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The first part of this story isn’t big on actual sexual content. But it does set some important background, so please make sure you read it through before going onto the next segments. (After all, I DID spend a lot of time writing it!)


It was a Saturday afternoon, and the four female friends had decided to have a little get together at Kathy’s house. All of their husbands, boyfriends and children were away on a camping trip, which was scheduled to last until Sunday afternoon. So, here they sat, drinking, playing around with Kathy’s Web TV.

Kathy, who was hosting the impromptu party, sat on the couch; the wireless keyboard perched on her lap. Thirty-five years old, 5’6″, 130 pounds, Kathy was the “old lady” of the group, married now for the last twelve years. She was blessed with two boys, ages eleven and nine. Seeing as how the outside temperature was pushing 90 degrees, she wore an outfit of a light blue button down shirt, which she had tied at the waist, emphasizing her ample 38d breasts. Complimenting that, she wore a pair of comfortably tight blue jean shorts. Her brunette hair was worn short, bobbed in the style that had been made popular by Jennifer Aniston of the television show “Friends.” She had soft brown “bedroom” eyes, as her husband Bob often called them, which were framed by the darker color of her hair.

Next to her on the couch was her best friend Lauren, sipping on a Coors light. Thirty-one years old, divorced, Lauren was the most outspoken of the group. Slightly taller than Kathy at 5’11”, 135 pounds, she possessed curly red hair which rested softly on her shoulders. In stark contrast, her pale green eyes seemed to pierce whoever happened to be the target of her attention. She was dressed in a green sundress, which came close to matching the pale color of her eyes. The low v-neck showcased her firm, well-tanned 36c chest. Kathy had often marveled at Lauren’s overall tan, which her friend chalked up to nude sunbathing in her backyard. Lauren had divorced her useless husband Dave almost four years ago, due to his tendency to drink and run around with other women. They’d been married way too early, her at 19, him at 18. The reason for their rushed nuptials, her daughter Dawn, was currently visiting with her parents in Florida.

Janice was perched on the edge of one of the plush loveseats, which sat on each side of the couch. She was sort of an exact opposite of Lauren. Twenty-seven years old, a bank teller, 5’3″, 110 pounds, Janice was a very quiet, unassuming person who more or less kept to herself. She had never been married, but it most definitely wasn’t due to her looks. With jet-black hair that she kept short, stunning sea-blue eyes, and full bee-stung lips that were the envy of the other three women in the room, Janice was never short of offers for a date. She even dressed well, wearing a white silk shirt and short black mini skirt with matching shoes that made her look like a model. In her mind, however, her 34b breasts were too small, and she secretly ached to have boobs like Kathy or Lauren. She was currently dating a fireman named Brian, who loved her to death. But she wasn’t sure it was going to last, as she always seemed to have a tough time opening up to people. The only time she let her hair down was around her three best friends in the room.

The last of the quartet, Sheri was also the youngest. Twenty-five years old, 5’7″, 125 pounds, she was still more or less a newly wed, as her and her husband Kevin had only exchanged vows about six months before. She worked as a waitress in a nearby restaurant, and always seemed to be full of energy. Long blonde hair hung down to the middle of her back, while her blue eyes shone with an intelligence that put to bed the myths of air-headed blondes. She loved to show off her body, much to the delight of her new hubby. Today, she had on a tight pink belly shirt with matching shorts and white sneakers. The top had a plunging neckline that fell to a daring level, showing off her 38c chest. It was rather obvious to anyone who looked that she preferred to go braless, as she still had altyazılı seks the advantage of a young, firm body, unaffected by the pull of gravity. She lounged in the opposite love seat; her wine cooler nestled securely between her muscular legs.

After sifting through the usual sites, which included joke, class reunion and television entertainment pages, Lauren got up and opened another beer. As she returned to her seat, she reached over and grabbed the keyboard away from Kathy playfully, and immediately began typing in a web address. “OK, enough of this playing around, girls. Time to try something a little more provocative.” With that, she hit the enter button, and she grinned wickedly at the stunned expressions on the other three in the room. The screen filled with an erotic story website she’d discovered after her ex-husband had left. The stories were submitted by amateur authors, and ranged the entire spectrum of subjects, from straight sex to groups.

“So this is what you do at night while the rest of us lead real lives, huh?” Sheri kidded. This elicited a giggle from the others.

Lauren smiled. “We can’t all be fucking our brains out like SOME newlyweds I know.”

Sheri blushed a deep crimson, causing Kathy to burst out in laughter. Janice, as was her habit, seemed to shrink back from such open discussion. Lauren noticed this, and winked at her. “Don’t worry. There’s nothing here that is offensive, Jan. Just some harmless fun.”

