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Big Tits

Tommy and I picked up where we left off the previous week. Not sharing the details of the weekend, we ended up at his house watching another tape, stroking each other’s dicks. The difference now was that I was curious to know what his cum tasted like.

After we masturbated each other to orgasm, we got up to go clean off. With Tommy leading the way to the bathroom, I secretly sucked my cum soaked fingers into my mouth, tasting another man’s semen. It was very similar to mine with the same salty bitterness as my own cum. The only reason that I would say that I liked his jizz better than mine was the fact that it was someone else’s other than my own.

We had done the same routing for the next few day, only I would try harder each time to contain as much of his jizz in my hand as I could so I could secretly eat his cum on the way to the bathroom. I kept it secret because,up to this point, we were still very much into tits, pussy and ass. We only jerked each other off as a means to have an orgasm without masturbating. It was still the visual of a hot tight cunt getting stretched or a hot chick inhaling a stiff cock that was the reason for our arousal in the first place, not because we were gay or were into guys. It was purely an exciting means to an end.

Now with my new found liking of semen, I wanted more of it. With Tommy extracting huge loads from my dick, it left little cum in me for when I would masturbate at night. The added jizz that I would get from Tommy’s cock made up for the lack of my own spunk. Even though we were jerking each other off on a daily basis, I didn’t know what Tommy would think if he knew that I was eating his cum after blowing his load in my hand.

We had watch all but a few of the video’s when one day, we came home to his house and discovered that the VHS’s had disappeared. Obviously not a question that you would ask ones parents, so we were kind of bummed. We didn’t let that stop us though. After searching for the tape’s a little more, we gave up and headed to Tommy’s bedroom where we stripped down after closing the door.

At this point, we were both as limp as if we were sitting at the dinner table talking to grandma. We climbed onto the bed and leaned back against the headrest. Sitting naked hip to naked hip, we bot reached for each other’s limp dick. Without any visual stimulation of a wet pussy or anything it was difficult to get an immediate erection.

We continued desperately to tug life into our soft members when out of the blue, Tommy started talking.

“Man, have you seen that new girl in fifth period?”

“Yeah, she’s fucken hot and what a great set of DSL’s,” was my reply.

“No shit, I would let her blow me anytime.”

Only as a smart ass answer and not intending it to be anything, I chuckled and said, “As if you have any room to be picky on who sucks your dick. Right now, I would bust a nut if that pimply faced ugly chick, Stacy, was to give me head.”

“Touché,” he replied. “I’m sure if she told me that she wanted to blow me, I wouldn’t hesitate one second from feeding her a load.”

We both laugh at that until Tommy threw a curve ball question at me saying, “Let me ask you this. Have you ever tasted your own cum?”

Knowing the truth about how much I liked the taste of semen and the fact that I have been eating his jizz every day since getting home from Dallas, I simplified my answer with, “yeah, but it was an accident.”

“An accident huh,” he laughed. “Let me guess, you were cleaning it and it went off in your face, right?”

“Haha, pretty damn close. The only difference was that I wasn’t cleaning it, I was just jacking off and it spurt on my face, across my mouth.”

“Really, did it gross you out,” he said.

“It did at first, but I think it was the thought of having man cum on my mouth more so than the actual taste.”

“And,” he shot back.

“And what?” I replied

“And how did it taste,” again he asked as if he didn’t know how it tasted.

Trying to not sound like the sex addict freak I felt I was becoming, I fudged the answer a little bit saying, “well, it wasn’t as bad or repulsive as I thought it would have been.”

“Hmm,” was the only response that he gave to my comment.

At this point I didn’t know if it was my hand pulling on his cock or if he was turning himself on with the questions that he was asking me, but for the first time in 5 minutes of us playing with each other, his dick began to fill with blood. I do know that talking about tasting cum and already knowing that I was probably going to be eating his jizz in a few minutes and will most definitely be eating mine later, my dick started to swell in his hand.

Having our arms crossing over each other’s while jockeying for a better position, Tommy finally said, “Hold on, we have the whole bed to sprawl out on. Tell you what; scoot down and let’s try lying flat on our backs.”

