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Big Tits

Many times over the years I have started to write, but always have moved on before the work was completed. This is the 1st time I have ever finished and published a short story. This is a work of fiction but also combines liberally dramatized personal experiences. I hope you like it. If you do let me know. If you don’t and have some helpful criticism let me know that, too.


As I turned into the driveway, my mind flashed back to the events which led up to today.

About two weeks ago he had finally posted his ad to The List.

I am MWM (65), average package, 6′ 180 lbs, smooth (shaved) and cut.

Wanted….a couple (m-f) who want to just lay back and enjoy being orally serviced…licked, sucked and tonged to completion…and if you want, more (no pain, or gross bodily functions) no reciprocation required, but I won’t say no. Age, race, and physique are not a consideration, but you must be clean, D/D free (420 ok), and YOU WILL have to HOST.

An on going relationship would be great but not a deal breaker. Please be for real…no spammers, on my part pictures are not necessary but I do have a couple. If interested, a preliminary meeting would be ok. Place the phrase “Your Services Required” in subject line.

Days had gone by with no response. Each day I had check his email. In fact I had checked several times per day; nothing! With each passing day the fantasy faded further and further, but still it drew me. I could visualize on almost every sensory level licking the precum from a hard pulsing cock, burying my mouth and tongue into the wet moist folds of a throbbing pussy, spreading a pair of ass cheeks and then using my thumbs to spread that nether hole before driving my tongue as deep as it would go, or a pussy spewing its own juice and strange cum into my mouth.

Every time the urge would build and slowly I would stroke my cock, then faster and faster until some semblance of relief spewed into my carefully cupped hand. then I would then slowly savor the taste of his own ejaculate. But it wasn’t enough. So I waited, and then waited some more. Eventually after about two weeks I stopped checking my email.

Then the day before yesterday, what the hell I checked, one last time. There were three e-mails in the inbox. I checked the 1st was spam so was the 2nd. I was almost ready to just delete all three and forget about it but as my hand moved toward the delete key I stopped and clicked the mouse instead and the 3rd e-mail opened.

There it was. The message was short, all it said was, “Sounds like fun, do you also give massages?”, and a phone number. My mind soared, so did my cock, almost instantly becoming as hard as a rock. I pickup the phone and dialed, five rings, six, seven as I was about to give up in disgust, I heard a deep resonating voice which seemed to vibrate through my entire body, “hello.”

I almost froze, but finally managed to get out, “Hi, my name is David, you enquired if I also gave massages.” The voice on the other end of the line told me to wait a minute.

I heard, “Hey babes, its the guy from The List you want to pick up the phone, he says his name is David.” It seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about 4 or 5 seconds.

A soft voice said, “Hi, David, I’m Erica and you’ve already met Robert.”

Hi guys, thank you for answering my ad!

Robert spoke first, “Well the concept sounded intriguing. Did you really mean it when you said we could just lay back while you went down on us until we came in your mouth?”

“Yes, absolutely and while I would love more, that would be entirely up to you and yes I would be happy to incorporate slow sensual massages for either one or both of you.”

“Will you let Robert cum in your mouth?”, asked Erica.

My mouth, my ass and/or I will suck his cum from your pussy or your anyplace else,” I answered. I heard a sigh.

Robert asked if I wanted to see pictures, or if I had any questions for them. I told him I didn’t and that my Ad pretty much said it all. I just hoped they were for real and loved sex. I told them I would be scrupulous clean inside and out and would follow any directions they gave.

Robert said, “How and when do you want to get together?”

I said, “Any time day or night” I went on to say, that I would prefer not to draw out this intorductory phase and I would like met them where they were going to host. I told them that they always had the option of saying no and I could stay as long as they pleased.

Erica said, “What about tomorrow about 11 a.m.?

I said, “That sounds great, where will we meet?

Erica responded, “Our house.” Then gave me the address, asking if I needed directions. I told her that wouldn’t be necessary ad that I would google it, but that I had their number if I get lost. After some more fairly innocuous conversation, inter-spaced with couple sexually charged innuendos we said good bye.

