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Hair Pulling

This is the third in a series of “Diane and John” stories. They are about a young girl’s introduction to love and sexuality by an older man. “Part 1 – Diane” is her version of the story. “Part 2 – John” is the same story from his perspective. Diane and John hope you enjoy both versions.

Part 1 – DIANE

As soon as we got into the back seat of the taxi, John put his arm around me. I was feeling full from the wonderful dinner and a little tipsy from the champagne. I snuggled up to him and rested my head on his shoulder. I whispered, “John, Darling, this will be our third night together, and we still haven’t …. you know …. done it. Are we going to do it tonight?”

He said, “Do what, Sweetie?” I was sure he knew what I meant and was just teasing me by playing dumb.

“Ummm … you know … pop my cherry.”

The loud laugh was the last thing I expected from him, and it even startled the driver. John said, “My God, I haven’t heard that expression since I was in high school! I didn’t think anyone said that anymore.”

I was so embarrassed that I felt myself blush from head to toe. I didn’t know what to say, because I was being serious and trying to act sophisticated. All I had done was make myself seem foolish. Childish. I said, “I heard some girls say it, and I thought that was what everyone called it.”

John stopped laughing and hugged me close. He said, “I’m sorry, Sweetie. That took me by surprise and I couldn’t help laughing. What the hell, that’s as good a thing to call it as any. I’ll tell you what, let’s just get home and see what happens, okay?”

That made me feel a lot better, and I giggled and whispered, “Okay, but I don’t think the gir … woman is supposed to have to beg for it, is she?”

The driver pulled into John’s driveway right then, so he didn’t answer.

As soon as we got inside we had a lovely, long kiss. It was my favorite, the kind with lots of tongue.

While John was helping me off with my coat, he kissed the back of my neck and the tops of my shoulders. I loved that. My new black evening dress had spaghetti straps, and it was great for neck and shoulder kissing.

He asked if I would like to share a bubble bath with him like we did last night. I replied by turning in his arms, putting my arms around him, and kissing him passionately. I even nodded my head “yes” while we were kissing.

I went to my room and got out of all those wonderful new clothes John had bought for me that day. My little black dress, my first pair of high heeled shoes, my first strapless bra, and my first pair of pantyhose. The seam of the pantyhose left a little line on my stomach, but I rubbed it and it went away. I guessed that was just something I would have to put up with if I wanted to wear those things.

After I had a good toothbrushing, I put on my lovely new nightie even though I didn’t plan on wearing it very long. All I really want is for John to see me in it and think I’m sexy and desirable. He seems to think I’m attractive, but I want to keep reminding him. I hope he didn’t think I was being silly and childish when I asked him about popping my cherry. I was serious and thought everyone called it that. I want to be so sophisticated for him, but it’s really hard. I’m going to keep trying my best, though. I sure hope we really can …. do it …. tonight and that it doesn’t hurt too much.

I found John in his big bathtub with the bubbles up to his neck. I took off my nightie, hung it on a hook with his robe and stepped down into the bubbles. Even though John was looking right at my pussy, I wasn’t too shy about that long, legs-open step down into the tub.

The warm water felt wonderful. By the time I got seated the bubbles were higher than the edge of the tub, and the water was about to overflow. John told me to hold still and not make waves, and he reached back to pull the little lever and let some water out. When the water had gone down to where waves wouldn’t overflow the tub, he pulled me towards him and arranged my legs around him, put his legs around me, and there we were, face to face. What a great way to kiss. We had a very deep kiss that set my heart pounding.

John saw how hard and swollen my nipples had become and said I had “headlights.” This caused me to have a giggling fit. I wish I wouldn’t do that. It’s so childish! He used his legs to pull me close. That big, hot penis that I had so much fun sucking last night is rubbing against my pussy. I sure know a lot more about it than I did at this time last night.

I put my hand between us and slid it up and down his hard penis several times, just like he had taught me. The soap in the bubble bath made it nice and slippery. I decided to ask him about something that I had been thinking about that day.

“John, I know this is called a penis, but that sounds too … um … clinical. Some people use the words “cock” or “dick,” but those sound sort of smutty. Escort Kız Dad calls it a “pecker,” but that just sounds silly. Would you mind if I called it somethig else?”

