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I shivered with a strange mixture of fear and excitement…my entire body trembled and shook. Yoshi stood behind me holding my shoulders. I saw Mr. Binnaka sitting at the computer, his back to us. Yoshi leaned close and whispered in my ear.

“Breathe deep—help you stay calm…” he said softly, “…most important…remember—this only a game! He look angry and slap your face—it only a game…he spank you hard—it only a game…he call you nasty and dirty names—it only a game…obey him fast—do not make him mad…never look at his face—train eyes on cock and balls…”

His hand stroked my buttocks thru the sheer, white panties. I opened my legs and he caressed my throbbing prick. He soothed my nerves; he cooed in my ear how pretty I was—how much Matusa will love and adore me…

It worked…I suddenly became calm…all I wanted now was for the ‘Game’ to begin…to pleasure Matusa’s cock with my hands, my lips, my tongue, my pussy—whatever Matusa ordered me to do I would do it quickly, with the singular thought the more pleasure I gave him, the more intense my own orgasms would be.

With one final squeeze of my hard little prick, Yoshi said, “Go now…kneel behind your Matusa—and remember—it only a game!”

I silently walked to within five-feet of where he was sitting, dropped to my knees, forced my back straight, laced my fingers together behind my neck then lowered my eyes to the carpet and waited for the ‘Game’ to begin.

When I heard the door close behind me, I knew Yoshi was on his way to pleasure my man—I resolved to pleasure his.

Matusa kept me waiting ten more minutes. The wicked sex paste Yoshi had applied to my pussy, tongue and balls was having the desired effect.

I was literally trembling from head-to-toe with a lust I’d never before known. Images of hard cocks flashed before my eyes. I tried to shut them out with thoughts of baseball, cars and shopping but nothing worked—I saw only long and thick cocks—long and slender cocks—short and fat cocks—hard cocks…hard cocks…hard cocks everywhere…

Matusa suddenly rose from his chair and I thought I would cum in my panties with anticipation.

I trained my eyes on the floor, as instructed. The bottom of his robe was in my field of vision and my prick twitched and jumped inside the panties when Matusa removed the garment and laid it on the chair.

I knew he was naked and I was sure he had an erection…I had to see it—OH MY GOD I WANT TO SEE AND FEEL HIS COCK!

His feet were now in sight and I remembered Yoshi’s instructions.

I leaned over and said, “I am yours, my Matusa!” and kissed his left foot. I said “My Matusa” and kissed his right foot.

“Suck toes!” I heard him say above me.

“Yes, Matusa!” I answered and drew his big toe into my mouth and lathered it with my tongue.

Oh God, the heat from his toe felt wonderful on my ultra-sensitive tongue. I licked and sucked until his hand gently tapped my head and he said, “Next toe!”

I could feel all doubts, all inhibitions slowly drain from my core being as he had me take each toe of both feet into my mouth and lather them with my devotion.

I was crossing into an unknown, and dangerous state of mind. If I didn’t stop now, there would be no turning back—I would lose my free-will, unable to refuse or resist whatever command he chose to give me.

I groaned as he removed his foot from my face. I was now aware the sex paste not only ensnared one’s body with uncontrollable lust and heightened desire, but also erased from one’s mind the simple ability to agree or disagree; I had been transformed into an obedient mass of quivering flesh unable to think for myself, and not only willing, but eager to obey this strange man.

He lifted one foot and pressed it against my erection. He slowly ran his foot up-and-down my throbbing prick until I could no longer stay silent and allowed a loud moan escape from slightly parted lips.


His voice was soft and soothing.

“You wish to pleasure me tonight, whore?”

“Yes, Matusa, I want to pleasure you tonight.”

“I allow only whores to pleasure me, are you a whore?”

“I, uh…”


“Yes, Matusa—sorry Matusa,” I answered and raised my eyes to his hard penis bobbing before my face.

“Ohhhhh…” I moaned loudly as my eyes fixed upon the most beautiful penis I’d ever seen. So long and slender, not a single strand of pubic hair. His flesh was smooth and his glans was a light purple with a perfect mushroom shape.

Then I saw the fluids leaking from his slit. “Ohhhh…” I groaned again. I want to taste him—no—I NEED to taste him!

I leaned forward and my tongue automatically darted from my mouth. I was an inch from tasting him when SLAP!!—he brought his hand down sharply across my face. It was all I could do to keep from falling backward.

