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As the water of the shower splashed over me, I blessed my luck. I scrubbed myself clean, paying extra attention to my cock to ensure that I got it clean. After showing Aimie the wonderful pleasures her ass could provide to both of us only a short while before, I wanted to make sure I was clean.

The hot water felt wonderful. Today had been a very stressful day. I had helped her to buy her used car, had felt foolish and abandoned when she left me at the dealer, had returned to work and put in four or five stressful hours before returning home. There I had found Aimie and my daughter, along with a couple more of their teen-age friends wandering through my new house. After the girls had teased me a little, they had left and I was again depressed. I had begun to think that perhaps Aimie had only been fooling around with me, interested in only a quick fuck.

She had returned an hour or so later, and we had screwed our brains out on my patio. It had been even better than the sex we had shared the weekend before. Afterwards, she had fallen asleep on the patio naked. I had lay beside her for a long while and enjoyed the beauty of her firm young body while letting her rest. After a while I had came upstairs to take a shower, after gently picking her up and carrying her into the living room to the couch. I pulled the hand-made afghan that my mother had made for my ex- wife and I years before over her so the air conditioning did not chill her. I smiled to myself as I climbed the stairs to the shower, thinking of other times that Aimie had slept on our couch and used the afghan to keep warm. Things had certainly changed!

I turned the water off and dried myself off before stepping from the shower. I was still in pretty good shape, riding my bicycle twenty miles or so every other day. I needed to start lifting weights again; when I had started my own business, time for using the weights in the basement seemed impossible to squeeze out of the day. Oh well, I still wasn’t in that bad of shape for a man my age. Some of the hair on my chest, as well as that on my head, was turning gray. While it bothered me, it didn’t seem to bother the pretty young teen I was screwing!

I pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and walked out into the hall. Looking down into the living room, I could see that Aimie was still sleeping. She had given herself to me, bending over for most of the time and leaning on the deck railing while I took her from behind. Her ass was lovely, and I had particularly enjoyed watching her young ass and lovely back as we fucked. She had more than earned her rest!

I went to the office that was also in the back of the house. I had modified the house to allow me to put an office where I could look out over the small valley behind my house. Large windows gave me a clear view of the trees and grass. It helped me to focus by allowing me to relax and enjoy the scenery when I could. I sat down at the desk and took care of some of the accounting and housekeeping work that was needed to keep the house and business running.

As I worked, I realized how much better I felt with Aimie in the house. My enjoyment of her company in my house went beyond the fact that for the first time in a long time, I had enjoyed fucking someone that I really liked. While I had enjoyed some great sex since my ex-wife and I had split up, most of it was with women that I didn’t really have any interest in.

Several of these women were obviously out to see what they could get from me. They had allowed me to fuck them, then expected me to take them on expensive trips or buy them expensive gifts. While I understood their behavior and had enjoyed the physical release of screwing them, that was all that it had been. A quick physical release of tension.

Other of the women had seen me as a very eligible bachelor. I was reasonably attractive, relatively wealthy, not young enough to be a bother but not too old to be repulsive. A couple of them had set about convincing me that I needed to get married again, this time to them.

I held no grudges towards either group. Men are not interested in only one thing, despite what some mothers may have told their daughters. OK, maybe we are interested in only one thing when we are still teen-agers. Being forty, I was beyond that stage. I was still very interested in sex, don’t get me wrong. But a relationship with a woman required more than just sex to hold my interest.

This line of thinking brought me back to the enjoyment of having Aimie in my house, even if she was just sleeping on my couch. Even if she was just sleeping NUDE on my couch, I reminded myself. I wondered what future this relationship with my daughter’s best friend could possibly have. Had Aimie thought beyond our sharing great sex? She had told me much of her past history regarding sex. She was very inexperienced, and I had taken on the role of a teacher very willingly.

