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Daisy Taylor


A few years ago, I had an online relationship with a ‘Friend with Benefits’ – okay I was being polite, potential Fuck Buddy.

Sadly, we lost touch and never actually met, but I was glad that this inspiring, funny and courageous young man had been in my life.

I was also left frustrated! Plus, with an ongoing devotion to a sports team that will remain unnamed.

I then entered a period of extreme ill health, where my own body effectively turned against me and seemed determined to finish me off, which is quite disconcerting and more than a little annoying.

Next came – LOCKDOWN

Which apart from delaying medical treatment, surgery, the whole getting better thing, was incredibly boring, (yes, I work, but even so).

Hardly surprising then, that my imagination started to go wild and I began to imagine what adventures we may have had.

Then I started writing them down, because I was really enjoying myself.

Then I decided to share them, because maybe someone else is isolated, bored, horny, vulnerable to infection and would enjoy them as well.

Writing is an ambition of mine, so this is useful wrist exercise, (typing…not the other, you with the filthy mind!).


Names have been changed, locations also, so anything that seems familiar will be coincidental.

So, this is me, ever so slightly over excited.

Today I will be getting my hands on my very own Boy Toy for the first time.

Mike and I had been flirting and chatting, texting, and mutual – distance – masturbating for a while and had built up a solid buddy-ship, but we had both needed time to confirm trust.

Once we agreed that becoming playmates / fuck buddies was a forgone conclusion it was a case of deciding who was to go first in which role, as we intended to switch between him as Master and me as Mistress.

Safe words had been set, (simply using each other’s actual name, or yelling cramp!) some fantasies shared, limits set, and things that didn’t interest either of us had been set aside, (scat, puppy play, feet worshiping, ball bashing and degradation included).

Mike considered himself more naturally a dominant, but really wanted a chance to explore his submissive side. One of his most longstanding fantasies had started with wet dreams when he was in his early teens and involved an older woman having complete control over him. I suspected this older woman was inspired by Buffy re-runs, but he refused to confirm or deny this.

Now well out of his teens, the fantasy was for a much older women, (that’s me then) taking control and doing whatever she wanted with him while he was helpless.

Pulling ideas out of various things both Mike and I wanted to explore, bondage etc (read on) I had persuaded him that I should go first as Mistress and that I needed two nights.

Much to my delight, he agreed. Once I had reassured him that he would be fully functional to go to work in between.

I felt a little lick of trepidation as I opened my door, meeting Mike for the first time. However, the caution and humour in his eyes put any doubts to rest straight away. I wasn’t opening my door to a crazy person, and WOW, isn’t he just cute as a button.

Mike’s mouth fell open as he looked me up and down, not because I was awesome and attired head to toe in latex, (please, as if) I assumed it was because I had made sure I looked completely normal and nonthreatening. Scary costumes could wait, and my soft bamboo yoga pants and sleeveless vest, both black, were vital to the flexibility I needed tonight.

I thought I may have overdone the ‘normal-ness’ when Mike’s mouth remained open but then he saw my purple socks and started laughing. Which was exactly my intention.

“No way are you my Mom’s age.” he said, the humour replacing any caution in his eyes, creating lovely little crinkles.

“I didn’t say I was your Mom’s age,” I protested, “I said I was old enough to be your Mom.” I paused, “Were I a teenage Ho!”

He laughed again and stepped forward into my arms when I opened them up in invitation, treating me to a lovely firm hug.

“Hi.” he said

“Hi.” I replied, laughing a little as I felt him run a hand down my ponytail.

I moved aside and led him into the hall. Next to the staircase was a table set up with some equipment.

Mike flicked me a glance and moved over to look at everything.

Blindfold, rope, wrist cuffs, lube, and some butt plugs, all quite small.

I moved over and rubbed his back, noticing him flinch a bit.

“You probably want to get used to me touching you Mike.” I said, smiling at him.

“Sorry, I’m a bit nervous.” he said, trying to smile. He couldn’t take his eyes from the butt plugs.

I left my hand on his back. “Does something there concern you?”

He took a deep breath and let it out in a huff.

“Really?” he asked, picking up a plug and trying to smile at me.

“That’s why you have a safe word.”

Making the decision, he nodded and replaced the plug.

“I’m altyazı porno really nervous as well.” I said.


“And really excited.” I added, moving my hand down and cupping his ass.

Mike closed his eyes.

