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All characters in this story are over 21 years old. This is a fictional fantasy that contains elements of both femdom and transsexual/cross-dressers niche, it is focused on humiliation. This is the first of a new series. I would love your feedback.


“What the fuck is the meaning of this Tim!” screamed Tim’s wife Jane as she ran her hand through her long blonde hair.

Tim stood there dumbfounded as he stared at the list of websites that Jane had pulled up on his laptop. There were literally hundreds of them, and everyone of them was embarrassing. Tim stood there in shock because he knew that there was no explaining away how these were on his computer.

“Sissy cumsluts, cuckold fantasy club, fuck my wife, cuckold cumlickers!” screamed Jane as Tim winced at the last one in particular, “what the hell!”

Jane tapped her stiletto off the tiled kitchen floor as she waited for Tim’s answer; tapping her foot was something she tended to do when she was in a stressful situation.

“You have been keeping secrets from me,” said Jane in a calmer tone, “and I don’t like it.”

“I’m sorry,” Tim said as tears began to stream down his eyes.

“Please forgive me!” begged Tim.

“Let me explain something to you Tim,” began Jane, “I don’t mind what dirty fantasies you have inside that head of yours but I do mind you keeping secrets from me and I do mind you looking at these sites.”

Jane paused for a second before continuing.

“So, I will only forgive you on one condition. You may not explore these fantasies in secret or without my involvement. So, no more pornsites!” Jane crossed her arms to emphasize that she would take no nonsense. She was still dressed in her office clothes from her job as a secretary; a satin blouse, pencil skirt and ultra-sheer nylon stockings finished off her look. The way Jane looked over the rim of her glasses gave her an authoritarian air.

“I promise I will never look at them again,” sobbed Tim.

“Damn right you will!” said Jane, ‘But there has been a damage in trust between us, but I think I have a solution to that.” Jane had clearly been pondering this for a very long time while Tim was at work. Unfortunately, Tim had forgotten his Laptop, and Jane needed to borrow it. Tim had not bothered to install a password on his account and she had seen all of Tim’s filthy secrets. But she loved Tim and she wanted to think of a way to punish and accept him.

Jane grabbed the car keys from the kitchen table and said, “Follow me Tim.”

Tim asked, ensest porno “Where are we going?”

“You will see,” said Jane.

Tim followed Jane out of their house in suburbia and got into the car parked in the driveway. Jane turned the ignition and she drove in silence. Tim wondered where they could possibly be going to. At last, after what felt like ages to Tim, they pulled into a car park of a large sex toy store.

“What are we doing here?” asked Tim.

“You know what they say Tim,” replied Jane, “Be careful what you wish for. Now get out of the car.”

Tim got out of the car and followed Jane into the sex store. The store was huge; there were rows and rows of shelves stocked with various sex toys. There were giant vibrators, smaller anal vibrators, beads, gloves, stockings, shoes, gags, collars, leashes etc. There was anything you could possible think off. It all made Tim a little bit uncomfortable and nervous because they had not discussed why they were going here.

Jane went straight up to the young woman who worked at the store.

“Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help us?” she asked.

“Certainly,” the woman responded. She looked like she was in her mid twenties; she had blonde hair that was tied back and her name tag said Mandy.

“My husband here has a problem looking at porn websites and I was wondering if you had a chastity device in stock to help him control his bad habit,” said Jane.

Mandy burst out laughing as Tim’s face reddened.

“Oh my god,” she said, “We don’t get many people coming to a sex store to try and control their porn addiction! But we do get many people from the BDSM community and they sometimes like to use chastity cages. Come, follow me, I can show you.”

Tim and Jane followed Mandy to one of the shelves. Mandy took a package off one of the shelves to show Jane.

“This is one of our more popular cages. It has a small lock and key, and has you can see it is still quite roomy so as to not cause pain. If your husband is under endowed then this one could cause trouble because it might give him room to masturbate,” said Mandy as she turned the package over in her hands to give Jane a better look.

“He is certainly below average,” said Jane. Mandy giggled in response. Tim was feeling utterly embarrassed now. He knew Jane was doing this both for revenge and because she loved him, in a way, she was also giving him what he had always secretly wanted. Mandy gave Jane a mock look of pity and let out asyalı porno a squealing giggle.

“That’s okay,” replied Mandy as she calmed down, “we have cages for the under endowed too.” She reached for another package from the shelf called “Sissy’s First Chastity Device”.