Perhaps I shouldn’t question this wonderful gift that she had given me too closely. I was pretty sure Cami Halısı that Aimie wasn’t in love with me; I knew that I wasn’t in love with her. I respected her as a nice young teen-age girl, who was attending college to better herself. I also had the memory of her growing up with my daughter. I knew how bright and energetic she was. Although some would look at our present relationship as very wrong, I felt that Aimie had turned to me for sex due to the bad luck she had experienced with boys her own age. I guess I sort of looked at our relationship as advanced sex education for her. After our affair was over, I was sure that she would be better able to handle a sexual relationship with some lucky guy her own age.

A noise at the door to my office made me look up. She was a very fetching sight, standing in the doorway with her sleepy young face and the afghan from the couch loosely wrapped around her. It was hanging open in the front, displaying the lovely valley between her small tits and the sparse black cunt hair nestled in the valley between her thighs. There was a gap between them, and I could see a little of her pussy lips hanging down into the space. Overall, a wonderful thing to behold!

“I’m going to take a shower, OK?”

“Sure, honey. There’s shampoo and soap in the bathroom. You may not want to use what I use, but there are several different brands in the small closet on the left. Use whatever you want. There are fresh towels in there, too.”

She gave me a small smirk when I mentioned the several different types of soap and shampoo. She apparently thought that most men wouldn’t normally have a variety of toiletries available and assumed that they were left behind by other women. Actually, my sister had insisted that it was only polite to have such items available. The other bathrooms in the house also had a supply of such items.

After she asked me what I was doing and we had discussed the hassles of household finance, she disappeared down the hall towards my bedroom. I got up from the desk and walked over to the monitor for the security system. The system that burned the disks was hidden behind a shelf area, and the monitor was a television that was also connected to the satellite dish system. If you knew the correct codes, you could also display any of the security camera feeds that you wished.

I watched through one of the cameras that were hidden in the bedroom as Aimie walked into the room. She looked around for a moment, then closed the bedroom door. Walking over to my closet, she pulled the afghan off her and loosely folded it and laid it on the bed. Opening the closet, she ran her hands over the clothes hanging on the left, occasionally pulling out something that caught her attention and examining it more closely. For several minutes, she evaluated my wardrobe. I wondered to myself whether it was gaining her approval or not.

After a while, she left the closet, closing the door behind her. She walked to the large dresser and checked out the various items that were lying about. She lifted the bottle of cologne to her nose, then also sampled the after shave and several other bottles. She got bored with this, and wandered around the room for a minute or so. Finally, she went into the bathroom.

I could still see her in this room as the camera displayed the rest of the bedroom. When I had installed the system, I hadn’t felt the need for a camera in the bathroom, but the camera I was monitoring showed the outer half of the room by the vanity. The clothes that I had been wearing when she arrived that evening were now lying on the clothes hamper in the bathroom. I had picked them up from the deck and thrown them on top of the hamper when I had come up here to take a shower. I had placed her clothes and the pretty white lace panties on the couch where I had laid her to allow her to rest.

I watched Aimie as she lifted the shirt I had been wearing to her face. My dick started to harden again as I realized that she was smelling it, enjoying the scent of my cologne and sweat that clung to it. She dropped my shirt and picked up the underwear that I had worn and also lifted it to her nose. The sight of this lovely young teen smelling my underwear while standing nude in my bedroom was enough to make my cock stiffen and ache just a little. I knew that it wouldn’t have been all that unusual for a man to smell the crotch of a woman’s panties, but had never thought that a woman might find such an act exciting as well. She lowered the panties from her face and held them to her chest as she looked at herself in the mirrors above the sinks.

After a few minutes, she threw the shorts back onto the hamper and turned to the closet and chose what items she needed. She also pulled a towel from the same closet and closed the door. She disappeared from the view of the camera as she walked towards the shower. I watched her sweet, firm ass cheeks swivel until they disappeared from my sight.

