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Isabelle hadn’t seen her friend Katie in over two weeks, as Katie hadn’t been to school or church since her training started. Her absence was understandable as all daughters in Fertile Valley had a breaking-in period to adjust to their life as the sole property of their fathers. Since a girl didn’t have control over the date of her 18th birthday, the entire community adjusted as best as they could to help each daughter be the best little slut they could be for their daddies. Each girl was forgiven up to an entire month of absences in school around her special time, but they still needed to make up their schoolwork when they returned, so most were only out of school for a week or two.

More and more local businesses were offering new hires extra vacation days for the purpose of training any barely-legal offspring. Local businesses that didn’t espouse bigoted views against family love thrived and women took advantage of the progressive benefits as well. More than a few single women yearning for an incestuous owner took advantage of the extra vacation days to give themselves completely to their virile sons, in no time becoming double-milfs, and using their maternity leave nine or ten months later. Some families had more liberal arrangements. One of the most influential families in the community consisted of a man and wife and a very, very full house. The patriarch of the family was the proud father of not just a double-daughter, but a triple-daughter. He won the lottery a while back and is living the happiest life he could dream up, full of love and lots of incest babies, not lots of pointless material possessions.

Isabelle was worried for her friend as she didn’t want her to be overwhelmed with schoolwork when she returned. She had been dropping off lecture notes and homework for her friend, leaving them at the front door of her house. Taped to that door was a hand-written sign that said “Do Not Disturb: Breeding”, with little hearts instead of dots over the i’s.

Isabelle had been learning her lessons well and was an excellent daughter. Today, like other days, Isabelle had properly welcomed her father home from work like a daughter should, on her knees with an eager mouth. She had changed into proper attire to greet him, which today consisted of a short flowery sundress and no panties. Her pussy moistened as she bobbed her head, leaving a deliciously sloppy mess in her delicate folds for her daddy to clean up with his tongue.The father/daughter couple talked as the family cock was properly worshiped, and during this time Isabelle mentioned her plan to visit her friend that night. Her daddy saw this as a good opportunity to mark her as his property before she left the house. Tim noticed boys looking at her with lust but he wanted to make it clear to anybody that saw Isabelle tonight that she was claimed.

After a good 20 minutes of cock worship, Isabelle sat still as her father painted her face with jet after jet of fatherly sperm. Like a good girl, she eagerly accepted the cream wherever her daddy wanted to put it and waited until he was done covering her in proof of ownership before she licked and cleaned his cock and got ready to go. Isabelle knew all women looked better with a mouthful of cock or a cum-covered face, but after looking in the mirror she knew she looked practically irresistible. Only one man would ever own her body, though. Everyone else could look, but could never touch.

While walking down the sidewalk, the daddycum that covered her glistened in the sun. She had grown up a lot recently and loved the feeling of being her father’s cumslut. She knew Uzun porno she was lucky to be in a place that accepted family love for what it was: love, plain and simple. Her breasts pressed against her dress, the cum spots partially hidden by the flower pattern. Isabelle thirsted for every drop of her father’s seed as it soaked into her skin and wanted nothing more than to scoop it all up with her fingers and savor the taste but her father told her to leave it be so that anyone who saw her while she was outside that he was properly taking care of her.

When a drop or two of precious seed threatened to drip off of her face, however, Isabelle used a finger to catch it and then licked it up. Daddy would approve; if her father had taught her anything, she knew that she should not ever waste any of his cum. It was better for the incestuous seed to be on her tongue than on the sidewalk. Wearing the cum, however, gave its own sensations which she never expected. She enjoyed the scent and feeling of being coated in her daddy’s gift which was part of him and made her. She also greatly enjoyed the feeling of being so thoroughly claimed, and the look her daddy gave her as she left the house meant that he’d have even more for her by the time she got back, the thought of which made her salivate.

