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I awoke Sunday to Kevin sucking my cock, putting my arms behind my head I lay there and said, “Good morning you sexy boy.”

Releasing my cock Kevin said, “Yes it is a good morning, your wonderful little cock tasting so good,” as he again began sucking me.

His mouth felt so warm as his lips slid up & down my shaft I could feel his saliva dripping down to my balls. Kevin started using his teeth digging ever so gently into my foreskin with each up & down motion, the pain was slight but oh so exciting as my cock felt almost ready to explode.

Pushing his head away, causing him to release my cock I said, “I want your cock in my ass, will you fuck me please.”

Raising my legs and holding them up with my arms I now exposed my glory hole ready for his cock to ravage me. Kevin reached for the lube on my nightstand but I pushed his hand and said, “no I want to feel just your cock inside me, go slow it might hurt but I want to feel the pain.”

Now hovering above my ass he attempted to push his tip inside, it immediately found resistance as my ass tightened with pain. Relaxing as much as possible his tip finally entered inside, once in my ass I felt intense pain and it tightened again trying to not allow more in.

My face must have shown pain as Kevin asked, “are you ok, you still good with this?”

Taking a breath and exhaling my ass relaxed again and I said, “yes I’m good, it hurts some but oh so good just look at my dick.”

Looking down he could see my cock pulsing hard as if it had it’s own heartbeat, as he watched it he said, “shit that must be an exciting pain, I want to feel that someday.”

“Just fuck me please,” I begged.

Kevin pushing harder was able to get another maybe 2 1/2″ in when my ass gripped so hard from the pain he was unable to get anymore in. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and totally relaxed one more time. This time I could feel my asses inner walls open wide up and I nodded to him to continue. With one last push Kevin’s cock slid in, now completely inside me, there was one initial burst of pain then almost a numbing total relaxation.

After pausing for a few seconds Kevin asked, “are you ready?”

“Yes oh god yes fuck me, fuck me hard with your big cock,” I answered.

Kevin pulled his cock almost out then rammed it back inside causing pain, less than before but still a quick stabbing pain. With each pounding his cock gave me, the pain slowly disappeared until finally there was none, just a feeling of expanding pressure every time his cock fully filled my ass.

“Kiss me, fuck me and kiss me.” I said.

Putting his lips to mine we kissed our tongues dancing together as my ass pushed hard against his cock. We kissed while his cock paused it’s movements as it was buried inside me.

Kevin breaking from our kiss, raised back up and began pounding me so hard I could feel his tip bottom out as his balls spanked my ass.

“God your ass feels so good without the lube, the pressure is so intense against my cock,” Kevin said.

“I’m glad you like it, I wish I was big enough to give you this exciting pain sorry,” I said.

As he was pumping his cock in my ass he asked, “do you want me to cum inside you?”

“Oh yes fill me up, I want your cum in my ass,” I said.

Kevin picked up his speed fucking my ass hard and quick. Finally I felt his cock was ready, I tightened my ass causing him to cum, so much cum filling my ass. When he finished his cock slid out slowly and I tightened as hard as I could trying to hold his cum inside me.

Bending down Kevin kissed me again when we parted I turned over my ass now in the air and said, “could you help a boy out, I need a little cleaning?”

“Oh yes boy your ass sure does,” he said as he lowered his lips to my ass his tongue slowly licking his own cum from inside me.

After he cleaned me up I asked, “would you like to take a shower with me?”

“Hmm shower alone or with you, I’ll take you please,” he said.

Taking his hand we went to the bathroom, turned the shower on and once the water was warm we both entered. Face to face our cocks touched, I reached for the soap and began lathering him up taking extra time on his cock & balls. I continued washing him and our lips met, we kissed while I stroked his soapy cock.

Pushing me away Kevin began soaping me up taking extra special care with my cock, balls and ass. I spread my legs so he could soap up inside me as he massaged my asses inner walls with his soapy fingers. After finishing he used the sprayer to rinse me off, then bending down took my cock in his mouth giving me my first shower blowjob.

“Fuck your mouth is so hot,” I said.

Pulling his lips away he said, “glad you like it lover.”

Taking me inside his mouth again Kevin sucked me slowly at first, then pulled my ass in tight until my shaft was totally buried inside. His face began fucking my cock so fast, being so horny I shot my load, so much cum filling his mouth. He gladly swallowed and then milking the last drop kissed my tip and made one last gulp.

“Like Campbell’s soup mmm mmm good,” he said.

Finishing our shower we dressed and went downstairs, I had almost forgotten that Manuel & Tim were there until I saw them sitting on the couch with a sheet covering them. Looking at the clock I noticed it was only 8:30 and thought to myself, “my parents won’t be home until much later so we have time for another foursome. I wonder if Kevin could take Manuel’s huge cock in his ass, would he feel that same pain I had just felt or would it be too much.”

“Morning you two, did you have a good night?” Manuel asked.

“Yes a good night and an even better morning,” Kevin said.

“Hmm what did you two do?” Manuel asked.

“Kevin fucked me, he is so good,” I said as I grinned.

Lifting the sheet exposing both of their cocks Manuel said, “you want to try to take this?” as he pointed to his own cock.

“Uh no not me, hey Kevin you want to try that thing?” I asked.

Pausing for a few seconds he said, “I’d like to give it a try but I don’t know.”

