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Hey everybody. This is part of a brand new series I’ve been working on for a while. This is actually one of the first stories I had ever tried to write, but it was horribly written. It has taken a while to bring it to this point. I am going to have to create the next chapters from scratch, but I think this is good basis for a story. I guess only time will tell. I’ll let your replies decide whether or not I continue this story line. There is no sex, but as always, that will come along eventually. It just doesn’t make its’ appearance here. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave some feedback if you could. Positive or negative, I do not care. All of it helps me to grow as an author. All characters are 18+ years of age.


“I think my waist makes me look fat.” Jenna spoke into the phone as she looked into the mirror. “Hold on.”

Jenna stepped closer to her dresser and laid her phone upon it, placing it on speaker mode before returning her gaze to the mirror.

“God, you are so lame.” The soft feminine reply came over the phone.

“I am not lame, I am just being honest.” Jenna whined.

“That is why this is so lame.”

“I am not!”

“Are too, sweetheart. Look, I love you and all, but you need to just learn to accept that you are a babe.”

“You’re just saying that because we are friends.” Jenna said, folding her arms.

“Quit it, Jenna.”

“Quit what?”

“I know you’re folding your arms across your chest right now. You do it every time you get defensive.”

“I am not defensive! I’m just stating facts.” Jenna said with a roll of her eyes, dropping her arms to her sides.

“You’re getting defensive and boringly predictable.”

“Lauren, really? You call me, tell me Happy Birthday, then proceed to tell me how boring I am?”

“Sorry, that’s not what I meant.”

“I’m such a fat cow.” Jenna whined grabbing at her waist.

“You are not a fat cow, Jenna.”

“Will you go out with me?”


“Then obviously I am not good enough.” Jenna said turning in the mirror to view herself in profile.

“Jenna, my God. What is wrong with you today?” Lauren asked.

“I asked her to come tonight.” Jenna replied somberly.

“Natalie?” Lauren asked, her tone clearly conveying her shock.

“Yeah.” Jenna answered, her tone getting breathy. She couldn’t help it. The mere thought of Natalie was enough to send her body into hormonal overdrive anymore.

“Ummm-, Earth to Jenna? Weren’t you the girl who after your birthday last year said you weren’t inviting her to anything from then on? Or how about the Christmas before that where you declared you were finished trying to get her to come along? Or any Christmas or Birthday before that? How about all of those times we went to bars or clubs where she did not show? Or those late-night movies or concerts you always try to drag her out to, and she stands you up? Every single time ended in tears, you getting impossibly drunk and me having to hold your hair out of the way while you tried your darnedest to vomit your dinner from the week before into a toilet bowl.”

“You know she is always busy. She tries really hard. How about some of those other things we have done together? The fairs, the movies or the concerts where she did go, we all had a lot of fun.”

“She was always the one who suggested those things. You have to wake up sometime, Jenna. She knows you will go to those things because she asked you too. She has been using you. You need to realize that no matter how much you love her, you are never going to be anywhere near as important to her as she is to you.”

“This time is different, Lauren.”

“How? What did your little idol say to get you hyped on the idea that she might actually happen along this time?” Lauren replied, her tone getting bitter.

“Why do you hate her so much?” Jenna replied, her tone starting to match Jenna’s.

“Why are you defending her!?” Lauren shot back.

“Look, I don’t want another fight over this. I need to know what to wear. I want to look classy, but sexy. You probably know my wardrobe as well as I do given how much we borrow each other’s clothes. What could I wear?”

Lauren sighed. She knew Jenna was madly in love with Natalie, and that was starting to affect how she looked at her. They were childhood best friends, and the day Jenna came out to her was a turning point in her own life. She never had a clue how she would react if anyone she knew ever revealed they were gay. Somehow, her reaction seemed natural. She had known Jenna since fourth grade, and she loved the brunette to death. That was the only secret Jenna had ever kept from her. It was not difficult to tell, Jenna was an open book, her emotions always on the surface. More than that, she was just a plain horrible liar. For some reason, that was the one and only secret Jenna had ever kept from her, even if it was only for a few hours. That is another reason why she loved Jenna so much, she was honest and loyal to a fault. Sometimes, that sense of loyalty sarışın porno became misplaced and Jenna would often wind up being taken advantage of. Natalie was a prime example of that situation.