The walk was only about five minutes and as she walked, her skirt rustled around her thighs and her pussy became much more and more moist. Neighbors greeted her as she walked by, and cyclists and drivers waved. A couple boys made obscene gestures that represented giving head; only a month ago she would have blushed and looked down, but now after experiencing so much love from the man that made her, she was filled with confidence and simply smiled and yelled back, “Yep, my daddy’s cock is the best!”, causing the boys to blush instead of her. No doubt, after seeing her, they were ready to pump their seed into their sisters and mothers.

Katie’s room was on the second floor of the house and faced the street, with her bed under the window. That is where much of the family fucking was done, but the entire house was fair play. There was a thin curtain drawn over the window but it wasn’t enough to hide everything, only the fine details. At night one could easily see silhouettes, such as that of a girl’s body moving up and down. Any doubt as to what might be happening would be erased due to the fact the window was slightly cracked open and sounds were escaping the room into the front yard. What was audible at any given time depended on how close the listener was, and at what point in the lovemaking the lovers happened to be. Groans, moans, cries of “Daddy!” and “I’m cumming in my little girl!” would be heard clearly if one stood on the sidewalk in front of the house. If one was close enough the sound of the bed creaking and a bedpost slamming into a wall with a natural rhythm could be heard.

The neighbors would have complained about this reckless display of incestuous love if if it were anywhere else but Fertile Valley. In this place, however, the residents were wise enough to see that this couple only served to inspire family love in all its forms to anyone within earshot. One family right next door, for instance, had paired off into daddy/daughter and mother/son couples a few years ago, much like many families that lived nearby, and they enjoyed hearing and seeing evidence of strong family love. Both women were pregnant, again. They looked forward to raising their incestuous babies in a world without discrimination against those who realized that expressions of deep love Öğrenci porno shouldn’t be restricted to non-family members. In Fertile Valley, any family member can fuck any other, even getting them knocked up, and their community would help out as best it could, giving a supportive environment to family love. Some residents were doctors who would help out when the baby was being delivered, keeping things quiet when a male relative like a father, son, or brother wanted to be bold and sign the birth certificate as the daddy.

As Isabelle approached the house it was clear that Katie and Tim were close to finishing another round of breeding. She was already horny and trying hard not to lick up the cum on her face but the thought of that cum also being in her pussy made her slit gush. With no panties, she was starting to feel enough of her juices building up to threaten to slide down her thighs. But what else did she feel, was it jealousy? She knew her father must have loved her just as much as Katie’s dad loved his daughter. She assumed she would be fucked properly when the time came but did he want to breed her? Did she want her own siblings inside her? The answer was “yes” as soon as the question crossed her mind. To Isabelle, her life was already wonderful. All she needed was to worship daddy’s cock and let him fuck her face whenever he felt the urge. Getting to show off his love with a big belly stretching short skirts and no panties would simply make things perfect.

Daddy was the only man she would ever need. Daddy loved her more than any other man ever could and in addition to giving her copious amounts of seed, as much as he could make, but he also buried his face in her shaved snatch, which was just icing on the cake. His seed tasted sooooo good, she almost didn’t want it in her pussy, but maybe that would change when daddy started the breeding lessons.

As Isabelle reached the front steps the love emanating from inside the house became stronger with each passing second. Cries of “Take it all! It’s all for my little girl!” and “Yes Daddy! Give me a sister!” were ringing in the air and Isabelle now had a line of cream running down past her knee.

Isabelle wanted to see what she was missing out on and was glad that the door happened to be unlocked. “I guess when all you do is fuck all day you have no worries,” Isabelle thought with a smile. The door creaked open slightly and as Isabelle’s eyes adjusted to the reduced light she saw takeout food containers and pizza boxes, which helped to explain how they got away with keeping themselves in the house for weeks now. As she stepped into the entryway and closed the door behind her the sound of bedposts hitting the wall echoed through the house. Tip-toeing up the stairs, she crept closer to the bedroom, and the creaking of the bed and the squeaking of the bedsprings got louder.

