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Ennelia and Kylaya Introduced:

Ennelia and Kylaya were twins. They both had skin as pale and as smooth as cream. Their hair was shocking white, like the purest untouched snow. Their lips were full and had a cherubim pink colour to them. The only difference between Ennelia and Kylaya was their eyes. Ennelia had bright Orange eyes, while Kylaya had bright Yellow eyes. Both were born with The Serpent’s Blood. As such they were both gifted with powerful magic. As two-year-olds they could already conjure up any object at will. They were far superior to any other mage in the land, and now at twenty tears of age, they had come to the age of Magic Mastery. They were the youngest and most powerful mages in the entire Easthaven Realm. Even Elmener The Great Mage was in awe of their power. He had prophesied at their birth, that Ennelia and Kylaya would one day have enough power to telepathically control the whole continent of Farard. Obviously this caused much controversy throughout the continent, but despite the hundreds of assassination attempts Ennelia and Kylaya had lived through to become two young, beautiful and immensely magically radiant women. Ennelia had become and incredibly vain young woman. She loved to admire her reflection in the magic pools. She sometimes had fantasies about making love to her mirror image. She would cast “Replicate Caster” while naked just to stare at her vagina and anus. She was obsessed and aroused by all bodily functions. Kylaya was more the silent type. She kept to herself, but it was clear she harboured dark secrets of her own.

Ennelia’s Pleasures:

Ennelia was alone in her room. She was admiring the replica of herself. She would make it lie down and spread its legs, while she watched it spread its vagina wide open. Or she would make it squat on the ground and defecate. It was so incredible watching the contrast of colour. Her replica had her pure cream coloured skin, and the poo was a fluffy light brown chocolate colour. She wished it was real, so she could eat it. She so loved the taste and smell of her faeces. It was always perfectly smooth when it came out, because she had enchanted a magic ring of energy at her anus that perfectly merged all the lumps into that perfectly smooth consistency. It was like the Rich chocolate mousse delicacies. But the taste! She loved the taste so much more than chocolate! She made sure to savour all her faecal flavour. She would swirl the poo in her mouth and taste it all with every taste bud she had. It was the process that so excited her. She loved what happened in her body to create the poo. It was fascinating. Her fascination had led her to, one day, taste her own faeces, and ever since she eats it every time she defecates.

The replica slowly pinched off the coil of intangible faeces. Ennelia had her face right at the images anus and was “pretend licking” the brown puckered ring. She was thoroughly soaking at her vaginal canal. She had to satisfy her insatiable fetish now. She dispelled the replica and cast her mirror image instead. She could now see herself and what she was doing from all angles. She then pointed her finger at her belly and cast “Endless Nutrition” in her stomach. Her stomach would now have a temporarily endless supply of different foods conjured in her stomach until the spell wore off. The spell itself was designed to sustain adventurers on long journeys without food. But Ennelia had found a better use for it. She then cast her speciality. It was her personal creation. She called it “Ennelia’s Super Ingestion” Her excuse for making it was that it would cause attackers discomfort, and thus aid the outcome of a battle. But it was really made for her own pleasure. She cast the spell, and waited for it to take effect.

She squatted on the floor and felt her bowels move as the ingested food began to slowly move through her body. She put her hand at her anus and summoned a huge flat platter, about a meter in diameter, underneath it. She then levitated half a meter over the platter in her squatting position and felt the thick creamy log of poo slowly slide from her anus. She watched as her mirror images copied her. She watched as the long serpent log of creamy poo slid from her bowels in a never ending rope of faecal matter. The log hit the platter and began to pile up.

Ennelia watched as the poo slid slickly from her anus. Occasionally detaching from her anus as the weight got too much, and then slopping down to join the growing pile of faeces. She increased the spell’s rate of action and watched as the poo slopped out of her anus even faster. She would occasionally clench her anus and hold the poo for as long as she could, while it built up in her anus. She would then release and watch the massive blob of faeces splatter onto the soft creamy pile below. By now the entire room smelt of her faeces. She inhaled deeply, and watched the steam rise from the full platter.