It was Janice’s turn to blush. “I’m not bothered by it, Lauren,” she said defensively.

Kathy stepped in to smooth the awkward moment over. “It’s OK. We’re all grown women here, Jan. I’m sure Lauren wouldn’t show us this unless it was interesting and fun.” She shot her best friend a quick look. “Right?”

Lauren shrugged. “Nah. It’s harmless. I just thought you might all get a kick out of some of the stories. Especially the one’s written by guys pretending to understand how a woman thinks.” She scrolled down and highlighted the section marked “FF”, which dealt with lesbian stories.

They all began to chuckle as they realized that better than half of the stories were written by authors with distinctly male sounding names. Every once in a while, Lauren would click on a particular story, and they engaged in a game of reading the stories aloud. They all got a kick out of listening to the woman reading the chosen story make the sound effects. Even Janice had loosened up enough to read a story.

After better than an hour of this, Lauren chose one story dealing with four female friends who wound up having a competition to see which one of them was the best at oral sex. Seeing as how there were no men in the story, they matched up against each other, the winner being the one who could make the opponent orgasm first. The two victorious women matched up the next night and repeated the game in front of the two “losers.” As she read the story out loud, she gauged the reactions of her friends seated around her.

Janice, as was her habit, was being quiet, but listening to every word. Kathy kept shifting back and forth, crossing and recrossing her legs and the actions heated up. Sheri, though, seemed the most interested in the story. She sat at the edge of her seat, staring out into space, her hands running up and down her thighs. Lauren could distinctly see her nipples straining against the thin material of her top, and her breathing seemed to be coming faster than it had moments before. She grinned, glad that she wasn’t the only one becoming aroused by the material.

Once they had finished, there was a stunned silence, similar to that of witnesses to an automobile crash. Lauren pushed a button on the television remote, and the screen went dead. “Well, THAT was interesting,” she said, making Janice jump slightly from the resuming of sound.

“Sort of an understatement, if you ask me,” Kathy chuckled. She began fanning her face with her hand. “And definitely NOT written by a man!”

Lauren stared at Sheri. “So, Sher, what did YOU think of it?”

Sheri jolted out anal porno of her trance and shrugged. “It was OK, if you like that kind of stuff.”

Kathy giggled. “I don’t know, honey. By the look of those erasers under your shirt, I’d say you found it more than ‘OK.'”

She looked down and found, to her embarrassment that her nipples were indeed proudly jutting out like pebbles. “Hey, it’s cold in here!” she whined. They all laughed at that.

Lauren sat back and stretched her arms above her head, causing her breasts to bulge out proudly against the pale green fabric of her sundress. “Still, it could have been a better story, if you ask me…”

“Oh really? And what would YOU have done differently, Jackie Collins?” Kathy challenged.

She chuckled. “Well, one of two things. First off, there’s no way that four women, even if they’re all bi, would just up and decide to do that sort of thing. Granted, I know it was the author’s imagination, but I would have made it a little more difficult to get them all involved.”

Janice nodded. “I was thinking kind of the same thing. I mean, if a bunch of my friends suddenly asked me to be involved in something like THAT, I’d have a real tough time figuring out how to respond to it.”

Lauren arched an eyebrow. “Oh, so you’re saying you’d give it some thought, though?”

Janice sputtered for a minute, caught off guard by Lauren’s question. “Er, I… I honestly don’t know.” She could feel the color rising in her cheeks. “I mean, I’ve never had ANY thoughts about being with another woman. I don’t think I could ever manage to do anything that unusual.”

“Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d try it.”

As three heads turned around to look at the person who’d said that. Sheri shrugged. “What? Does it make me a bad person to be open to new experiences?”

“Not at all,” Lauren answered. “Personally, I agree with you. As long as two people are happy with what they’re doing, they should go for it.”

“Well, me and Kevin have been talking lately about the idea of having a threesome for his birthday.” Sheri grinned. “At first, I said no, flat out. But, since then, I’ll admit the idea has grown on me, to the point that he uses it to get me worked up before sex. But the hard part would be finding someone we could trust to be our third.”

Kathy shook her head. “I can’t believe I’m hearing this! Two of my best friends, admitting to their hidden lesbian sides,” she said lightly. “Next thing you know, you two will be naked on the floor, giving me and Janice a show!”

Janice laughed, and Sheri blushed. Lauren decided to prod her best friend. “Oh, and I bet you’d love that, huh Kath? Don’t tell me YOU’VE never had fantasies about a lesbian lover…”

A little too quickly, Kathy blurted out, “No! Never!” But as Lauren just continued to stare at her, Kathy began to blush as well. “OK, ok, I give. It HAS crossed my mind from time to time, but I could never actually do it.”

