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This account of some of the events in my life was written as requested by the love of my life, my soul mate, my sister Abby.

Here it is 1972 and I am living in Mobile, Alabama. Not sure how I ended up here but it seemed like a nice place to settle after drifting for a few months. I am enrolled in college and have made a few friends. With my injuries and scars from Viet Nam I am a little shy around people. I lost an eye and I wear a black patch over it. Some people stare, some ask how it happened. I also have quite a few visible scars on my face, neck, and hand. One guy I have a class with is Edward Thompson, and by the way he does not like to be called Ed or Eddie. Something his mother instilled in him, she named him Edward and that is what he will be called. I assumed she must be pretty stern.

Edward and I became good friends and we spent quite a bit of time together. He had an old Jeepster, the Rat, he called it, and I would help him do maintenance on it. It seemed to have mechanical problems on a regular basis. We also did some modifications to the interior. We built a console out of wood and it really looked good. The console is higher than I suggested, it looks more like a low wall. He found no humor in my comments about the console. We had also removed the remains of the back seat. It was spring time and quite warm so we took off the hard top.

After working on the Rat for a couple of weeks he wanted to take me out to dinner with him and his Mother as payment for getting the Rat running like a top. Well, I am not one to turn down a good meal. Besides, I had not met his Mother, and after all I had heard about her from Edward I wanted to meet her.

Edward gave me the name of the restaurant and told me to meet him and his Mother there on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. I arrived by taxi at the appointed place and time, I saw Edward sitting at a table but there was no sign of his Mom. Edward appeared to be quite upset about her being late. I told Edward to chill out, relax and have a couple of beers.

About 7:45 Edward went to the restroom to get rid of a couple of beers. As I was watching the people in the restaurant I noticed a beautiful lady walking towards where I was sitting. She was wearing a black dress, not revealing in any way, she was tall, quite slim, a fantastic set of tits, 38DD I imagined, long dark brown hair, classic facial lines, and I noticed her fantastic smile as she got to me, extended her hand and said: “Hi, I am Janice. I am Edward’s Mom.” I stood, shook and held her hand and told her, “I am Adam and it is wonderful to meet you.” “Please be seated, Edward has gone to the restroom and will be right back.” She took the seat between Edward and I and she moved her seat a little close towards me. Janice is very outgoing, her voice is soft and she smells wonderful! My cock is starting to stir. Edward returned to the table, Janice stood up, hugged and kissed him. He seemed to be a bit embarrassed about it. She looked at me and said, “You deserve a hug also.” I stood up and she hugged me. I could feel her tits pressing against me. I am trying to keep my hard cock from poking her. She gave a kiss and the cheek and I inhaled the smell of this beautiful lady. She said, “Thanks for serving our Country, thanks for being brave, and we are glad you are home.” That really hit a soft spot and I had a tear in my good eye, I almost broke down. People who fought understand this feeling. She took her napkin and wiped the tear away and rubbed the side of my face with her hand. What a lady! I was completely amazed and excited by this wonderful, beautiful lady.

We enjoyed the meal, I enjoyed being with Janice. Janice is very outgoing, she is a wonderful person to talk with, not a boring moment. I see where Edward got his personality. She ordered wine and we went through a couple of bottles. Edward does not like wine and he did not drink any more beer since he was driving. The meal ended and we were Ankara travesti all standing in front of the restaurant. Edward told Janice he would meet her at her house after dropping me off at my apartment. Janice said she came in a taxi and would also need a ride home also. Well, the Rat only has two seats so I told them, “I will catch a taxi.” Both said “No,” at the same time. Janice looked at me and said, “You look like you are in good enough shape to have me sit on your lap on the way home.” I told her she was welcome to the seat and I would ride in the back. Janice insisted we both ride in the passenger seat. My cock was getting harder by the second.

We walked about half a block to the Rat, Edward got in, I got in the passenger seat, Janice said, “Ready or not here I come!” She pulled up her dress, showing quite a bit of leg and she stepped into the vehicle and started trying to get comfortable on my lap. I could feel her fantastic ass and I know she could feel my hard cock. I know my face had to be red. She settled in pretty quick and I loved having her on my lap.

