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She has fun humiliating me in front of her lovers. She loves to show me off to her boyfriends. She loves me to drop down on my knees and suck the cock that will be fucking her.

I also must keep her cunt wet at all times and when her lovers are done with her I must lick up the cum that is pooled in her pussy and ass. I also have to clean the cock that has just fucked her, that includes sucking on his balls and licking his asshole before I am done.

Our bedroom is equipped with cameras that catch all the action; they are mounted on all four walls and the ceiling. My wife sales the videos on the Internet. It makes me feel horny knowing that other people are getting off watching me being abused by my wife.

My only fear is that somebody I work with will see one of these videos. That would be un-cool. One time she made me watch a gay porno, of course the cameras were rolling as usual. When my cock got hard she made me stand up and bend over, then she shoved a butt plug up my ass. She called me a faggot and made me keep the butt plug in as I watched her lover fuck her in the ass.

When she was done she had me fuck myself with the butt plug and jack off all over my stomach. Here are a few samples of some of the scenes I have been filmed doing.

One of the scenes I was dressed up like a maid. I always hated it when she made me wear a short dress, it was always the same thing as soon as I would put the dress on she would make me walk up Eskort Kız to her and hand her a butt plug. I will lift my skirt and she will insert six large beads that are attached to a rope.

She will shove them up my ass one at a time until I am full. At the present time I can only take five of them. That leaves one of them hanging out of my ass, to beat my balls as I walk around and serve my wife and her lover.

I will then go in the kitchen and make breakfast for them. After we ate I was cleaning the table off, my wife got down on her knees and started sucking her boyfriends cock. My cock got hard as I watched my wife work her pretty lips up and down his shaft. She sucked on his cock for 10-15 minutes, as I stayed busy in the kitchen.

I was loading the dishwasher as I heard him moan, I turned around just in time to see him jerk his cock out of her mouth and spray cum all over her face and hair. When his massive tool stopped pumping cum she wrapped her lips back around the head of it and cleaned him up. She then called me over to her and told me to lick his cum off her face. I licked her friends cum from her face like a dog licking a bowl.

When I was done I was so horny she let me masturbate in front of her and her lover. As I was starting to cum she jerked the beads out of my ass and I shot cum six feet in front of me. I obediently kneeled down and licked it off our kitchen floor.

We have done this scene many times, but one of my favorite scenes goes like this:

My wife is going out to the local slut motel tonight so she makes me help her get dressed. I must bath her and dry her off. I get so horny knowing that in less than two hours my wife’s pussy and ass will be drenched in cum.

She starts telling me all the nasty things she plans on doing, like sucking their big cocks and draining their balls. Letting strangers pump her pussy full of cum. She tells me how I have cheated her by having a little cock and how it’s going to feel being fucked by a bunch of big cocks.

About that time I hear a knock at the door, its one of her lovers picking her up. I kiss her and she tells me not to play with my little cock till she gets back home. She then reaches out and unzips her lovers pants and pulls his cock out, she makes me get down on my knees and kiss the shaft and tell him how glad I was to see that he was going to service my wife tonight with his big cock.

When they leave I’m so horny I can’t stand it. After 4 or 5 hours she comes home and I meet her at the door on my knees waiting and wanting to lick her swollen pussy clean. Her panties are soaked in cum from where it leaks out of her. She tells me how much she loves me as I suck the cum off of her clit. And how I can’t satisfy her with my cock. So I must be her cunt licker and clean up man.

Another scene we like to play out is my wife some times wants to pretend she has a cock. She will get me all hot and horny then she will have me get on the bed on my hands and knees and fuck myself with a dildo while she is working a double headed dildo deep into her pussy.

When my ass is all loose and ready she will reach under me and put my cock and balls in a cage. She will then get behind me and start rubbing the head of her double dildo, up and down my ass crack. Until the head of it disappears into my hungry asshole.

The dildo is about 24inches long with a set of balls in the middle. She will bury it all the way up to the balls. It feels like it is lodged in my throat. But I keep pushing back on it, wanting it deeper and deeper. She has been ass training me for a long time so I can take a pretty big cock up my ass and still enjoy it.

She loves the power of fucking me hard as the other end of the dildo is fucking her pussy. When she gets tired of fucking me she will slip the dildo out of her cunt. And reach down and take my cock cage off. She will then get down between my legs and suck my cock while she fucks me with the other end of the dildo.

I feel like I am getting used because when she wraps her lips around my cock and pumps my ass about four times, cum flows out of my cock like a fountain. She will then remove her mouth and spit out my cum. For some reason she doesn’t like the taste of my cum, but she swallows everybody else’s.


Well that’s the end of the story hoped you liked it and I hope it made you cum. I just love my little cuckold paradise. Clean your self up and E-mail me and VOTE!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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