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My mother, Susan, and my mother-in-law, Emma, have lesbian sex.

Curious to see what would happen, I needed to somehow leave my mother alone with Julie’s mother but how? I tried to think of ways to give them some privacy without making it look obvious that I wanted them to have sex. With my mind reeling with ulterior motives, feeling guilty for using Julie for my own selfish, sexual benefit, I convinced my wife to go see a movie and have dinner with me. Being that we never go out anywhere and/or do anything, other than go food shopping, flash our bodies to strangers, and have threesome sex, bored with the routine, it didn’t take much convincing for her to get dressed to go out with me.

I figured with us being away from them, knowing that Emma was bi-sexual and being that my mother has already had lesbian sex with my wife numerous times, I was hoping that my mother-in-law would put the moves on my mother to seduce her. Wishing that I could watch them together, curious how different it was for a woman to seduce a woman instead of man seducing a woman, now there’s a show that I’d love to see, my mother-in-law making love to my mother. Yet, other than her having sex with my wife, as far as I know, my mother never had sex with a female before. For my mother to have sex with a woman who was admittedly bi-sexual and who has had sex with many women is a big, scary, lesbian step for her to take. Nonetheless, with my horniness inspiring my motivation to put these two women together to see what happens, if anything was to happen at all, a good plan at the time, the only wrinkle was Julie.

How would she feel about her mother having sex with my mother? I didn’t know. Would she welcome our Moms having a lesbian relationship or would she reject the idea? I didn’t know. Maybe because it was her mother, a woman she fled from to move in with me, perhaps she wouldn’t want to relive the incestuous affair that she had with her mother by having her mother begin a sexual relationship with my mother. Whatever was going through my wife’s head over the incestuous affair that she once had with her mother was all just speculation on my part.

Being that my wife has already had a sexual relationship with her mother that preceded the one she had with my mother, I imagined the four of us in bed together. Yet, with the possibility of three being a crowd by inviting another woman to our bed, even if it’s her mother, especially if it’s her mother, perhaps jealousy and possessiveness may be the issue. I didn’t know that either. As far as I was concerned, so long as they looked so hot in the way that my mother and Julie’s mother looked so hot, the more naked women in my bed the better.

Knowing the horny, perverted man that I am, being that my wife is no dumb blonde, perhaps Julie saw through my ulterior motives and secret agenda in asking her to leave the house with me. Not sure if my wife would go along with her mother having sex with my mother, I didn’t tell her what I was hoping to accomplish by us leaving the house for our Moms to be alone together. Then, having a change of mind about not being truthful with my wife and willing to run the risk that she’d be angry with me, less angry if I didn’t tell her, I told her.

* * * * *

“Julie, not that I wouldn’t want to go see a movie with you and/or go out to dinner, I love spending time with you, no matter what we do,” I said trying to read her face. “But…”

“But? But what? What is it Charlie?”

“Well, to be honest,” I looked at her afraid of hurting her feelings.

The love of my life, loving her with all of my heart, I loved her. Despite all the incestuous sex we’ve both had with our mothers and all the sexy games of exhibitionism and voyeurism we play, perhaps especially after all the incestuous sex and all the sexy games we play, I really loved her. Not knowing how deep of an open wound she still had after ending the sexual affair she had with her mother, I didn’t want to risk losing her for the sake or watching my mother having sex with her mother.


“I have a confession to make,” I said.

“A confession? What kind of confession? Have you been cheating on me Charlie?” Trying to look angry, she put a hand on her hip. “Aren’t I and your mother, and now my mother, enough for you? How dare you,” she said laughing.

“Wait. Hold on Julie. With me always with you, you know that I’m not cheating on you and yes, you, my mother, and now possibly your mother is plenty enough women for me,” I said with a laugh. “I’m already drowning in estrogen. I don’t need to have sex with any other woman than you, um, and my mother to feel sexually satisfied.”

“What is it then? What do you have to confess?”

“Well…I was hoping by leaving your mother alone with my mother and, um, I was hoping to catch them in bed naked together when we returned home,” I said watching her reaction to what I said. I continued talking when she didn’t respond. “Then, later, after they shared all the saucy, Bycasino sexy details with us, I was hoping that the two of them would welcome us as part of their lovemaking.”