“I’ll be gentle Kevin,” Manuel said.

“He’ll use lube and go slow, you’ll love it,” Tim said.

Looking at me Kevin asked, “would you mind?”

“To be honest it would turn me on watching that huge thing disappear inside you,” I answered.

Kevin took his sweats off exposing his ass and bent down resting his arms on one of the living room chairs. Standing up Manuel got behind him, his cock now only inches from Kevin’s dark hole.

Dropping my sweats down I sat on the couch next to Tim, looking over I could see him slowly stroking his cock as he watched. I took my own cock in and started doing the same.

Manuel lubed Kevin up and pushed his huge mushroom head against that musky hole. Pushing gently at first he found resistance and was unable to enter then pushing much harder the head popped inside. I could see Kevin must have been in pain, his body tightened as his ass was almost chocking Manuel’s cock, not allowing anymore to enter.

“Relax Kevin just relax and take it in,” Tim said.

Almost as if following orders Kevin relaxed and a few inches more entered inside. I could see the pain begin again as his body tightened once more. This time however, he was able to relax much quicker and another 2 inches slid in. After relaxing one more time almost the entire shaft slid inside.

“Oh shit look at that he took almost all of it,” Tim shrieked.

As Manuel began slowly sliding his cock in & out of Kevin’s ass you could see the lube almost glisten as the light hit it.

Reaching over Tim pushed my hand aside and began stroking my cock then whispered, “would you like to fuck my ass while you watch?”

“Yes I would really like that, but I don’t know that my tiny cock will satisfy you seeing you had that thing up there” I said looking over at Manuel’s huge cock.

Standing up Tim bent over the couch exposing his little tiny ass and said, “You don’t need lube to fuck me, I like a dry fuck.”

Putting my cock to his ass my tip entered easily, then with one push I was fully inside his ass. I started pounding him as I watched Manuel fuck my Kevin, I could see his Kevin’s ass open wide, almost looking like it might tear, each time that huge cock pushed it’s way in. So excited by this I began pounding Tim’s ass so quickly, I noticed Manuel seemed as if he was ready to burst. Picking up my speed I wanted to cum inside Tim at the same time Manuel filled up Kevin.

Kevin shot his first stream, as he pushed in hard getting ready for his 2nd I could see his cum forcing it’s way out Kevin’s ass. Seeing this I shot my first stream, our next stream almost hit simultaneously, then our 3rd, 4th and each subsequent stream were in synch. After both our cocks emptied we both pulled out, as Kevin turned I could see almost a look of both pain and excitement on his face. When looking at Manuel’s cock I noticed a bit of red, finally realizing it was blood.

After a few seconds the adrenaline wore off & Kevin said, “shit my ass hurts”

Giving him a few tissues I said, “I think you might have a little blood there.”

Wiping his ass there was a bit more blood than we thought, Manuel suggested we pack him with a wad of tissues for a while and see if it stops.

All I could think of was, if we have to take him to the hospital how do we explain this.

Luckily after a short while the blood stopped, Kevin went to the bathroom and tried to crap. When he came down he said there was only a few spots of blood then it stopped so hopefully everything was alright.

Sitting down I asked, “Kevin other than the scare from the blood, did you enjoy it?”

“Holy shit the pain at first was way too much but it slowly went away, when he was completely inside I would say it was actually a numb feeling. As time went on the numbness slowly disappeared and all I felt was a pressure, a big pressure, but it didn’t hurt anymore at all. Although the blood was a big scare.” he answered.

“Next time you take a big dick it won’t hurt and if you stay stretched you shouldn’t bleed anymore,” Manuel said.

Then Manuel asked me, “do you think you want to try this?”

“No not on a bet,” I said.

After eating breakfast we all sucked a little more cock and jerked off some, then it was time to clean up. Thank god we have hardwood floors since we found several spots of dried cum and were able to clean it off easily.

Manuel & Tim left around 2 leaving Kevin & I alone, we sat watching some movie, I don’t remember what it was, making out.

Kevin breaking from our kiss asked, “so I think I’m ready to come out, how about you?”

“I don’t think I’m ready yet, if you come out it might make it harder for us to be together without me having to come out. If you feel you need to I understand, but I don’t know if I can yet.” I said.

“I really want a boyfriend, one I can go out with in public,” he said.

“I can’t be your secret boyfriend, at least for a while?” I asked.

“Let me ask you, are you gay? I know you are but what do you think?” he asked.

“I think so, but I’m not sure, if I am how do I tell my parents?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’m trying to figure how to tell mine.” he said.

“What will you do if they kick you out? You don’t know how they will react. If and when I come out I want to make sure I can afford to live on my own since I don’t know how mine will take it.” I said.

“Well how about we talk about this again in a few months or so, we can stay together secretly and see how things go,” he said.

“I agree, although it is gonna take me a lot more time before I could live on my own. I want to get through school first so I can get a good paying job.” I said.

Looking up at the clock it was now about 4:30 and Kevin said, “I’ve got to leave, told my parents I would be home by 5.”

“See there’s were you’ve got to think, I don’t think you’re ready yet. You can’t afford to move out, you still need your parents and I don’t think you should take the chance on losing them.” I said.

As he left I sat wondering if I finally come to realize that I’m gay how would I come out or even could I come out.

I guess only time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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