“Look, I am done with my study group.” Lauren sighed. “I can be there in fifteen minutes, just try not to go crazy and blow my phone up in the meantime, okay? We will have you looking nice just in case she actually follows through this time.”

Lauren rolled her eyes as a high-pitched squeal erupted over the speaker of her phone. She knew she really shouldn’t feed into the cycle of let-downs Jenna had to go through and always at the girl’s expense. Still, she had never been able to deny Jenna a thing. It was almost the same situation as Jenna with Natalie and Jenna knew this, but never really took advantage of it. Lauren always caved to her best friend because Jenna was just one of those rare personalities that come along usually only once in a lifetime. Lauren appreciated Jenna’s sometimes brutal, but unerring honesty, her ability to see small details that Lauren would never notice, and her unusual kindness. Jenna had become an indispensable part of Lauren’s life, and she knew it. They had been through way too much together.

So, whenever Jenna needed help, Lauren was only too happy to help her friend. Most often it was for situations like these where Jenna had no idea what to wear for an occasion. For someone who had such a sense of fashion and appreciation of beauty, the girl was completely clueless when it came to selecting one of the many amazing outfits the girl had compiled over the years. Half the time she wondered how Jenna ever left her room dressed at all. Still, it was always the simple things like that which mattered to Jenna the most. For being an amazingly beautiful woman, she was incredibly down-to-earth.

“Thank you, Lauren! Oh, my God, you have no idea how much I owe you for this!” Jenna exclaimed happily.

“Yeah, yeah miss shorty, just try to keep your head screwed on for the next fifteen minutes, will you?”

“I’ll see you then!” Jenna said enthusiastically. Just before Lauren hung up she heard Jenna squeal excitedly, and closed her eyes. She swore to herself that if Natalie did not show she was going to do something about it this time around. She was getting tired of seeing the heartbroken look on Jenna’s face every time Natalie did not show.

She began the walk across campus, which really wouldn’t take long at all. It wasn’t a particularly large school, and she preferred walking anyhow. She made decent time, and in twelve minutes she was knocking on Jenna’s door.

“Is she here?” Lauren asked.


“Natalie, your roommate?” Lauren asked.

“Oh, no. She said she’d leave me alone to get dressed. She was out doing some stuff anyways, so she got dressed and left already. We have the place to ourselves for right now.”

Lauren was glad for that much, but she remained skeptical about the idea of Natalie coming at all.

“Please, don’t.” Jenna said looking at Lauren in the eyes.

“What are you talking about?” Lauren asked, knowing Jenna had guessed her thoughts.

“Just for tonight, put your grudge with her aside. For me, please?” Jenna pleaded.

“Only for you.” Lauren replied. “Now, can I come inside or are we to do this on opposite sides of the door?”

“Oh!” Jenna said quickly, smacking her forehead, “duh!”

Jenna opened the door barely enough for Lauren to squeeze through and she finally realized why. Jenna was only in her underwear.

“Is that how the both of you go prancing around this room?” Lauren joked.

“No! We don’t prance, and certainly not in our underwear,” Jenna replied defensively, then smiled,” but I wouldn’t mind it if we did.”

Lauren rolled her eyes and walked past the closet. Jenna shut the door behind Lauren, following her into the room. The first thing Lauren noticed was that there were several outfits already picked out and arranged neatly between both beds in the small dorm room.

“What’s this?” Lauren asked, gesturing to the beds. She turned around to see Jenna looking at herself in the mirror clutching at her belly. Lauren strode over next to Jenna and smacked her hand down.

“Ow! What was that for?!” Jenna shouted angrily.

“You need to stop that. The only stretch marks you’re going to have is from you constantly pulling at your own skin. Stop it, you are a beautiful woman.”

“Then why does she never show up? Why can’t I get her to notice me?” Jenna asked, tearing up.

“You know something, don’t you? Something you wouldn’t tell me over the phone.” Lauren asked suspiciously.

Jenna nodded her head and walked slowly towards Natalie’s closet. Lauren, though straight could certainly appreciate beauty, and Jenna was nothing but beautiful. Everything Jenna did ranged from girl next door adorable to sexy vixen on the scale of hotness. Lauren had always wished she had an ounce of the graceful beauty Jenna exuded, but sex hikayeleri sometimes thought better of it given the complete slobs that she had to fight away on Jenna’s behalf. Not that Lauren was ugly or anything, but she knew she didn’t hold a candle to Jenna’s natural beauty.

