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My mind was in turmoil after the Friday night and Saturday morning with Daddy and Yasmine. I couldn’t quite believe how I’d felt or how I’d acted, it was so totally out of character – at least, I thought so. Admittedly since I’d started fucking with my dad, I’d kind of opened up to the sexual feelings that had long been repressed, but it was still a shock to look back on what had happened.

I had anticipated that I might feel some pleasure in watching daddy fuck Yasmine, as just thinking about it had turned me on immensely, but I wasn’t prepared for the red hot lust that took over as soon as I saw his big cock start to thrust into her pussy. Nor was I prepared for the even greater red hot lust that had overtaken me when his cock was plunging into my pussy and Yasmine was watching, it was almost overwhelming, I felt like a total slut – and I loved it! But it was the third aspect that really had my mind buzzing, my reaction to the sight, the feel, the taste and the aroma of Yasmine’s incredibly beautiful and sexy body, just blew my mind away.

The logical part of my mind was putting it all down to the special circumstances of the night, the sexy films that involved some female to female loving, the intimacy of the threesome itself, with everyone reaching out and touching everybody else, the whole amazingly lustful scenario. But there was a part of my mind that was reminding me of the almost overwhelming feelings of desire I’d felt the very first moment I’d seen Yasmine’s horny tits, the incredible turn on I’d felt at the first taste of her pussy juices, the almost cosmic feelings of pleasure I’d felt when her tongue first touched my pussy, how I didn’t want it to stop. Did I really enjoy making love to a female as much as to a man? It was total confusion in my mind, confusion that I knew I needed to deal with, and there was only one way I could see to do that, I would have to revisit the situation without the extraneous aspects of that night, without the films and without daddy, just me and Yasmine.

Then I panicked anew, what if she didn’t have similar feelings, what if she didn’t want to know, what if I made a total fool of myself. For days this confusion of thoughts raged through my mind, then daddy mentioned that he was going out to a meeting the following evening and wouldn’t be back until very late, and I realised I probably wouldn’t get a better opportunity, so taking my courage in both hands, I rang Yasmine and invited her over.

Her first question was the one I anticipated, “Will Daniel be there?”

I took a deep breath, feeling my heart beating at a million miles an hour, “No Yasmine, he’ll be at a meeting all evening, there’ll just be you and me” I said.

“Oh” she responded, then there was a long silence, “Just the two of us?”

“Yes” I replied, already feeling my confidence oozing away.

“We don’t normally see each other outside of Friday” she said, quietly, “It must be very special for you to invite me over”

“I think it’s very special” I said, “At least for me it is, but if you don’t want to come” I added, feeling my stomach start to feel empty and hollow.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed, “it’s not that at all, – she hesitated a moment – I just wanted to know if it was special, because I think it would be for me”

And I thought I heard a slight gulp down the phone. Whether I did, or didn’t, my spirits suddenly skyrocketed and I found myself grinning wildly. “Ok, let’s make it about 7.30, and no need to put on anything special, I intend to be totally casual” I said.

I heard her muffled giggle quite plainly, “Oh, like Friday” she said.

“Mmm. Something like that” I replied, “Something, cool and frothy perhaps” and laughed.

She joined in the laughter, then said “goodnight, see you tomorrow” and hung up.

When I put the phone down I was surprised to find my breasts and nipples swollen and sensitive, and my pussy totally wet. And Daddy was surprised too when I walked into the kitchen and demanded that he fuck pornhub me on the kitchen table! but not so surprised that he wasn’t able to fulfill my demands! wow, that was quite something, lying spread out on my back on the table with my legs right up in the air and daddy pounding his big, hard cock into me. Mmmmm I especially like it when he pulled out of my pussy at the last moment and splattered his hot cum juices all over my tits and my face, then rubbed it in with his hands, so I was sticky and yukky and totally sluttish. Then he told me to clean his cock off, so I slid from the table on to my knees and sucked and licked his cock totally clean. The only problem was, the licking and sucking made him all hard again, so I took him deep into my throat and sucked his cock real hard and deep while fondling and stroking his heavy balls until he started to explode yet again.

Of course I only took the first spurt down my throat, the rest I allowed to spurt all over my face and breasts again, oh God, that felt so good, soo horny and soo slutty, that I exploded in a massive orgasm too! Daddy tried to get me to tell him what had turned me on so incredibly, but I decided to keep Yasmine’s visit a total secret – for the time being, anyway.