“DID I GIVE PERMISSION TO LICK MY COCK?” he shouted down at me.

“NO, MATUSA—I’M SORRY, MATUSA!” I quickly said with tears welling in my Beylikdüzü escort eyes.



He stroked my prick again with his foot. My body visibly shivered from the sensations he gave me.

Then he did something that startled me; he gently stroked the cheek he had slapped and his tone of voice became low and soothing.

“It one thing to say you are whore—you must BELIEVE you are whore…”

“I-I am a whore, Matusa…”

“Whores obey men’s commands—do you obey men?”

“Yes, Matusa, I am an obedient whore—I always obey men!”

“So you say…whores suck men’s cocks—do you suck men’s cocks?”

“Oh, yes, Matusa, I love sucking men’s cocks…”

“Whores lick men’s balls—do you lick men’s balls?”

“Yes, Matusa, I love licking and sucking men’s balls…”

The numbness in my balls gave way to a tingling sensation. His filthy questions excited me—my eagerness to admit I love doing all these things for men convinced me I really am a whore!

“Whores push their tongues into men’s assholes…”

“Ohhhhh…” I moaned. I would have cum in my panties if the damned paste had allowed.

“Yes, Matusa—I love licking men’s assholes—please let me push my tongue inside your asshole—I’ll lick your asshole as long as you want!”

“Whores give men good fuck—are you good fuck?”

“I am a great fuck, Matusa—men love fucking me—please, Matusa, please fuck me—I want to feel your beautiful cock in my pussy!” I cried out, meaning every word I said.

I heard him chuckling…possibly from my using the word ‘pussy’ instead of ‘asshole.’

My body was on fire—incredible heat from head to toe. I wanted to dive forward and swallow his cock—I wanted him to use every orifice I have and fill each one with a gallon of cum. I am a whore…I REALLY, TRULY AM A WHORE—I LOVE MEN’S COCKS AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS!!

“Hands at side!” he ordered. I obeyed.

I wanted his cock so badly I was crushed when he turned his back to me. He shuffled backwards until he was squatting over my face. He pried apart his buttocks and pressed the open split to my face.


“Yes, Matusa—thank you, Matusa!”

My stiff prick oozed pre-cum; I was unabashedly thrilled by his obscene command. I curled my tongue and pushed it far inside his tight asshole. I was delirious with happiness and joy as my tongue elicited moans of pleasure from deep within my Matusa.

I was a mindless puppy-dog. If he had told me to roll over and beg, I would have obeyed and yelped at him loud and happy. I performed every act he demanded immediately; I gave him orgasm-after-orgasm. His virility astounded me.

Whenever he came in either my mouth or pussy, it would take only ten-minutes of tongue-fucking his asshole to get his marvelous cock hard again.

The paste on my tongue and in my pussy demanded contact with hot flesh—his cum served only as a temporary antidote. I felt relief when he filled me with his hot and sticky fluids, but it never quenched my thirst for more.

Compounding the problem, I quickly discovered the panties had a slit cut into the fabric below my pussy where Matusa would stick his long and slender cock, and the feel of the material rubbing my prick while he was fucking me drove me insane.

After every fuck and my pussy was dripping his sperm and semen, he would make me squat, place his hand to the opening of the panties and wait until a large pool of cum gathered in his hand then feed it to me. It wasn’t the first time a man had me eat my own cum.

I remembered Yoshi promising, “You will have many orgasms!” but by the time Matusa’s desire faded, I had yet to enjoy a single climax.

The paste worked wonders making me crave Matusa’s cock, but prevented my balls from discharging my own pent-up lust. My balls seemed to be three-times their normal size, and a painful case of blueballs was setting in.

I was beside myself with frustration; my nerves were shot; Matusa seemed to enjoy my predicament.

Just prior to our final fuck of the night, and one more orgasm for him, he made me lay across his lap for a spanking. I must admit, it was the slowest, most tantalizing and sexy spanking I’ve ever received.

He raised his hand high, paused, then brought it down very hard on my butt. It hurt like hell, but he would then gently stroke and massage my panty-covered buttocks for some time before he struck me again.

The tender massage of my buttocks further inflamed my nerve-wracking lust. And to make matters worse, for the one and only time of the evening, he even rubbed my balls.

“These must be very painful,” he said with an evil chuckle as he gently squeezed my balls. “No worry, another fuck then you allowed to cum.”

