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Ginger sat up very close to her husband and softly whispered in his ear.

“What’s wrong baby, you seem uptight” she said reaching down and unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants.

Robert pulled back initially as she reached into his underwear to pull out his limp penis.

“Oh no you don’t, just relax and drive and let mamma take care of this.”

Ginger leaned against him running her very long red nails through his hair and staring seductively at him. She crossed her legs and twirled a lock of his hair around her finger while she massaged his growing cock with her other hand.

“I love you Robert,” she said in a sexy manner softly in his ear as his pleasure was more and more evident in his growing arousal.

Nothing else was said as Robert drove down the highway to his mother’s house while Ginger stimulated him with her skilled fingers.

Once they arrived Ginger smiled at Robert before getting out of the car.

“Ginger please, why do you have to do this with my mother?” he asked knowing the reasons.

“Your mother hates me Robert. You know that. She wants you to marry a so called real woman, not someone like me, a woman with a dick and balls between her legs. I am a damn good looking woman and I like having a dick and balls.”

“But you are not trying to win her over by dressing and acting like you do around her.”

“And how is that Robert,” she asked.

“A BIMBO. I mean you don’t dress like this normally. Don’t you think the heels are a little high for public wear?”

“Robert, enough sweetie. I like wearing 5″ high heel sandals. Very few people in your family even know I’m really a man. A woman with a penis is how those that do know see me and they are not insulting or condescending toward me. Your mother is though. She acts like there is something wrong with me and she deserves the full treatment of what she thinks I’m all about.”

“But that full treatment reflects on me too you know,” he said.

“Oh hush Robert. Your mother is just jealous because I can pull this woman thing off better than her and she has a pussy between her legs.”

Robert walked over to her and looked at her for a moment. Ginger was wearing white mid calf capri pants, with red 5″ high spike heel sandals. She had spent the morning in a nail salon having her fingernails and toenails lengthened just for this visit. Her fingernails were bright red and her long toenails were emerald green and sapphire blue alternating toes. Ginger would never wear such an outlandish look out around friends and family where they lived, but she made exceptions for Robert’s mother.

The capri jeans were knee length and very tight and there was an obvious male bulge in Ginger’s crotch enhanced by a couple of socks. A small red belt ran through the belt loops. She wore a tube top that revealed her midsection, and her real C-cup breast were padded out to a D-cup for the visit.

Ginger wore white frame sunglasses and a flower designed head scarf covered the fact that her head was full of brush curlers. Her lips were painted bold shiny red with lipstick, her false eyelashes touch the sunglasses. She wore large gold hoop earrings in her lobes.

She extended her arm to Robert then let her wrist go limp and then posed with a pouting lip just before locking arms with him.

“Come on Robert. It will be just fine. Don’t be so shy,” she said as they headed up to the house.

“You like the way I look, don’t you Robert,” Ginger said posing and smiling again.

“Yes, but fetish’s have their place Ginger,” he said.

“I agree darling, and your mother’s house is one of them, isn’t it snookums,” she said pinching his cheek and jiggling it before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. “One day I am going to show up here topless,” Ginger said as she shifted her hips.


“Just kidding sweetie. Relax.”

Ginger walked with her husband toward the door. As they got closer Robert noticed Ginger was starting to strut more in a heel toe manner allowing her hips to sway back and forth. It was a very exaggerated seductive walk. She allowed her left arm to bend at the elbow at her side and let her wrist go limp so her fingernails would be on display.

“Ginger stop that,” he said as she now swayed her shoulders too.

“Hush Robert, I don’t want to hear any more about it. I’m a pansy. Take me inside so your mother can see me and you together.”

“Hi,” Robert’s mother Emily said delightfully when she opened the door. “Come on inside.”

She gave Robert a big hug.

“Good to see you honey,” she seemed very happy.

After she had hugged Robert she turned her attention to Ginger.

“Hi Ginger,” she said hugging her. Ginger made sure her breast bumped Emily’s breast as they embraced. “So good to see you again.”

“Oh thank you darling,” Ginger said in a mock societal way.

Ginger stood there with her wrist hanging limp with her husband for a moment. Ginger could tell Emily was not pleased with her son’s choice in a wife. porno izle Ginger swayed back and forth gently in her heels while Robert talked. Ginger untied the head scarf and pulled it from over the hair curlers. Though Emily was talking to her son, she was watching Ginger as she exposed the head full of brush curlers she was wearing.