Thinking masaj porno that any position was better than the one we were in, I complied with his suggestion. Once I had slid down and was lying flat with my head on Tommy’s pillow, I was sort of perplexed as Tommy sat up and then spun himself around placing his feet on the pillow next to my head. As he settled himself down, I reached for his dick again as he reached for mine.

Immediately we both new that this new position wasn’t going to work. “Ok, I’ve got it,” he said pausing for a second. “Scoot down just a bit more.”

Now with my head next to his knee and his head next to mine, I still couldn’t figure out how this helped the situation. It took only a second to know his plan as he slid his arm under my leg, lifting it up and guiding across his chest. Another second later, he had lifted his own leg and lowered it across my torso while pushing his other leg in the opposite direction.

Holy crap, not only do I have a lot better access to his dick now, I have also been presented with the most obscene view of his spread eagle crotch. Unlike the first time we undressed in front of each other and I had his hard cock a few inches from my face, I now had my head between his legs staring straight up to his cock, balls and his now visible little brown asshole.

Again, never thinking about guys in the sexual sense, the only thing that I really liked about dick was the fact that I had one and the way the cocks on the videos stretched a tight pussy open. But now I was staring at the same tight asshole that I had seen on all of the women in the videos. Tommy was slender and being that neither of us had grown allot of body hair yet other than our pubic patch, if he was lying face down naked with his testicles pulled up under him, you wouldn’t have been able to tell if it was a girls ass or a guys.

The site I had a foot in front of me had my cock twitching and jumping as Tommy continued stroking me.

Jacking him off had always been more of returning a favor for jacking me off. I have never before fantasized about a guy. I have never fantasized about sucking a dick to get the sweet nectar I now enjoy. But what I have blown many loads over was the fantasy of licking, fucking and anything else that I could do with a nice tight asshole. And now I have one right before my face.

Even though I was going to eat his cum when he finished, I was still only jacking him off as a return favor. While I pulled on his cock though, I watched his asshole tighten and relax with every flex of his dick. For the first time, I wanted to do something for Tommy’s pleasure that would only bring mental pleasure to myself.

As we continued to stroke each other’s cocks, I slightly twisted my body towards him. With my now free hand, I gently started massaging his balls with it as my other continued sliding up and down his precum covered cock. Not knowing what his reaction would be to having his asshole violated, I cautiously tested the waters. While still massaging his balls, I let a finger lightly slide down his taint and brush over his little bud.

Getting the response that I was hoping for, Tommy bucked his hips upwards to meet my fist and to also chase down the finger that just shot a bolt of lightning through him. “Oh shit” was all I heard coming from the end of the bed. Enjoying the response that I received, I waited a few moments before retracing my finger back down to his anus.

This time, knowing where my finger was going to end its journey, he waited as it slowly floated its way over the taint. Once my finger reached its destination, Tommy immediately bucked his hips up again. This time clamping my finger between his checks, leaving my finger pinned against the entrance of his, soon to be, man pussy.

Using the fist that was wrapped around his hard dick, I pushed on his pelvis, forcing the release of my finger. “Gawd damn that felt awesome,” was the reply from low between my legs. Just like Tommy’s, someone else’s hand on cock suggestion, I looked at his hot little asshole as if it belonged to some hot chick.

While still massaging his balls, I reached a finger towards my mouth, first sucking it in, then letting exit my mouth with a copious amount of saliva coating it. I continued massaging his balls making sure to not give Tommy any indication of what I was about to do.

I slowly and lightly floated a normal dry finger down his taint, while my saliva coated finger shadowed it. Thinking to myself how diabolical of me that I was doing this, I was over taken with how sexy watching it turned out to be.

Sensing that Tommy was ready for it again, I lowered my slippery finger right down onto his hole. As if on cue, he thrusted up into my fist, trying to pin me again against his pussy. Only this time, with the help of the lubricant that he had no idea öğretmen porno about, instead of being pinned against it, his clenching butt cheeks inadvertently forced my wet finger to slip into his tight sphincter.