The evening arrived and daddy went dashing off to his meeting about 6.30, and I cleaned up the kitchen and rushed into the bathroom for a shower. After that I spent a little time trying to decide what to wear, laughing as I realised I was taking as much care – if not more – as I did on a Friday night when I was dressing to attract the males at the clubs. Eventually I decided on a similar outfit to the previous Friday, one of my half tops with no bra and a tight pair of denim shorts with no panties. As I looked in the mirror I realised it showed off my long legs and tight butt to absolute perfection, and the half top was clingy enough that it revealed the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra, just right!

Then the front door bell rang and I felt the heat start to rise in me, along with the fear and the nervousness, but I hurried to open it. Yasmine was standing there looking a bit uncertain, but also quite stunning. I grinned when I noted that she had gone for a similar outfit, with a half top and tight shorts, and with her lush breasts there was absolutely no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I felt the heat start to rise even more.

I asked her in and led the way into the lounge and offered her a cool drink, which she accepted. She didn’t take a seat, she sort of moved around the room glancing at one thing and then another, clearly very nervous. “Has Daniel gone to his meeting?” she asked

“Yeah, he left about half six” I replied

“Oh, when will he be back?” she asked

I grinned, handing her the cool drink, “Not until very late” I said.

She took a sip then placed it on the table and moved around again, “You said it was special for me to come tonight” she said, not looking directly at me, “Why is that?”

This was the moment I had been dreading, and I felt the flush start in my toes and run all the way to the top of my head, but I took a deep breath and went for broke, “Because of Friday” I said a little hoarsely, “Because of the way I felt when I saw you naked, because of the way I felt when I touched you and when you touched me, and because of the way I felt when we were making love together. I needed to know if it was real or if it was only a part of the threesome activities of the night, a kind of bi-product if you like”

There was a heavy silence, and I kept my head lowered, looking at the floor, then I worked up the courage to look up and found Yasmine staring at me, her face almost bright red. Then her tongue came out and brushed across her lips and she said “And what have you decided?”

I gulped, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it, from the moment you walked in the door I’ve wanted you, wanted to kiss you, wanted to touch you, wanted everything!”

There was just a momentary porno 92 silence, then a broad grin came over her face and she let out a huge sigh, “Oh, thank God, I thought it was only me” she exclaimed.

And then she was in my arms and our lips were glued together and our tongues were doing a magic dance, and our hands were everywhere.

I still have no idea how we got from the kiss to being completely naked on the lounge room floor, but moments later, that’s where we were, and I was feasting my eyes once again on Yasmine’s lush tits with their rock hard nipples, her beautiful hairy pussy and her tight sexy ass. Then I was feasting my hands on them, and then I was feasting my lips and my tongue on them, and she was doing the same to me, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Then came the glorious moment when we found ourselves in the 69 position and my face mashed into her dripping wet pussy and her face mashed into mine. And we licked and lapped and sucked like there was no tomorrow, lifting each other to heights of arousal and pleasure that defied description. Mmmmm I absolutely loved taking her clit in my mouth and sucking hard, and feeling her body jump and jerk, and loved it when she did the same to me. God she seemed to know exactly where to put her tongue to give me the greatest pleasure, and at one point even slid down and was flicking her tongue against my puckered asshole, Wow, that sent me into a mind boggling orgasm!

I lost count after a while of how many times I exploded in orgasm or of how many she did, our tongues and lips and fingers seemed capable of keeping us in a permanent state of high octane pleasure, and I knew for sure now that I loved having sex with Yasmine, having sex with another woman, and when we finally took a break and got round to consuming the drinks that had once been ice cool, she told me that she felt exactly the same way. Then she grinned, “But of course, I’d still like a big hard cock every now and again! or maybe a bit more often than that!” she said, and we both collapsed laughing.

We were still laughing and embracing each other’s naked bodies when we heard the loud gasp, and our heads jerked up, to find daddy standing there, a slightly shocked expression on his face. Perhaps not because of what we were doing, but because standing right alongside him was his younger brother John, and John was gaping at us as if he’d never seen a naked woman before.

Of course, admittedly he was seeing two naked women at the same time and both were beautiful and sexy and one was his own niece, and they had been involved in a fairly heavy sexual embrace at the time, so perhaps it wasn’t too much of a surprise that he had a slightly shocked expression on his face, and equally it wasn’t a surprise that he was rapidly developing a massive bulge in his trousers!

Then the shock of discovery was gone from me and in it’s place came that intense horny feeling that I’d had the first time with dad, and I knew that I wanted – and was definitely going to have – my uncle John! So without a word I got to my hands and knees and crawled across the carpet and began to undo the zipper on uncle John’s trousers.

