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The next morning, Iris awoke to the sun streaming in through the windows. She stretched in bed, feeling well-rested. She took in her surroundings, reminding herself where she was.

Her body felt warmer than usual, heat pooling in her groin, her breasts tingling and sore. Still laying down, she brought her hands up to her chest, running them over her breasts. They were already noticeably bigger, her nipples stiff and sensitive under the dressing gown. She got up and walked to the small bathroom, pulling up the gown to see what they looked like. Visibly, she couldn’t quite tell that they had expanded, except that her nipples were slightly darker. She fondled one breast with her hand and pinched a nipple, and was slightly startled when a pearl of liquid appeared with very little provocation.

“Wow, that stuff works fast…” she said aloud. There was a light knock on the door to the room, and Iris dropped the gown back in place. She heard the lock turn, and the door opened. There was the nurse from before—Cindy, said her scrubs—and she was carrying a small tray with breakfast and a capped syringe on it.

“Good morning! I hope you slept well. Here’s your breakfast,” Cindy said, walking over to the small table and setting the tray down. She picked up the syringe and turned towards Iris. “First things first, if you don’t mind,” she said, gesturing for Iris to lift up her gown. Iris obliged, leaning forward against the cushy armchair in the room. Again, the cool alcohol swab followed by a pinch, and the nurse pulled away.

“All done! Good job, you’re one of the easiest ones I’ve had yet. Have some breakfast. Someone’ll come get you in about an hour to take you down to the milking room and show you around, and we’ll set you up for your first expression.”

“Okay, thank you,” Iris said, and Cindy left the room, closing the door behind her. Iris glanced at the tray on the table. Coffee, oatmeal, scrambled eggs. Not too bad, she thought. She dug in, hungrier than she realized. Something about the hormones must be making her need more food, she thought, to produce more milk. At the thought of being milked, a bolt of pleasure shot through her, and her clit twitched. As she ate, Iris reached a hand under her gown and played with one of her nipples, producing a small wet spot on the front of her gown. The sensation turned her on more, and she reached down and slid a finger into her vagina, simultaneously grinding her clit against her hand. Her breasts felt so good, so heavy and full. Heat radiated from the injection point on her ass and spread through her body, and she gasped as she touched herself faster and faster, coming to climax quicker than she ever had. She gripped the edge of the table, panting, her heart rate slowly returning to normal, but the arousal not abating.

Better get used to this, she thought, and picked up her coffee to take a sip.

After breakfast, Iris laid on the bed reading a novel she had brought until

another knock came on the door, and it opened to reveal a new person, another scientist in a white coat. The researcher smiled warmly at Iris, who hopped up off the bed and walked over.

“Good morning, I hope you enjoyed your first night here. I’m here to escort you to the milking room,” she escort fatih said, and Iris nodded. “Come, this way.” The scientist led Iris down the hallway, making a series of turns before they reached one that dead-ended in a pair of double doors. The researcher pushed through the doors and into a large room. There was a cacophony of rhythmic sound, and Iris took a moment to look around her.

The room was large, and set up with rows of partitions. As the doctor led Iris down one row, she saw in each of the partitions a person with their breasts attached to some sort of machine. That must be the source of the sound, she thought, pumping their milk. Several other researchers in white coats walked up and down the rows holding clipboards, occasionally stopping to make a note or speak to one of the participants attached to a milking machine. The scientist led Iris to an empty partition, and gestured for her to step in.

There was an odd sort of bench inside; it reminded Iris of the weird chairs they have in Catholic churches to kneel on. The doctor showed Iris how to sit on it, and she did, kneeling on a padded surface elevated off the floor and leaning forward over a supportive bench with space to rest her arms. The scientist showed her how to untie the top of her gown, and Iris pulled it down, exposing her breasts. When she leaned forward as directed on the strange chair, her breasts hung down freely into the open air. A drop of liquid leaked from one nipple and landed on the floor.

“Okay, so this here is the machine we’ll be using for you,” the researcher said, patting a large machine with several dials on the face, a large clear collection container marked with milliliter measurements, and two long clear tubes ending in flared cups that hung from the front.

“I’ll attach these cups to your breasts and turn it on, and you’ll begin to feel a rhythmic suctioning sensation on your nipples. This will help the milk to flow. It will collect in this clear container here,” she said, gesturing to it. “The milking sessions usually last between 30 to 60 minutes depending on how much you have to be expressed, and you’ll be milked as often as necessary throughout the day. For your first week or two, you’ll most likely only need to be milked once or twice a day as your output slowly increases. Since today is your first time, we’ll be taking samples of your milk to study and use that information to tailor your hormone regimen to what will be most effective for you. Okay?”

“Okay,” said Iris. She was at a loss for words. This was all very intense. She wasn’t sure what she’d expected, but this was a lot more industrialized than she’d expected and it made her nervous. And yet, at the same time, she felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter as the scientist explained. Finally, the cups were attached to her breasts, and the machine was turned on. The suction pulled at her nipples, and when Iris looked down, she was surprised to see that milk was already flowing freely from them and being sucked up into the collection chamber.

“Wow, off to a great start,” said the researcher, fondling her breast with a gloved hand. “I’ll be back to check on you in about half an hour. There’s some magazines in this basket on the side of the bench,” she güngören escort said, tapping a small compartment, “and next time you can bring a book or something if you brought one from home that you’d prefer. I’ll be back soon!” The scientist turned around and left, leaving Iris alone with the machine.