We had traveled a few blocks when Janice asked Edward if he had a jacket as she was a little cool. Edward told her there as a blanket just behind the console. She rose up and reached over the console to the back to get the blanket. I held each side of her hips to steady her, as she moved back to sit down on my lap her dress rode up higher and I suspected her panty covered ass was on my cock. She covered herself with the blanket and leaned back on me. She asked, “Do you mind if I lean back on you?” I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I told her, “Leaning back on me is fine.” I put my arms around her waist under the blanket. I gave her a hug and she let her head lie on my shoulder for just a few seconds. In a few minutes she leaned forward, turned on the radio. She had it on pretty loud. She sat back and I swear her dress rode up a higher. Again, she rose up a little, leaned forward and changed the station on the radio when she did I noticed she kept her right hand under the blanket and I saw her pull up her dress. I could see her ass covered by a small pair of black panties. As she leaned back and pulled the blanket up over us I held her hips and guided her to my hard cock. She turned her head to face me and told me, “I am glad you appreciate me being on your lap.” I smiled and she moved her ass and pussy on my hard cock. With her hand under the blanket she took my hand and moved it down to her panty covered pussy. I cold feel that her panties were wet, and I noticed she had hair sticking out all around her panties. I don’t mean a little hair; I mean it felt like she had a carpet down there. I had never felt a bush so thick and soft.

Edward said, “We are almost there.” If he only knew how true that statement was. I figured it was now or never. I pushed my hand down inside her panty and pushed my finger down between her hair covered pussy lips. Her pussy was so hairy, I wondered if I would get to see it. As I fingered her hot, wet, pussy. She leaned back and moaned and started to move her hips as I fingered her. Just as we pulled into her driveway I pulled my finger out of her wet pussy and my hand out of her panties. I brought my hand to my nose to smell her pussy. The aroma was so sexy. She watched me as I put my wet finger in my mouth and cleaned it off. I opened the door of the car and Janice turned to get out. She slid the blanket off and I could see her fine legs and hot ass. Her dress dropped down as she stood up. Edward said, “Mom I will take Adam home and will be back soon.” Janice said: “It is late so both of you can stay here tonight, no questions asked.” I nodded in agreement. We got out and walked into the house.

Once inside we were sitting in the living room and Janice brought all of us a beer. Edward stated, “Mom, I am so tired and I just want to go to sleep.” “Where is the bedroom where I will be staying?” Antalya travesti Edward had not spent the night here since Janice bought the house. Janice said, “Take the bedroom on the right.” “The bathroom is down the hall.” Janice told me: “You get to sleep on the couch. The guest room that Edward is using only has a single bed.” I told her, “No problem, I have slept in far worse places.” She kissed Edward and he went to the bedroom. She went to the closet in the hall and returned with a pillow and a blanket. I thanked her and she turned and said, “I am not sure how much sleep I will get tonight you have me very excited.” She then kissed me on the lips and turned and went to her bedroom. I did not follow her. I had a fear of being caught by Edward. I fixed my bed on the couch and turned the TV on. I took off all my clothes and got under the blanket. I slowly stroked my cock and thought of Janice. I watched TV for a few minutes and turned over leaving the TV playing.

Sleep came pretty easy after all the wine and beers. A short time later I heard a door open and figured it was Edward going to the bathroom. A few minutes later I left a hand on my head. I felt the hand rub thought my hair, and then softly rub my face. I looked up and it was Janice in a long white gown. With the light from the TV I could see her nipples, they were very dark, her tits were big and full, and I could see her dark hairy pussy. She sat down on the edge of the couch and continued to rub my face. I asked her if she were O.K. She said, “I have not felt like this in at least 10 years.” She rubbed down my chest, she pinched my nipples. I reached for her, she leaned forward and we kissed. I felt her lips part and her tongue was eager to meet my tongue. She moaned loudly as our tongues slowly danced together. She continue rubbing and moved down to my cock. I heard her inhale as she wrapped her hand around my 7 inch cock.

Our kiss broke and I reached for her tits, I rolled and pinched her nipples through her gown. I am positive she had an orgasm at that time. She was moaning and her face was drawn tight. She continued feeling my cock. “Janice, let me set up please.” I sat up, moved her back on the couch and kissed her lips. I moved off the couch and got in the floor. I opened her legs and started kissing my way up to her pussy. The smell of her wet pussy was fantastic. She raised her hips and pulled up her gown, she sat back down and pulled the gown off over her head. I was straining to see her body. The TV did not provide all the light I wanted.

I kissed up her thighs then to her pussy. I looked up and she was pulling and pinching her nipples. I took my tongue and made one slow lick from her ass hole to the top of her pussy. I loved pushing my tongue through all of that hair.