John smiled, “Sweetie, you can call it anything you like. What did you have in mind?”

I could feel myself blush when I said, “Well … uh … can I call it Herman?”

His bark of laughter startled me as it echoed off the tiles in that big bathroom. When he finally stopped laughing, John said, “Okay, Herman it is. Let’s see … I’ll call your pussy “Miss Kitty.” Is that okay with you?”

I was giggling so hard that I could only nod my head in agreement. John finally shut me up by hugging me really close and kissing me.

After lots of kisses, we both leaned back on our ends of the tub with our legs still fully in contact. The water was warm, the bubbles were delightful, the candlelight was romantic, and it was just wonderful. John said that sharing a bath was a good way to get better acquainted, and I started giggling again. Darn it, won’t I ever grow up?

We sat, soaked, and sipped our drinks in what John called “the lap of hedonism.” After he told me what that meant, I told him I thought I had been its lap since I came to stay with him. He agreed and said it was his favorite place to be. I decided it was mine, too, as long as the lap was big enough for both of us.

After a nice long soak, John told me to turn around with my back to him. When I did, he pulled me between his legs so that my back was against his chest. I had gotten my blonde ponytail cut off that day and had a new short, sophisticated hair style. Just like John wanted. I loved the way it looked, and is was also great for getting my neck and shoulders kissed.

He was kissing my shoulders near my neck when he took a breast in each hand. My nipples had relaxed in the warm water during our soak, but he took each between his finger and thumb and sort of twirled them. Ohhhhh, that feels nice. They quickly hardened until they were like little berries standing out from my breasts. Headlights again.

The feelings in my nipples seemed to travel to my button, and I thought I could feel it start to get bigger. He left one hand on my breast and slid the other down onto my tummy and stroked me there while he continued to kiss my shoulder and neck. Then his hand reached my mound and continued further down, between my legs. I spread my knees wide, inviting him to explore me.

He whispered “I love you” right into my ear as his hand stroked my inner thighs. John’s hand finally found my pussy and, when it did, I put one foot up on the edge of the bathtub to open myself even more to his hand. Am I being too eager about this? Should I show some virginal hesitation? Why should I? I may be a virgin, but I sure don’t feel hesitant. Not after what I learned about myself last night. Besides, I’m only still a virgin because we haven’t gotten around to ………… doing it. It sure isn’t because I’m not willing.

His finger slid into the cleft between the lips of my pussy and started exploring me. When he found my button, I jumped a little, and had to assure him that he wasn’t hurting me in the least. He reached for one of the big towels on the floor next to the tub and spread it on the tiled shelf.

After the wonderful pussy kissing and two climaxes I’d gotten sitting up there last night, I sure didn’t have to be told what to do. I immediately got out of the water and sat on the shelf, facing the tub. John spread my legs to either side of him so he was kneeling in the tub facing me, looking squarely at my bald pussy. It’s funny that I don’t feel any embarrassment. Well, not much. I like this! I know what’s about to happen, and I’m going to absolutely love it.

John used a corner of the towel I was sitting on to wipe the bubbles away, then he kissed my inner thighs and told me how much he enjoyed my soft skin. His lips inevitably reached their destination, and I felt that hot, wet tongue gently parting the outer lips of my pussy. Then my inner lips were parted and he was probing wetly at my entrance. Oh, I think that feels even better than it did last night. I think I’m beginning to feel just a little of that special tingling already.

His tongue explored a little inside me, then he stopped for a moment to tell me how much he liked the taste and feel of my pussy. He said it was tiny and delicious. After having his tongue in my vagina for a few minutes, he looked up at me and asked if I liked having my pussy kissed. I told him I thought it was just about the most wonderful thing in the world and that I wished he would please get back to it.

As I hoped he would, John turned his attention to my button. I could feel it grow and harden as he licked it, and he stopped to tell me that I had the largest clitoris he had ever seen. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, and I didn’t care right then. I took two handfuls of his hair to guide his mouth back to where I wanted it.