Jenna opened Natalie’s closet and stepped aside, gesturing for her to look inside. Jenna folded her arms, her face showing signs of apprehension. Natalie stepped forward and peered inside. Among the clothes was a single dress and a pair of heels to go with it.

“She could’ve taken another outfit.” Lauren suggested.

Jenna shook her head slowly with a somber look.

“It’s her only dress, Lauren. She never had any other dress.” Jenna said.

“Maybe she bought a new one for tonight.” Lauren suggested, hating herself for trying to play on Jenna’s hopes. It was a selfish move, one she would’ve expected from Natalie. She just didn’t want to see that look on Jenna’s face. The one she wore every time Natalie did not show. The look Jenna had every time she had to realize that she was once more only second best to anything else Natalie did.

“Do you really think so?” Jenna asked, her eyes looking hopeful.

“I am the person you constantly accuse of holding a grudge against your love interest, and you ask me if I am certain of this?” Lauren replied.

“You’re right, that was a stupid question.” Jenna said, looking defeated. “Why did you say that, then? If you don’t believe in her, why give her that much?”

“I said it because even though I do not believe it to be true whatsoever, it is a possibility. I am not above giving someone a fair shake. It’s just that I feel I’ve given Natalie one too many- or two, or ten, or a hundred-.”

“Okay, I get the idea!” Jenna interrupted, throwing up her arms in exasperation. “I just need the hope, if I give her enough time then she may come around.”

“Jenna, it has been two years.” Lauren said, laying a hand on Jenna’s bare shoulder.

“My mom and dad dated for four.”

“A different time, different place. Besides, they were actively dating, Jenna. The only one who seems to give anything is you. When is the last time she did anything for you that she hadn’t personally suggested? When was the last time she ever showed up for anything you wanted to do together with her?”

“Maybe we have different interests.” Jenna answered defiantly.

“Brad and I had absolutely no interest in each other’s interests when we started dating, yet we have still managed to keep our relationship going on for this long. We give and take because we care for each other, if not for what the other is interested in.”

“Ugh, I didn’t want to argue tonight.” Jenna whined putting a hand on her forehead.

Lauren approached closer to Jenna still and removed her hand, wrapping her in a hug.

“Jenna, I love you. You are my best friend. I could not imagine my life without you being there. I won’t argue anymore. I just hate to see you hurting. It kills me inside every time I have to watch you get that look on your face when she does not show. I try to be a good friend, but sometimes that also means you have to deal with my unqualified opinion that Natalie is using you- no matter how much you do not want to hear it. I know it hurts to have me say that. I would not be a good friend if I lied to you about this. I love you and care too much about you to do that to you.”

“I know. I love you too, Lauren.” Jenna replied looking down at her toes. Lauren lifted Jenna’s chin with a finger.

“I meant that in a completely non-lesbian way.” Jenna added quickly.

“Still, I love you.” Jenna smiled bashfully as she wiped away an impending tear or two,” even if it isn’t in THAT way.”

“Well, duh! You dork. Even if you did, I would be honored. Anybody would be lucky to have you be in love with them. Unfortunately for Natalie, she doesn’t seem to see it, and she is an out lesbian as well. That is what frustrates me about everything. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Let’s pick out an outfit for you. Sound good?”

Jenna nodded, smiling. She skipped after Lauren and came to a stop next to the blonde.

“So, you said you wanted something sexy, but not slutty, right? Good luck finding slutty in your wardrobe anyways, but I get the idea. I think you need a dress. It is your night, after all. The Birthday Girl needs to be dressed and looking her best if she is going out. Which bar were you going to?”

“I was thinking more of a club with a bar.” Jenna said, smiling.

“Thinking of visiting a precocious midget blonde, are we?” Lauren asked.

“Nothing more than a visit. Did Brianne and Evie get their invites?”

“They’re coming.”

“All right!” Jenna exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air in celebration. “Girls Night Out!”

“Yeah, well, keep it down a bit, geez.” Lauren said holding a hand to her ear.

“Sorry.” Jenna said looking at her sheepishly.