Standing in front of the monitor, I Cami Halıları was filled with pleasure as I realized what a lucky son- of-a-bitch I was! How many men my age were treated to the sight of a horny young teen coed walking around his bedroom naked, and then displaying her awareness of his sexuality by enjoying his male scent by smelling his underwear? It was obvious that I had much poorer of an idea of female behavior than I had thought. I was lost in these pleasant thoughts for a few minutes.

Suddenly, a small buzzer sounded quietly on the panel of the security system. Someone had just opened the small gate and entered the front yard! I flipped the monitor to the camera that overlooked the front door, and watched as a man walked towards the front door. His car sat beside the small gate into the yard, and I was pretty sure it belonged to the neighbor who lived just to the east of me. I realized that he was going to ring the front door bell, so I hurried towards my bedroom to put something on.

“Aimie? There is someone downstairs, I’m putting on some clothes so I can see what he wants.”

There was no answer, just the sound of the water running in the shower. I didn’t know how long I had been standing in the office in a daze, but I didn’t think it could be more that a few minutes. Maybe as long as five, but surely no more than that. If Aimie were anything like all other teenage girls, she would be in the shower for a while yet. As I quickly pulled on a pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt, the doorbell rang. Using the intercom that was beside the bed, I told whoever it was that I would be there in just a minute.

As I opened the door, I was pretty sure that the man standing there was my neighbor. He quickly confirmed this, and then we shared pleasantries for a few minutes. I invited him in, and he stepped into the entryway as he continued to talk. Several times, as he talked, I notice that he paused for a second or two while looking behind me. I turned, and felt my heart jump as I realized that he could easily see into the back room where the couch was.

I had placed Aimie’s clothes on the back of the couch where she had been sleeping. I hadn’t even registered the fact that her lace panties were on top. It was obvious from the pile of clothes that someone had undressed, and by the look of the sexy panties, it was pretty obvious that it was a woman. Of course, my neighbor didn’t know that the woman was a young teen. Or at least I hoped he didn’t!

I quickly turned back to him as he finally explained the reason for his unscheduled visit. I listened in disbelief as he described the fright that his young son had just experienced. It seemed that his son had been out wandering through the wooded area that separated our two houses. It was quite thick in some places, but there were paths that ran through parts of it.

As he was walking and playing, he had heard what sounded like screams coming from my house! I thought I was going to pass out as the man recited the boy’s description of a woman’s screams of pain. The boy had not been able to see the deck on the back of my house very clearly, but had told his father that he was sure that he had seen two people struggling and fighting!

By now, I was almost choking from my attempts to keep from laughing. I was aware of the seriousness of the situation but at the same time I was unable to avoid the humor. I saw my neighbor glance once again towards the pretty panties on the back of the couch, and watched as a light bulb illuminated above his head. Several emotions quickly crossed over his face as his mind considered all the possibilities, and finally a smile creased his face. He quickly began to make embarrassed apologies, which I just as quickly assured him were not necessary. I offered him a cold soda to take with him, which he accepted and walked back with me to the kitchen. He was staring quite intently at the lace panties on the couch as we entered the kitchen.

As I got him a Coke from the refrigerator, I heard noises on the back steps. They were very light and I was sure the man either didn’t hear them or didn’t realize what they were. I managed to keep him occupied for a few minutes by asking for his recommendation about a plumber, trying to make sure that Aimie had made it back up the stairs. With us talking, she had to be aware that there was someone else in the house.

As he walked back to the front door, he looked over again to admire the panties and almost came to a stop as he realized that the panties and clothes were gone, along with the small bag that had been sitting by the end of the couch! He didn’t say anything as he left, but I could see his obvious curiosity. He continued to talk as we stood by the door. I didn’t ever remember him having much to say in the past. I realized that he was dragging the conversation out, hoping that whoever it was would show herself. Finally, he left.

As I watched through the door to ensure that he was really leaving, I heard Aimie coming down the front stairs behind me. There’s a lot of glass around my front door, so I wondered if my neighbor would look back to the house and see her walking down the stairs to me. He had certainly been understanding about the whole thing, I kind of hoped for his sake that he would.