After that, my thoughts weren’t really coherent, just random reactions to what he was doing with his mouth on my clitoris. I didn’t know where I was and didn’t care. I tried to keep my eyes open and watch what he was doing, but I just couldn’t. He sucked and licked my button until the tingling was almost too much to bear. Then he stopped for a little while to let me come back down. Then he started all over again, and again. He got me to the point where I was almost crazy with wanting to come.

Finally, he stopped and asked if I wanted to come. I think I said, “Ungh.” He knew that I needed a climax more than anything in the world, but he asked me several times if I was really, really sure; teasing me. Finally, at long last he whispered, “Just let it go, Diane. I’m not going to make you wait any longer.”

He sucked my button between his lips and started licking the little head until I was totally insane with pleasure. I could feel that what had happened to me the night before was about to happen again, and this time I knew what was coming. It was going to be me. I’d had three orgasms, and I knew enough to just let it happen.

It didn’t take long, and it was like a dam bursting inside me. I heard myself grunt loudly and maybe squeal, but I consciously had nothing to do with the sounds I was making. I probably made all sorts of noises as my entire body was carried away by wave after wave of pleasure. The big bells rang in my head, my ears roared, I saw red and yellow flashes even though my eyes were tightly closed. Ohh, My God I held his head tightly to me until those wonderful waves began to smooth out and let me come back down to some kind of sanity.

I was panting as if I had been running laps, and I could feel my heart trying to pound out of my chest. Wow, I thought I was going to faint or die or something. I opened my eyes, and John was looking up at me, a smile on his wet lips. He told me to get back into the tub where it was warm. He kissed me, and his mouth had that distinctive taste from my pussy. I’m sure glad he likes my taste. I love that taste on him. I guess that’s what Mom’s magazines call “oral sex.” I like “pussy kissing” better. I don’t care what it’s called, it’s wonderful.

John said, “I love your passion, Baby.” He held me until I had more or less returned to normal. We had been in the bathtub for quite a while by then, and I was beginning to feel waterlogged. We agreed that it was time to get out, but he have my pussy a little washing. He said, “The cleanest pussy gets the most kisses.” In that case, I’m going to have the cleanest one in town. Miss Kitty sure likes getting kissed.

He told me to stay put and got out and dried himself. He wrapped a towel around his waist, then gave me his hand to help me out of the tub. I didn’t even have to dry myself. John sat on the edge of the tub and I stood there while he dried me gently and thoroughly from head to toe, even the crack of my …. behind.

When I was nice and dry he put his hands on my hips and pulled me close to him. I was just the right height, and all he had to to was lean forward slightly and part his lips to get a nice mouthful of nipple. He sucked my nipple into his mouth, held it there, and started humming. It sounded like “The Star Spangled Banner,” and it felt really good. Sort of a tickling but not quite. A tingly, exciting feeling. Indescribable, but good.

John slid down to his knees and put his hands on my hips. Again the height was perfect and his lips were in the right place to kiss me just above my cleft. He slid his tongue into my cleft and the tip went along the length of my button. For the first time I was glad that hairless down there and that everything was out in front. Although I was standing with my legs together, his tongue had to trouble finding my clitoris. He licked my button until my legs started to tremble, then he stood up and took me into his arms.

When John bent to kiss me, Herman was bulging his towel straight out like a tent pole. I stood on my tiptoes to be kissed and reached down to loosen the towel and let it fall to the floor. Then I put his big, warm penis straight up against my tummy and pressed myself against John to give it a nice comfy place to rest. I wiggled my middle a little bit to make sure he was comfortable.

Herman was starting to throb between us when John broke our kiss and whispered into my ear, “Are you absolutely, positively, a hundred percent sure that you don’t want to be a virgin anymore, Sweetheart?”

I was so absolutely, positively, a hundred percent sure that I couldn’t even say anything. My only fear was that I would be too small inside to take his penis. I just pulled him down to kiss me. I was so enthusiastic that out teeth clashed, but I didn’t care. I don’t think John cared, either. Finally. At last. Oh, this is scary. This is wonderful!

