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Gasping excitedly, Eva and Lil Angel crawled even closer to the two-way mirror because they didn’t want to miss a single thing.

The entire dungeon had just erupted into chaos. Five men on Harleys’ had just driven their motorcycles right into the dungeon. And, as Masters jumped out of the way they drove right up to the edge of the stage area. Another large group of rough looking men filed in behind them and stood in the back.

“We’re here Dave,” bellowed one of the meanest looking men Eva had ever seen. As he and the others turned off their motorcycles they stood up in unison, leaving the bikes propped on their kickstands.

Just as he was about to speak Sir Dave’s lovely blond slave Heart approached him quietly with a clipboard in her hands. He spoke with her quickly reviewing what she handed him. He nodded his approval and she scurried away. And then, taking a few steps toward the group of Dominants he held his hands up beckoning to them and the rest of the large group who had been standing in the back.

The Masters present looked at one another. And then the new Dominants moved forward as a group while the audience parted raising their eyebrows in knowing leers and grins. With deliberate nods of recognition the Doms present separated letting them through amid quiet murmurs of greeting, surprise and awe. The men then moved forward toward the stage area along with their buddies.

Eva couldn’t help catching her breath at the sight of the new group of men. She and Lil looked at one another with surprise in their eyes. Suddenly she was very afraid. She guessed there were about twenty of them and she could tell they were Masters because they all wore some type of leather.

Some of them even had the telltale flogger or coils of rope hanging on their belts that proclaimed them as members of the BDSM lifestyle, but she was frightened all the same. They looked mean and tough and forceful in the clothes they wore. The entire group crowded into the front of the audience where they formed a line and stopped abruptly.

The new group looked like a posse of retro bikers. Eva saw that all of them were huge men complete with bulging tattooed muscles, beards, grungy jeans and torn tank tops. Each of them also wore some form of leather.

They all had varying colors of long hair, some with pigtails and bandanas and others with ponytails or long tousled locks hanging down their backs. A few wore Mohawks and they all had some type of studded leather thongs around their huge arms, necks and wrists.

Several of them had stud or loop earrings, and, some had pierced lips or cheeks with jeweled studs. And many of them had different lengths of chain and rope draped across or around their powerful bodies.

Eva could feel the sexual tension heighten, and the testosterone permeated the entire area, even reaching her from the other side of the mirror where she watched. They looked like a rough crowd of Easy Rider refugees. And yet, even though she was afraid of them, Eva could not help feeling the moisture in her pussy grow strong and slick from the powerful energy she felt emanating from them.

She took a quick glance at Sir Dan only to see him looking straight in her direction with that raised sexy eyebrow and mischievous grin. She knew from the look on his face that he was very much aware of the effect these men were having on her. She was always amazed at how well he seemed to know her.

But the appearance of this motley crew was not the only thing that alarmed her. Each of them had in his clutches one or two struggling, hooded, naked females with their hands tied behind their backs. Eva found herself subconsciously pressing her knees together as the wetness grew between her legs. The sight of vulnerable women being controlled completely and helplessly by these exacting uncompromising men, suddenly made her want to be fucked, and fucked hard.

When the entire group reached the front of the display area they threw, pushed or otherwise forced the females awkwardly to their knees on the floor at the front of the stage. Eva and Lil both shuddered.

Eva could hear several of the women moaning or whimpering, but she could not tell if it was lust or fear that she heard. The men then nudged or kicked the knees of their kneeling captives as wide apart as they could. Some of them snapped surly orders to the girls quieting them and making them straighten their bodies, posing as seductively as a bound hooded slave could.

Eva noticed some of the Masters’ in the background adjusting their bulging pants again. She saw then that some sex izle of the slaves’ pussies were bare, but some still had hairy little cunt mounds. Some of the men kicked a few more restrained slave knees further apart to better display the little cunts.

And then, as they turned to face the audience, all but three of them stepped up a foot or two in a solemn semi circle around the bike riders, thus prevented any of the other Doms in the room from coming closer to the stage and the slaves. Spreading their own legs in a wide dominant stance, the entire group stood tall and each of them crossed their arms across their massive chests in a stance of pure fierce masculine power, as if they were defying anyone to object.

Drawing her breath in sharply at the sight of so much power Eva was startled and turned on at the same time, and most of all she was scared. But then, when she saw that her Sir and Sir Dave, Sir Randy, and Sir Mike were relaxed and unconcerned, she decided that they knew what they were doing and that they would never let any harm come to her or any of the other slaves.

She felt more comfortable then and turned to tell Lil of her realization. But then she stopped before she could speak because Lil was squeezing her pussy again to calm the uncontrollable lust she was feeling. When Lil saw that Eva was doing the same thing they both doubled over in quiet laughter. Eva realized then that it would definitely be fun knowing this lovely new subbie friend.

However, at the moment, her pussy was already quivering with the pure sexual energy that she felt looking at this unlikely bunch of men. Her lust was quickly overtaking her. She was grateful for the orgasms that Sir Dan had already allowed her, and they had helped calm her libido somewhat.

