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It was late and I had been on the road all day so I pulled in to a small motel. I got a room that was in the back of the parking lot so I went to get some sleep. When I got out of the car I noticed all the lights in the parking lot were out but thought nothing of it. I went to the motel room and put the key in to the door and felt some guy put a gun to my back and told me to get inside. When I got inside I turned and saw the man had a mask on was holding pistol pointing straight at me. The man spoke in a rough tone telling me to strip.

I started to protest but the man pull the hammer back on the gun and told me that he would shoot me if I did not do what he told me to do. So I slowly pulled my shirt off while watching the man and then pulled my shoes off. Then undid my pants and started to turn around because I was not wearing underwear. The man yelled at me not to turn around because he wanted to see my face. I was standing there trying to cover myself up then the man said “Socks too”. He pointed the gun at my balls. So I yanked off the socks. Spread your legs. I want to see your penis.

Slowly, I spread my legs, shocked to feel a stirring in my dick. The mouth of that gun seemed to be 20 feet across, ready to swallow me whole. My heart was hammering in my throat and I could taste my own fear, it tasted like a nickel, not coppery like I’d read about. By rights I should be pissing myself, not getting wood.

The man waggled the gun at me. I want to see an erection. So get one for me now!

Hastily, I grabbed my prick and started jerking at it. The man sat down on the bed, and watched me passively. The gun was pointing off somewhere else, easing the edge to my fear. I stared hard at him, eyes sweeping his body. The man was about the same age as I was and was a medium build. My boner grew in my fist because it was turning me on standing there in front off somebody else with nothing on and stoking my cock. I Uzun porno could feel the man’s eyes on me, boring into my naked body, but I really couldn’t see his face because of the mask.

He leaned forward and lifted my balls up and forward with the cold barrel of the gun. I almost pissed myself then and there. Incredibly, my dick was harder than it had ever gotten before. He wiggled the gun a bit, lifting my balls this way and that, inspecting them. He waited.

Don’t lose that erection. The man ordered, grabbing my pants and going through them. He found my wallet, keys, and a few quarters. He looked through my wallet while I stroked myself. He found my license and said that he was going to write the address down just in case he did not get what he wanted.

The arrogant man stood up and pushed his pants and underwear off, a quick economical movement. What the fuck? I stood there watching, jaw hanging, my eyes locked on the eight-inch cock in front of me. I noted in a detached fashion that he was shaved. He pointed the gun at me again and said that he was going to enjoy this.

The man told me to get on my knees and I did as I was told. When I looked up, the man’s cock was in my face. I almost jumped out of my skin because I hadn’t heard him move. He nudged it closer to me with a quick thrust of his hips. He pressed the gaping mouth of the gun to my temple. Lick.

The man held perfectly still as I tried to use my tongue on his cock. My tongue flicked all over his dick, slurping, sucking and licking. The man could sense me still stroking my penis.

I couldn’t believe how much licking the man’s cock was turning me on. If it weren’t for the sudden rush of pre-cum all over my tongue, I wouldn’t have had a clue that he was getting just as turned on. The man just stood there, unmoving, no sound. Not even a change in his breathing other than a sigh when I started licking.

He Öğrenci porno put his hand on my forehead and shoved me backwards. I landed on my back and stared up at him. He stood over me, pointing the gun at me. Lay your chest on the bed.

Never argue with a man with a gun, I thought. So I turned and laid my chest on the bed, which left my tight virgin ass open for the man to see. The man had some KY and lubed up his cock and smeared it in my tight ass. The man pushed the head of his prick against my lubed hole and pressed his hips forward. I felt my ass hole give, and then swallow the eight-inch dick. It was hot and wet; I felt like it was ripping me apart. The man backed up a bit, and then shoved most of his bone into me with a hard thrust of his hips.

The man leaned over me, one hand on the ground, pressing the gun into the tender flesh below my chin. Don’t make to much noise or I will have to kill you.

I growled, and bit my lip not to make a sound. I had always thought about getting raped and was getting turned on even more now. I started to push back into the man so that I could feel all eight inches in my ass.

I bounced back and forward on his pole, moving faster and faster. I could tell the man was about to cum. He pushed harder on me and shoved his dick in deeper. The man stiffened, all of his muscles freezing. For a second I thought he was going to pull the trigger. It took me a moment to realize the man had cum.

The man got up and pulled his cock out of me. The man told me to go to the bathroom and get a washcloth and clean his cock off.

I came back from the bathroom and did what I was told to do. After washing the man’s cock off he told me to suck on his cock. I had never done this before but I took the man’s limp cock in my mouth. I start to mimic what I have seen my girl friends do and what I have seen on TV. I can feel the cock start to swell in my mouth and can taste the pre-cum again.

The man then stands up and tells me to get on the bed face down. I am getting worried now but I am still scared that I might get shot so I lay down on the bed face down. The man reaches in to his pants and pulls out some rope, tying it to the bedposts. He grabs my ankles and spreads them apart and ties them with the rope that is tied to the bedpost. Now I am lying there with my legs spread and he sits on my thighs. He leans forward and I fell his cock slide into the crack of my ass. I feel it throb and I think that I know what is going to happen next. He grabs my arms and ties them behind my back so that I can move.

I notice that he gets off of the bed and makes a phone call telling somebody that it is ok to come in now. I really start to get worried now, but there is nothing that I can do. The door opens and a black guy walks in and he starts to strip. The black guy gets on the bed behind me and lifts me up onto my knees.

Now, I am face down with my ass in the air and my legs spread open. I feel a hand on my cock and it starts to stroke me and it feels good. My cock is pulled to the rear and I feel a mouth on it and somebody starts to suck me off.

My mind is all over the place and not even worried any more until I feel a cock pushing into my ass. I am able to look back and see the man that had the gun is sucking my cock and the black man, which has a very big cock, is about to fuck my sore ass. I start struggle and protest. They just reach up and put a gag in my mouth and hold me down for what is about to happen. The guy is real easy with my ass and takes it slow at first. I feel like I am going to die at first but the pain starts to go away. The black guy is at least ten inches and he is filling my ass up to the fullest. I start to come in the guy’s mouth and then the black guy starts fucking me even harder after I cum.

The last thing that I remember is getting fucked by both of the men to the point that I pass out. I woke up the next morning to find a note that said they have my address and if know what is best then I won’t say anything to anybody.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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