My plan to surprise and shock Tommy with my finger in his ass betrayed me though. I would be the one who would be getting the surprise and shock. As my finger made its way into his super tight shit hole, Tommy let out a loud moan. At the same time, a vibration fell upon my cock. Lifting my head to see what the vibration was, I felt like I would blow my load at what I saw.

Not realizing it but when I twisted my body slightly to free my arm, I also twisted my hips towards him, allowing my cock to be within mouths reach of it. Looking at my shaft, I can see a fist wrapped around it but the head of my cock could not be seen as Tommy’s lips encased it.

Apparently, I was so caught up in what I was doing to his asshole that I never noticed that I was receiving my very first blowjob. He must have done it when he stopped stroking me to verbalize his last approval. After his speech, he had begun stroking me again and had wrapped his lips around me in unnoticeable synchronicity. Not until Tommy’s powerful moan vibrated on me did I realize that he was sucking my dick.

“Oh my fucken gawd does that look fucken hot,” I exclaimed. With this intense rush of excitement, I started to slowly fuck his ass with my finger as I continued pounding my fist into his wet cock. I was slowly withdrawing my finger and then reversing it, inserting at least two knuckles past his sphincter before withdrawing it again. I even went as far as to relubricate my finger, taking it straight from his asshole right to my mouth, sucking it and then back to his ass again.

Right or wrong, political correct or taboo. Right now, with the taste of Tommy’s ass in my mouth, my finger buried in said ass, and his lips sucking my dick with his tongue working at my peephole, I didn’t give a flying shit about any of that. All I cared about is whatever felt right now.

Right now, in the position that we are, Tommy is struggling to get any more of my cock into his mouth. Thinking to myself that I was the one who wanted to eat his cum, and not wanting to be out done, I pulled his hard cock, which already had a downward arc to it, down towards my face. Staring at it for a minute I examined, what I had never realized, was a very beautiful organ. As his cock was already slick with precum, I watched another stream flow from the tip before I stretched out my tongue and rescued it. I traced it all the way back to the small peehole that it spewed from, circling the little slit several times before parting my lips and slowly sinking my mouth over the crown of his dick.

Now aware that I was game for sucking dick and his struggling with the position, he stopped, pulled my leg off of him, then his leg off of me. Rolling away, then back, he rolled toward me throwing his other leg up and over my shoulders, until he was now straddling my face.

With his hard cock resting on my chin and his balls straddling my nose and lips, I was green eyes to brown eye. When I felt his lips take in the head of my dick and continue down the shaft, I reached out my tongue and began licking his scrotum before opening my mouth and sucking in one tight ball, than the other. As soon as I felt my cock hit Tommy’s throat I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last very much longer.

I had to have his cum, but to get there I was going to take a detour via his Hershey highway. I wanted to eat his ass before I ate his cum.

Letting his balls fall from my mouth, I pulled them to the side, lifted my head and planted my mouth right on his cherry asshole. Letting my tongue free, I licked the outside of his hole a few times before thrusting my tongue as deep into Tommy’s ass as it would go. Tongue fucking Tommy’s asshole had him moaning harder against my shaft causing my balls to start tightening.

I then grabbed Tommy’s hips and lifted them higher over my face. Grabbing his hard dick and pointing it straight down, he aimed it at my mouth. Now pulling his hips down, his cock head slid right between my clasped lips. Tommy started to slowly raise and lower himself on me, pushing more of his dick into my mouth with every stroke.

I figured that he would stop sinking into my mouth when he reached my throat, but he didn’t. He had a position on me that I wouldn’t be able to stop him from shoving his whole six and a half inch dick into my mouth if I couldn’t take it. But I did want it and again with every stroke, he pushed deeper. When I felt the head of his cock pressing down on the back of my throat, I tried not to panic.

Whatever I did worked. Only after a couple more strokes, Tommy rested the whole weight of his mid-section upon my face. His pelvic bone was mashed against my chin. oral porno My nose was now supporting the weight of his balls, and there wasn’t a millimeter of his shaft that wasn’t buried in my mouth or in my throat.

