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Note: This is chapter two of a very long story. 28 chapters so far. It is wide ranging and will eventually touch on interracial sex, dom women, lesbian sex, true love, revenge and much, much more. I hope you enjoy it.


CHAPTER TWO -Saturday Morning

It was Saturday morning after our pantyhose adventure the night before. My boyfriend was up early. He had made breakfast and brought a tray to bed.

I had fallen asleep with my ripped pantyhose still on. He was in his boxers.

When he came in with the tray, I sat up.

“Where would you like breakfast?” he asked.

I turned the covers down, straightened out my legs and patted my thighs. “Right here.” I said.

I saw his eyes widen a little as he saw my pantyhose covered legs, the stain of his cum clearly visible. He sat the tray down in my lap.

“Are you not eating?” I asked him, aware that my little brown nipples were hard and my pussy was getting wet again.

“No, I already had a bowl of oatmeal while I was making breakfast for you.” He sat down at the foot of the bed. His eyes roaming up and down my pantyhose covered legs.

I looked at my boyfriend as I ate. He was a sweet guy, and generally treated me well, even if he was a bit inattentive. When I found his stash of pantyhose porn and bought a pair for myself, we had an unplanned sexual adventure to remember the night before.

Brown hair, brown eyes with bright smile and a kind face, he was about an inch shorter than me. He was sensitive about his height, so I rarely wore heels taller than an inch. He had put on a few pounds around the middle over the past year or so and while he wasn’t unattractive, he wasn’t in the best shape either.

We had been dating for almost two years. We were introduced by a mutual friend after I had broken up with my previous boyfriend. Two years older than I, he worked as a loan officer at a bank.

“Did you enjoy last night?” I asked. I smiled hopefully at him.

He looked me in the eye. I detected a note of wariness. “Yes, very much.” he answered. He reached up and put his hand on my ankle, caressing me lightly.

I moved the breakfast tray off my lap to the bedside table. I looked up and saw that his cock was hard, making a tent of his boxers.

“I can see that you enjoyed it.” I said. I reached over and gave his cock a little squeeze.

“Come up here.” I patted the bed next to me.

He climbed up onto the bed, and lay down on his back next to me. I turned over on my side, pressing my breasts into his upper arm and draped my leg across his hard cock.

His breathing was fast and shallow.

“Watching you jack off made me so hot. My pussy was on fire.”

“Mmmm Hmmm” he sighed softly.

I was rubbing my pantyhose covered thigh up and down across his cock. I could feel the heat coming off it.

“Take your boxers off.” He reached down, raised his hips and pushed them down over his ankles. I put my thigh back where it was, rubbed his chest with my hand and we began kissing. His mouth was hungry, eager against my lips. I could feel his hips pressing his hard cock against my thigh.

We stayed like that for several long, delicious minutes, kissing and rubbing his cock against my pantyhose.

I rolled up on top of him, never taking my lips from his until I whispered in his ear, “I love watching you stroke your cock. I love watching the head get big and red. I love the way it throbs when you cum and watching cum shooting out of it. I love your sticky cum on my pantyhose.”

I was grinding my pubic bone against his cock, biting his neck and kissing behind his ear.

I pushed up and sat down on his cock. His hard cock was against his belly and I rubbed porno my wet pussy up and down along the length of it.

It would be so easy to slip him inside me through the hole in the pantyhose.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard.” I whispered. The look on his face was one of supreme concentration – eyes clenched, jaw tight. He was completely passive.

I stood up on the bed astride him. “Open your eyes.”

He looked up at me, directly up at my pussy, across my flat belly, my perky tits and into my eyes.

“Stroke your cock.”

He began jacking his dick. I reached down and spread my pussy lips apart. “Do you like my tight little pussy?”


“Show me how much you like it.” I reached down, grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face to my pussy.

He began licking my pussy through the ripped hole in my pantyhose earnestly, but not skillfully. He could do better.

“Slow down, it’s not a piece of meat, it’s a delicate flower. Treat it with respect.” I said. “And don’t stop jacking off your dick, but don’t you dare cum yet.”

He slowed down, and started kissing my pussy lips, softly, slowly, sensually.

“That’s a good boy.” I said. “Keep doing it just like that.”