John picked me up and carried me into the dark bedroom. He laid me gently down on the bed, kissed me, and went back into the bathroom for the candles. I slid under the covers while he put a candle on each of the bedside tables, and I pulled the covers aside for him. The room was cool, and the yellow flickering light of the candles was very romantic. This is like a scene in one of Mom’s dumb Harlequin Romances. This is a lot better than any old book though.

John slid in beside me, pulled the blanket over us, and took me into his arms. This is the first time we’ve ever been naked in bed together, and it’s wonderful. I think an even bigger ‘first’ is about to happen. My all-time ultimate big one. My arms went around him, and my after-orgasm stupor was gone. I was suddenly alive again. More alive than ever before.

The sheets were fresh and cool, and my lover’s body was warm against me. I kissed him with not only my lips and tongue, but with every part of me I could get in contact with his big, warm, naked body. I kissed him madly, passionately, my front teeth clashing against his. He returned my kiss just as passionately, big, hot Herman poking my stomach. Our legs were intertwined as were our tongues. Each of us was trying to get as much in contact with the other as possible.

He whispered that I had one last chance to keep my virginity, and that I’d better tell him right then, or it was going to be gone forever. I pressed my mouth to his and tried to shake my head “no” at the same time. Oh, it’s finally going to happen. I’m going to get my cherry popped. I took my mouth from his and whispered the only word that seemed right, a word I’d never said before.

“Fuck me, John. Please. I’ve waited so long.”

Before he could reply I was kissing him again, rubbing myself against Herman. He gently pushed me onto my back and turned to reach into the nightstand. He took out a little plastic bottle and squirted something onto his fingers. When I felt it at the entrance to my vagina it was cold.

I asked him what it was, and he said, “It’s called Astroglide, Baby. It’s slippery and will make it easier for us the first time. It will probably hurt some, but this will help.”

As he put more onto his finger and put it right into me, I said, “I don’t care if it hurts, just DO IT. FUCK ME, John, please!”

The heat inside my pussy warmed the Astroglide, and I could feel it mingling with my own juices. John got himself between my legs and told me to open them wide and to pull my knees up. It would make it easier for him to enter me. I did as he said, and I could feel Herman’s warm tip exploring for my entrance. Oh, my God, John’s going to fuck me. I’m about to have my cherry popped! Oh, I want it so much. Now, Darling, go ahead and hurt me. Fuck me.

John reached between us and guided the tip of his penis to my entrance. I lifted my hips to try to help, but John said to hold still and let him do it. I got my knees up almost to his shoulders, trying to make myself easier for him to penetrate. I felt the tip enter me, hot and slippery from the Astroglide and my juices. John pushed, and I could feel him touch the obstruction about an inch inside my vagina.

John seemed to hesitate for a moment, then said, “This may hurt, Baby. If it does, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to stop now.”

I was about to tell him to go ahead when he pushed hard into me, and stopped. He continued to push, and I could feel myself stretching and stretching and stretching . He continued to push, and suddenly there was a burning, tearing pain. Although I tried not to, it really hurt and I know I cried out. I couldn’t help it. It hurt!. Suddenly, though, the pain was over and I just felt him inside me, big, hot, and wonderful. Ohh, my God! My cherry was just popped. John’s inside me. Oh, he feels huge, and it’s wonderful!

John held still inside me, but I could feel him throbbing and jerking. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. John had his weight on his hands and we were really only touching where our bodies were joined. I whispered that I wanted to be kissed, and he lowered himself to his elbows as I pulled him down with my arms and hands. His penis was in my pussy, his tongue was in my mouth, mine in his. My arms were around him, my legs open high and wide to him. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

We kissed for a long time, deeply and passionately. My pussy felt totally full of him and he was hot. I whispered, “Is it all the way in.”

John told me to put my hand down to feel. When I did I was astonished to feel at least half of his penis still outside, and the outer lips of my pussy were like rubber bands stretched tightly around the hardness of his penis. The inner lips were stretched so much that I couldn’t even tell where they were. Where am I going to put the rest of him? I’m completely full, overflowing, and there’s no room for more. I’m just not deep enough to take any more. Is this going to be enough for John? I hope so, because I know this is allI can take.

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