My cock was throbbing, and precum balıkesir escort oozed from the tip. I dipped my fingers in and tasted me, then squeezed and milked my cock into my palm and licked that up, too. Twenty-three hours to go and I wanted to be ready for anything. I figured it would be a really good time to make sure I was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Went to the bathroom and started with taking about a 4oz dose of mineral oil. This would accomplish a couple of things. 1st it would, coupled, with an enema tomorrow morning, really clean me out and make sure there were no untoward surprises if somebody decided to finger, fuck or fist my ass. Secondly, even after the enema the oil would still provide some lubrication for any of these actions. I new from experience that I would need little if any additional lubrication.

Then I took out the medicated powder and razor. Again from experience I knew that by using powder I would be really smooth and there would be few if any bumps. I smoothed the powder on and started with the shaft shaving from the base of the head to the root, spreading the skin as necessary to get all the hairs down to their roots. Then I shaved my balls and my crotch and back into the crack of my ass. As I went I kept checking for smoothness going over any area that wasn’t absolutely stubble free. To finish up I trimmed the hair under my arms and used depilatory on my chest, stomach, thighs and ass cheeks, fortunately I have never really grown any hair on my back.

I’d been resisting the urge but that couldn’t continue. I shoved two fingers in my ass and milked my prostate with my cock resting on my other hand and was rewarded with a nice load of precum, yummy. A slow hard stroke on my cock produced more, then I just kept stroking it. I vizualized myself with my face buried between Erica’s thighs, spreading the lips of her pussy, tonguing her, sucking her clit and swallowing her juices. I felt the cum build in my balls and then it coursed up the shaft tube exploding onto my cock, balls and belly. I closed my eyes, dipped my fingers in a pool of cum and then sucked my fingers, fantasying Robert’s cock. Tomorrow with any luck it would be the real thing.

How long had I been sitting there, parked in their driveway?

I got out, went to the front door and as I reached for the bell I saw the note. I read, “Just cum in, we’re waiting in the livingroom, to the left.” In I went. I didn’t notice any detail until I entered the living room. They were there, sitting on a couch in the back of the room that faced the entrance. I knew they were checking me out as much as I was checking them out. He was dressed in a pair of tight, black boxer type briefs, she in pair of blue lace hip hugging panties and matching half bra out of which pushed a pair of large, but what appeared to be natural tits topped off with saucer-sized areola, and about ½ inch long, fat nipples. Her hair was red, his sandy brown shot with grey. She was not fat but had good flesh on her bones, wide hips with nice round thighs. His arms and chest indicated that he either worked out or, if the tan was any indication, worked out doors.

Robert stood up and as he did I could see a very significant bulge in his shorts, not that he was hard, just a substantial package there.

He said, “Hi, David.”, with that same resounding voice I had first heard yesterday. “This scrumptious morsel is Erica.”

As he released my hand I reach out and slightly bent over to grasp hers. The way she extended it just seemed to demand that I kiss it instead of shaking it, so I did, 1st on the back, and then turning it over, sensuously, on the palm. Her fingers curled to caress my cheek and then she laced her finger tips on the back of my neck and gently drew me closer. Her voice was like hot velvet.

“Well David do we meet your expectations?”

“Yes, you both most certainly do!”

Robert sat back down and they were now on opposite ends of the couch as Erica said, “Please take all your clothes off and do it slowly.”

I did as asked and Erica spoke again. “Robert & I have talked it over and I am going to be in charge today. Is that all right with you?” I nodded, and she continued, “Walk over to Robert and let him check you out.’ I walked over and stood in front of Robert, Erica told me to turn around, spread my legs, bend over and spread my ass cheeks, which I did.

Robert’s hands started to fist caress and squeeze one, then the other cheek, then both his hand dipped between my thighs 1st caressing and then squeezing my balls. Then thumb and forefinger circled my sac and pulled my balls to the rear stretching my sac until I moaned. I could not tell if it was pain or pleasure that brought the moan, or both. He went back to caressing and squeezing my ass and then started to run his forefinger from the base of my balls, through my crack to the base of my spine. Each time he did this he would pause momentarily at my hole and push against the sphincter muscle, entering it just a tiny little bit, each time a little more, but never fully penetrating. This stimulation started my wink reflex and my ass hole was trying to grab his finger. If I pushed back his finger retreated. Now his other hand started to massage, squeeze and stretch my balls again.