Did I hear him right? Did I understand the meaning of his words? My inability to climax was premeditated? It had been his intention all along to deny my pleasure?

He sat on the edge of the Beylikdüzü escort bed, his full erection proudly jutting upward. I was flabbergasted he still had a hard-on after four orgasms, but grateful as hell.

“Come, my pretty white whore—ride my cock one more time!” he ordered.

I truly had no choice, the heat in my pussy demanded I obey him.

I positioned myself with my back to him, lined-up his cockhead with the slit in the panties and lowered myself until I was totally impaled on his hot, and wonderfully hard cock.

There was a slight change in my balls…as his hot hardness filled my pussy, it felt as though this could be it—I thought for sure I would cum this time. With renewed hope, and a sense of purpose, I slid up-and-down his cock like madman.

As he had done all night, he pinched my breasts and nipples hard; they had become super-sensitive and it was all I could do to keep from begging him to stop. The sheer, flimsy material of the nightie felt like sandpaper against my enlarged nipples.

I felt the churning in my balls for the first time that night. OH GOD YES—FINALLY!!

He chuckled in my ear as I fucked his cock faster and harder. “You live for cock, my pretty white whore…you have no morals, no values, no pride, no dignity, no self-respect…”

His words struck me harder than the slap to my face. Tears welled in my eyes. I had done my absolute best to pleasure him and he hurls these vile insults at me?

I suddenly heard Yoshi’s reminder: “No matter what he says or does—it’s only a game!”

It may be just a game, but it turned into a game I didn’t want to play any longer.

My sole purpose now was to make him cum. I wanted to end this game. I milked his cock with the walls of my pussy; he cried out and his body shook and jumped as he shot his final load inside me. Actually, by this time, his ‘load’ had become a mere dribble.

As I had done each time, I licked his limp penis clean, and lapped-up any remaining juices from his belly and highs.

“You are skilled and obedient white whore—you earn reward!” he announced with an odd smirk on his thin lips.

What could this strange, spent old man do for me? I wondered.

He motioned me to the other side of the bed and pointed at the floor. I saw a pillow and blanket.

My heart sank. Oh my God…after all the pleasure I’d given him, my reward was going to be sleeping on the floor?

He kept pointing. I saw what he was really motioning at…attached to the wall by some type of suction cup about two-feet off the floor was an object standing straight outward.

What the hell is that? I wondered. I narrowed my eyes, and recognized what appeared to be a dildo.

“Take it in mouth—get it wet!” he ordered.

I had no idea what depraved plan he had in store for me, but just as I had done all night, I obeyed his command.

When I was inches away from the dildo I gasped. The damn thing was identical to his cock right down to the veins and ridges.

I guess I waited too long and he became impatient: “SUCK COCK!” he shouted.

I opened my lips wide then slid them over the fake cockhead.


It felt absolutely wonderful in my mouth. My tongue craved the heat and lapped at it like a kitty at a bowl of milk. I coated the entire length and width with my saliva.

I was so caught up with the heat in my mouth I hadn’t noticed that Matusa climbed into bed. His final words before he turned out the light were “You good white whore—you earn reward—make as much noise you want—I heavy sleep!!” And then I was left in total darkness.

Make as much noise as I want? What did he mean by that?

The heat soothed my burning tongue. I unconsciously sucked the rubber cock like it was the real thing. I became lost in the sucking—my head bobbing rapidly back-and-forth—my tongue never leaving the surface. My head was dizzy and swimming with lust.

A thought came to mind—I can’t do that, I quickly told myself—that would be sick!

But the longer I had it in my mouth, the more it felt like a real cock. “Mmmmm…” I moaned softly.

I reached between my legs and took hold of my prick. “Yessss…” I moaned again. Hot semen and sperm churned and boiled in my balls.

My self-control and will to resist crumbled like a cookie. Ohhh, why not—Matusa said it was okay!?!

I reluctantly took my mouth off the hot rubber cock, turned my body around, and tried to impale my pussy on the delicious hardness. I soon discovered a logistical problem—my feet against the wall prevented me from getting as close to it as I needed to be.

I whimpered and groaned with frustration. OH MY GOD—this is supposed to be my reward? It’s more like torture!

I spread my legs as far apart as they would go. The tip of the hard rubber cock pressed against my panties but that was all. My hands gripped below each knee, I pulled them to the sides of my body and found myself in a position so obscene it sent Escort Beylikdüzü a thrill of pure lust and depravity coursing thru-out my body.