Slowly she dispelled her stomachs spells and levitated herself Bayan Escort Antep down on the floor next to the platter. She gazed at the huge platter of her faeces. She calculated that there was 100 kg of poo on the plate. She reached out a shaking hand and scooped up a blob of her hot poo. (She used spells to maintain the freshness) She put her faeces to her open mouth and shoved it in. She gulped it down. She then took another glob of hot poo and ate it. Then another, and another, AND ANOTHER! Eventually she couldn’t stop herself. She began shoving her face in the poo to get more!

She then dunked her head in the massive pile and squished her hot poo into her snow-white hair. She went into a crazed frenzy and recast the spells on her stomach, and then amplifying them! Her anus began to poo non stop at an incredible rate! She sat in the pile, desecrating her creamy flesh with the creamy hot poo! She put her hand at her anus and let herself shit into it. But it wasn’t enough! SHE NEEDEN MORE! So she opened a dimensional rift that would make whatever fell through it appear at another destination. She put the first rift at her anus and the second one within her mouth, just at the lips. The rift was small, only two inches in diameter on either rift. It was meant to be selective.

Her hot faeces began to pour down her wanton gullet. She mashed it around as much as she could as it entered her mouth! She tasted the soft faeces filling her body endlessly. She then opened another rift in her oesophagus that would make the faeces appear elsewhere in the ethereal plane. This way she could get the taste of the faeces and not get full ever! She lay there in her hot poo, wiping it all over her pale cream coloured flesh, as she ate her own faeces!

Just then Kylaya walked in, “Greetings sister I was wondering if I…… What in the Nine Hells are you doing!?”

I froze where I was and my concentration on the rifts broke! There I was kneeling in my own hot poo, fully naked with my mouth and my whole body covered with faeces! The only sound was coming from my anus as I continually spewed one long hot log of soft poo. Kylaya just stared at me, with her mouth open in what seemed to be a look of utter disgust! She walked out of the room and went to her own abode. I dispelled all my magic, and cleaned the faeces with a wave of my hand. I just stood there, naked, exposed and ashamed…

The Discovery:

Kylaya arrived at the home early. She had had a busy afternoon at the temple. The priests needed more help, than they should. She wasn’t even a healer and she knew more of their magic than they did! It frustrated her so. Ennelia didn’t mind doing those things. She had strong resolve, and didn’t get frustrated by much. That was one of the reasons she looked up to Ennelia so much. She wondered where Ennelia was. Kylaya loved her sister so much. She adored her! Her sister was confident, bold and charismatic! Kylaya felt that she would never be as great as her sister. She would do anything for Ennelia… “Anything?”, she thought… Kylaya loved her sister, but she also loved her sister’s body. Even though they were the same, Kylaya always admired her sister’s body the most. It was perfect to her. It was beautiful. Kylaya so loved her sister’s body, so much that at times she found herself masturbating to the thoughts of her! She WOULD do anything for Ennelia.

Kylaya went upstairs to ask her sister if she could borrow some spell components for the priests for tomorrow. As she approached her sister’s bedroom, a reeking aroma grabbed her sense of smell. It smelled of fresh poo! She assumed her sister had just gone to the bathroom and had forgotten to flush.

So she went on into her sister’s room and asked, “Greetings sister I was wondering if I…”

She froze momentarily at what she saw! “What in the Nine Hells of Ba’ator are you doing!?” She shouted.

There in the middle of her sister’s room, Kylaya beheld a sight that would scar most people for life. Her sister was kneeling in the middle of a large platter that was piled high with fresh poo! Frozen at the sight of Kylaya, her sister could only stare at her. Kylaya watched as faeces spewed from her sister’s once creamy white backside, which was now tarnished by a rich chocolate colour that reflected the rest of her body’s state. Kylaya stormed from her sister’s room and into her own.

Her mind was reeling! She had just seen the most gruesome sight she had ever borne witness to, and Kylaya had seen a few! Her mind then replayed the image over and over. There was here sister squirming in, and eating her own faeces. She watched her once creamy backsides, now brown like mud from the filth; her gaping anus constantly spewing the sick faeces in one thick stream.

She played it over again. She watched her sister’s backside, brown like chocolate. The constantly spewing dirty anus. The looong snake of never-ender faeces.

She played it over again. She watched her sisters gaping anus spewing the looooong snake of warm delectable creamy poo.