“I see,” she said.

Expecting her to say something more that embraced or rejected our new menege a quatre, she surprised me by remaining quiet. I wondered what she was thinking. Maybe she didn’t want her mother with us in our bed.

“I feel like such a pervert now using you to catch them naked and in bed together,” I said continuing to take the blame by throwing myself further beneath the bus. “I’m sorry.”

She looked at me and smiled before leaning into me to kiss me.

“Mad? I’m not mad. Don’t be sorry. You have no reason to be sorry. The sexual arrangement that we have that includes your mother in our bed is what I want as much as what you want. Only, my feelings towards my mother are ambivalent,” she said.

“Ambivalent? What do you mean by ambivalent?”

“Just as I now have feelings for your mother and love how she makes me feel when she’s licking my pussy, feeling my tits, and playing with my nipples while I suck your cock,” she said swooning and closing her eyes as if she imagined my mother eating her pussy while sucking my cock. She opened her eyes to look at me. “I know incestuous sex is wrong but just as you still have sexual feelings for your mother, I still have sexual feelings for my mother. Just seeing her made me want to kiss her while touching her. Just seeing my mother again made me want to have sex with her.”

“Understandably, being that I’ve been having sex with my mother for more than a year,” I said, “my views about incest are different from those who have never felt incestuous lust or had incestuous sex. So long as we’re all consenting adults and I don’t get my mother or your mother pregnant I don’t understand why incestuous sex is wrong,” I said feeling more uncomfortable having the conversation about incestuous sex than I was having incestuous sex. “So long as we both want it, what’s the harm in having sexual relations with our blood relatives?”

“Even though I love sucking you while your mother fingers and eats my pussy, sometimes, and don’t take this the wrong way Charlie, but I wish I was alone with your mother in bed with you not there or with you just watching,” she looked at me and squeezed my hand. “In the way that the sex is better when it’s just the two of us, I think the sex between your mother and I would be different and maybe even better if the only one I had to satisfy was your mother and not you too.”

“I see,” I said and remaining silent long enough to allow what she said to penetrate my horny brain. “I could watch you having sex with my Mom,” I said looking at her to watch her reaction to what I said. “I don’t mind not participating so long as I can watch. I love watching women making love. So very different than watching man having sex with a woman, I love watching women kissing, touching, licking, sucking, and having sex.”

“Now that my mother is here in the flesh, sometimes,” she said looking up at me. “I wish I was in bed with my mother and making love in the way that we used to do. Wanting my mother even more so now that I’m making love with your mother, your mother has rekindled old sexual feelings,” she confessed before falling silent. Then, as if pondering what she was about to say before saying it, she spoke again. “I think, with you just watching and not participating until later, it would be magical having a threesome with your mother and my mother.”

“Wow,” I said getting an erection while thinking about watching Julie having sex with not only my mother but also with her mother.

“I’m sorry Charlie.”

“Sorry? Just as watching you having sex with my mother is a sexual fantasy come true, now that I’ve seen what your mother looks like, watching you having sex with your mother is my sexual fantasy too,” I said with a laugh. “I’d love to see the three of you together making love. That would be so hot, my mother and my mother-in-law having sex with my wife.”

“It is?”

“Just as I’d love to watch you having sex with your mother, I’d love to watch the three of you together.”

“You would?”

“Oh God yeah. After watching you with my mother, I love watching you two undressing one another, touching one another, kissing one another, and making love to one another. If you’re this sensual with my mother, I can only imagine how you’d be with your mother,” I said taking her hand in mine and kissing it. “I’ve learn a lot about how to make love to a woman by watching you having sex with my mother. Only…” I said pausing with what I was about to say.

Suddenly, feeling like the pervert that I am, I felt embarrassed and ashamed of the forbidden relation that I was having with my mother and the inappropriate one that I wanted to have with my mother-in-law. Yet, wanting to push the sexual envelope, I didn’t know if Julie was on the same page with me, especially with the Bycasino giriş ambivalence she felt over her mother.