She opened up her legs wider and was moaning. “Eat my pussy, lick my pussy, lick my ass, and make me cum!” I pushed my face into her pussy and was licking and sucking like a mad man. She took hold of my head and held me tight in her pussy. She was humping my face and moaning loudly. It only took a minute for her to cum; she let out a loud moan that I am sure everyone on the street heard. I could just picture Edward coming out of his room and finding me eating his Mom. As her orgasm eased I got up on my knees and put the head of my cock at her pussy. She pulled me enough to get the head of my cock in her very tight hairy pussy. She then pushed me out and told me to stand up. I stood up and she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. She said, “I love the taste of a cock with pussy juice on the head.” She proceeded to suck my cock like the world was going to end. I did not want to cum in her mouth and pushed her back on the couch to a laying position. I opened her legs and got between them. I loved running my cock up her hairy pussy lips. I eased my cock into her a little and then with one push I put it all inside her. She let out a scream. İstanbul travesti I did not care, wake Edward and let him watch. I had her in the missionary position and was deep inside her pussy.

She held me tightly; I kissed and sucked her nipples, then kissed her waiting lips. Our kiss broke and she told me, “Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, and make me cum!” I was humping her as fast as I could. “I am going to cum.” I said to her. She moaned loudly and held me tight with her legs. I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock; her eyes were rolled back in her head. I pumped three of four more times and started shooting deep inside her pussy. “I’m Cumming!” I said. She told me to fill her pussy with cum. She had another orgasm and let out another loud moan. I could not move. I just laid on her with my cock pulsing deep in her pussy. I put every drop of cum I had deep in her pussy.

I stayed on her for a minute or two then moved off to the floor. I opened her legs wide and told her, “I want to see your hairy pussy!” I reached over and turned on the lamp. The hair on her pussy is as thick as any carpet you have ever seen. Her pussy hair is a very dark brown, so thick, and so soft. I spread open her pussy, I could see pink inside her lips. I pulled open her butt cheeks and was getting hard looking at her hairy ass. She reached forward and pulled my face to her pussy. She told me, “Eat my pussy again.” “Clean up my pussy with your tongue.” I had never done this before, but what the hell, anything for this hot lady. I dove in with a desire to make her cum again. It only took a few minutes for her to cum, her juice and cum poured out of her pussy. I never spilled a drop. I got it all down. She pulled me up and kissed me and licked the pussy juice and cum from my lips. As we sat together I looked at her breast and they are more beautiful than I expected.

Again she stated playing with my cock. Once I was hard she told me, “This night is not over, you have one more job to do.” She got in the floor in the doggy position and told me to put my hard cock in her pussy. Her hair pussy was swelled and her lips were very thick. Putting my cock in her hot pussy is a dream come true. My cock was thicker than ever and I had it all the way in her pussy. She told me to pull out and I did, she told me to lick her ass hole. She reached back and spread her hairy cheeks. I mashed my face between her cheeks and my tongue and lips were working on her hair brown hole. After about 10 minutes of eating her ass I got up behind her and started pushing my cock in her ass.

She told me no cock had been in her ass in over 15 years. As her ass relaxed I pushed my cock all the way in her ass. She was moving and moaning. I knew we would wake up Edward, but we did not. I pumped into her ass like an insane man. I had no mercy, the only relief she would get was when I shoot my load deep in her ass. As I pumped her hard she pushed back to meet my cock, she wanted it all, and she got it all. I told her, “I am going to cum in your ass in just a few seconds.” I kept pumping and then started shooting cum. I pushed my cock all the way in her when I came. She was rubbing her pussy and had another orgasm just after I filled her ass with cum. It took a little while for my cock to soften up and start slipping for her hot and wonderful brown hole.

She slowly moved back to the couch, the just laid over it, reached back, spread her cheeks and told me to clean up her ass. I went it face first, hard and fast. I had her cleaned up in a few minutes and she had another orgasm.

We sat on the couch, chatted about what we had done. We both agreed that Edward need not know. She told me. “You are welcome here anytime and you will be expected at least two times a week.” What more could I ask for?

We had sex together several times a week for the next four years. She finally met a guy her own age and they eventually got married.

Edward met a beautiful nurse and was married within the year. His wife is so sexy and sweet. By the way, she calls him Eddie.

Janice lived a long good life and was deeply loved. She passed away in 2003. I think Edward knew but never said anything. Edward and I are friends to this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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