I let him go on for a long time like that, kissing and licking my little bare pussy. I still had a handful of his hair, and would use it to guide him. I spread my feet apart and squatted down a little, and pushed his head down so that he could lick deep into my pussy hole.

“Lick my pussy deep. Put your tongue in as far as it will go.” He eagerly obeyed. Long, slow licks deep into my pussy.

I’ll say this for him, when properly motivated, he was very good at licking my pussy.

“Yes, that’s the way to do it. It feels so good.”

I let him lick my pussy that way until I was on the verge of an orgasm.

Then I pushed him away and back down onto the bed. I squatted down right over his face.

“Lick my asshole you dirty little slut.” I told him as I ripped the hole bigger to allow access to my ass. I felt deliciously dirty talking to him like that – dominating him.

We had never really gone there before. The most we had ever done before was a little bit of fingering around the outside of my asshole while we were fucking.

He surprised me by sticking his tongue deep into my asshole. It was going to push me over the edge if I wasn’t careful. I raised up just out of his reach and lightly stroked my clit.

“You like licking my dirty asshole, don’t you little slut?”

“yes.” He whispered.

I sat down full on his face. He lapped at my asshole as I ground my pussy across the bridge of his nose and rubbed my clit with two fingers. I couldn’t see it, but I could hear the ‘fap fap fap’ of his dick jacking.

“Don’t cum yet little slut” I said, “not until I’m ready.” I heard the fapping sound stop.

My orgasm hit like a truck, all at once. I reached down and grabbed his head and pulled it into my creamy crotch hard. It was a big, hard orgasm that left me shuddering.

As it subsided, I raised up a bit to let him breathe. “Keep licking my pussy, slow and soft.” I said as my orgasm cooled down. He obeyed by licking my pussy with the flat of his tongue.

I finally rolled off of him and lay down next to him. I reached down and took his dick in my hand, slowly rubbing the shaft in my little hand. I looked up at his face and it was drenched with the juices from my pussy. I kissed his lips. They felt swollen and ripe.

Slowly, I continued to stroke his dick with one hand and rub the swollen head with the palm of my other hand, and I could tell that he was ready to pop. Even though I had just cum, my pussy was still anime porno burning.

I turned around and climbed atop him in the 69 position. I pressed my dripping pussy against his lips and he began to lightly lick my clitoris. It felt sublime.

For perhaps the first time ever, I took a long, hard look at his dick.

It wasn’t the biggest I had ever seen or touched – it certainly wasn’t like those one-in-a-zillion black porn star freaks I’ve seen – but I guessed it to be about average.

With my hand wrapped around the base, the circumcised head was just above my fist. The head was swollen and red, with a prominent ridge that stood out from the shaft at the bottom of his head.

That was my favorite thing about his dick. When we were fucking, I could feel the difference in the diameter of his head and shaft, and it felt good when he penetrated my pussy and then pulled almost all the way out so I could feel that ridge. When he would push back in, I could feel my pussy collapse over the shaft. Delicious.

His balls were just normal balls I suppose, and they were pulled up tight against the base of his dick as he was aching to cum.

(Being naturally curious, I measured my hand afterwards and deduced that his dick was about 4 ½ inches long. I read later that average is about 6 to 6 ½ inches. Interesting.)

I kissed the head without taking it in my mouth. I breathed out a hot breath of air over it as I slowly stroked his shaft. He moaned.

“Put the tip of your little finger in my asshole and don’t stop licking my clit.” I ordered.

I felt his pinky finger slip into my asshole. It made me shudder.

I was stroking his cock with both hands now. His dick was leaking copious amounts of fluid, and was slick, hard and hot. I could tell he was ready to cum.

He began to suck on my clit while flicking his tongue lightly over it at the same time. Pushing his pinky into my asshole all the while.

My orgasm was building quickly.

“Do you want me to make this dick spurt with my hands? Would you like it to be inside me when it does? How about if I suck the cum straight out of your dick into my mouth? Or maybe you would like to fuck my tight little pussy and shoot your cum all over my titties and face. Maybe you’d like put your dick in my tight little asshole and buttfuck me like a dirty whore?”

I raised up, fully intending to spin around and sit my pussy down on his dick and let him fuck me. But as soon as I sat up, still astride his face, he gave my clitoris a little nip with his teeth and sucked it hard into his mouth, and shoved his pinky finger all the way inside my virgin asshole.