She watched the milking machine for a moment, observing as her breasts were pumped and the opaque white milk was sucked up through the clear tubes and collected in the machine. The tingling feeling that had begun in her ass that morning had spread through her whole body, and she felt her clit throbbing between her legs. Iris reached down and touched herself as she had at breakfast, cumming within seconds as milk was pumped out of her body.

Thirty minutes went by, Iris flipping through a Better Homes & Gardens as she was milked, and the researcher returned.

“Hi again, how are we doi—woah, would you look at that,” she said, and Iris followed her gaze to the milk collection chamber. Already it had filled to the 500 milliliter mark, and the researcher made a quick note on her clipboard.

“Very interesting, normally our subjects’ output doesn’t increase that much until at least the fifth day. I’ll have to take these notes straight to the director. You’re all done for now though,” she said, turning off the machine and unhooking the pumps from Iris’s breasts. Iris stood and pulled her gown back up, her breasts aching slightly from the stimulation, nipples hard and poking through the fabric.

“Hey Jack!” said the researcher around the edge of the partition, and a person in scrubs appeared. “Take this milk to the lab so we can do Iris’s first workup, and let the boss know I need to talk to her later.” The person nodded, removed the container, and disappeared. The researcher smiled at Iris.

“I’ll walk you back to your room now for some free time before lunch. I have a good feeling about you,” she said, and winked.


After a hearty lunch and another round of masturbation, Iris lay on her bed staring up out of the window, thinking. She thought about her wife, and what she would think of how her body was already changing. Iris couldn’t tell yet herself, but she wondered if there was any noticeable change in her intelligence yet. She thought of her wife’s body, all the things they would do to each other at home, and imagined what sex would be like with her new, changing body. She couldn’t wait to call Ivy on the phone and tell her about everything.

Dinner came a little later; Cindy returned again with a tray of food and another syringe, smiling cheerily at Iris, who had begun to relax a little around the staff.

“Hey honey, long time no see. How was your first session in the milking room today?”

“It was good, I like it a lot so far. I’m really hungry all the time now, though,” said Iris, gazing at the tray of food as Cindy set it on the table and grabbed the syringe. Cindy nodded.

“That’s normal. It’s just your body adjusting to producing more milk. Milk out, calories in, we like to say,” she said with a chuckle. Iris smiled. Without needing to be prompted, she turned around and pulled up her gown for Cindy to give her the shot.

“Oh, look at you, all ready for bağcılar escort me,” Cindy said. “These hormones make subjects pretty docile and cooperative; I’m surprised to see it’s kicking in so quick for you.” She delivered the injection swiftly as before, and Iris’s clit stiffened at the feeling of the prick of the needle. Already she was becoming accustomed to the routine, her body responding to new stimuli in ways she never could have predicted.

“I’ll leave you alone for now, you finish your dinner and then have some more free time before lights out, okay? See you tomorrow,” said Cindy as she left. Iris wolfed her dinner, then picked up her phone to call Ivy.

“Hey honey!” said Ivy when she answered the phone. “How was your first day there?”

“Hey! It’s been pretty good; I really miss you,” Iris said with a small smile. She relayed to Ivy the events of the day, how she was already beginning to lactate, how her body was changing before her eyes, how horny she was all the time now.

“Oh, baby, that sounds amazing,” Ivy purred. “I wish I was there to put my hands all over you, squeeze those big beautiful tits. I bet you make the best cow these guys have ever seen.” Iris shivered, her pussy growing wetter and wetter.

“Tell me more about what you’d do to me if you were here,” Iris said into the phone. Her heart rate spiked, the heat from the injection point radiating once again through her body. She laid back on the bed, slipping a hand between her legs.

“Well if I was there, I’d suck on your nipples of course,” said Ivy. “I’d wanna get my mouth on those big milkers, see what it’s like to drink that liquid gold. I’d want to touch you, just like how you’re touching yourself right now.” Iris’s breath hitched as she slid two fingers into her vagina. “I’d see how many fingers I could fit in you; maybe three, maybe four. I’d wait for you to beg me to fill you up, and then I’d slide my whole hand in, up to the wrist, just how you like it.” Iris rubbed her clit hard, her eyes squeezed shut.

“And then?” she panted into the phone.

“And then I’d fuck you hard, watch your tits bounce while I did it. And you’d beg me to cum, but before I let you, I’d make you eat my pussy. I’d climb up onto your face and let you lick my clit, grind my body down against your face as you eat me out. I want…” Ivy’s voice faded as she gasped into the phone, touching herself just as Iris was.

“I want to eat your pussy until you can’t stand,” said Iris, grinding her clit hard against her hand. “I want you to cum until your legs shake too hard for you to move. You’re so beautiful when you cum for me.” On the other end of the line, Ivy took a trembling gasp and Iris could tell she was reaching her climax. “I wanna hear you beg me to cum like the little slut you are,” she said, and Ivy moaned into the phone as Iris rubbed her clit harder. Their voices both dissolved into gasps and moans into the phone as each reached their climax, bodies shaking in unison, however far apart they were. After they had both relaxed, Iris chuckled into the phone.

“Hah, that was fun. I miss you so much,” she said. Ivy sighed.

“I miss you too. Three months is a long time.”

“We’ve gone longer. I believe in us.”

“You’re right. I love you so much. Do you need to go to sleep?”

Iris yawned. “Yeah, I’m pretty tired. Getting milked takes a lot out of me, ya know?” Ivy laughed. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?”

“Sounds good. I love you, Iris.”

“Love you too. Sleep well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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