“Are you excited?” I asked.

“Oh God yea.” he said, sending me a grin.

I patted his ass lightly and stepped back, giving him space.

“Okay, I’m going to show you where the shower is, you can start there. We can leave play for tonight, if you are not ready, just order pizza and chat.

“If you come down in your jeans and T Shirt and bare feet then I am in charge, and you are all mine, all night.”

“Okay,” he grinned at me again, “will I get pizza anyway?”

I laughed, starting to walk up the stairs, Mike following me. “Of course, Mates night in, pizza is compulsory.”

I indicated the shower and towels and as I left him to it, my parting shot was,

“Mike, make sure you are super clean. Everywhere.” I allowed my eyes to roam down to the obvious bulge in his jeans.

“Yes Mistress.” he managed, before laughing and blushing. Oh yes, adorable.

Laughing I left him to his decision.

I wasn’t surprised to see Mike come down twenty minutes later in bare feet, his hair slightly damp. He still looked concerned but managed a grin when he saw my feet were also bare, (the socks had been for comic value) but my toes nails were sparkly purple.

I smiled and indicted him to stop at the bottom of the staircase.

“We’re staying here” I confirmed. “I want you to grip the banister on both sides.”

Mike nodded, reaching both sides of the banister easily.

“You will need to keep hold of those for balance.”

He nodded again, eyeing the towels, kitchen roll, plus disposable gloves that had joined the goodies on the table. Most of it wouldn’t be used tonight, but he wasn’t to know that.

I put on my game face, “You will answer ‘Yes Mistress’ when I give you an instruction so I can be sure you’ve understood. You will thank me when I give you pleasure or pain. You are not to stand there gazing around the room and silently questioning my decisions. Is that clear?”

Mike’s shocked eyes snapped to me, but then he quickly looked at the floor. He was slightly flushed but I suspected it was equal parts embarrassment and anger.

I wasn’t pissed at him, as I hadn’t expected submission to come naturally to him.

“Yes, Mistress, sorry I understand.” his voice broke a little.

“Do you need some water?”

“Please Mistress.”

I gave him a bottle and he gulped some down before placing the bottle back on the table.

He opened his mouth to speak but then thought better of it and stood, holding the banister, looking confused.

“Did you have a question Mike?”

He glanced up and then held my eyes when I smiled.

“I’m sorry Mistress,” he said, his voice stronger, “I’m really nervous.”

I moved forward and cupped his cheek, kissing the other.

“That’s sort of the point though, isn’t it?”

He laughed a little.

“Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What’s your safe word?”


“I won’t stop for anything else, other than the cramp signal. Even if you beg.”

“I understand Mistress.”

I moved forward again and ran my hand down Mike’s chest.

“You will beg.” I assured him, rubbing his nipple gently through the cloth.

He closed his eyes and shivered slightly at my touch, but his smile was a little superior.

“Yes Mistress.”

Oh, challenge accepted, tough guy. Bring it on!

I let my fingers trail down Mike’s firm abs and slightly under the waistband of his jeans. While my knee rubbed lightly up his inner thigh, widening his stance slightly.

The superior smile faltered a touch.

His breath caught as I pushed my hands under the hem of the T Shirt and pushed it up.

“Arms up.” I instructed and pulled it over his head, throwing it aside.

“Hmmm.” I hummed to myself and immediately tasted his chest with open mouth kisses and nips. Mike gasped and grabbed the bannister quickly as I roamed, neck chest, stomach and back again, my arms around his waist, my hands kneading his butt.

“I hope you taste this delicious everywhere.” I smiled, and Mike’s stomach quivered under my lips as he laughed.

I pulled back and held up the first wrist cuff, looking at Mike, “Okay?”

“Yes Mistress.” he replied adding a firm nod and holding out his right hand. I attached the cuff and quickly secured his wrist to the bannister, leaving enough slack in the rope for movement and to comfortably keep his balance.

I merely held my hand out for Mike’s other wrist and quickly attached it, the rope first this time so I could look him in the eye as I fastened the cuff’s buckle.

Mike’s eyes flickered between mine and the cuff, as I secured him. He was clearly excited, his eyes darkened and the bulge in his jeans grew more obvious.

He let out a long breath as I finished amatör porno and then nodded again, to himself this time.

Smiling I caught his face and teased his mouth with mine, rubbing against his erection and tasting his lips with my tongue.

