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It shouldn’t have taken him so long.

The first thought that ran through Alex’s head as he stood on the front porch of the stranger’s house was how he couldn’t believe it had taken him this long to choose to submit to a man. He was 21. How long had these fantasies been playing through his head? How many times had he almost taken the plunge and met up with someone online? He’d had conversations- plenty of conversations, filled with half-promises of future meet ups and a sense of guilt as soon as he’d used them as material for mind-blowing masturbation sessions. That was usually the end of it for a few days, before the whole process started again.

He was 21. The man behind the door was 47. Why had he chosen this man, who Alex knew only as ‘Richard’ (Alex assumed it was a pseudonym) to be the first guy he would know sexually? He wasn’t sure. Richard was patient, and that helped. He encouraged Alex to tell all his dirty little fantasies and he clearly got off on reading them. When Alex finally threw caution to the wind and arranged the meet up, he had only one stipulation for Richard: “You’ll let me call you Daddy.”

Alex knew he had Daddy issues, but had no real idea how they would play out in the bedroom. He just wanted to be sure. And as he saw the silhouette of Richard approaching the front door, and the handle slowly turn, all self-analysis was cast aside.

“Good morning.” He said, smiling gently. Alex stuttered out a reply and headed inside before being invited. Before he was able to rationalise his thoughts or process what he was doing, Alex pulled off his top and stood in front of Richard. “I want you, Daddy,” was all he was able to come up with.

It 4 k porno was all that was necessary. Richard smiled, took Alex and kissed him roughly. Alex felt himself slide into submission, allowing Richard to force his tongue in and around his mouth while slipping a hand into the back of his trousers, beneath his underwear and grasping Alex’s smooth ass, probing a finger into his expectant, begging hole.

“I think you want to be my little whore,” Richard grunted into Alex’s ear. Alex moaned in agreement.

“You will suck my cock, whore, and you will do it well. But I think that this-” his finger was still probing Alex’s ass, and now pushed further in- “Also needs some attention before I fuck it. Now get in the bedroom with your Daddy.”

Richard pushed Alex’s bare chest enough that he lost balance and stumbled into Richard’s bedroom. There was a large bed near where he had fallen, which he began to crawl on to. Richard held his head down as he got half way up, leaving Alex bent over, his ass raised expectantly. Richard undid the jeans with the speed of a man who’d done it many times before and pulled them off, along with Alex’s boxers.

The next thing Alex felt was a cool liquid being poured onto his asshole followed by a strong feeling of pressure. Alex had never had a butt plug before. He’d used his fingers in his ass, and enjoyed it, but this was something else. Once the butt plug was all the way in, Alex realised that it was vibrating in short, sharp pulses. It was all he needed to realise he was unable to control his sexual frenzy. He needed his Daddy to take him.

Richard pulled Alex down from the bed and forced him to his 7 dak porno knees, forcing Alex’s head to the crotch of his jeans. Alex could feel the rock hard cock on his face, dying to worship it. He licked Richard’s jeans, feeling the shape of his cock under his clothes.

“You hungry for my cock, whore? Beg me for it. Beg Daddy for cock now, slut.”

Alex begged. He needed it in his mouth. Richard pulled his jeans down and his cock rose magnificently in front of Alex. Alex was transfixed on it. He touched it, then slowly began to caress it with his fingers, then his whole hand, and then massaged it against his face, engulfed in the aroma.

Alex had never sucked a cock before, but he didn’t care that much about how his performance would be received. He needed to taste it, he needed it to fill his mouth.

It was only after Alex had taken as much of it in his mouth as he can that he estimated it was about 7 and a half inches. It was thick too, and perfect, as Alex sucked it he began to wank his own cock with one hand and caress Richard’s balls with the other.

It felt amazing. Alex had always enjoyed the fantasy of submission, but had no idea how good it might actually feel in reality. It was heaven. He would do anything for his Daddy, and let Daddy do anything to him. The pleasure was truly exquisite, and Alex lost all sense of time, and reality, focussing entirely on feasting on his Daddy’s engorged cock. He massaged it with his lips, focussing on the head, then the shaft. Richard moaned in pleasure. Alex was licking and coating the cock with saliva, then licking any precum that was offered up to him. He needed more.

“Cum alman porno on my face, Daddy,” Alex begged. He was desperate to taste and swallow all that Richard could give, but he also wanted to feel it covering him, to feel himself marked, and to feel like a truly filthy whore. Richard moaned, louder than before, and began to cum with some intensity. The first shot landed squarely on Alex’s face, from his forehead down to just above his pleading mouth.

Alex felt a sharp shot of pleasure between his ass and cock, and as he began to swallow Richard’s second shot of cum, the most piercing orgasm he had ever felt began to rush through him. His only awareness was of the incredible pleasure coarsing through him, and of Richard’s still-hard cock in his mouth, combined with the delicious, salty cum running down his throat.

As the pleasure began to subside, Alex’s return to normality was met with a feeling of deep shame. He had been degraded. He had begged this man to make him his whore, and allowed him to use Alex and cum over his face. However, it was different to all the times before, when he’d logged off after an online chat with a stranger. This time the shame excited him. He had got off on being a nasty whore for his Daddy.

He started to pull the butt plug, still pulsing, out of his ass. Richard grabbed his arm and stopped him. “I want that to stay in there until I’m ready to fuck that tight little ass of yours, whore” he said, and accompanied it with a gentle slap of my face with his cock.

I took my hand from my ass and realised that my cock was still hard, even after the orgasm. I wanted more. I wanted him to use and degrade me further. I began to rub Richard’s cum on my face, and said ‘Thank you Daddy,” smiling sweetly.

He slapped my face with his cock once more. Then pulled me up, and said “You’re a dirty little whore. You need cleaning off before I can use you again.” He grabbed my cock, and led me into his bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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