“Only what Charlie? Tell me. With both of us having slept with our mothers out in the open and with both of us flashing whomever comes to our front door, we have no secrets,” she said with a little laugh. “You can tell me anything. Nothing you say will shock me or upset me, that is, unless you tell me that you don’t love me anymore.”

“I love you,” I said taking her in my arms and kissing her. “I’ll always love you.”

“I love you Charlie,” she said returning my passion with her kiss. “So tell me what you were going to say.”

“Just as I’d love to catch my mother in bed with your mother naked and making love when coming home early from the movie and dinner, being that we’re not there in the house with them, we’d miss so much of the action that leads up to them having sex,” I said. “As if a fly on the wall or a spy in the room, I’d love to watch all that happens from the start. I’d love to witness the entire sexual seduction to see if it’s your mother who seduces my mother or if it’s the other way around.”

“I understand what you mean. That would be exciting to see them moving closer together right from the start. Sometimes foreplay is better than the actual love making,” she said. She remained quiet while looking thoughtful before looking up at me with mischief in her eyes. “I have an idea.”

* * * * *


“Your house is so big and your mother never locks the backdoor. Being that she doesn’t lock up and turn on the alarm until she goes upstairs to bed, we could sneak in the back door and watch them in the living room by cracking open the kitchen door. If they’re busy talking and drinking, knowing my mother, they will be, so long as they’re in the living room and not there in the kitchen, they’ll never hear us enter. They’ll never know we’re there spying on them,” she said with a naughty laugh. “Besides, even if they do know, my mother won’t care that we’re watching. If anything, she’ll put on more of an outrageous show,” she said with a laugh. “Whether she’s stripping off her clothes or having sex, my mother loves being watched.”

“Wow. I hope you won’t get mad with me saying this but just as I’d love to watch my mother having sex with your mother,” I said pausing to make eye contact with my wife to watch her reaction to what I was about to say. “I’d love to have sex with your mother too,” I said.

“My mother has that effect on both men and woman,” she said with jealous sarcasm. “Yet, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind watching you bang my mother, Charlie. Actually, it would be hot to watch you feeling my mother’s tits while licking her pussy before she sucks your cock,” said my wife. “How hot would that be, a daughter watching her mother having sex with her son-in-law? How hot would that be, a son-in-law ejaculating in his mother-in-law’s mouth while watching her willingly swallow? Who knows, after I have sex with my mother again and you have sex with my mother for the first time, maybe the four of us could all sleep together?”

“Gees Julie, you’re making me crazy with sexual lust for your mother,” I said looking at my wife while thinking about Emma blowing me and wondering if I should continue with my confession. “Actually, after stripping down to her bra and panty in front of me, your mother has already shown me her tits,” I said staring at her eyes to see her reaction.

“I figured she’d show you something when I left you alone with her in the spare bedroom. Actually, I’m surprised she showed you just her tits. I’m surprised she didn’t strip naked,” she said laughing. “Besides, with that nightgown she wore at breakfast that left nothing to the imagination and with her continually posing in front of the big bay windows, you’ve already seen my mother naked,” said Julie.

“She does know how to tease a man,” I said.

She looked at me and said what I was thinking.

“Let’s go home Charlie. Better than any action that we’d see in a movie, the action that I imagine is happening in your living room right now between our mothers is the action that I’d much rather see,” said Julie.

“Okay,” I said.

* * * * *

We drove home and instead of pulling up the long driveway, we parked at the end of the drive and walked up to the back of the house. With the lights on in the living room, it was dark enough outside that my mother and my mother-in-law couldn’t see us but we could see them. Without even having to peep in the windows, I could see my mother and Emma sitting together on the couch in the living room. With them at the other end of the house and the lights in the kitchen not on, just as Julie had planned, we could sneak in the kitchen undetected, that is, so long as the back door was unlocked. If the backdoor was locked, I had my keys to unlock the door. Yet, rather than making unnecessary noise that may make them aware of us there, I’d make less noise if the door Bycasino güncel giriş was unlocked by just having to quietly turn the doorknob.

