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I am panting heavily; my breathing, harsh and loud in the silence of my room. Between my spread thighs, my hands are working tirelessly: my right index finger is swirling endless, slippery circles around my clit… my left fist is steadily pressing the head of my dildo against my entrance. Pressing… spreading my pussy lips wide open… god, it’s so big… pressure everywhere… so big… I feel so stretched, it borders on pain… so I relent on the pressure… but my pussy feels so empty!!

I slide the thick, heavy dildo between my legs… feeling the heavy, bulbous head bump against my clit, making me jump slightly at the contact, then sliding it further, feeling it press against me, spreading my lips wide to hug it, then sliding towards my ass… before repeating the whole sequence… in reverse. Pulling it back up… past my needy pussy… to press against my throbbing clit.

Tonight I am feeling incredibly horny. So much so that the feel of my own fingers isn’t enough. Two fingers of my left hand pushing hard into my wet pussy, thrusting deep, circling, scissoring, pressing hard against my warm slippery walls… whilst the middle and index fingers of my right circle, stroke and pet my clit… I’ve already given myself three orgasms. But it isn’t enough.

Hence the dildo.

I slide it between my lips a few more times, enjoying the weight, the ridges on it, enjoying the way it slides against my wetness, spreading Ankara travesti it around, coating my toy, creating quite a mess. I bounce the heavy, rounded head against my clit twice… and feel my pussy clench in response. God, I need to be filled. Right. Now.

Spreading my thighs wide, once more, I slide the rounded head back to my entrance and press steadily… then holding in place… pressing some more, then holding in place… I feel my pussy respond and widen slightly around the big, bulbous head, slowly giving in to my relentless pressing and holding… god, it’s so big… I feel intense pressure and a slight burn as my pussy stretches wider to accommodate this inevitable intrusion…

I look down. I’d barely gotten a third of the head in me… the widest part was yet to come. My pussy lips are splayed obscenely wide at the moment, my poor pussy struggling to accommodate my toy.

I press some more, and feel painful resistance. God, it’s so big… and I really want it in me. Pressing the dildo tightly to me at its current depth, I attack my clit with vigour, drawing continual slippery circles, round and round, occasionally changing directions and feeling my pussy jump in reflex, and ohmygod! feel the dildo open me a little wider and slide a little deeper.

Soon, I feel the telltale tingling and clenching, and my whole body seems to tighten up, all my muscles flex and freeze, except for Antalya travesti my fingers, still tirelessly dancing around my clit and ohmygodoh mygodohmygod… i’mgonnacumm mmmmmmm~!! My orgasm explodes like fireworks in me and I buck uncontrollably, and OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD SOBIGITHURTSIBIGSIT’STOOBIGGGG~… I see flashes behind my eyelids as with a slight burn, lots of stretching, and (I might’ve imagined this) a “pop”, I manage to get the head of the dildo inside me, and my pussy walls clamp hard on it.

I am panting with the effort, and my pussy lips feel sore… but I’m feeling accomplished. The biggest obstacle (no pun intended) has been crossed; now it’s just a matter of letting my pussy get used to this huge, hard invader.

My fingers never stop swirling on my clit the whole time, and I feel my pussy gradually relax on the vise-grip it’s got on the dildo. Looking between my legs, I see my pussy lips stretched wide to accommodate my toy, my clit peeking out from its hood, and I wish you were here to suck on my clit at this point… Although… if you were here, I’d more likely be fucking you and not my toy 😉

I jiggle the dildo gently… god, I already feel so full… feeling how much wetter I’ve gotten, and how much more receptive my pussy is to this intrusion. Slowly, I’m able to slide it an inch up and down at a time, feeling my pussy lips widen around the head as it enters and exits. Going İstanbul travesti incrementally deeper… two inches… god, it’s so big… feeling it push into my pussy… stretching it out… making it wider… three inches… the pressure… four inches… so big… pushing… pushing… five inches… oh, my god!! so full… six inches… and I bottom out.

There’s definite resistance when I try to push deeper, and for tonight, I don’t think I need to. For tonight, six inches is good enough. I withdraw the dildo till just the head is in me, and push it back in quickly. My pussy clenches when it bottoms out, ensuring I’m aware of the thick, hard cock within it… out, in, out, in… so big… so thick… I’m so full… so hard… god, I’m so wet…

In, out, in, out… my left arm speeds up on the thrusting… a sweet ache is building… my right is still unceasingly circling my clit, tapping it, pinching it, pressing it from time to time… and all this while, I’m fucking myself harder and harder… and the ache builds and builds… and my hips are involuntarily pushing upwards on my downstrokes… I just want to be full of cock…

A familiar tingling begins in my toes, and I feel my body start to spasm and jerk, and by this time, I’m pulling the dildo out entirely so that I can feel it spread me open when it forcefully re-enters… I am close… I can feel it… my entire body freezes but my fingers never let up from my clit. I start thrusting deeper and harder, no longer pulling the dildo out, just going for speed… short, shallow thrusts, and changing the angle slightly on each hard thrust to find th… OHMYGODOHMYGOD OHMYGODOH MYGODDDDDD FUCKFUCKFUCK!! I’MCUMMINGGG GGGGGGGGGGGG~!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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