But, with the arrival of these new powerful and aggressive Dominants, and the helpless nature of the slaves they were handling, her pussy was wetter than ever. She realized that she was slave hot again. Pressing her knees together she tried to think of something else, but her intense lust was already painful. Oh, she wondered, would she ever be allowed to cum again this night?

She wanted to be among the slaves she saw. And then, astonished, she recognized that she wanted to be handled just as harshly and used just as forcefully. What kind of shameless brazen hussy had she become? And how could she possibly refrain from cumming? She released a whimper of frustration similar to the ones she had heard coming from the captured slaves, and she squeezed her cunt until it hurt. This time it was Lil who comforted Eva with a big hug.

“Oh please help me Sir,” she thought in exasperation. Even though she and Lil were alone she was embarrassed that she wanted to be captured and used so badly. She was envious of the captured girls before her. She told Lil how she was feeling and the poor new sub could only nod in agreement as she too squeezed her own pussy once more.

Then all of a sudden Eva wondered why she had assumed that the slaves were captured. Perhaps they were just playing a role and this was just an abduction scene. And perhaps it was what the men wanted everyone to think because of the way they had entered the dungeon. After all it was a slave auction wasn’t it? And she had to admit that the thought of being captured and sold was a turn on. But, even though she knew men in this Dominant and submissive lifestyle enjoyed role-play, she wasn’t entirely sure that it was just an act.

Now and then when a female squirmed or groaned one of the men near her would reach over and slap the back of her head cruelly, knocking her to her side on the floor. Or, they would give a swift kick to her bottom knocking her over and silencing her immediately. Once chastened the disciplined girl would lower her head and remain absolutely immobile.

Eva was a little confused by the amount of sexual reaction she was experiencing from this scene and the fear of actually being treated violently the way her ex-husband had done with her. She had heard Sir Dan refer to rape and abduction scenes, but even though the thought turned her on she never had the nerve to ask him for one. She wondered most of all why she could be turned on by the thought of violence when she knew she would never want the reality ever again?

She did know that she was glad that she was safely on the opposite side of the two-way mirror. To ease her own fears, as well as Lil’s she assured her new friend that the Masters in this dungeon were adamant about everything being safe, sane and consensual. But, she couldn’t help looking often to reassure sikiş izle herself that Sir Dan was still nearby. Yet, she still felt the lust that was filling her soft cunt at the very sight of the intense spectacle she was witnessing.

“Gentlemen welcome,” Sir Dave was saying over the loudspeaker, snapping Eva briefly out of her sexy reverie.

As the men focused on him Sir Dave continued, “Everyone, these fine gentlemen are from the House of El Diablo’s Angel Slaver’s and they have come here tonight to offer us the pick of their new captures for our silent auction.” Eva’s heart froze. Could they be real captives? What could that mean she wondered as her breath caught in her throat?

“Let me introduce El Diablo himself, otherwise known as Big D to us and his Angel Slaver’s, and Master D to his slaves,” Sir Dave said with a flourish of his hand toward the grungy looking Masters. And then to Eva’s surprise the meanest looking man in the whole group stepped forward, and before saying anything he walked directly to Sir Dan and Sir Randy and shook their hands warmly. Eva felt her mouth drop open in astonishment.

“Good to see you again my friend,” she heard him say in the deepest male voice she ever heard. Eva squirmed from the dribble of slick cum that she felt in her pussy. She couldn’t believe that this vicious looking man was turning her on so much, or that he knew her Sir and Sir Randy.

She felt herself blushing hotly, even though she was only with her new sub friend, and no one could see the silent humiliation that was taking over her cunt. Oh, where was her Sir now when she needed him so? She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath in an attempt to cool her overactive pussy.

When she opened her eyes again she heard Master D’s gruff voice announcing, “Gentlemen, as you know there was a silent auction held on the side as you entered. The bids are now closed and your patience is about to pay off,” he said with a huge grin.

“Before you here,” he continued with a grand wave of his hand toward the slaves on the floor, “As you can see, are two dozen prime slave whores from my house who are well trained in all skills of lusty obedience. But, even though they are accustomed to Dominance and submission, they are still virgins to bondage and other forms of BDSM. Tonight they will be bought and bound by some of you, and used like the nasty little sluts they are. And now without another moments delay my friends have a little look at what I have brought you.”

With that the three men who had remained behind the captives nudged the slaves with their boots making them sit up straight on their knees. They turned them to face the audience and spread their legs widely once again. The slaves lowered their heads quickly and then Master D demanded, “Lift your heads my little bitches and smile for the nice Masters’.”

The slavers’ quickly snatched the hoods off of the girls’ heads. And, then the long thick locks of each girl fell softly around their lovely faces and shoulders. Each girl wore a plain chain link collar similar to the ones that are used on dogs.

