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I have awoken to the wonderful sensation of someone stroking my dick and it takes me a moment to remember where I am. At first, I thought it was my wife, but soon realize the grip was all wrong. It’s my daughter’s hands that are bringing me a pleasurable wake up and I let out a soft sigh from the amateurish movement that will improve over time.

I open my eyes and she is looking down at my dick while both of her hands are working my had large shaft. Her dark nipples are peaking from her arms and I can smell the remnant of our piss in the air. Nia is licking her lips and I love that look in her eyes.

I let out a sigh and say, “That feels good.”

She grins as she moves her dark eyes up to mine and says, “Good morning, daddy. I’m glad your awake.”

I match her grin and say, “Do you have something in mind?”

The grin drops as she says, “Anal from my daddy.”

Judging by the look in her eyes, she is quite serious about it as I ask, “Are you sure you don’t want to wait a little longer?”

She shakes her dark head and says, “Only way to get used to anal is to have you fuck my ass every day, daddy.”

I am pleased to here her so certain about what she wants. “Get on top and impale your asshole on my dick, Nia.”

Her voice is filled with anticipation as she says, “Anything for you, daddy.”

She releases her hands and stands over my body. Her small tits look wonderful as they sway a little from the movement. Nia spreads her legs over my hips and her dark eyes are focused on mine. I reach down for my hard shaft and hope there’s enough lube. If there isn’t, it will be a good lessen for her.

I can feel her asshole pressing against the head of my dick as we stare into each others dark eyes. She lets out a soft hiss from the contact of an area that is still sensitive from the previous day. There is no sign of her pulling away from the contact and our dark eyes remain locked together.

She lowers herself and I can feel the tightness immediately around the head of my dick. Nia lets out a grunt as she continues to take a little more and I let out a soft sigh of pleasure. I can see in her eyes that this is very unpleasant and I can also see just how determined she is to not stop her asshole from taking all of me.

I let out another sigh as I say, “Your asshole feels wonderful, Nia.”

She forces a smile to cross her face as she says, “I’m glad you like it, daddy.”

Another inch slides in slowly as she continues her decent and she releases a groan. The gripping sensation is pressing from multiple angles and love the way my daughter is making me feel. Nia lets out a harsh gaziantep escort bayan groan as she manages to get half of my dark shaft inside of her. Moans are escaping my lips as the pleasure starts to build within me.

I look into her eyes and I know she needs just a little encouragement. “I love you, Nia.”

Something other than pain crosses her face as she says, “I love you, daddy.”

My hands release my shaft as she starts to slide further down and reach out for her dark tits. Nia lets out a soft sigh from my touch, despite the pain that her body is going through. Her dark black nipples harden at my touch as she slowly slides down my shaft without stopping.

Her dark eyes show her love for me and she lets out another sigh between her groans. I can feel her body press against mine and know there is nothing more for her to take. My fingers work her black nipples as she lets out a few more sighs. Nia needs time for her asshole to adjust to me and I have the patience to wait for her.

This is just one more proof that she is my wife’s daughter. I have not seen a single tear fall from her eyes and no sign that the pain is overwhelming. My daughter is already starting to enjoy the fullness that only I can bring to her asshole and the sighs are coming from more than my fingers on her small tits.

I let out a soft moan as I say, “I love your ass, Nia.”

She gives a smile that isn’t forced as she says, “I’m glad, daddy. It doesn’t hurt as much this time. I can see why mommy likes this. You feel so good inside me, daddy.”

She starts to move her hips slowly and I let out a moan to show my appreciation for the pleasure she is bringing me. My fingers lightly press against her hard nipples and she lets out a soft sigh of her own. Every movement is sending pleasure cascading through my body and my moans are getting louder.

My fingers squeeze her nipples a little harder as she lets out a moan. Her small tits fit perfectly in my hands and I can feel everything as her movement increases. I moan out a little louder and know the only reason I have not exploded is my very full bladder, but that won’t hold me back much longer.

She lets out a sigh as I feel heat spreading across my stomach and the strong smell of her piss starts to flow into my nostrils. It is a wonderfully odd sensation to feel her tight asshole work my cock while her piss flows over my dark flesh. Feeling her hot piss continue to flow across my body is getting me much closer to the edge and my moans intensify with each purposeful movement of her hips.