“I have a hair dryer, if you need to use it. I’m sure you don’t like walking around with all those curlers in your hair, I know I wouldn’t,” Emily said thing how tacky it was to wear hair curlers to someone’s house like this.

“Oh Emily that’s so sweet of you darling, but my hair is about dry,” she said patting it with her palms, “I was just thinking about wetting it again with water and a spray bottle, and I really have no problems wearing curlers in my hair in public. I sometimes have Robert set my hair in curlers before I go to the stores just so I can wear curlers.”

Emily had fixed smile on her face as she glanced over at Robert. The fact her son sets his wife’s hair, she had difficulty with the concept even if Ginger was a woman, but a man dressed as a woman was even more difficult.

Then Emily politely turned from Robert. Ginger held her limp wrist out, fingers down so Emily could greet her again. Emily took Ginger’s fingers and shook her hand. The large diamond wedding ring sparkling on his finger. Ginger just let her hand stay limp and smiled as her hand was shaken. As Emily held her hand she looked Ginger up and down, with a very obvious pause to look at the long, green and blue toenails.

“Aren’t they just divine?” Ginger said wiggling her blue and green toes while Emily looked at them.

“A little long don’t you think? It must be difficult to walk,” Emily said sarcastically.

“Oh not at all darling, that’s why I wear high heel shoes have that 1” platforms.

Emily continued talking as her eyes came up from Ginger’s wiggling toes to the male bulge in the front of her pants. Ginger proudly stood there with the pronounced image of a male penis pressed against her pants. Emily shook her and then glanced at the exposed cleavage of Gingers large breast.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in pants before Ginger. You usually wear a dress,” Emily said thinking of the last time Ginger’s dress was so short the garter clips on her stocking tops were showing.

“Well. you both have had a long trip why don’t you come inside and have a seat.”

Ginger grabbed Robert’s arm and pulled up close to him as they walked into the other room.

“I love you sweetheart and I’m going to make love to you tonight,” she said in his ear as they walked behind his mother.

“Ginger please. Not now,” he hissed.

Ginger kissed Robert on the cheek leaving a red lips mark from her lipstick that Robert was unaware of. Emily didn’t see it as she offered them drinks.

They all had a seat in the dining room. Ginger sat down and crossed her legs.

“Are you two hungry?” she asked unconsciously staring at the curlers in Gingers hair again.

“Emily that is so sweet but no thank you, we stopped and had lunch just before we got here.” Ginger said.

Emily said nothing, but she couldn’t imagine her son a professional man, going in a public place to have dinner with his wife’s hair wrapped in curlers, those outrageous nails, and that bulge in his pants.

A little while later Emily was talking with her son while Ginger was taking a nap in the bedroom.

“Robert dear, what do you see in this man you married,” she asked.

“Mother please, refer to her as a woman. She is a very nice person and I love her. If you only knew her you’d love her too.”

“You married women before, why marry a man and then dress him to look like a woman. Why not just marry a woman? I don’t understand. If you feel attracted to a man shouldn’t he look like a man?”

“Mother please, do we have to do this every time we get together?”

“Did he wear those hair curlers in his hair when you went out to eat?”

“It was just lunch mother, not a formal restaurant.”

“What about those god awful nails of his. Especially those toenails. Robert I would be embarrassed to be seen with him anywhere much less having him as my spouse.”

Ginger came into the dining room where they were talking having just woke from her nap.

“Hi,” she said sitting down with them.

“Did you have a good nap Ginger?” Emily asked.

“Yes it was wonderful.” she said then looked at Robert, “Sweetheart, would you mind taking the curlers out of my hair for me.”

Emily couldn’t believe what she heard.

“How about we do that in the bedroom before we get dressed to go out for dinner.”

“Baby, why don’t you take them out now for me. My dress has to be ironed before we go out. I really don’t want us to be in a big rush. I layed it out in the bedroom on the bed for you when ever your ready to do some ironing.”

“Excuse me for a moment please,” Emily said stepping out for a moment.

“Ginger, amatör porno you’re embarrassing me.”