My orgasm exploded me.

It was everywhere at once. My pussy felt like it was gushing, my asshole clenched tight around his finger, my nipples felt ready to shatter, my legs went to jelly, my hands were shaking, my breathing fast and shallow. I was moaning like a whore in heat.


It was by far the most intense, explosive orgasm I’ve ever had. It went on and on as he sucked my clit and pushed his finger slowly in and out of my asshole.

I collapsed on top of him, panting, trying to catch my breath and raised my pussy off of his face, unable to stand it. My pussy was too sensitive to be touched anymore. I rolled off of him, spent.

Amazingly, he still hadn’t cum. I looked over at him, his eyes pleading. I said nothing.

Finding some assertiveness finally, he rolled over on top of me, and began trying to push his dick into my pussy.

“No. It’s too sensitive right now.” I told him, pushing against his chest.

He sat up on his arap porno knees, his dick jutting out, looking brittle. His eyes were pleading, pained.

He was sitting astride my closed thighs. I reached and pushed his dick down between them.

“Fuck my pantyhose.” I said.

He began to push his dick between my pantyhose covered thighs, slowly at first, then faster.

“Yes, fuck my pantyhose with your dick. Shoot your cum all over me. I want to feel your cum all over my body.”

That little bit of encouragement did it. He pulled up, grabbed his dick and started pounding his fist up and down, rubbing the full length of it.


His dick erupted. Shooting his cum all over my thighs, my pussy and my flat tummy. It even got as high as my tits with a couple of spurts. I had no idea cum would fly that far.

I pulled him down on top of me. I could feel his sperm, slick between our chests and tummies.

We lay like that for a long time, not speaking.

Finally rolling off of me, we were both a sticky mess.

“Let’s take a shower together.” I suggested as I rose from the bed.

I headed to the bathroom and turned on the hot water. I looked into the mirror.

I was a hot mess. Dried cum all over my pantyhose covered thighs with a gaping hole ripped in the crotch, and fresh cum all over my pussy, tummy and breasts – my hair wild. But I was aglow. I felt stong, sexy, confident.

I peeled off my ruined pantyhose, tossed them on the counter and stepped into the shower, letting the hot water wash the all the sticky cum away.

My boyfriend joined me after a few minutes. He stepped in and I kissed him hard.

“That was incredible. It made me feel so sexy and strong.” I said.

He pushed against me. His dick, amazingly, still as hard as it was a few minutes ago.

I spun him around, kissing the back of his neck and reached around his waist to grab his dick. I began to stroke it, the water running down across him.

He moaned softly as I masturbated him firmly and steadily. He reached up and put his hands against the shower wall as if to hold himself up, bending slightly at the waist, still moaning softly.

I had a wicked idea.

I grabbed a bottle of body wash, and squirted a healthy amount into my hand. I repositioned the shower head slightly so the water wouldn’t wash it all away, and grabbed his cock again.

Stroking it fast and tight, I could feel him quivering. I reached down with my other hand and began to rub his balls from behind, my wrist against his butthole.

Reaching way under his ass and gently squeezing his balls, both hands were now slick with the body wash.

I could feel his orgasm was very close as I continued to stroke his dick and pull on his balls.

“Godogodogod, I’m going to cum.” he said after a couple of minutes, and I could feel his ass draw tight and his dick begin to throb.

That was just the wicked moment I was waiting for. Just as everything was at its very tightest, I shoved my middle finger straight up his asshole.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH!” he screamed.

His dick spurted a long, steady rope of cum against the shower wall as I stroked it with my little fist. His asshole clenched around my middle finger with each spurt.

His knees buckled and he fell to his hands and knees on the floor of the shower.

Soon, he turned over and sat down on the floor, letting the water cascade down over him.

I rinsed off and stepped out.

As I toweled off, I thought to myself, ‘This has been a very interesting weekend. I have had the three most mind-blowing orgasms ever, and haven’t had a penis inside my body one single time.’

It was a shocking thought, but true. We had been at each other like crazy, and he hadn’t put his dick inside me once. Not in my mouth or my pussy. It wasn’t that way by design – I love cock inside me – but I’ll be damned if my orgasms hadn’t been astounding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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