I heard, and partially saw, Erica get up and go to my front, facing Robert. She pushed my head down further, until it slipped between her thighs. I had to place my hands, palm downwards on the floor to keep my balance. Then all of a sudden Robert’s finger shot into my ass and borrowed deep, joined by a 2nd finger. Robert hooked his fingers ever so slightly curving downward and pulled out.

“Is he clean,” Erica asked.

Without waiting for an answer she backed up, stood me up and spun me around. Robert grabbed my face with one hand under my chin, squeezed and the 2 fingers that had been in my ass were deep in my mouth. I moaned, licked and sucked those fingers like I was dying of hunger and begged for more.

“What do you think Robert,” said Erica. I didn’t hear an answer but it must have been a yes because Erica’s hand ran over my stomach and squeezed my cock and balls and she smiled.

“Ok David, first you are going to give Robert a good sensuous oil massage. It should be both a real massage and as sensuous as you can make it but you can not touch his, balls, cock or asshole until and unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”

I said, “Yes.”

I hadn’t really noticed it, but off to the side of the room was a professional looking massage table, which Robert now pulled into the middle of the room. He shed his shorts and I saw for the first time what and been hidden. His cock was completely flaccid and stretched about one third of the way down his thigh, about 8 to 9 inches (soft). At the same time it was about the same diameter as a large Excedrin bottle, you know the 250 pill one. His sac hung three quarters of the way down his cock and was filled with two balls about the size of small hens eggs. I was salivating. Erica and Robert must have noticed my gaze and smiled.

Erica said, “See something you like?”

I just mumbled my affirmation.

Erica immediately chimed in, “Speak up when I ask you a question and be sure to address me as Mam. Do you understand me slut.”

I got the message, the role play (play I hoped) was her being a Dome, and either I or both Robert and I were to be her subs. I cast my eyes downward and said, “I am sorry Mam for my bad behavior, I’ll try to do better, and yes I really like what I saw.”

“Much better,” said Erica. “If you continue to be a really good boy maybe, I’ll let you suck those balls, shove that cock down your throat or up your ass, or both, maybe ass first. Would you like that?”

“Yes Mam,” I replied.

In the mean time Robert had gotten on the massage table. He was laying face down, with his legs just slightly parted and I could see his cock and balls resting between his thighs. There was a wedged shaped cushion under his hips which raised his ass up slightly and made room for that beautiful cock and set of balls. Another pillow framed his head as he lay face down looking through the cut out in the table.

Erica handed me a soft plastic bottle which was warm to the touch and appeared to have massage oil in it. As she handed me the bottle, she turned to go to an adjacent, wide, very plush, over stuffed arm chair.

As she went, she said, “What are you waiting for slut.” I got the message, poured a small amount of oil in my hand and started at the base of Robert’s neck.

I quickly realized that I was standing directly between Robert and Erica, blocking her view so I moved toward the head of the table as I continued to massage his neck and the adjoining shoulder mussels. I moved around to the head of the table and continued to work on his shoulders and down over his shoulder blades. Then I started to work on his right arm, the one which was the closest to Erica. I put some more oil on my hands and now identified the slight odder of cinnamon coming from the oil. As I worked down his arm toward his hand, I raised the hand and bent my mouth toward the fingers, licking and sucking each like they were tiny cocks. Then I took the fore and index fingers and tried to deep throat them. I finished massaging the hand and moved around the table to the other arm.

For the first time since just after I had entered the room, I could now clearly see Erica. She was sprawling back in the chair with her left leg over the arm rest and her right had just been resting on her breasts and her left-hand resting on her stomach. There was a slight smile gently caressing her lips which were ever so slightly parted.

Robert’s left arm and hand got the same treatment as the right and as I sucked hia fingers I saw Erica glide her hand over the tops of her breasts gently squeezing the left one. Her tongue ever so slightly licked across her top lip. I then worked on his torso, staying between his buttocks and shoulders. I climbed up on the table and straddled his waist. I poured a generous helping of oil on his back and leaning forward started working his shoulders and upper arms. As I worked this area my cock and balls rubbed, from right about the top, of the crack of his ass, too just above his waist. Finally I stretched out on him, rubbing my chest against his back, nibbling on his ears and the back of his neck. All the time I kept a close eye on Erica wanting to make sure that she was enjoying the show.

