorged and elongated, shouldered past her pouting lips and slithered along his slippery shaft. Continuous contact and the incessant abrasion of her throbbing bud sent tidal waves of raw primal need roaring through her loins. Lust, monumental and overpowering, drove her hips to blinding speed, thrusting her clit into the maelstrom in wild eyed, masturbatory abandon. Flames of exquisite passion burst into her mind in a conflagration of sexual excess.

Beneath her gyrating hips, he bounded and thrust with an equally mindless pursuit of passion. The frantic friction of her body moving on his, her lips awash with the emissions of her lust stroking him with liquid velvet, and the hard stalk of her clit scoring his trembling flesh with each passage were driving him insane with need. He lost focus; his eyes, glazed, rolled in their sockets, his tongue lashed out, feverishly wetting lips desiccated by the hot wind of his labored breath. His hands clung to her breasts, immobile, stunned to inactivity by the immediacy of his climax.

Together they rushed headlong toward the precipice; an insanely driven sprint to the finish, to throw themselves into the abyss of sweet oblivion. Passion, heavy, thick, palpable, hung in the air about them like a bank of fog, impenetrable, muffling all sound and sight. Nothing moved, nothing lived, nothing existed outside the sphere of their lust. Their bodies collided wetly, slickly, grinding and stroking, bumping in the last mad dash to conclusion.

“Oh God, daddy,” she screamed softly, in gentle, childlike wonderment, and madly plunged her hand between their churning bodies. She seized him, fingers frantically fumbling to gain a purchase on his slippery skin. She lifted a knee to elevate her loins and directed him to her opening. Adjusting slightly, moving the head to separate swollen lips, she pointed him properly and instantly impaled herself on his fleshy spike.

“Oh God,” she gasped at the filling intrusion in her pussy. He heaved, lodging himself completely and lifting her knees from the deck with the force of his effort. He abandoned her breasts, and his hands slid to her hips, holding her tightly to her mount, while he held her on uplifted hips, run through to the hilt with his throbbing sword. She tottered there, unbalanced, overcome by the ecstasy of her impalement and shuddering in surrender to her passion. Her hips rolled on her pedestal; her clit rotated against his pubic bone, sending a spasm through her limbs; another, then another. Her vaginal walls clutched him, gripped him in a silky grasp that slithered his length with each roll of her hips. He groaned and lifted her higher. His back bowed in an arch from his feet to his shoulders as his hips lifted free of the deck. She rode him up, feet dangling, toes just brushing the deck surface, his cock thrusting into her belly, and she rocked on him. Her hands raised to cup her breasts, fingers gently twisting her ravaged nipples in self-stimulation. His cock jerked inside her. She heaved. They raced toward the precipice together, a blur, one entity, locked in a timeless embrace and the void loomed up before them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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