Yasmine, seeing or sensing what was in the wind, was equally quick off the mark and made a beeline for dad, and within seconds had his trousers around his ankle and his rampant cock in her mouth.

I also had uncle John’s stiff cock in my hand and was admiring it, almost the same size as dad’s but a totally different shape, as uncle John was uncircumcised. Then I took it in my mouth briefly, licking and lapping around it’s head, and feeling the dip of his knees as a huge shudder ran through him. Then I took it from my mouth and looked up at him, “Mmmmm uncle John, such a beautiful, big, hard cock, bet you’d love to shove it deep in Aysha’s pussy, wouldn’t you? Mmm? Love to fuck your horny niece, wouldn’t you?’

He was looking down at me bug eyed, but there was no doubting what message they were transmitting, qiqitv porno so I lay back on the floor and opened my legs wide and beckoned to him, “Take off the rest of your clothes uncle John, I want you naked, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fill me with your horny cock, cum on, uncle John, cum on!”

Shocked or not, he was out of those clothes in a flash and on his knees between my legs, but hesitated a moment as he looked over to see how dad was reacting. Well dad was reacting the way Yasmine intended, he was on his knees behind her feeding his big, hard cock deep into her pussy as his hands fondled her lush tits. God what a hot sight, such a turn on watching them fuck, then I wasn’t watching anymore as with an almost fatalistic groan, uncle John buried his big hard cock deep into my pussy, and started to lash my breasts with his lips and tongue, and I was responding, lifting to meet every thrust, twisting a little from the hips as he plunged into me, giving him that special corkscrew effect that I knew blew daddy’s mind when I did it to him.

It had the same effect on uncle John and I began to milk his cock slowly and teasingly, driving him wilder and wilder, “Yes uncle John, fuck me hard, fuck your big cock into me, fill me with your hot juices, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee”

And he was pounding and pounding his cock into me, driving me higher and higher, through a series of small and medium orgasms, then he was crying out, “Oh god, Aysha, I can’t hold on, you’re driving me wild, I’m coming baby, I’m cumming, God, I’m CUUUUUUUMMMMMMING” and his cock swelled and then exploded, shooting a thick spurt of his hot cock juice deep into my pussy, and that sent me over the top too, into a magnificent driving orgasm, and I kept on cumming and cumming as he kept on thrusting and thrusting and spurting his juices into me.

Alongside me I could hear Yasmine wailing loudly too, and dad almost screaming out, and I knew that they were both cumming along with us.

Finally we all collapsed into an untidy heap, with arms and legs everywhere, and stayed that way until dad finally staggered up and got everyone a drink. Uncle John was looking a little bemused, yet pleased with himself, although he blushed very self consciously when I asked him how he’d enjoyed fucking his niece! then I reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips and told him there was more to come, much, much more to come. Since they’d come home so early and interrupted our fun, the least they could do was make up for it, so I moved over to daddy and Yasmine moved over to uncle John and we set about getting them aroused all over again.

It didn’t take long to make them both rock hard again, and I enjoyed the look of shock that flew over uncle John’s face as daddy slowly started to shove his big, hard cock into my pussy, yeah, I got a real thrill out of that look, out of doing daddy in front of him, and I think I was even wilder than the time before, crying out very, very loudly, “Oh yes daddy, fuck me, fuck your horny daughter, fuck me hard, fill me up, shoot you cum juice right up my steaming pussy, oh god, I want you so bad, want daddy’s cock so much”

My words were certainly turning daddy on a lot, and when I glanced over at uncle John, I could see that he was watching us as he was fucking Yasmine, watching us and getting off on the sight of daddy fucking me, so I fucked even harder, and this time my orgasm when it came almost blew me completely away.

Unfortunately shortly after that uncle John had to leave, but not before he’d promised to come again real soon. When daddy came back from seeing him out he grinned at us and said “That was completely unexpected, but I loved it, but now I’m off to bed so that you two can take up where you were interrupted earlier” and with a quick kiss on both our cheeks, he left.

Yasmine and I looked at each other and grinned, and without a word fell into each other’s arms and kissed deeply, before I lifted her to her feet and walked her into my bedroom, “You can leave for work from here tomorrow” I said “Some of my clothes will fit you” Her answer was a deep and passionate kiss that seemed to last for the rest of the night – it just moved around to various parts of our bodies! MMMMMMMMMMMM, oh what a night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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