My eyes and hands tighten as gaziantep escort I thrust up hard without it being my intention to do so, which causes her to hiss out a little. I shoot my cum deep in her asshole as her piss continues to flow and hold myself as deep as possible through the first wave of ecstatic pleasure. She moans out from my hands squeezing her nipples as I shoot load after load into my daughter’s tight asshole and the pleasure is increasing as each wave crashes hard over my body.

I can no longer feel her piss spreading and know her bladder is empty. The last of my cum has been released deep inside of my daughter’s asshole and my eyes open to her smiling face. My fingers loosen their grip and I am breathing heavily from the exertion my body just went through. It’s hard to believe that this is only the second time she has experienced anal.

I can feel her pull away as coolness reaches my softening shaft and her eyes are moving down my body as her legs pull away. My daughter’s profile moves towards my dick and her mouth swallows what she can. Nia’s mouth takes as much of my dick as she can and her tongue seeks out all that she can find.

My bladder is in need of release and there is a little temptation to piss in her mouth, but I want her to continue to taste her ass for a little while longer. I let her continue to work my soft dick for a little longer. Nia’s tongue does feel pleasant on my dick as she continues her search.

My voice is a little playful as I say, “That’s enough, Nia.”

I feel the head of my dick release her mouth as she asks, “Are you sure, daddy? It tastes so good.”

I give a soft laugh as I say, “I’m sure. Lay down on your back and keep your ass over the edge of the bed for me.”

She starts to move away from my dick as she says, “Anything for you, daddy.”

As she starts to get into position, I get out of bed and each step is a little uncomfortable from my very full bladder. Her legs are spread for me as I move towards her and her pink hole is dripping. I place my hands on her knees and lift them up to reveal her tight asshole, which has some of my cum covering the ridges. My daughter looks very sexy as her hands move to hold her knees in place.

I aim the tip of my dick at her trimmed pussy and can see some of what had been shaved is starting to grow back. As I start to relieve myself, I let out a soft sigh as my bladder no longer threatens to explode. Nia lets out a sigh of her own as my powerful stream makes contact with her black pubic hair. The scent is very strong, which is not surprising considering gaziantep escort bayan ilanları it’s the first of the day and I love the way it’s dripping down her pink lips.

I start to move the stream down and hit her hard clit, which causes her to give a soft moan as the pressure sends pleasure through her body. My powerful stream of gold moves further down and her moans are getting a little louder as her sensitive lips are sending new signals to her body. Nia lets out a louder moan as my stream continues to move down and her pink hole feels my piss press a little inside of her.

My bladder is getting close to empty and I move it down to her asshole to finish relieving myself. Nia’s asshole tightens from the contact as she lets out a sigh of pleasure. I hold myself in position until I start to drip and love the way my piss looks as it pools beneath her dark cheeks on the white beneath her.

She takes a deep breath as she says, “That felt good, daddy.”

I smile as I move my eyes up her body and settle on her hard nipples. “I’m glad to hear it, Nia.”

She breaths out as she asks, “Do you want me to suck your dick, daddy?”

My eyes move up further and her dark face looks sexy against the white background. “Not just yet, Nia. Keep tasting your ass for a while. I love you, Nia.”

Her face beams as she hears the words. “I love you, daddy.”

I’m glad I forgot to bring something to shave her as I have an idea. “Nia, I want to see your pussy completely shaved.”

She looks into my eyes with a newfound passion as she says, “Anything for you, daddy. Did you bring anything for me to shave?”

I shake my head a little as I say, “Sorry, Nia, I didn’t even think about it until just now. We can either go home, or have mommy come out and bring what we need.”

Nia scowls as she lowers her legs. “You promised it would be just the two of us.”

I smile a little as I say, “I know I did, Nia. What do you want to do?”

Her scowl remains. “Will she stay the night if she comes over?”

I shake my head as I say, “No, she won’t.”

She groans out, “Fine, daddy, have her come out.” Her eyes light up as she asks “Can I watch you fuck mommy in the ass?”

I give a broad grin as I say, “That’s the least I can do to make it up to you.”

I walk out into the cool morning air and hardly notice the breeze on my flesh. The sound of the forest is coming from all around and I enjoy the scent of nature that flows gently into my nostrils. My fingers dial the number and my wife is looking forward to coming out to spend some time with us, even if it does mean leaving her city behind for a few hours.

My daughter walks out to join me and I catch a hint of piss in the air, but it isn’t particularly strong. I place my arm over her shoulder and hold her close as we stand in silence and soak in all that is around. Nia has never known a morning like this and I’m glad she seems to be enjoying it as much as I do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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