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Note: This story is a work of fiction, except for the ad, which is a real one I have considered posting. The rest of the story is a sort of fantasy best-case scenario. It involves things that I have not personally done, so there could be some details wrong. All comments are welcome.


Straight man, mid-30’s, with absolutely no previous same-sex experiences would like to show appreciation to a pretty cock. To touch and lick and suck on it, to get a sense of what another man’s cock feels like — and to see what it would feel like to make another cock come.

Aside from “pretty cock” I have no type or specifics of what I am looking for, though I assume that you would be, as I am, respectful, discreet, clean and STD free. And willing to let an amateur take their time exploring and playing with your dick. I have access to a place to meet.

I am also interested in receiving a golden shower from a man, but I am not sure how far I am willing to go with that. It is mentioned as a possibility and not a promise.

I am nothing special physically and a little doughy. If/how you get me off I would leave to your discretion. Willing to exchange cock photos. Looking forward to hearing from you and maybe making a fantasy happen in real life.


Jim read the ad over again, for about the thousandth time. Should I? he thought. He’d gotten this close before, right up to the point of hitting “send” to post the ad online. This time, he hesitated again, read it over one more time. Felt a twinge in his groin. Took a deep breath and hit “send”.

Well, probably no one will answer it. And if they do, I don’t have to respond. It’s an ad, not a contract.

Over the next day, Jim had to restrain himself from constantly checking the special email address he’s set up for the ad. The morning after, nothing. He daren’t check while he was at work, but when he got home, there were three messages in his inbox! One was mostly gibberish, and the second was all in text message jargon and not really responding to what he specifically wanted (“WANT TO SUCK U 2”). But he read and reread the third one carefully:

“Hi! I really liked your thoughtful ad and I am turned on by the idea of someone exploring my cock. (and maybe golden showers!) I am married and have had some “adventures” in the past, but have not been with a man for several years. I am mature and very discreet and also clean and STD free. I only hope my cock is pretty enough, I have attached a picture. Richard.”

Jim licked his lips. This sounded like a real possibility. He clicked on the attachment, and looked at the picture of an erect, circumsized penis. It wasn’t a giant club, but it was nicely shaped like Jim liked looking at in pictures — standing proud and maybe even a little jaunty. He was turned on.

Should I?

Jim went to bed that night thinking about the response. And the picture. Fantasizing about it, he jerked off thinking through the scenario with this man.

When he got up the next morning, there were a couple more replies to his message, but nothing that captured the tone like that one. One had a picture of an admittedly gorgeous-looking cock, but it also used words like “slave”.

What the hell. Just do it… this is your chance!

Jim sent a message back to Richard, asking what night the following week would be good for him. He attached a picture he had taken of his own cock, even though Richard didn’t ask for it. I can still always change my mind.


Three nights later, Jim was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for Richard. All the articles said always meet in a public place first. Of course, they also said to always make sure a friend knows where you are — and no one knew that he was doing this. He had wondered if Richard was going to ask for more pictures, but he didn’t and Jim had only given him a general description — dark hair, reading the paper. Jim wondered if he should have asked for more description or pictures from Richard — would he have expected that? There were butterflies in Jim’s stomach, and he felt excited and nervous. He wasn’t really reading the paper, but it was a useful prop to hold as he watched people entering.

He knew Richard right away. About six feet tall, regular build. Probably somewhere in his late 40’s, he looked like he could be a manager or work in the stock market. And though he knew that he was supposed to set the ground rules and make a careful evaluation that the vibe was right, he already knew that he was going to go through with it. He felt a twinge of arousal shoot through him.

Richard scanned the room, and his eyes stopped when he saw Jim. He smiled and walked over. A little awkwardly, Jim stood up to shake hands, and they sat down. Jim saw the wedding band on Jim’s left hand, and that was reassuring to him somehow.

“I’m sorry if I seem nervous or anything — I really haven’t done anything like this,” Jim said.

“It’s Escort okay. You just need to be sure you feel okay with it,” Richard responded.

“I don’t want to sound awkward, or like a jerk or anything, but we have to get this out of the way first. You’re safe? And… and, no STD’s or anything?”