“Why baby. You iron and wash all the clothes at home. And I love you for it.” She paused, “Take my curlers out for me please,” she said again.

“Ginger, why did you have to wear your curlers in your hair today?”

“Because you like me in curlers honey. I do it for you.”

She turned around with her back to him.

“Take my curlers out sweetheart. You know I’m going to mount you tonight. Grrrrrrr.”


“Oh here we go. The big secret. What difference does it matter how our private sex life works. That’s our own business Robert. Your mother thinks just because I wear dresses, and I am a damn attractive woman when I want to be that my butt hole is automatically geared for a lubricated dick to be stuck in it?” She turned and looked at him, “Let me ask you Robert, your mother thinks I suck your dick doesn’t she.”

“Ginger not right now. We can talk about this tonight in the bedroom,” Robert said afraid his mother would walk in on the conversation.

“No honey we will discuss it right now. Your mother thinks I suck your dick just because of the way I look, isn’t that right.”

“Well, she probably does. I don’t know. I mean we don’t talk about it Ginger.”

“Take the curlers out my hair for me,” Ginger said. “Tomorrow morning I want you to shampoo my hair and set it in these same curlers in front of your mother while we are sitting around talking with her.”

Robert just closed his eyes and stood up behind Ginger and pulled the pin out of one of the curlers and unrolled the curler and placed it on the table.

“Now, who sucks the dick in our relationship baby,” Ginger said sitting up straight and proper with her legs crossed so Robert could get the curlers out of her hair.

“Ginger please.”

“Answer me Robert or are you too ashamed to say it?”

“No I’m not ashamed, I just….”

“Well you and I both have dicks hanging between our legs. Well I have a cock since mine is so much bigger than yours,” she laughed. “Imagine that, I’m completely passable as a woman and my dick is bigger than my man’s, so in our relationship which one of us sucks dick?”

“I do,” he said in a strained hushed tone. “Can we not talk about it anymore?”

“Why baby, don’t you like sucking my cock?”

“Yes. Ginger please,” he said hoping his mother wouldn’t hear what they were talking about.

“Of course you do sweetie. You like giving me blow jobs don’t you baby? Drinking my semen.” Ginger said now laughing at his unease.

“Ginger, let’s not discuss this anymore. Yes I like doing these things for you,” he said as he continued removing the curlers from her hair.

“I love you Robert and I’m planning to make love to you tonight. Are you looking forward to it?”

“Yes Ginger, can we stop talking about it?”

“Are you going to suck my dick and get it hard so I can slide in your ass?”

“Ginger yes,” he hissed now taking curlers out of the back of her head.

“Give me a kiss sweetheart,”I’ll talk the girl part in front of your mom sweetie, don’t worry. You know I didn’t start dressing like a woman till I met you.” Ginger said cupping his face and giving him a deep sensuous kiss that Emily walked in on.

“I know.” He said looking at Ginger now even though his mother was in the room.

Robert stood back up and continued removing the curlers from his wife’s hair while his mother watched.

“So where are you two going for dinner?”

“I don’t honey where are we going,” Ginger said.

Robert described a French restaraunt that he was planning on visiting.

That night as they were preparing to leave Ginger looked stunning in a black cocktail dress and black high heel sandals with black stockings, and a clutch purse. She had teased her hair up and sprayed the curls in place. The sparkling earrings and necklace made for a very elegant look. There was no doubt that this was a woman on Robert’s arm.

Emily watched them leave. Her son was a doctor. A well known man in his profession and she could not understand the attraction to Ginger.

They had a good time that evening. Emily was watching TV when they arrived home.

“Have a good time?” Emily asked.

“Oh it was wonderful Emily,” Ginger said kissing Robert on the lips. “Wasn’t it darling.”

Ginger put her hand on Robert’s crotch and rubbed it a couple of times before he moved it away.

“She had a few drinks,” Robert said to his mother who had seen the crotch rub.

“Darling, why don’t I go slip into something more comfortable,” she said kissing him firmly on the lips again. “Don’t you dare fall asleep,” Ginger said pointing a finger with a smile walking away.

“Oh my, she seems a little drunk,” Emily said to her son.