She played it over again. She watched in her mind her sister pooing that rich smooth body food. So soft it must have been. So warm. Soooo Taaassstyyy.

Kylaya snapped back into consciousness. Her hand had been unconsciously playing with her sopping labia. She composed herself, and convinced herself that what she saw was wrong. With that she lay down to sleep, only being perturbed by dreams of Ennelia that she would later not be able to recall…

Sisters Confess:

Days had passed since the incident. Ennelia and Kylaya had not spoken since, and they had made an effort to avoid each other around the house. Then one day Ennelia walked into Kylaya’s room and sat down on her bed next to her.

Her head was hung low as she began to explain, “My dear Sister, I must explain to you what you saw the other day. I have a fetish you see. It all began when…” Ennelia proceeded to explain to Kylaya her own vanity, bodily fascination, and fetishist desires.

Kylaya nodded and then she too explained to Ennelia her own desires to please her sister in ANY way possible. That despite what she saw, she still respected and loved Ennelia. And also that Ennelia should never hesitate to ask her for help with whatever she wants.

“I so want to please you Ennelia. And if that means eating your faeces, or having you eat my faeces, then I want it to happen!”

Ennelia stared at Kylaya for a long time, and then suddenly embraced her and began to suck her mouth into hers. Their tongues intertwined like a vine tangling along a birch tree, and they continued this for about five minutes. Kylaya vanished both their clothes and said to Ennelia, “Control Me!” With that Ennelia began to Dominate Kylaya.

Kylaya’s mind floated from her body. It was a new experience for her, as she had never been dominated before. She had always negated any effects that people had done to her. But now she willingly went under Ennelia’s control. She watched as she left her body. She was there, but all her body’s control was given to Ennelia. She could still feel, hear and see everything, but she had no control over her motor functions. She was going to be used, and it excited her!

Ennelia watched as Kylaya lost control of her body, while she gained it. She then cast “Ennelia’s Super Ingestion” and “Endless Nutrition” on Kylaya’s body. “Bend over and spread your anus wide for me.” Kylaya obeyed, she bent over and spread her bum cheeks. Ennelia then cast her enchantment that made the poo super smooth onto Kylaya’s anus. Ennelia knelt behind her sister and began to rim her anus. She licked away, and sunk her tongue deep into Kylaya’s bowels. Quickly she began to feel to faeces coming from her anus. She opened her mouth wide and let the poo enter. She closed her mouth and swirled and swallowed. The poo was gradual, but it was still difficult for Ennelia to gulp it down fast enough. Poo was falling to the floor, and squishing onto Ennelia’s face. Her creamy skin was being dirtied the brown colour from the poo.

Suddenly she put her hand to Kylaya’s anus and cast “One way Blocking Barrier”. Kylaya felt as her bowels stretched as they filled up. The faeces had nowhere to go. She also had no control! As the faeces filled Kylaya up to the brink of pain, Ennelia enchanted Kylaya’s body into a rubbery consistency. Kylaya could feel her bowels stretching from the capacity. “Watch your body” Ennelia commanded, and Kylaya had no choice but to obey. She watched as her lower body began to swell. She began to feel heavy, but still Ennelia did nothing. She continued to swell and soon her lower torso was six times the size of her own body. Ennelia then grinned, and told Kylaya to bend over. Kylaya did so at her command. Ennelia inserted both her hands into Kylaya’s anus and stretched it wide. She then muttered a few words and a thin film appeared over her face. She then climbed into Kylaya’s faeces filled anus as it continued to fill up.

The film on Ennelia’s face allowed her to breathe and open her eyes while swimming naked in her sister’s poo-filled bowels. Ennelia was in heaven. She began to swim deep up into Kylaya’s bowels, but as she did so she found that she was being sucked out! Kylaya’s bowels were emptying. Suddenly she was back in her room, but it was fully flooded with Kylaya’s poo. There, floating on the brown morass was Kylaya. “I negated the effects and dispelled your magic. I wanted some fun too.”

She slowly sunk her body into her hot creamy poo. She then waded over to her sister and shoved her hand into Ennelia’s vagina. She made sure bring a handful of poo. She then began shovelling her faeces into her sister’s vagina. Soon Ennelia started to come non stop for about five minutes. She and Kylaya just sunk in the morass of hot poo, and lay in each others embrace within their faecal cocoon.