Unlike my mother to be drinking, they were drinking wine. Good for two drinks before she was tipsy, judging by the empty bottle of wine on the coffee table and one freshly opened, they were working on their second bottle. A slow seduction, being that both of them were still wearing their nightgowns and weren’t kissing only talking and drinking, it didn’t appear that we missed anything. A voyeuristic dream come true, was it not for wanting to hear their conversation, I would have been satisfied watching them from outside through the living room window. I figured that they were hitting it off by all the wine they consumed and with them both sitting on the couch together. Judging their sexual attraction to one another by their body language with both of them making plenty of eye contact and one or the other touching their arm or leg, I’m glad we arrived home before missing any of the good parts.

We continued around back and, sure enough, the backdoor was unlocked and the alarm was off. People never lock their doors in our neighborhood, even at night. There hasn’t been any crime here in 30 years and that was a domestic dispute with a husband beating his wife. Now the biggest incidences of crime are someone leaving dog poop on someone’s doorstep for not cleaning up after their dog. Yet, after my father died, my mother felt better with having an alarm, even though she only used it when she retired to bed. Feeling that locking the front door was enough, she didn’t like putting the alarm on when she left the house. She always forgot that the alarm was on and with the alarm going off and panicking her, she could never remember the passcode quick enough to disable the alarm before the service called her.

Ever so quietly, feeling as if I was burglarizing someone’s house, I opened the backdoor with Julie following close behind. The kitchen door that opened to the dining room and that led to the expansive living room was already open. As long as we stayed by the door, we could clearly hear them. Moreover, if we stood behind the door and peered through the open door crack, with Julie squatting down low and me standing high, we both could see them sitting there on the couch in their sexy nightgowns.

* * * * *

“Another glass of wine Susan?” Asked Emma.

“If I have another glass of wine, I’ll be drunk and you’ll be able to take advantage of me,” said my mother with a sexy laugh. “You’ll be able to seduce me,” she said putting a coy finger to her lips while laughing a sexy, come hither laugh.

“Seduce you?”

“Yes, isn’t this what this is all about?” My mother looked at Emma with the same sexual anticipation that she looked at me before we had sex. “With our children leaving the house for the evening and you getting me drunk enough to seduce me and have your wicked way with my naked body?”

“Do you imagine that I’d seduce you in the way that I’d love to seduce your handsome son?” Emma paused in her seduction. “Is that what you hope that I do to you too, seduce you? Is sex what you want Susan? Are you expecting me to seduce you?” As if needing to do that to get her attention, Emma touched my mother’s thigh through her nightgown. “Or are you just a tease and teasing me by how much of your sexy body you’re revealing through your nightgown?” Emma stared at all that my mother was showing through her sheer, low cut nightgown.

“Teasing you? How dare you accuse me of teasing you? You’re family. I’d never—”

Emma looked at my mother with a victorious grin.

“Tell me Susan, is that how you seduced your son, by showing him all that you’re showing me now?

“Seduced my son? How dare you?”

“Just as you can clearly see mine, I can clearly see your breasts, your nipples, your blonde patch of pubic hair, and your ass crack when seeing you from the back. Only, you’re the moral mother and I’m an incestuous slut and a whore,” said Emma pausing to study my mother. “In the way that I want you now, I can see how he wanted you then.”

“What about you?” Able to read my mother even from this distance, she was copping an attitude. “How did you seduce your daughter?”

“I didn’t. With both of us going through broken relationships, men who cheated on us, we came together at a time when we both needed love, affection, and sex. Even though we were mother and daughter, the sex was more of a natural occurrence than it was a seduction,” said Emma.

“I’m not lesbian Emma,” said my mother looking offended and sitting up on her high horse.

“Good for you. That makes two of us,” laughed Emma. “I’m not lesbian either,” said Emma with a sexy laugh. “Bi-sexual perhaps,” she said taking another sip of her wine. “I do enjoy having sex with beautiful women as much as I enjoy having sex with handsome men.” She looked at my mother as if she was trying to read her before putting her wine glass down on the coffee table and before dropping her little reality check bomb. “Yet, for someone who’s not lesbian, you’ve had sex with my daughter numerous times,” she said. “You even sleep in the same bed with not only my daughter but also with your son.”

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