Mike tried to move forward, but was stopped by the cuffs, and was quickly frustrated.

I pressed against him again and Mike’s tongue quickly slipped between my lips and took control, making my head spin.

I moaned as I let him enjoy himself for a few moments, or maybe it was minutes, I may have lost track of time… well, what can I say, he has talent.

Finally, I stepped back and left him groaning and straining against thin air.


“Begging already?” I grinned.

Mike glared at me and pressed his lips together, not willing to give in so easily.

I moved forward slightly but stayed just out of reach, “Oh Goody, I was hoping you would be defiant.”

Mike’s eyes followed my hand as I explored my own body, over my breasts and stomach and then dipping under the band of my trousers. He groaned and I placed one hand on his chest.

“God I’m so wet already.” I told him, my head falling back as I pushed a finger deep inside, using him to balance.

“Shit.” Mike croaked it out, his eyes locked on my pussy, where he could see everything that I was doing to myself through the thin yoga pants.

“Mmmmm, so wet.” I moaned again, as our eyes locked. Mike licked his lips.

“Do you want to taste?”

He nodded.

I huffed out an annoyed sigh, “That’s no way to ask.”

“Please Mistress, please can I taste you?” Mike corrected himself.

I revealed my glistening finger, “Wait.” I cautioned, grabbing Mike’s hair to stop him leaning forward. Mike’s breath shuddered as I coated his lips, “Wait.” I said again.

Mike watched me, his lips open, taking long breaths through his nose to pull in my scent.

I smiled, “Okay.”

Mike licked his lips and pressed them together, humming a little in his throat, he was so hard it looked like the seam of his jeans was going to give way. Then he gave me a hopeful look and opened his mouth, his tongue just poking out.

I grinned and placed my finger on his tongue, he gently took me in his mouth and then thoroughly sucked and licked my finger clean.

“How do I taste?”

He smiled, “Wonderful. Sweet, kinda musky.”

“Musky?” I demanded, “I showered less than an hour ago?”

“No, No,” he said quickly, “It’s good, women have a slight muskiness, it’s like the scent of a secret.”

“Oh Wow, the man’s a poet.”

He grinned, “You could kiss me Mistress, then you would know how good you taste.”

I laughed and took his face in my hands, quickly breathless as our tongues tangled, “You’re cheeky,” I nipped his bottom lip, “and I suspect a pussy slut.”

He laughed, “Fuck yea.”

I decided this was all getting a bit too comfortable and nudged Mike’s legs further apart before kissing him again, this time bringing my knee up to rest against his balls.

He tried to pull back and mumble a complaint, but I held him still and continued kissing him while pushing a little harder.

Not enough to hurt him, just enough to make him tense and whimper.

“Problem?” I asked.

“Please don’t.”

“Please don’t what?”

“Please don’t Mistress.”

I laughed, “No. Please don’t what?” I ran my hand down his chest and cupped his balls firmly through his jeans.

I squeezed a little.

“Please don’t hurt my balls Mistress.”

“No? You’re getting harder.” I rubbed him now, as his hips started to move against my hand.

“I just…Shit.” he pressed harder against my hand and opened his eyes, finding me grinning at him.

“You’re not gonna hurt me.” he said, narrowing his eyes.

“Nah,” I agreed, “You were just looking too comfortable.”

He gasped as I slowly unzipped him, “But now it’s time for me to taste you.”

“Oh yea.” Mike mumbled as I carefully eased his jeans down, releasing him.

“Mmmmm, look at this.” I whispered before gently lifting his cock and pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the base, just above his balls. He pressed against me as I tasted him with my tongue and lips.

Pulling his jeans down I let Mike step out of them, he was breathing hard as I ran my hands up and down his legs, not quite touching where he wanted me to.

“I had a feeling you were gonna taste wonderful here.” I ran my hand down Mike’s thrusting cock once then lifted and tasted the same spot as before, sucking lightly, (not a good place for a hickey).

Mike tried to thrust against me again, “Suck my cock, Mistress, please taste my cock.”

I sat back on my heels and laughed up at him, “Told you you’d beg.” I noted smugly.

“Fine, I’m fucking begging, I want your mouth on me now.” Mike snapped.

“Yea? I think your attitude needs work.”

“Ahhh” Mike threw back his head and shouted in frustration, the bannister creaked ominously as he gripped amatör porno it.

