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“I do baby, I do, especially with ice cubes in his mouth.”

“Are you going to have your second orgasm this afternoon for me?

“You were masturbating like a madman while he was fucking me.

“Did watching me take eleven-inches turn you on?

“It obviously did because you didn’t last long at all.

“And he was watching you while he was fucking me.

“While I was having his eleven-inch cock watching you masturbate turned me on even more.

“And the noise you made when you came was very exciting for all of us.

“I know I promised he could give you blow job while I watched, but I didn’t think you would be able to get it up again.

“But you had a quick shower, hoping to be able to get it up again when your turn came.

“Then Karl told us he had wanted to blow you since he first saw you in the gym and I could see you getting excited. He said you have the second biggest cock in the gym after him, though only eight inches.

“Then he put some ice cubes in his mouth, then your almost limp cock and you were rock hard almost immediately. Very exciting for me watching him blowing you after he fucked me.

“You are turning him and me on again. His cock is back to eleven-inches.

“Can I fuck him again while you watch baby?” Carol asks as she grinds her closely shaved cunt against my ass and tongue kisses me at the same time.

“I can feel your excitement as you crave a new man to give you sexual release, while I watch, and I love watching, love it,” she whispers.

“Looks magic in all the mirrors. Do it for me,” Carol implores as she pinches my nipples.

“Harder baby, harder,” I whisper while her new man has one hand on my ass pulling my cock into his mouth with his nails digging into my arse cheeks. His technique is something I have never had before.

Blow, suck, lick. Strong lips, scratch my balls. Tease, blow, suck, lick. Even stronger lips, and the pressure on my nipples and ass from two different people which is so close to pain is sexual magic. Then he squeezes my balls as Carol pinches my nipples even harder.

I am looking at his huge eleven-inch cock while both he and my wife are pleasuring me and can’t hold out any longer. I tense and have a huge, very strong orgasm, hoping that Carol can see and appreciate my pleasure in at least two mirrors.

I recover, then stand behind Carol, hold her head and direct her mouth along his raging eleven-inch hard-on.

“Are you enjoying this baby?” I ask her. “I am. I love you sucking his huge eleven-inch cock for the pleasure of two men. You are very exciting baby. Very!”

We are in this situation because my wife Carol has always fantasized about fucking a huge cock. Eleven-inches was her ideal she often told me when watching porn movies of well-hung men.

When it comes to sex Carol is a woman of power and mystery and very good at getting what she wants.

Carol is a very attractive brunette, very uninhibited with a voracious sexual appetite. She loves playing the vamp and is an extremely sexy woman of Spanish decent with smooth flawless skin and a very voluptuous size 12-14 body.

I told her I would organize eleven-inches for her next birthday; her forty-fifth was due soon and she was obviously extremely keen on the idea.

Part of the deal was I wanted to watch and enjoy her receiving her eleven-inches escort bayan of sexual pleasure while I masturbated. And her man had to blow me before or after he fucked Carol.

I felt certain if I went to the local gym a few times I would be able to source a eleven-inch bi-sexual man in the showers.

After a few visits, an obviously bi-sexual man, who modestly told other men in the shower he measured eleven-inches erect, while flaunting it for us, was very keen. Especially after I showed him nude pics of Carol. He also kept admiring my more modest, though eight-inch cock.

I few days before her birthday I told Carol, Karl was an impressive, twenty-seven year old, dark skinned, softly spoken and athletic broad chested man, around six feet two inches tall, her ideal type of man.

“And baby he is hung, eleven inches,” bought a huge smile of anticipation to her face.

“Is that a promise, not just fake news?” she asked.

“Yes baby, a real promise.”

A three in the afternoon visit to the honeymoon suite of our local five-star hotel was arranged; Carol liked the idea of mirrors on all the walls and ceiling of the bedroom, just as I did.

When Karl arrived I smiled and told her, “Happy birthday baby, this man is your present. Take your gown off and tease him and me with your voluptuous body.”

Carol was wearing high heels and a very short black gown. She smiled wickedly as she flashed it open to reveal she was completely naked underneath apart from a gold chain around her neck. Very good all over sun tan, average tits, trimmed hairy pussy and with brilliant well-developed thighs and a magnificent forty-three inch ass to die for.

“I have been hearing about you for days and I am very much looking forward to fucking you while my man watches and masturbates.

“And watching you giving him a blow job will be very exciting for me.

“My man says I have the world’s best ass. What do you think? He loves to measure it, forty-three inches he keeps telling me.”

Even though I had seen it and had it countless times, I was in total agreement given the current sexual tension. A sight to behold and savor, dimple free, firm and beautifully proportioned. And my cock was in agreement.

“Undress for me, show me what you have for me,” Carol smiles, in total control of the situation as she almost rips his shirt off.

“Love your black briefs, there is huge bulge in them, can I take them off? I love a man in tight briefs.”

She does and she gasps as she sees his already very erect eleven-inch cock hanging out of his crotch-less jock strap.

“And I love a well built naked man with huge erection. Is that just for me she teases?”

“Is that worth the forty-five year wait baby?” I smirk as Carol feels the weight of his erection and measures it from her fingertips up to her elbow.

“Magnificent, wow what a cock, love it and want it, all of it. You are not just well hung, you are magnificent.”

“You are going to surrender to a new man in a moment for your sexual pleasure, and mine, while I watch and enjoy. Is that exciting for you baby?”

“You know it is exciting for me, and you as well.

“Kiss my ass for me Karl . And lick it. I love having my ass kissed and licked as foreplay.

“That ass is absolutely magnificent, and your thighs as well,” Karl murmurs. “You are an absolute kocaeli escort bayan turn on for me.”