“Now this is sold as a starter pack for Sissies or Sissy wannabes, but even if you aren’t interested in that stuff, this one might be better then the bigger one,” said Mandy as she showed Jane the box with the picture of a small pink chastity device on the front.

“Oh no, my husband likes those sort of websites, don’t you Tim?” asked Jane as she turned to regard Tim over the rim of her glasses.

Tim’s heart missed a beat. “Yes,” Tim said, whispering his guilty secret.

“What was that Tim?” asked Jane again, “I couldn’t hear you.”

“Yes,” Tim said, much louder this time so Mandy could clearly hear his confession.

Mandy laughted at Tim’s predicament again.

“Well this is the perfect starter pack for Tim then,” continued Mandy, “I can also help you pick out some lingerie if you like. Some doms like to make their subs wear it beneath their work clothes every day as a sign of their submission.”

“Oh Mandy, that sounds like a fantastic idea,” said Jane, “lead the way.”

As Jane and Tim followed Mandy through the store, Mandy asked, “so what sort of porn sites did you catch him looking at?”


Tim worked in insurance. Sometimes he had to go on long journeys to sell insurance and when he did he got lonely. He started looking at porn on his laptop, at first it was quite vanilla stuff, but then his tastes changed. You see, Tim didn’t watch porn to see lovely naked girls fucking and sucking cock. Instead, Tim watched porn imagining he was the lovely naked girl getting fucked while sucking the most gorgeous glorious cocks. Also, Tim didn’t watch porn to imagine a busty housewife getting her holes filled by a plumber. Instead, Tim watched porn to imagine his wife getting her holes filled by the plumber; and Tim did not imagine himself as the plumber either.

Jane, on the other hand, loved Tim. Tim did not realise how much she loved him. Jane would accept Tim no matter what. Instead of keeping his thoughts secret, Tim should have trusted his wife, but he didn’t. This realisation hurt and angered Jane; that there was this whole other side to the person she loved and thought she knew? Although Jane knew she would accept Tim for what he was, there was now an element gizli çekim porno to the fantasy that would not have genuinely been there before, and that was; masochism.

You see, although Jane loved Tim, she also wanted to punish him dearly for what he did. But her own sexual pleasure revolved around pleasing her partner, seeing him, watching his agonising face scrunch up as he shot his load into her. It was that feeling of bringing pleasure that turned her on, that made her cum, that put the cherry on top of her sexual gratification. But now that Tim’s tastes had changed, her methods of pleasing him would have to change in order for her to derive the maximum gratification from the encounter. If Tim wanted her to be a masochist, that’s what she had to be, but there was no harm, she thought, in taking pleasure from the situation too. After all, Tim had betrayed her and he deserved everything he was going to get, but Jane knew from looking at Tim’s porn search history that he was going to like everything he was going to get. Not only was Jane going to act like a masochist, but her peculiar way of getting pleasure meant that, in this situation, she would only derive pleasure from Tim’s humiliation and suffering, because those were the things that turned Tim on now.

“Now baby, you have to let me put it on,” insisted Jane as she sat in front of Tim who was naked from the waist down, leaving only his white work shirt. Tim pulled his hand away from the device that was in her hand. She first slid the metal ring around his balls and then she placed his little cock inside the device. Then the device made a click as she attached it, and then a second click as she locked it.

It felt cold around Tim’s cock, the slight weight on his cock give him a tinge of excitement. His cock began to immediately harden, but it couldn’t get hard. It’s like there was a barrier stopping him from getting hard.

He squealed, “Ouch!” Then he scrunched over with the pain, desperate to stop thinking about sex.

“Oh my!” screamed Jane in delight. “Is my baby finding it all a bit too much.”

Jane was determined to experiment. She rubbed and teased his cock. She even kissed it, and gave him a cheeky look with her eyes. She stroked her tits, and she stood over him as he lay in the ground in agony. She squatted above his face and he could see up her skirt. He saw her panties, the tops of her stockings, and her dark bush through her sheer nylons. And he saw a damp spot. Jane reached around and pulled her panties to the side. She reached down with her other hand and she spread her lips. There were beads of moisture on them.

“Oh, do you like that Tim?” Jane cooed. “Do you like that dirty wet cunt?”

“Yes!” screamed Tim.

“Well you will never be sticking your little cock in it again!”

End of Chapter 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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