The rubber cockhead was pressing on my anus—I had to have the heat inside me—I trust my hips backwards in one swift motion. My pussy easily swallowed the entire length and the cockhead bumped my prostate.

“OHHHHHHHHH-GOD-YESSSSS…” I cried out then immediately clamped my hand over my mouth to not awaken Matusa.


Any hesitation I had fucking a fake cock was gone. I moved my body until just the tip was inside me then brutally thrust backwards.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” I screamed into the hand covering my mouth.

Sweat dripped off my face and forehead as I rammed the wonderful, hot cock in-and-out of my pussy. In-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out—my thrusting became more urgent, almost violent…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…

It happened so fast it caught me by surprise. My body suddenly stiffened—my back arched—and jolts of lightening shot thru my brain as wave-after-wave of pleasure washed over my entire body as semen and sperm repeatedly shot out of my cock and splashed against the front of the panties.

The climax went on forever…I shook and writhed and ground my hips back to take as much of the magnificent cock inside me as I could.

I buried my head in my hands as my body twitched, and a couple more spasms emptied even more semen into the panties.

I concentrated on breathing. The heat from the cock was so delicious, I decided to keep it inside me a little while longer.

A noise in the room startled me.

“Good boy,” said Matusa in the darkness, “…yes, you ARE whore!”

My body froze—I experienced a shame and humiliation so deep I wanted to runaway and hide and never see a human being ever again.

Oh-God—oh-God—oh-God…he’s right—I AM A WHORE—oh-God-oh-God-oh-God…

I heard him snoring on the bed. The dildo was still in my pussy and my penis was just as hard as before the orgasm. My balls filled with warmth, my mind was wracked with guilt…I told myself enough was enough—it was a great orgasm—go to sleep!

But the hot cock was too wonderful and delightful. I unconsciously pushed my hips back until the damned thing completely impaled me again.

Oh God, I’m a nasty, dirty boy, I thought as I slowly moved my hips back-and-forth over the hot and magnificent hard rubber cock.

I don’t care anymore—I am who I am…I lost count after three orgasms…there may have been four, maybe five…all I knew was I wanted that fake, hot cock inside me forever.


Huh? What?


I awoke with a start. The room was awash in sunlight. I rubbed the soot from my eyes and saw two shiny, black shoes near my head. I turned and saw Matusa standing above me. He was dressed in shirt and tie and nice slacks, he had his suit coat draped over an arm.

“Get on knees—open slacks—take out cock and suck!” he stared down at me with a humorless face.

I did as I was told.

I decided to give him a ‘quicky’—he didn’t object…I sucked him fast and furious. I flinched when I felt his hands gently stroking my hair. I thought the show of tenderness was out of character for him.

When he discharged in my mouth I gulped it all down. I cleaned his shriveling penis with my tongue.

“You excellent whore…” he said patting my head. “Business meeting—all day—go back to sleep!”

He left the bedroom and I heard the front door quietly close and he was gone. I listened for Yoshi but all I heard was silence.

My prick had gotten hard while sucking him and I felt the familiar rumblings in my balls. Without giving it a second thought, I stuck my fingers in my mouth, made them slick with the remnants of his climax then coated the rubber cock until it was slippery.

My body was still sore from the unnatural position it had been in, but I managed to scrunch my knees to the side and when I pressed my anus on the cockhead it was as hot as it was a few hours earlier.

“Ohhhhhh-yesssss…” I moaned.

I squirmed and wriggled my hips until the cockhead popped thru my opening and my pussy slowly swallowed the entire length.

“YESSSSSSSS…” I cried out when the head bumped my prostate.

I began a slow and rhythmic fucking. Suddenly, I fantasized Billy was fucking me. He was the boy who took my virginity…he was gentle and considerate and a wonderful lover even though every time we made love he insisted he wasn’t gay.

He was the best time of my life. I pictured his cock and rammed my hips back faster and harder. The cum in my balls began churning…this would be a ‘quicky’ too.

A brief panic raced up my spine—something was wrong—someone was in the room with me!

I heard Yoshi’s voice and felt his hands stroking my hair.

“Don’t stop—keep fucking,” he said. “Need your mouth—please, suck me.”

My calmness and serenity returned. I found him kneeling, almost sitting near my head. I saw his beautiful cock inches below my face.

Without a word, I lowered my head and took his hardness deep inside my mouth. His prick was short like mine, I could take the entire length into my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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