“She’s fine mom. Really.”

anal porno They talked about the evening for about half an hour then the distinct sound of high heels could be heard coming down the hall. It was measured sound an very methodical. Then Ginger appeared in the room. She placed her hands on her hips opening her black satin robe so he could see what she was wearing.

“What you watching baby,” she said to Robert who was looking over his shoulder.

“I was watching a movie with mom,” he said.

Ginger had redone her makeup in a very seductive way. False eyelashes, dark shadows and wet ruby red lips. Her feet were in 6″ high heel black mules, black fur on top, with a gold spike heel. She wore black fishnet stocking that attached to a black lace six suspender garter belt that was clearly visible.

She closed her black robe with the boa trim, tying it off at the waist and walked over and sat done next to Robert. She pulled her legs up under her on the couch and looked at him with desire, kissing him gently and putting her tongue in his ear.

Emily stared at the TV trying to ignore this adolescent show of affection that was happening on the couch. Robert kept looking at the TV, while Ginger kept working on him. She slipped her fingers inside his shirt and tweaked his nipple. He pushed her hand back gently.

“Don’t push me away,” she said softly and seductively putting her fingers back in his shirt and tweaking his nipple again.

Ginger pulled a small blanket across Robert’s lap and herself. It wasn’t long before Ginger was digging in Robert’s pants and had unfastened and unzipped him. She now lay against him watching the TV while fondling his dick.

“Ginger. Not now,”

“What was that baby,” she said loud enough to be heard pulling herself up and kissing him deeply on the lips while she continued the manipulations under the blanket.

Ginger didn’t back off now as she ran her fingers vigorously through his hair.

“Do you want me to rub your feet and suck your toes?” she asked again a little too loud.

Ginger kept looking at him adoringly while both of her hands felt him. She acted as if Emily were not in the room. One more deep kiss.

“Oh Robert, take me to bed,” she said softly. “All hot and horny. Take me while I’m wet.”

“Mother, I think we are going to turn in for the evening,” Robert said standing up and helping Ginger up.

“I think that would be a good idea. You’ve had a long day.”

He kissed his mother goodnight. Emily looked up to Ginger and said her goodnight. Ginger took Robert and kissed him deeply in front of his mother wrapping one o her legs around his then sliding her crotch up and down against the side of his leg. While kissing him Ginger’s robe came open exposing a large erect cock sticking out the top of his panty. It had a purple mushroom head in direct contrast to Ginger’s feminine beauty. Ginger immediately pulled her robe together after the kiss.

“I think he exposed himself to me on purpose,” Emily thought to herself as they left the room.

Once in the bedroom Robert spoke his mind of how uncomfortable he felt with her actions.

Ginger kissed her husband and said, “Alright. You were very tolerant in front of your mother. I’ll assume the position and you go to the bathroom and leave the door open so she can walk by and see me. I’ll make it look like I can’t wait to have you inside of me. I don’t know why you are so hung up about all this.”

Ginger got on the bed and positioned two pillows under her hips causing her bottom to push up high. Her head was on another pillow and she looked very at ease and comfortable. Her bare ass was facing the door and her little anal entry was clearly visible. It was about 15 minutes later when Emily happened to walk down the hall and see Ginger in the ready position for her husband. Emily quietly pulled the door shut.

She ran into Robert in the hallway. He was wearing a robe.

“Goodnight mother,” he said kissing her cheek.

“Honey you know I love you, and support your desired lifestyle, though I must say i really don’t understand it.”

“I know you don’t. Thank you mother.”

Robert entered the room and closed the door. Ginger rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed.

“Well did she see what she needed to see?”

“Yes, she did,” he said removing his robe.

“You happy now,” she said with a smile on her red lips.

“Yes, thank you,”

Ginger bent over and kissed the head of his dick. She massaged his dick and balls till they were excited and ready to perform. She then let go of him and stood up.

They then embraced and kissed. Holding each other Ginger running her hands up and down Robert’s body, rubbing his crotch. Ginger pulled her top off to expose her breast. Her nipples were erect as she directed Robert’s lips to them. He sucked her breast while Ginger ran her fingers through her own hair and looked at the ceiling. She gently placed her hand on Robert’s shoulder. Ginger sat down on the edge of the bed.

Robert got down on his knees between Gingers knees and took her rather large penis and placed it in his mouth. Robert began sucking the growing dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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