I sat up and reaching covered Mike’s hands, his cock was now snug against my boobs and he rubbed against me groaning.

“Try not to break the bannister,” I warned, “take a moment, and a breath and relax.”

Mike continued rubbing against me, smearing my top and boobs with pre-cum, but it was slower now and he managed a shaky deep breath.


“Yea, I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Do you need to stop?”

“No, no please.” he took another breath and pushed a bit harder, “I’m so hard.”

I moved down and took him in my mouth, taking him deep and dragging my tongue along the bottom of his cock before releasing him again. He was tense all over, shaking, his beautiful cock throbbing in mid-air in front of me.

“I know Baby,” I continued our conversation, “I bet if I untied you right now you would fuck me so hard, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.” he forced out through gritted teeth.

I started to stroke him, “By the time I’m finished with you, you won’t have the strength to stand.” I warned.

He laughed slightly and was about to comment but only managed “Ahhh” as I took him deep and started to suck him hard, circling my tongue around his head and then deep again while I gently squeezed and tugged his balls, giving him no time to catch his breath or relax, I deliberately increased the friction and speed until his hips were pumping in time with his gasps.

“Need to cum.” he panted out.

I sat back and allowed his tip to just rest on my tongue while I ran my fingertips up and nails gently up and down his hard stomach.

“What the fuck?” he growled at me.

“Take a break.” I mumbled around my mouthful, making myself giggle and drop him.

“Get my fucking cock back in your mouth.”



“You sure, you’re being very bossy for a submissive.”

Mike opened his mouth but then paused and managed to pull himself back into the game.

“I’m sorry Mistress, please I need to cum. Please I love the feel of your mouth around me.” he pleaded.

I took him back in my hand and started to stroke him again slowly, he groaned and started to move with me.

“Don’t worry Mike, I’m not going to tease you too much today, but I need you to remember your role. You need to trust me.”

Mike watched me stroking him for a while, he was shaking with need but didn’t try to speed me up and seemed to reach a decision.

“I don’t think submission comes naturally to me Mistress.”

I kissed his tip and started to lick him again, “I get that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.”

I sucked hard and deep again a few times, Mike gritted his teeth and let me set the pace. Opening my mouth again I let his tongue rest just inside again. Mike stopped and we watched each other for a few moments.

Then he pulled back, his cock bobbing free, hard, glistening with pre cum and moisture, “Will you blindfold me Mistress?”

Internally I high fived myself, this was progress.

Keeping my composure I stood and quickly pulled the mask over Mike’s eyes, this was a big step for him and I made sure to maintain contact as I quickly kissed and stroked my way back down his chest and stomach before taking him in my mouth again and this time going full out.

God, he tasted so good and I enjoyed every minute of him insistently pumping as I licked and sucked and nibbled. The grunts and noises he made were so arousing, and it wasn’t long before he was close again and just panting, “Please, please, Christ, oh please.”

I let him fall from my mouth again and squeezing some warm lube into my hand I stood and even before he could open his mouth to complain, I had wrapped my hand firmly around him and began to stroke.

He thrust into my fist as I confused him by squeezing and tugging him faster and faster while dusting feather light kisses on his neck and face.

The opposing sensations were driving him crazy and his breathing was ragged as his hips pumped, “Fuck, need to cum.” he whispered, over and over.

It was clear that Mike normally did the work, he tugged at the wrist restraints like he wanted to take control. Suddenly he gripped the banisters, let out a kind of gasping growl and flooded over my hand.

I pumped him a few times and his cum covered me and then as he started to relax, I gripped harder and slower, forcing him to cry out and milking him of every drop.

He was clearly relieved when I let him go, I leaned into him and pushed his damp hair back, “Okay?”

“Oh yea,” Mike was breathing hard, but managed a smile, “and look, still standing.”

“No point being cocky kid, that was just the warmup,” I wanted to laugh out loud as the smile fell from his face but managed to keep my voice stern, “and look. You’ve cum all over my hand. You didn’t even ask permission.”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I thought.” he tailed off his voice quiet, frowning behind the mask.

“It’s okay, it’s your first time, you have to learn how to behave.”

Mike nodded, I gripped his hair and pushed against him, “and this is why we have punishments, to help you learn.” He tensed but didn’t reply.

“Stick your tongue out.” I demanded.

“No,” Mike tried to pull away from me.


“No, Mistress I can’t.”

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