He sits Carol on the sofa, opens her legs, kneels in front of her, teases her thighs with his fingers and lips, puts his hands under her ass and starts licking her clit, while she is looking very intently at his very erect cock.

“Magnificent, what a cock, love it and want it, I am going to have all of it very soon,” she repeats.

“He is all yours now baby, fuck him really good for me. I am going to masturbate while I watch. Your dream cock is waiting for you.”

Carol gives me a very sexy smile and almost purrs as she lays face down on the bed. Her head is near the end of the bed and as she props herself on her elbows.

“Before I fuck you I want to suck your huge cock while you stand in front of me. Give it to me, as much as you can. My man likes looking at my ass in this position while I suck him. How about you?”

Karl is looking very pleased with himself as he stands with his hands on his hips looking down on Carol’s magnificent ‘worlds’ best ass’ with four or five inches of his cock in her mouth.

“That really is something, my cock loves it,” Karl mutters.

“I love being fucked from behind, the harder the better, just love it. Use me, fill me up with that magnificent eleven-inch cock, right up to your balls.”

I watch Karl position himself sideways behind her, my eyes feasting on her glorious ass as he takes one ass cheek in each hand as he eases his cock into her very wet cunt.

I feel a mixture of emotions as I watch my wife eagerly take another man’s eleven-inch cock. Anger, jealousy, betrayal perhaps, though sexual pleasure and gratification override these as my wife smiles at me, and the voyeur and exhibitionist in me is enjoying every moment.

“So good baby, so good, eleven-inches at last,” she purrs.

I have a roaring erection and I am very much looking forward to Karl blowing my cock soon while Carol watches later.

Karl has almost all of his eleven-inch cock in her as she starts moving her ass in a rotating motion.

“You are very good Carol, I like that, you really are very, very good.”

I am very turned on sitting in front of them teasing myself with the tips of my fingers along the length of my thick and sizable erection.

“You are a lucky man, I love watching you fucking my lady for her pleasure and mine. She is a magic fuck. Love the noise you are making as you slap into her. Is he good baby? Tell me about it.”

“His cock is much bigger than yours, he is sliding every bit of his huge cock right up me. Love it, just love having eleven-inches in me. Do you like watching me fucking another man? What else would you like me to do with him?”

“Lay him on his back, sit on him and slide your cunt down his eleven-inch cock, then fuck him, really good, show us both how good you are.

“Karl and I are both looking at your magic ass in the ceiling mirror, he has his hands all over it. Looks fantastic while you are fucking him in that position, and baby you are really turning me on while I watch and masturbate.”

“Now, stand up and lean over that table so he can fuck you from behind standing up, while I watch and you look me in the eye.”

She does and her ass and legs in high heels in that position look even better. kocaeli escort I watch mesmerized as she parts her legs for him and he grips her ass cheeks and slowly feeds the full length of his very erect eleven-inch cock into her again.

“Come on Karl, fuck me harder, really hard, I love it. And my man is getting off on it.”

“Watching you fuck another man is really turning me on baby. I can’t hold out much longer,” I tell them as I take some more oil in both hands and slowly tease and masturbate the full length of my cock.

“Cum for me while I am being fucked by a huge cock, my birthday present from you. Love watching you masturbate with another man’s huge cock fucking me. I can feel his cock swelling, he is going to cum in me. Cum at the same time for me baby.”

And I did.

I recover, then I stand behind Carol, hold her head and direct her mouth along his raging eleven-inch hard-on.

“Are you enjoying this baby?” I ask her. “I am. I love you sucking his huge eleven-inch cock for the pleasure of two men. You are very exciting baby. Very!

“What else would you like Karl to do for you while I watch?” I ask, knowing the answer I will get from Carol as I anoint her ass with oil and pass a large jar of lube to Karl.

We both watch intently as Karl smears lube along the full length of his roaring erection.

“I want that in my ass, all of it, while you watch. Describe my ass for both of us again.”

“Baby, your forty-three inch ass is perfection, worlds’ best,” I tell her while smothering it in oil. Your pleasure is my pleasure.”

Carol leans over the same table she did previously, but this time for a different result.

“Karl and I are both looking at your magic ass, he has his hands all over it and he is going to fuck you in the ass baby.”

I don’t bother to ask if she is looking forward to it, her face is beaming in anticipation.

Again I watch mesmerized as she parts her legs for him and he grips her ass cheeks and slowly feeds the full length of his very erect lube covered eleven-inch cock into her ass.

By now I am standing in front of her and Carol is holding my hands as she leans on the table to support herself.

She gasps and groans as he slowly works all of his eleven-inches between her glorious ass cheeks while grasping them, at the same time thrusting her ass in sync to receive his strokes.

Carol is holding my hands very tightly, even more tightly as he drives his full eleven-inches into her ass and his body slaps against her ass cheeks.

She is making incomprehensible noises I have never heard from her before as he drives and pounds into her.

“That looks magic baby, love the way your ass muscles are moving for him, as you always told me size is important for you.”

“Come on Karl, use me, fuck me harder, really hard, I love it. I love you giving me eleven-inches up my ass. My man loves watching and I love him watching.

“That is so good, so fucking good, I am going to squirt, watch me, watch me squirt.”

Carol’s whole body is trembling with sexual excitement as she orgasms and squirts in huge gushes while Karl is still driving his eleven-inch erection into her.

Then he follows and has a very loud orgasm.

“Baby, you are a woman of immense sexual power and mystery,” I whisper as I watch Karl kiss and lick her ass again.

“And you owe me baby, I want that gorgeous sex bomb girlfriend of yours next week while you watch.”

“Okay, deal, look forward to it,” she smiles as Karl continues kissing her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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