Richard looked him in the eye. “I’m sure. It’s only been my wife for more than five years or so,” he said.

I wonder why he’s doing this now? crossed Jim’s mind, but he didn’t ask. “And, just to be clear — right at this very moment I’m really looking forward to this, but if once things start going I need to stop, you’ll stop?”

Jim nodded. “We can do this all at your pace. Stop or go as you like.”

The butterflies in Jim’s stomach were dancing more intensely now, and he even felt a little dizzy. He stood up. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

The walked out from the coffee shop and up the street. “My friend is out of town for a business trip all week,” Jim explained. “And I’m plant-sitting. I thought it would work out to have a spot right downtown to meet.”

It only took them a minute to get to an old Victorian house divided up to apartments. “My friend has the second floor,” Jim said, digging out the key. They stepped into the apartment and looked around. Before an awkward silence could build up, Jim thought to himself, I might as well say how I want things to go. This is supposed to be my fantasy after all.

“I thought you could sit on the couch there and spread your legs,” Jim said. “And I can get down between your legs. To suck your cock.” It sounded weird to say it out loud, and another wave of excitement and dizziness hit him. “Maybe you should make yourself comfortable.”

Richard nodded, and bent down to untie his loafers. Jim liked the fact that Richard didn’t seem to need to fill up every second with small talk. What would we talk about anyway? We don’t know anything about each other. Jim undid his belt and dropped his trousers, carefully laying them over the back of a chair. He unbuttoned his shirt and set it carefully with the pants, then bent over to tug off his socks. He was now standing before Jim wearing only his boxers.

“Would you like to do the honors?” Richard asked. Jim stepped up in front of Richard. He put the flat of his hand on Richard’s stomach, above the belly button. Feeling his warmth, his solidity. Then he hooked both thumbs under the elastic waistband at Richard’s hips and gently tugged the boxers down.

They fell quickly, and Jim looked down to the prize that was now revealed. The fantasy. Go slow, go slow! His hand rubbed back over Richard’s stomach again. “Maybe you should sit down,” he said. Richard did, and then looked up at Jim.

“Oh,” he said. “Um. How would you like me to be?”

“Why don’t you get naked with me,” Richard said.

The butterflies in Jim’s stomach buzzed at a different pitch for a moment. Jim had never been comfortable with his body, and compared with the specimen in front of him, he felt like he’d be letting Richard down. Though he had actually lost some weight, Jim was just a bit under two hundred pounds, a lot of that in the belly, and he was always very self-conscious of it.

Oh well. He pulled off his sweater and t-shirt and tossed them aside. Unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, using his toes to pull off his socks in the process. And then his briefs, leaving him standing naked in front of Richard. Despite the awkward feeling of exposing himself, his cock was standing up, fully hard. Okay. This feels okay.

Jim looked around. Having planned ahead, he’d left a towel on the coffee table, and he grabbed that and dropped it on the hardwood floor between Richard’s legs. He crouched down to smooth it out, then shifted down to his knees, so that he was kneeling between Richard’s legs.

Richard’s cock was in front of him. Laying limp and quiet, nestled in Richard’s bed of pubic hair. Curled over to one side like it was resting. Jim put a hand on top of both Richard’s thighs and just held still for a moment, looking at it. Should I be talking dirty more? “I’m going to play around with this now. If you’re getting bored, just let me know.”

“Don’t worry,” Richard said. “I don’t think I’ll be bored.”

Jim leaned forward, but instead of going for Richard’s cock, his nose moved in beside it, resting in the dark pubic hair. Jim breathed in, inhaling the aroma which was musky but clean. A hint of sweat, and of something sweeter. Jim breathed in again.

Then he leaned back, reached over, and touched Richard’s cock for this first time, smoothing it out straight from its resting position. He ran his hand over the couple inches of it, and his thumb stroked the underside. He felt the faintest twitch back from the cock. I’m going to make him hard!

He held the cock up straight and tilted his head down, gently kissing the underside of the tip. And then pecked the sides of the head. Still holding it with one hand, he rubbed the cock against his smooth cheek, then turned his head and rubbed the other cheek. The he rubbed the head band and forth over his closed lips.

