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Margareta Benson enjoyed being a housewife. She enjoyed having time to keep her home spotless, her body taken care of, and her husband fed.

Today was a typical Tuesday for Margareta and her husband Alastor. She rose early to make herself and her husband coffee flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. This small act of love was something that brought joy to Margareta, but was also part of her daily submissive duties. Alastor and Margareta were a married couple that had the relationship dynamic of a dominant and submissive. Alastor had very specific rules that he expected Margareta to follow 24/7.

Once Alastor finished his morning shower and got dressed in his suit and tie for work, he came out into the kitchen and took his seat at their kitchen table. She brought him his coffee and breakfast, four eggs over medium with pumpernickel toast. They enjoyed their peaceful time together before he left to work, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead before he left.

Alastor knew how badly Margareta wanted him to kiss her on the mouth

but one of the pleasures of his life was denying her. He would never allow her to get a job. He wanted her isolated, devoted to pleasing him, sauntering around their home with her plump pussy frothing between her legs. From his perspective, she was his perfect angel.

However, unknown to Alastor, Margareta was not the innocent submissive she portrayed for her husband. She often became distracted from her housewife duties and found herself disobeying his rules, especially his most important rule: no touching any of her holes for pleasure. He decided when and how her holes were to be used. She was not supposed to have an orgasm outside of his supervision.

Margareta cleared the dishes from this morning’s breakfast. The hot water felt good running over her delicate, french manicured hands. Alastor always made sure she had her nails and hair done. Her porcelain skin was given the most expensive skin care money could buy. He made sure she needed and wanted for nothing.

Once Ankara travesti she was done with her morning duties, she opened up her planner. Margaret ran on a strict schedule which was why their home was always spotless and presentable. Dusting and vacuuming was on the agenda for today. She was excited for today because it meant she got to use her brand new vacuum. It had so many settings and she wanted to try out every one.

Margareta truly enjoyed cleaning. She found it soothing and distracting from the almost constant pulsing in her aching vagina.

She began switching from setting to setting on the vacuum, feeling all of the different suction levels. At one point her dress accidentally got sucked into the vacuum head, making her giggle and exposing her white panties, which had a wet stain in the middle of her crotch. She stared at her puffy lips which were visible due to her wetness. It turned her white cotton panties into sheer fabric.

Her huge lips on her face pursed into a frown as she stared at her own swollen vagina. She was beginning to feel desperation from the lack of release. She hadn’t had an orgasm in over two weeks. She dropped to her knees in frustration. She was supposed to be vacuuming right now but she couldn’t take her eyes off of her own mound.

She dropped her belly to the ground, laying like a starfish on the floor. This was always the start of her downfall. She began to hump the floor, desperately pressing her mound against the cool hardwood. Her eyes began to water from the intensity of her own desire. If Alastor saw her this way he would be ashamed. She couldn’t stop. She began humping the floor faster now, mimicking Alastor when he stuffed her full of his massive cock, which was rare. Her face became red with energy expended and frustration.

She brought herself up to a sitting position and began examining her pussy. It was very pink from bumping up against the floor. She also realized while she was squirming, one of her huge breasts got Antalya travesti pushed out of her bra and was exposed. She turned to face the vacuum.

She turned it on the lowest setting and felt the suction on her hand. It was at this point a light bulb went off in her head. “I’m technically not touching myself if I use this machine!” She always found a way to justify breaking the rules in the moment. She brought the head of the vacuum to her erect nipple. Her breasts were so full and large that the head could only cover her nipple and some flesh around it.

The sucking was not painful or intense on her sensitive nipples. She slowly and unsurely lowered the vacuum head down to her crotch. She moved her white panties to the side and exposed her meaty pussy lips. Her clit was swollen and red, peeking out from between her lips.

She watched the rise of her lips as she brought the suction closer. That alone made Margareta tremble. The feeling reminded her of Alastor squeezing her pussy lips together and pulling them. She has never been successful at holding back her orgasm when he does that to her, even though he tells her not to cum. The sensation is too strong not to cum and her mouth always begins to water. The last time he pulled on her pussy lips, she immediately came which resulted in ten hard spanks on her jiggly pussy. After that, he only touched her anus for a month.

Alastor was the love of her life but he was serious about his punishments. He was a tall and stocky man, weighing over 200 lbs. He loved Margareta’s full figure and they complimented each other as a couple. They were coming up on their second year of marriage and Margareta felt he was her soulmate, even though she struggled with guilt over breaking his rules when he wasn’t home.

Margareta’s whole pussy was being sucked into the vacuum head. Her mouth opened into a big O shape. The feeling was incredible, and with the setting turned to low it was enough to relax Margareta into a stunned bliss. She paused the İstanbul travesti suction as she contemplated turning the intensity to medium. She felt a drop of wetness escape from her cupped pussy and roll down in between her butt cheeks.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway, Margareta turned the suction to medium intensity. This made her eyebrows raise and her right eye involuntarily twitch and shut. It was hard to think straight once this machine was sucking her pussy lips. She was only able to last about five seconds before her first orgasm overtook her. Her mouth opened wide and her tongue fell out of her mouth. She lost control of her posture and went from a seated position to falling backwards on the floor, the vacuum head still suctioned to her crotch.

The feeling was more intense than Margareta’s deprived pussy was normally used to feeling. Her whole body shuddered, making her heavy tits jiggle and bounce. Her whole body flushed with heat and Margareta’s eyes crossed as she reached the climax and for a moment, her mind was turned to mush.

The pain of the suction on her soft wet pussy brought Margareta back to reality. The reality that she was disobeying her husband on her living room floor with her new vacuum that he bought her. She turned her new favorite cleaning tool off and felt the head detach from her crotch.

Her pussy was bright red, swollen, and covered in cum. She stared at her mound in disbelief of what she had done. She shamefully peeled her panties off and made her way into their master bathroom.

She took her shower head and let cold water gently run over the lips of her vagina. Her vagina was so sensitive and swollen that she winced as she spread her lips apart with her two skinny fingers. The cooling sensation of the water brought her immense relief.

“I won’t do it again,” Margareta lied to herself. “I still have time to finish all my chores before Alastor gets home.” She turned the shower head off and began to dry off her pussy with a soft towel. She found a new pair of white cotton panties, the only kind Alastor allowed her to wear, and slid them over her toned legs. She threw her panties full of cum in with her next load of laundry. She would later report to Alastor that her new vacuum was the best vacuum she ever owned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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