There was a wide variety in body size and hair color. Some of them were caucasian, and some had lovely ebony shades of skin, while a few had pretty olive complexions. Nevertheless, each and every one of the girls was an exquisite delectable slave. Eva could see many of the men in the dungeon grabbing their crotches again as they eyed the helpless beauties.

Still standing behind the slaves, the slavers smacked each of them on the back of their head, where upon they lifted their heads and smiled shyly for the audience. However, a few of their smiles changed to wide-eyed flirtation as some of the girls eyed the handsome Doms in return.

“As you may, or may not, know,” said Master D, “this part of the auction is handled a little differently.” At that point Sir Dave’s slave appeared once again and this time handed the clipboard and a pen to Master D, who quickly scanned the list.

“Ahhh! Very good men,” he smiled, “As you know, it is a costly business that we run at our house, and there is much involved in training slaves to be the ideal cock sucking little concubines that you expect from El Diablo. So, the money that is made tonight from the silent bids will be put into the fund to help our unfortunate brethren in their time of need.”

“But if any of the Doms who buy them chose not to use them for the whole night, any who are returned to us will be open for use by anyone here. All, we ask is that anyone who uses them at that time donate what you think is fair türk porno to our treasurer Master Snake. All of this money will go for their upkeep and training. This is Master Snake,” he said with a nod of his head toward his group.

But, Eva couldn’t look right away as she had focused on Master D squeezing his own stiffening cock that clearly bulged through his jeans while he looked into the upturned smiling eyes of a sweet plump little redhead who knelt next to him. As he spoke Eva was intrigued with such a harsh looking Dominant gently cupping the chin of the pretty face whose eyes bespoke great love in her heart for this tough man.

When she looked she saw the man known as Master Snake. Like Master D, he was a particularly vicious looking bald headed man who seemed to be as much of a contradiction as what she had just seen in El Diablo. To her amazement, when she looked at the piercing baby blue eyes of a strong confident man with a sexy gray mustache and goatee she felt a twinge of lust shoot straight to her clit.

He also sported a nasty looking set of chains crisscrossed around his buttocks and waist, and encircling his crotch. But, on closer inspection she saw that his features and expressions as he watched the slaves were softer and more alluring than belied his rough exterior.

Master Snake had on faded blue jeans and the same leather chaps that the others in his group wore. He wore a faded black tee shirt that had the sleeves and neckline cut out. It was full of holes but Eva could still see the remains of a picture of Bettie Page in the same kind of costume that she was wearing. She smiled as she wondered what this man’s reaction would be if he could see her now.

“Now,” Master D continued, “I will call out the names of those with the highest bids first and they will get first choice of our pretty little pets. The Dom with the next highest bid will have the next pick, and so on. These slaves are to be used only in the slave pens of the tunnels under the dungeon here. My slavers’ will take turns as Dungeon Monitors and surrogate Masters. All slaves will be permitted to use their safe words, and, all play will be with the consent and scene negotiation of the Dungeon Monitor, and the slave in his charge.”

“Just remember, our slaves are well trained and know how to please you in the normal sexual ways. But, since they do not have experience with bondage they will not know what to expect or when to use some of their safe words. It is for that reason that we have billed them as bondage virgins. They know nothing of bondage and many will be frightened or nervous, at the very least.”

“So, our experienced Dungeon Monitors will keep a close eye on the scenes and anyone who is told to stop will stop immediately, or the Master in charge of the slave will stop it the hard way. So, be careful what you do gentlemen, and have fun.” Eva saw all of the men in the audience nodding in agreement with what Master D said.

“Oh, and before I forget,” Master D added, “Any of my men who are not monitoring in the slave pens will be able to bid on any of the slaves who are already here tonight.” With that Eva gulped hard and she knew that the other local slaves had peeked in on the scene because she also heard some gasps of fear from behind the stage.

The hostile looking bikers would be able to chose and bid for any of them, and that thought struck fear in their hearts. Eva was afraid too until she looked at her Sir and Sir Randy and saw them chuckling. Then she felt more confident that most of this was what they called a mind fuck. But was it really? She was still apprehensive though, and she told herself over and over that her Sir would protect her. He would wouldn’t he?

She gulped again and decided that just in case it was a mind fuck she didn’t want to spoil it for Lil. It must be a mind fuck; it had to be didn’t it? For everyone’s sake, especially her own, she hope and prayed it was.

Then she saw a most unusual and unexpected sight. The big scary Master D, who seemed to be impervious to the other slaves, looked around the audience for a moment. He took the clipboard then and scratched something out on it. Then he took the end of a chain link leash that was fastened to his belt and attached it to the collar of the charming chubby little redhead, declaring her as his property.

Her pretty little face beamed. He then faced the audience with a look of defiance that challenged everyone to object to this decision. But of course, he found no objection at all. Eva giggled and decided that even big strong Dominants could be sweet on a preferred slave. That made her smile and relax even more.

“Now for the first and highest bid on the list, we have Dominus,” declared Master D. with a look of surprise he added, “And we have a most generous bid of $ 25,000. Dominus come and claim your prize,” he said.

… to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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