Tommy held himself there for 30 to 40 seconds, letting my throat adjust to the feel of his dick before pulling out allowing me to catch my breath. Then back down my throat for another 30 to 40 seconds.

Tommy was trying but was only able to take about two thirds of my cock in his mouth. It would hit the back and just stop. Obviously being that this was my first blowjob, I had nothing to compare it to. What I did know is that whatever he was doing with his mouth was going to have me spraying allot of jizz real soon.

Playing with my balls while sucking my dick, Tommy felt my balls tightening in their sack letting him know that I was getting close. As he continued sucking me, he now switched gears and started to fuck my well stretched throat muscles. His cock rammed my mouth over and over again actually bringing me closer also.

Another 30 seconds went by when all of a sudden, Tommy stopped pounding my throat and just held it there. A few seconds later his cock started to pulsate. I could feel each shot of his cum traversing the length of the shaft through my mouth with the sudden swell of the head, buried deep in my throat, followed by a warm sensation down the back of my throat.

With his dick making a direct deposit into my sperm bank, I lost it. My cock swelled as it reached deep into my balls and opened the flood gates. With his dick still buried in my throat, I felt my hot goo erupt and splash off my chin. Not being able protest, I continued to shoot rope after hot rope on to my neck and chest. As the last of my orgasm dripped out the final little spurt of cum on my belly, he slowly began to pull his well spent hose out of my throat and mouth leaving just the one last glob of his sauce resting on my tongue.

I was feeling slightly disappointed by the fact that, A. He shot his huge load straight to my stomach, totally bypassing my mouth. I have tasted more of his ejaculate by suck my fingers clean after a hand job, than I did with him shooting a whole load in me. And B. After the great blowjob that he gave to me, he didn’t swallow my load.

That disappointment was short lived as he moved his crotch down from my face and started to play in my cum with his balls and softening dick, rubbing them on my neck and chest. Once his balls and cock could no longer hold anymore jizz, he moved back up over my face and lowered his sack to my mouth, feeding me the balls that were dripping with my cum. Not wanting to turn down the sticky liquid, I quickly licked and sucked his scrotum clean, after which, he feed me his now semi-erect penis.

Now that I had a belly fully of cum, I just laid there as Tommy again slid down my body. On his way down, he rubbed his dick across mine before turning himself around between my legs. Looking up at me, he lowered his head and again, took my now limp dick, back into his mouth where he proceeded to suck out any of my cum that may not have oozed out.

Once my soft dick had been completely emptied, he began licking and sucking all the cum from my body. He worked his way up my stomach to my chest and then my neck. Now with my body cleaned of my jizz, he continued up until he was face to face with me. Lowering his face to mine, he put his lips to my lips and started to kiss me, allowing all my cum to fall from his mouth into mine.

With a mouthful of my semen, we tangled our tongues around stirring up the seed he just fed me. As he pulled his face away, I swallowed my cum, adding it to the load that he had shot down my throat. Now that I had a belly full of his sperm and mine, I finally felt satisfied.

A whole lot of firsts just happened; my first blowjob, my first time having a penis in my mouth, my first time tasting an asshole and my first time being kissed by a guy.

“Um wow, what the hell just happened,” I said as my mind raced trying to grasp how far we just took this.

“Holy fucken shit awesome is what just happened,” Tommy snapped back.

“I know but I hadn’t ever imagined that my first blowjob would be from a guy. I also never ever thought that I would be sucking a dick in return.”

“Well, you said that you didn’t mind the taste of your cum, how was mine?” he asked.

Not that I really got to taste his semen this time, but I already knew what his cum tasted like. So I told him that it was actually pretty tasty. I also added that it tasted very much like mine. He agreed with me, adding that that’s what he also thought.

“So you have tasted your own sperm before?” I asked as he neglected to mention it earlier.

“Yeah, and I’ve even tried to suck myself but could only manage to just get the tip in my mouth.”

We talked more about it and the excitement of getting a blowjob for the first time, never once thinking about the fact that we had just experimented in some pretty extreme gay sex. “My mom should be getting home soon but guess what, we don’t have to clean up this time,” is the final thing Tommy said as we gathered ourselves and dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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