“That’s kinda what I thought,” Lauren said triumphantly. It also seemed like the right time to turn the heat up a few notches in the room. “And Sheri, I know this is sort of coming out of the blue, but if you and Kev are serious about trying a threesome, I’d love to help you two out.”

There was a chorus of “What?” from Kathy and Janice, as Sheri just looked at Lauren in amazement. “Are you serious, Laur? I never would have suspected you to be interested in that sort of thing!”

“I think you’d ALL be surprised in some of the things that ‘interest’ me.”

After a minute of uncomfortable silence, Kathy spoke up. “OK, out with it, Laur. You’ve managed to get personal confessions out of Sheri and me. Let’s hear one from you.”

Even after all these years, it still amazed Lauren how easily Kathy could break inside of her defenses. “You sure you all want to hear this?”

“We can take anything you can throw at us, sweetheart. Try us.”

Taking a deep breath, Lauren closed her eyes and bent her head towards the floor. “Alright. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” anime porno She glanced back up and looked at the other three. “I’m bisexual.”

She had expected looks of horror from them, but instead, she sensed only a wave of understanding from them all. “I kinda suspected as much since your divorce,” Kathy answered. “But I could never find a way to bring it up to you without sounding insulting.” She gave a lopsided grin. “So, what’s it like being bi?”

She shrugged. “Not much different from what it felt like to be hetero. Just means you are attracted to TWICE as many people as before.”

They all burst out laughing, relieving any remaining tension from the room. Sheri got up and sat next to Lauren, hugging her tight. “Thanks for sharing that with us, honey. But I have just one question. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, of course.”

“Go ahead.”

She pointed back at the empty screen. “Was there a hidden meaning to reading that last story to us? I mean, is it just coincidence that it was about four friends like us?”

Lauren was blushing furiously. “Well, it wasn’t like I was expecting it to make you all want to try it. I was more or less looking for your reaction to the idea of bi or lesbian actions.”

Sheri grinned. “Well, I can tell you that I’m not against the idea. Maybe not here, with you guys, but the idea itself could be fun at a party or something.” She tilted her head just a fraction. “That also reminds me: You said there were TWO things you’d change in that story, Laur. What was the second?”

Lauren felt a blast of arousal flow through her. Was Sheri suggesting that she’d like to try it with her? She decided to go with the flow and see where things went. “Well, the other thing would be the competition itself. In this story, they were trying to see who was the best at giving the FASTEST orgasm. While that might be fun, I think the real test would be to see who was better over the long haul.”

Janice’s interest seemed to be peaked. “I don’t understand.”

“Basically, instead of going for the first orgasm, two people would pair up and compete against each other. But you’d have a time limit, say twenty minutes, to see who could give the MOST orgasms to the other person. Seems much more of a challenge to me.”

“Whoa, I’d say that would be interesting, to say the least,” Sheri whispered, a funny glaze to her eyes.

Kathy must have picked up on it. “Sher, are you thinking what I think you are?”

She nodded her head and took Lauren’s hand. “Yep. I wanna try it. Here.” She looked into Lauren’s eyes. “With you.”

Lauren felt as if her insides were made of molten lava. She couldn’t speak at first, not believing what she’d heard from the sexy young blonde next to her. She looked up and saw the stunned look on Kathy and Janice’s faces. “I don’t know, Sher. Maybe we should take this back to my place. I don’t think Kath or Jan would want to see this.”

She frowned, pouting her lips. “But that’s half the fun! And a good part of the turn on for me, at least.” She looked up at the other two women. “Please, Kath? Jan?”

“Do you expect us to join in?” Janice squeaked, clearly terrified by the idea of another woman doing sexual things to her body.

Lauren soothed her. “Of course not, Jan. None of us would ever make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do.”

Kathy walked around and put her hands on Janice’s shoulders. “C’mon Jan. It wouldn’t be so bad. After all, it’s two of our best friends wanting to live out a fantasy. No big deal. And if things get too carried away, you could always leave. None of us would think any less of you.”

Janice looked at each of them in turn. The raw lust on Lauren’s and Sheri’s face was obvious. Kathy, however, was unreadable. Almost as if she were making an effort to hide something from them. After a minute’s hesitation, she shrugged. “OK, but only because you guys are my best friends.”

Sheri jumped up and hugged her hard. Lauren smiled and moved over to Kathy. “You sure you’re OK with this, Kath? I don’t want to make YOU uncomfortable either. Plus, it IS your house.”

She took Lauren’s hand in hers. “You’re my best friend, sweetie. I’d do anything for you.”

Lauren hugged her close. “I love you so much. I swear I’ll make it up to you.”

To Be Continued…

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