Lauren looked over each outfit şişman porno and sighed. The outfits were a little too conservative for a girl who is looking to pick up. She knew Jenna had better than this, she dressed flashier on casual occasions. The girl was all nerves when it came to making moves, and by now Lauren was nearly expert on calming them. Still, this was supposedly the night, and she knew Jenna was concerned about ruining things by being too forward. A little skin wouldn’t hurt though. Lauren walked over to the closet again and looked on Jenna’s side. Finding what she was looking for, she pulled out a black dress with off-shoulder straps. It had a cut-out on each side of the waist that would stop just short of revealing Jenna’s ass. The cutouts continued down the sides to the top of her thighs, stopping just three inches shy of the bottom of the dress. The dress bottom itself would likely reach only mid- thigh on Jenna, and maybe higher. She had bought this dress for Jenna two years ago, and also knew Jenna had never worn it. Now was the time for Natalie to show up, if she knew what was good for her. Jenna was going to have every eye on her tonight. She handed the dress to a blushing Jenna, who was obviously feeling a little scandalized over the dress.

“Trust me, you can pull this dress off.” Lauren said, pushing Jenna towards the bathroom. “Let me see you in it.”

“Okay!” Jenna said, laughing. “God, so pushy!”

The door closed behind Jenna and honestly, Lauren couldn’t wait to see her in the dress. She walked over to the bed and sat down while she heard a bunch of bumping and grunting coming from behind the door.

“Hey! None of that! If you do get lucky tonight, Natalie will take care of that for you!”

“It’s this stupid dress! It’s so tight!”

Lauren rolled her eyes. She had confidence in Jenna’s ability to wear it and make the dress look good. However, deep down in places she did not yet want to admit, she just wanted to see Jenna in it.

“Lauren! I don’t think I can wear this!” Jenna called through the door.

“What’s wrong?” Lauren asked, getting up from the bed. She walked over to the bathroom door and tried the door handle, it was locked.

“I can’t help through a locked door, Jenna.”

Lauren heard the lock being undone and swung the door open. Jenna looked pathetic trying to hide the waistband of her panties below the cutouts in the dress. She couldn’t help but giggle.

“Why are you trying to hide? You in your underwear is not something I haven’t seen before.” Lauren remarked teasingly.

“I can’t wear this, Lauren, my panties are going to show! The dress is so tight on my waist I can’t hide them!” Jenna shouted in frustration.

“The dress wasn’t designed with panties in mind, Jenna.” Lauren said, unable to stop laughing.

Jenna took a few seconds to process this information before her eyes went wide in shock.

“You want me to go naked underneath?!”

“Well, it is a thing nowadays.” Lauren replied, still snickering.

“No! I can’t! Even if I could, I could never sit down in this thing, everyone would get a look!”

Lauren laughed,” Well, maybe you will be able to attract some other girl who will actually do you some good.”

I can’t even get this thing over my bra, I mean-. “Jenna suddenly fell silent, her eyes widening even further. “No. No way am I leaving without a bra. What if my dress falls down?”

“What if someone pulls it up?” Lauren replied, amused. “The dress hugs your body so tight because that is how it supports itself, on the curves of your body. It is just a little bit-.”

“Slutty.” Jenna interrupted.

“I was going to go with risqué, but whatever floats your boat. Anyhow, it is only a little bit slutty, but it should definitely get the attention of your lover-girl.”

Jenna blushed, hesitating.

“God, do I have to do everything for you?!” Lauren asked. She approached Jenna and turned her around.

“What are you-? Oh, my God!” she shouted as she felt the clasp of her bra being undone with a flick of Lauren’s wrist. Instinctively, Jenna brought her arms up to hold her bra against her breasts. “Lauren!”

“You won’t be needing this.” Lauren said, pulling the bra out of Jenna’s grasp. Jenna was blushing furiously, hiding her breasts with her hands. Suddenly, they were being pulled away.

“What are you doing, Lauren?!”

“Proving a point. Why are you hiding your breasts anyway? It’s not like I haven’t seen them before, either.”

“We were in middle school.”

“And? It’s not like I haven’t seen a pair every day since I started developing anyways. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen every day since.” Lauren said, pinning Jenna’s arms to her sides as she pulled the dress up.

“They’re not yours, though.” Jenna protested.

“Unless you’ve grown a third breast that I don’t know about, your chest is not that special.” Lauren replied, zipping up the dress and arranging the straps so that they fell along the sides of her arms. Jenna was still blushing furiously as she looked at herself in the mirror.

‘She’s going to have something else to blush about shortly.’ Lauren thought, not exactly caring for what she was about to have to do, but she couldn’t help but feel a little rush of adventurous excitement course through her.

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