Ennelia’s Encounter:

The following day Ennelia was travelling the forested area outside town when she heard a deep and loud guttural growl coming from he favourite secluded clearing. As she cautiously approached the guttural noise became more frustrated. She cast invisibility on herself and entered the clearing.

As she entered she saw a sight that hypnotised her. A massive 72 foot tall Giant was sitting naked in the clearing in a bow legged position. In between its massive legs was a Penis taller than and as thick as Ennelia! It was swollen and pink and dripping with cock juices! She couldn’t help but be captivated by the beasts massive member, and the beast lack of understanding as to how to release its pent-up sexual energy.

Ennelia was downwind luckily, and so the beast couldn’t smell her. A mischievous thought struck her. She cast control monster on the giant and immediately the beasts eyes glazed over and Ennelia knew she had control. In giant she spoke, “Grip your cock” The beasts massive hand gripped its towering throbbing penis. “Stroke it” She commanded. The beast began to move the hand along its penis.

She watched as the torso sized testicles began to clinch slightly. She knew the beast was enjoying it. “Faster” She said and the beast upped its pace. Its balls clinched even more! “FASTER” The giant shut its eyes tightly and she knew it was going to cum. She prepared to suspend the semen as it came out so she would be able do as she pleased with it without any going to waste.

Suddenly the giant squirted a massive glob of cum into the air. It was the size of Ennelia’s head. Then another, and another, followed by three more! Ennelia caught each one and gathered them together in the air. When the beast finished coming she told it “Stop” then “Sleep”. The ball of cum was as big as her and was white and lumpy. She disappeared her clothes. She summoned a large marble bowl to lie in and allowed the hot cum to fall over her entire body! She felt the heavy white cum flood her crevices. She sat up and wiped the thick cum into her hair. She was sticky all over! It was so warm all over body. She started to force some into her pussy. She pumped it in until she felt her womb was full. Then she made it slither up her anus and deep into her slimy bowels.

She felt herself full and stopped the snake of cum going any further up her ass. She then began drinking as much of the giants cum as she could manage. She gulped down litre after litre, stopping only to breathe. She swallowed a total of six litres of cum or more. She swirled it around and savoured all its beautiful salty sweetness. When she couldn’t finish any more she dispelled the bowl and put the creature’s semen in its own mouth. She then walked home naked, full of semen and drenched with cum.

Kylaya’s Pleasures:

Kylaya decided to take a feather out of her sisters spell book. She would also invent spells that would allow her to please herself. Kylaya began practicing the new spells. She would cast them and see the effect they had on her. The first was “Kylaya’s ever growing Penis” It was a simple transformation spell cast on a 3 inch diameter rubber rod that transformed it into and animated real life penis. Then she combined that spell with a Transformation spell to make it continually grow in length.

She decided to test it by casting it in her asshole. She felt the rod become warm and soft and it began to slowly grow. She felt it slip through her innards and her faeces as it climbed her bowels. It felt so good! She could feel it move up towards her stomach. She dispelled the growth process, and slipped the six meter long penis out of her ass. She dispelled it and it returned to normal. I want it to cum though, she thought to herself. So she wished for an endless source of fresh and warm human, elven, dwarf and huge humanoid semen to be brought into existence in the nether worlds that she could draw from in her spells. She then created a tiny dimensional rift, that could be opened at will, that connected the cum source and the transformed penis’ urethra. She would make the rift automatically activate after the penis had been pleasured for any time between ten minutes and two hours. That way it would be unpredictable and she could fuck herself for up to two hours with the cock. It could also be shut again at will, but required the same amount of pleasing if you wished to re-open it again soon afterwards.

She was going to test it now. She began fucking herself with the penis. She fucked her pussy with cock for nearly an hour before she suddenly felt it gush it’s cum deep in her vagina. She left in for a few minutes feeling it penetrate her womb and fill her up. She felt her pussy overflow with the cum. She was pouring the cum in her cunt for five minutes before she removed the cock. She was basically sitting in a small pool of cum. She held it in her pussy as the cock continued squirting as she held it. It would come out in randomly pressurised bursts in different quantities all the time so that it was exactly like a real cock squirting except with a never ending cum supply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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