Isabelle was elated the bedroom door was open. She wanted to see with her own eyes, to know what it was she was missing, what it was she would soon beg her Daddy to do. The sounds were louder now, happening more frequently. The two lovers were beyond words, focused on pleasure and making a new life.

Isabelle arrived at the doorway, mouth agape and staring at the two incestuous lovers on the bed rutting together. They had switched positions now, with Katie bent over, ass up, a plaid skirt hiked up over her hips, a t-shirt rolled up over her exposed tits which were smashed into the bed, and her head turned with her eyes facing the door. Her daddy was giving powerful thrusts, pushing her face into the bed as her eyes rolled back and her mouth gaped open.

“Breed me! Breed me! Make me yours forever, Daddy!”

“Here you go, more cum only for you, I’m gonna keep your belly big and full of incest babies and drink the milk from your tits!”

Isabelle had her eyes glued to the place where father filled daughter and shoved both of her hands to her crotch, trying desperately to scratch an itch that she knew she couldn’t satisfy until she got home.

“Show my friend what it means to breed!” Katie screamed.

“I love you so much!” Tim yelled, pushing into his daughter in one final thrust.

After emptying everything he had inside her, Tim pulled out then maneuvered himself to kiss his daughter passionately.

“Umm… hi, Katie” Isabelle meekly squeaked out, her fingers stuffed in her snatch. “I just wanted to remind you of the big exams so you don’t have problems graduating.”

Katie moved her mouth away from her daddy’s for a second, “Yes, I know, but I can’t help it. Plus all our teachers live in Fertile Valley and have kids at least as old as us. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Conners both have daughters with swelling bellies, and Mrs. Conners, Mr. Conners’ wife? Well, that’s probably the son’s fault, considering that house paired off into daddy/daughter mom/son couples a few years ago.”

“What my daughter is trying to say, I think,” Tim said between words while kissing Katie’s neck and squeezing her tits, “is that the teachers understand that I have a few weeks of vacation time from work, and my daughter needs all the quality time she can get.”

Isabelle was speechless. She stood there, witnessing the two lovebirds making out while the daughter had a womb full of paternal seed, as she herself had a face covered in drying daddycum.

“And I see your dad is lucky to have such a great daughter,” Tim said, finally causing Isabelle to blush.

Katie interjected, “Maybe we can have a double-date! Our studs can take us out on the town and show us off.”

Isabelle perked up and said, “I’d love that! By the way, do you guys do anything else besides fuck?”

Katie replied, “Well we try, but we don’t get very far.” *giggle* “We do manage to go out and eat sometimes but usually while waiting for the food daddy drags me into the bathroom and by the time we get back the food is cold.”

Tim added, “We also got her some more appropriate clothes for being daddy’s slut. We always end up getting more than we plan on, though, because it isn’t nice to put clothes back on the shelf after getting sperm on them. Katie has a lot of skirts now, and a few other things.”

“Oh right! You should see this, Belle!” Katie fished around her mess of a bed and yanked out a pair of panties and held it up. On the backside, it said in cursive lettering a single word: “Owned”. Flipping it over there were more words stitched over the crotch area that read: “Daddy’s Cock Only”.

Isabelle was creaming even more now. Her pussy was itching, yearning, screaming for a daddycock of its own. She wanted what Katie had.

“That’s great Katie! I’d love a pair like that. I need to, um, go, though. I have to talk to my daddy. See you later!” She didn’t even give a chance to let the incestuous couple reply before she bolted away, aching with horniness and the overwhelming desire to have her daddy claim her.

Katie knew what her friend wanted, and hoped they could both graduate high school together with big tummies. Seeing her friend with a face covered in cum, however, was a big turn on to both her and her daddy and soon she was bouncing on her daddy’s dick, feeling loved and satisfied.

When Isabelle got out to the sidewalk she heard her friend cry out words she ached to tell her own father as soon as she got home: “Take me, own me, forever! I belong to my daddy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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