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“Hmmmm…. sleep good?”

You roll over and snuggle in closer to me.

“Hmmnnn … what have we here…?”

You move your hands down the length of my body and they stop as they bring up on my hands which are holding my legs slightly open. You cup my bum with one hand and your other hand and fingers walk ever so erotically to find my already spread pussy lips. They slither between my own fingers and encounter the seeping creamy moisture.

“How come you’re so wet, already?” your mouth presses against my cheek.

“I was dreaming about you kissing me all over” I breathed a whisper into your ear and feel you tremble from the touch.

“Yeah? How was I kissing you?” you coax, as you gently kiss my mouth.. the tip of your tongue teasingly probes in search of mine. You pull the tip of my tongue between your lips and gently suckle, your tongue rapidly flicks its tip. My entire body thrusts upward with a rush and I groan in response.

“You like that, eh!? Can I do that on other parts of your body?”

Your own arousal is very evident as you push against my side and I feel your hardness nudging the side of my hip again and again. I turn on my side to face you so I can feel your cock against my tummy but you teasingly say “Nuh uhn un… just keep dreaming about what I am doing to you and don’t stop doing what you’re doing… oohh my baby…hmmm.”

You ease me onto my back again and suggestively suck my fingertips one by one and place my hands on my belly. My head sinks back Escort Bayan into the pillow and my fingers move back to touch myself. I close my eyes and dreamingly move my hips forward.

“Spread your lips, so I can see your wet little clit… hmmnn!” … you push the sheet completely off our bodies….”close your eyes….”

My thumb and middle finger slide on either side of my pussy between my wet lips and move them apart…exposing my clit to the air. With my other hand I wipe some of the wetness away with the inside heel of my hand. Instinctively I move my hand to my mouth and lap the tasty cream. I hear you groan but cannot see where you are.

“Open your lips wider, baby… oohh yes… it’s so nice and slippery wet!”

Taking my right hand I precisely guide the pad of my middle finger along the smooth surface, starting from the wettest recess of my vagina opening… to the very tip and making tiny swirls around the membrane covering the sensitive head of my clitoris. Without lifting my finger I move it back down to gather more of the cream and again retrace the pathway to the tip.

You take my hand and again lick each of my fingertips. “Your cunny tastes so sweet, Molly.. make some more cream for me.”

“Touch me, Baby…. oohhh touch me…”

“You show me how to touch you…. show me… I’ll watch and become a quick learner”

“It’s not the same as when you touch me….” My legs move together with my middle finger wedged between my lips. I gently move my finger a little faster as I rub my slippery clit, feeling the sensations in my groin and my mind.

“Close your eyes, Molly. That’s it…stir your cunny!”

Your hands close around my breasts and push them slightly together. I don’t know how you do it but no other part of your body is touching mine… only your hands. Softly you pinch each nipple between your thumb and finger and tenderly you pull on my nipples.. pulling.. lifting my breast. “ooohhh” I feel a tingle in my pussy and my finger continues to rub my clit. . You cover one of my breasts with your mouth and gently suck the now hardened tip between your lips. You lightly press my breasts together and suck first one nipple than the other… back and forth….

“Squeeze your clit, baby… rub rub rub..ooohhhh…. so nice…. I can smell your pussy…don’t stop!”

I feel your hands holding my hips on both sides, lifting me slightly..”keep your eyes closed… don’t stop.. keep rubbing…. doesn’t it feel good!!”

I sense you move away but in a heartbeat you are touching me again. This time I feel your hand under my chin.. gently squeezing my mouth… kissing my lips and my tongue, licking between my lips prying them open with your tongue. You pull away and instantly I feel a probing at my mouth. A smooth hardness is pressed to my lips… you gently smear my lips with the head of your cock and with your hand you ease its head between my lips.

“Lick my cock, Molly.. keep your eyes closed… and don’t stop rubbing your cunny!”

Your fist is wrapped around the shaft of your cock and you are holding it in my mouth. You move it along my wet tongue …. pull it out of my mouth with a wet sluicing sound. You gently tap your cock on my chin and lips before pushing it back between my lips again. You do this again and again.

“This time I want you to lick the head all over and then suck it into your hot mouth… don’t stop rubbing your clit…. don’t stop… ohhh Molly don’t stop…. lick lick.. ohhh suck meee….!”

Both my hands are between my legs. The sticky wetness is running everywhere… between the cheeks of my bum…. my fingers are rubbing so fast now.

“I’m so close to cumming Molly…. open your eyes… look at me…”

Your legs are straddling my chest and you are stroking your cock into my mouth and I lick and suck the creaminess that is oozing out of your cock. My fingers are rubbing so fast so fast… I can feel it building up inside me….oh my god… oh my god…are you saying that or am I…. oh my god. Your face is above me and I look deep into your soul as your eyes slightly open before they close again and I hear you groan with pleasure…

The glorious tingling becomes stronger and stronger and I slide my finger deep inside my pussy and smear the cream between my lips….. In and out I fuck my pussy with two fingers never once losing contact with my slippery swollen clit. “oh Baby look at me………I’m cumming… good…. so good…..!!

You become blurry and then disappear as I slide off the slippery end of the universe and become one with the Milky Way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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