Richard’s tool was a little longer now, and more filled out. Holding it against his cheek, Jim leaned in to kiss the base of the penis at one side, and then kissed his way up the side of the shaft. Then did the other side. And then the bottom of the shaft. Staying there, he retraced his way back down, this time with the tip of his tongue. When he got back to the base, he kept going, running his tongue over Richard’s balls. He licked the whole surface area of Richard’s scrotum, and then lifted it up to lick in the space underneath. The musky, sweaty small was stronger here.

Proceeding very carefully, he slowly sucked one of Richard’s testicles into his mouth, running his tongue against it. While he did this, his hand returned to the penis, and his fingers skipped lightly up and down the length of it, and then gently against its surface, as if he were trying to read braille. Measuring, feeling, the fingers lightly gripped the head, before repeating their motions from the start. All the while, his mouth moved to Richard’s other ball and repeated the gentle tongue message with it held halfway into his mouth.

And then his mouth returned to the cock, repeating the tracks it had made before. And when he had worked his way up to the head, his lips opened slightly and held themselves over the bulb, now pressed against Jim’s closed teeth. His mouth opened further, and his tongue slid out, slipping back and forth across the underside of the head. Curling his lips to cover his teeth, Jim moved his head down slightly so that all of the tip was in his mouth.

Richard exhaled, making a noise like, “mmmm,” and Jim kept moving his tongue, while closing his lips around the cockhead so that he could begin sucking gently. To his surprise, Jim could feel the head swelling inside his mouth. He held that for a few seconds, and then pulled back, letting the cock slip out of his mouth. When it was freed, it now stood of its own accord. With fast strokes, Jim licked the underside of the head, then switched to longer wipes across it, and then moved his head back down, again taking the whole of the tip in.

After repeating that a couple more times, Jim pulled off, and his hand went to the base of Richard’s cock. He moved back a little and took a few seconds just to look at the now-fully erect tool. He stroked his hand up and down a couple times, and let his thumb and fingertips feel he edge of the spongy head. He tried to compare the feel of it to the familiar sensations of touching his own penis. Richard’s seemed warmer to the touch — almost hot, and though he knew the soft-but-hard feel of his own erection, it seemed so different as he touched it, somehow both softer and more solid. He stretched his hand out against the prick as a ruler, and judged that Richard’s cock must have been about a half-inch longer than his, making it about six-and-a-half. It was thicker than his own cock, too.

“It’s pretty,” Jim said. “Thank you for letting me make you hard. I’m going to suck it, but there’s one other thing — I didn’t ask about this up front. Can I lick your asshole?”

Richard looked down at him and said, “um, yeah?” As if confused that there would even be an issue. He let himself slide forward on the couch, leaving his butt was dangling over the edge. Then he lifted both legs as he slid further forward, so that the front of his thighs were against his chest, and his buttocks were turned up to Jim’s face.

Again, Jim started slowly, running his hands over Richard’s ass and squeezing his buttocks. He even leaned in and pinched the flesh of the left cheek and nibbled at that lightly. Then he leaned up and licked Richard’s balls again, and the space below them that was now exposed to the air. He worked his way down Richard’s perineum, making strokes back and forth across it . His hands on each cheek, Jim gently pulled them outward to expose Richard’s asshole as much as possible. Once again, Jim leaned in towards the puckered bud and sniffed. It was tangier, sweatier than around Richard’s cock.

“It smells wonderful,” he said, as he began to lick. Avoiding the sphincter itself, his tongue worked long strokes in the valleys at the base of Richard’s asscheecks. In long circular strokes, he moved closer and closer to the bullseye. His hand reached up and traced the length of Richard’s prick, then began to slowly and gently but consistently stroke it. The his tongue found his target, and making his tongue as stiff and narrow as possible, it made circle after circle around the edge of Richard’s asshole. Then making his tongue soft and flat, he slowly lapped upward, finally making full contact with the rosebud. He breathed in and repeated the motion. This is delicious! Shortening his strokes, he ran his tongue back and forth over the asshole, and he felt it relax and pucker against him.