She seemed to be. Both hands were now cupping her breasts as she gently massaged, and caressed them occasionally pinching and flicking her nipples.

I was not getting hard or should I saw harder, I don’t think I had been soft since I walked into the room. So before it got out of hand I dismounted and went to Robert’s feet and started working my way up his calves and the backs of his thighs. I must have worked on his calves and thighs for nearly 5 minutes. But during that time I never went between his thighs though I was dying to do so, and I could tell by the changes that were occurring he probably wouldn’t object. During the massage I could saw his cock stiffen and swell. It was now a good 2 to 3 inches longer, and while it didn’t seemed to have gotten thicker, the veins were clearly standing out. I wanted to take his cock in my mouth, run my tongue over it, suck those balls, bury my tongue in the tip and suck every ounce of precum and cum into my mouth, savor and swallow it.

I had also left his feet alone until now. Now like his hands and fingers, I licked and sucked on his toes. I could tell that my ministrations were not lost on Robert, his breathing was now slightly ragged and several moans and sighs had issued forth. More important was the seeming effect on Erica. At some point, not sure when, but as I was sucking toes, her bra had disappeared, and she was assiduously massaging her tits and pinching and stretching her nipples, actually lifting her breasts and pulling them out from her body.

Now that her bra was gone, I got a real sense of the size and scope of her tits. Nowadays, with the way bras are made you are never really sure until they come off. She was definitely at least a D cup, either a 36 or 38. If it wasn’t for her plush beautifully padded hips she would have almost been top heavy. Her very narrow waist just served to accentuate the lushness of both her tits and ass. It was also clear that they were very real, not just two grapefruit halves glued on a chest. Now I had a real quandary. Did I want to swallow that cock that my hands were so gradually getting closer and closer to, or lick, suck, squeeze, fondle and bite those beautiful tits? I was headed for heaven with my mind 2 steps ahead of me at all times.

My hands were now on Robert’s ass and I was loving it. I was squeezing them, pushing his cheeks together and then spreading them apart. I was watching his hole, as it seemed to beg me to lick, suck and tongue fuck it. How I wanted to press my thumbs on each side and gently, slowly pull it open and then bury my tongue as deep inside him as it would go. I could feel my own precum dripping, no flowing like a river down my leg. My cock was throbbing.

Now Erica rose from the chair, had I done something wrong? I didn’t think so. She walked to the head the table and gently caressed Robert’s shoulders, and then walked around until she was directly behind me. She pressed her body into me, those bountiful tits burning into my back. She reached around and took each of my nipples between a thumb and forefinger. She rolled them, gently squeezed and pulled them out from my body. Then she pulled harder and further and I felt her thumb nails bite into the flesh on each nipple. I gasped. Her hands quickly dropped to my cock and balls. One squeeze my cock and pulled while the other did the same to my balls. I groaned.

“Good little slut,” she said, “we wouldn’t want you to loose yourself before I gave you permission, would we?” My cock was now semi-flaccid but she continued to squeeze my balls and stretch my sack until I thought it would rip off. “I didn’t hear you slut.”

I finally managed to groan out the words, “No Mam, Yes Mam.”

Erica’s response was to release my balls and went to the left side, middle of the table. First she spread Robert’s legs apart about another 5 inches and gently caressed his balls. I watched as his cock jerked. And then she spread his ass cheeks as far apart as they could go.

She looked at me and said, “I want you to lick, suck and tongue fuck his ass. I want to see your tongue buried in his ass. Then you are to use your thumbs to gape and lick him out.”

Who was I to argue with such a tasty offer? My hands reached out to help spread his cheeks and tongue first I started to try and suck his asshole inside out. I licked and sucked his ass like there was no tomorrow and I could tell that he was loving it as I tried my best to skewer his ass on my tongue. As I worked his ass I noticed the pool of precum at the end of his cock getting larger and larger. So I started dipping my fingers into it and working it into his ass.

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