As I turned to say hello to her, I got another shock. Although I’m not sure what her outfit was called, on Aimie it was very beautiful. The top was white and sheer with pretty lace framing her sweet tits. Her nipples were clearly visible. The top ended a couple of inches above her navel.

She had on a very small pair of bikini panties, a thong. These were made of the same material and of the same color. They allowed her small patch of pubic hair to be admired through the material that barely covered it. Their triangular shape led my eyes to the gap between her thighs and made me wonder how much of her sweet, tight pussy they covered. I was willing to bet that there was nothing but a string in the back that disappeared in the crack of her ass.

Over the thong she wore a white garter belt that seemed to consist mainly of lace and frills. A thin strip of the same material ran down the front of her thighs and was pulling on the tops of a pair of sheer black stockings that her legs filled wonderfully. On her feet she wore a pair of black high heels.

She was the ultimate male wet dream. I was in shock as she continued to descend the stairs, so much so that for a few seconds I didn’t even notice the expression on her face. It was a combination of delight and passion, as if she were in the middle of an enjoyable sexual situation. She jumped down the last two stairs into my arms and throwing her arms around my neck, she kissed me hard on the lips.

“Oh my GODDD! This is so exciting!!”

“What are you talking about? That guy was my neighbor!”

“I know, I know! I can’t believe that I was walking around in your living room while you guys were in the kitchen. I didn’t know there was anyone here until you guys walked past the door to the living room. I was standing right by the door! I could see you guys in the mirror by the wood stove! It was so exciting, standing in your living room naked while you guys talked in the kitchen. I didn’t have any clothes to put on so I came down to get my bag, and the next thing I know you guys walk by!”

She was still hung around my neck, her little tits smashed flat against my chest and my hands developed a mind of their own as the automatically arranged themselves on the sweet cheeks of her ass. As I held her to me, I looked over to the street and realized that my neighbor was still sitting there watching us.

“Aimie, he’s sitting in his car watching us!”

Her head turned slightly so she could see him through the huge pane of glass.

“Then lets give him something to see!”

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, her heels rubbing on my ass. She smashed her lips to mine, sucking my tongue into her hot mouth. Her ass started to undulate under my hands as she rubbed her cunt against my already hard cock. Her beautiful black hair cascaded down her back, hiding the back of her white top.

After a few minutes, she came up for air. She held her head back a few inches from mine, and smiled. I could see her eyes sparkling.

“He watched me walk down the stairs. He was just getting into his car, I thought he was going to fall down instead of getting into his car!”

“MY MY, this really does excite you, doesn’t it?”

“OHHH Godddd, yes! Does that make me a slut or something?”

She started to nibble on my ear, her breath raising goose bumps on my neck.

“No, Aimie, it doesn’t make you a slut. I think there is a little bit of a slut in you, but to be honest, I think there is a little bit of a slut in most women. You are just gorgeous enough to get by with acting like one every now and then. Most women would if they thought they could get by with it.”

“Just because you enjoy the fact that men like to look at your body and sometimes you like to let them, that doesn’t make you a slut. Maybe a little bit of an exhibitionist, but definitely not a slut.”

I asked her if she had heard why the man had stopped by. She hadn’t so I told her about the young boy observing us as I took her ass on the back porch. She was so excited that I thought she would orgasm as I held her to my crotch. Her eyes closed for a few seconds and she moaned low in her throat and squeezed me even more tightly.

The neighbor must have finally decided that he wasn’t going to see much more, so he drove off. I didn’t tell her for a few minutes so that I could continue to enjoy her excitement. My hands were still full of her ass cheeks, so I continued to squeeze them and pull her tight hot cunt up and down my cock. She moaned slightly and pulled her upper body slightly away from mine and I looked down to see her crotch as it worked against mine.

Her panties were pulled slightly to one side, what little there was of them. Her pussy lips were being pulled apart by the fabric of my shorts, and her juices were already marking the front of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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