Then he pulled back, tilted his head, and leaned in and kissed it, just like he would kiss a girl on the lips. Smacking and wiggling his lips, he made out with Richard’s hole, and his hand, which was still making slow, lazy strokes on Richard’s cock, felt a sudden twitch. Taking that as encouragement, he moved further, now darting his tongue out, directly into Richard’s asshole. It made contact, and he stiffened his tongue, wiggling it around. He withdrew and did it again. And again. His tongue was burrowing in further now with each push, and Jim was astounded that the aroma, the flavor of Richard’s asshole was so captivating.

Richard must also have enjoyed this prolonged french-kissing, for Jim felt Richard’s hand on the back of his head — the first time that he had touched Jim — pushing him in further. Jim complied, using his tongue like a drill, pushing into Richard’s ass as far as he could go, then withdrawing and licking back and forth before plowing in again. Jim was lost in his work, willing to keep this up, but when he felt Jim lift his hand from his scalp, he slowed his attack. Not stopping immediately, he worked his way outward with almost the same sequence of steps in reverse, finally working his mouth back up the perineum and onto Richard’s balls. His other hand briefly moved to where his mouth had been and with his first two fingers he rapidly rubbed them back and forth against Richard’s asshole. Then he leaned back.

Richard understood Jim’s intent and immediately shifted his legs back down and moved back on the couch, reassuming his previous position. From both the ass-licking and Jim’s slow handjob, Richard’s cock was still fully hard, and now, Jim wasted less time getting right to work on it. He did lick it up and down a couple times, but he then moved over top the member and again slid the head into his mouth. This time, however, he edged forward, taking in another half-inch, then pulling back. Then more, and a little more, until his lips were locked around the shaft of Richard’s prick.

This is it! I’m giving a man head! Jim now began bobbing up and down, quite slowly at first. he was mostly worried about steadily breathing through his nose, and also about not nicking Richard with his teeth. Focusing on those things, he began the blowjob proper, working the cock in and out of his mouth, always trying to take more, but being careful not to take too much. At his limit, he felt like he was only a little more than halfway up Richard’s shaft, and he felt disappointed he couldn’t take in more, but he didn’t want to ruin it by choking or gagging.

So he kept going, up and down on the cock. As his breathing became more natural and he was more relaxed, he tried to do more things — twist his head while he was bobbing, and then sucking a little more, and then trying to keep his tongue going in a constant additional motion. At the start, he’d kept one hand on the base of Richard’s cock, holding it steady, but as he started to feel more confident, he removed it, which allowed him to go a little bit deeper. He was worried about going too far, though, and almost instinctively, his hand moved back onto place.

As each action became more and more automatic, Jim was able to think less about what he was doing, and lose himself in the act he was performing. There was a slight buzzing in his head, and he realized he felt like his own cock might explode in orgasm at any second. he could hear Richard breathing faster now, and a couple times, he hitched his hips involuntarily.

The hand at the base of Richard’s cock was stroking up and down now, moving at a quicker clip than the unceasing motions of Jim’s lips. Jim was fully into it now, and had lost all track of time — he had no idea if he had been sucking Richard for two minutes, or several, or even longer. he just focused on breathing and kept going, not feeling like he’d ever want to stop.

But after a little while longer, Richard’s breaths were getting even more ragged as he uttered with a sharp exhale, “I’m getting close now.”

Jim understood. Slowly, he shortened the strokes his mouth was making, drawing further back each time, until only the cockhead was in his mouth. His hand took over that space, now stroking quickly up and down, and Jim remembered to apply further action to the underside of the head with his tongue.

Richard exhaled with a soft “unngh” noise, and Jim felt the cockhead swell in his mouth. This is it! He pulled back slightly, his lips still tightly sealed around the cock as Richard started ejaculating in his mouth. He’s coming! He’s coming in my mouth! There were three, then four spasms, shooting the jets of semen against Jim’s tongue, and then a pause and a weak final burst. I did it!

With careful motions, Jim got a firm grip on Richard’s penis and held it steady as he pulled his mouth off, keeping his lips tight against it, so that as it slid free his lips were sealed shut. Jim leaned back and looked up at Richard, his mouth full of the come that he had coaxed out of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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