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The day was dull. Doggie was bored. He had the day off from the hospital. Wanda was supposed to be there long back, but seemed to be late. Doggie went on to the net. He came across some adult sites offering nude pics. ” Lets check them out,” he thought. There were different catogories. Teens, Older Women, and so on. Doggie went to the teens section. They had the usual fare of nude girls showing their immature tits, their pink pussies and so on. ” The same stuff everywhere, lets check out the older women’s section.,” Doggie thought.

“WoW!! What beauties,” Doggie thought out loud. The women in this section where with usually big tits, well developed hips, trimmed pussies, and seemed developed in every section. This immediately gave Doggie a hard on.

“Doggie, are you there?,” Wanda called out before entering the room. Doogie turned off the monitor immediately. “So what have you been upto? ” Wanda asked.

“Nothing,” Doogie said and gave her a kiss. The kiss was long, wet and special. “Man, what a kiss,” Wanda said when it was finally over. Doogie started rubbing himself against her.

Wanda mersin escort had a short skirt and top on. She immediately felt Doogie’s hard on. Doogie pushed her skirt up and rubbed himself against her wet panties. The feeling of the hardon and the denim jeans against her pussy had made Wanda very wet.

What both of them didn’t notice was that Katherine had walked in on them. ” My god!!!,” Katherine thought seeing both of them in that position and was about to leave, when something inside her clicked. She thought, ” Whats the harm in seeing some more? ” and quietly observed them.

Wanda came soon. She immediately got away and said she had to go home and clean up. Doogie ” Please Wanda, I have not cum still. “. Wanda was already on the way out. Katherine backed away from the door just as Wanda came out. ” Phew, a close call,” Katherine thought as Wanda passed by without noticing her.

“Poor Doogie,” Katherine thought out loud, ” Perhaps I should talk to him “

“Doogie, Can u came down I have to talk to you,” Katherine said.

“Sorry Mom I have a headache,” Doogie called back, ” Going to bed early today “.

Katherine opened the door to Doogie’s room and saw him on his bed still wearing his jeans and tshirt laid out on the bed. She felt bad for him. She sat at his bedside and played with his hair. ” Whats the matter?,” She asked, ” You seem sad. ”

“Nothing, just a headache,” Doogie replied.

Katherine started giving him a massage. Doogie laid back quietly. He like the feel on his mom’s firm hands. She often gave a nice massage to his dad. ” Would u like me to give you a nice massage,” Katherine asked. ” O.K.,” Doogie said.

“Remove your Tshirt and Jeans,” Katherine told him. Doogie got up and stripped to his boxer shorts. and laid back on the bed with his back to his mother. Katherine started by giving his back a nice massage. Then she moved down to his lower back. ” Turn around,” Katherine asked him. Doogie turned around lazily.

Katherine notice his half hard dick in his boxer shorts. She felt a twitch in her pussy. She massaged his thighs and moved her hands up to his hips. She paused for a second and then continued. She held his dick in one hand and massaged it and rubbed his balls with her other hand. This startled Doogie but it felt good. ” Yes Mom, it feels good,” Doogie whispered.

His dick was immediately hard and now Katherine moved her hands faster and faster. Doogie couldn’t control it any longer and came soon. His shorts became wet with his thick cum. ” WoW, Mom ” Doogie said. He gave her a long kiss on her lips and his tongue ventured out to her lips. Katherine opened her lips and took his tongue in and sucked on it.

“Was I good?,” Katherine asked. Doogie immediately went for her panties. He pushed her skirt up and pulled at her panties. They came off. He smelt it. It gave a exotic fragrance. Doogie immediately entered her. He pushed his dick all the way. ” Does it feel good,” Doogie asked. They moved with a rhythm sucj that anyone seeing them would have mistaken them for two long lost lovers.

“Yes Yes Doggie, I am cumming, plz cum with me,” Katherine said. Doogie paced himself and soon both of them had a wild orgasm. Katherine dug her nails into back as she came and both of them embraced each other tightly.

“Thank You Mom, You are really the Greastest,” Doogie said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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