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Before we begin, a little background…. Lisa my wife had her first bi experience with a mutual friend Vicki, shortly before we got together. As I knew this was a part of herself that needed to be explored from day one of our relationship I have stated that I have no objection to her sleeping with other women occasionally. We are now a few years further on and there have been nights when Vicki was visiting that Lisa has ended up in bed with her or a few hours almost always whilst drunk at the end of a good night out and absolutely always cos Vicki has made the approach and seduced Lisa.

Two things happened very recently which have made a change to Lisa’s fantasies and desires. The first was whilst I was driving Vicki home, Lisa came along for the ride both girls sat in the back so they could chat, however Vicki soon had Lisa topless and they were kissing and laying with each others breasts whilst I was watching occasionally in the mirror, I have to say from my view point though Vicki pulled Lisa’s shirt up and put her hand into Lisa’s bra first I am certain that Lisa was the first to strip Vicki naked to the waist and use her lips as well as her hands, a point I made when we talked about it on the drive back home later on! the exhibitionism fantasies grew from that encounter, to the point that Lisa was very keen for me to watch her and another woman fully. And was also very keen to make love to me on beaches and other semi public spaces where we may et caught… which of course I was delighted with.

A little while later Vicki was working in our town again and as usual stayed with us. As usual she arrived late, needed to change and shower and needed food all in a hurry to keep her appointment… so rushed through the door asked if we had any food and ran straight to the shower…. It’s fairly normal to us! So I was already to cook a quick dinner. Lisa decided to take a glass of wine up to Vicki. However other thoughts were in Lisa’s mind tonight so she waited at the top of the stairs until she heard Vicki turn off the shower, at which point she went straight in to the bathroom handed the glass to Vicki and took the towel from her, Lisa then dried Vicki completely interspersed with a few kisses which ended up with Vicki sat on the edge of the bath whilst Lisa used her tongue on Vicki’s clit and shagged her hard with her thumb to a very quick orgasm, at which point Lisa calmly said “Dinner is nearly ready” and walked out of the room. Down stairs I was completely unaware of what was happening until Lisa came into the kitchen kissed me deeply and put her thumb into my mouth. So I could taste what had happened. As soon as Vicki had eaten and gone out to work Lisa and I had frantic sex whilst she revelled in the power of her seduction.

These two events have left Lisa having fantasies of seducing rather than being seduced and also exhibitionism and 3somes (not possible with Vicki as she is not interested in men). From here our story begins.

A friend of Lisa’s (Sarah) is very attractive, but has a habit of scaring guys off by the 3rd date, mostly by being to intense, so every now and then she needs a bit of a girl to girl talk. On these occasions I usually make myself scarce by going to the pub and leaving them to it. I am often rewarded by Lisa being intensely horny when I get home as she has listened to several sexual encounters in detail.

Most of this story is written by me (Pete by the way) from what Lisa told me, however I was there when Sarah arrived looking gorgeous as always in a tight strappy top and tight jeans as she was hugging Lisa I stood behind her and gave her the “seal of approval” look that Lisa and I often share over good looking women we know (we compare lists of who we would like to shag). Then after collecting my hug and getting a return wink from Lisa I said my farewell and left them to it.

The norm in our house is for people to come into the kitchen and sit listen to music and have a drink or two. Tonight was no exception, as soon as Sarah arrived a bottle of wine was opened, Lisa and Sarah settled down to chat in the kitchen. The conversation started urfa escort fairly tame, but before the second glass was poured Sarah was telling Lisa about a guy she picked up in a club the previous weekend.

It was not a very happy encounter, Sarah told Lisa about how great he was on the dance floor how hot he was on the way to the taxi and how Sarah had given him a blowjob in the cab on the way home…. Then she was surprised that he was a damp squib in bed, leaving her totally frustrated. And ‘wishing she was at her own place so she could finish the job with her vibrator’, it was at this point that Sarah said “I despair of men, perhaps I should try a woman instead”… Now Sarah knew nothing of Vicki and knew nothing of Lisa’s desire to seduce a ‘straight woman’ so was probably unaware of the cogs ticking in Lisa’s head as she replied with a smile “Yes you should, it’s great!” both broke into giggles and Sarah fished for more information, which Lisa was watching for reactions as she told tales based on truth about long sex sessions multiple orgasm’s and what her woman lover had done to her, watching Sarah all the time to judge if she was hooked on the idea.

Lisa went to the fridge to get another bottle of wine out, as he was pouring Sarah’s wine Sarah asked “so what does it feel like to kiss a woman” Lisa reached her hand to Sarah’s chin and tipping her head back slightly kissed her passionately, Sarah responded hotly and the kiss lasted a good while, but when Lisa’s hand strayed towards Sarah’s breast gently stroking her nipple through her thin shirt the shock caused Sarah to gasp and pull away. This led to one of those silent moments where time stands still, but both girls then laughed and Lisa said “like that” and continued pouring wine. For a while the conversation changed subject, and was a little stilted, Lisa knew Sarah was excited from the slight flush in her cheeks and short quick breaths and was kicking herself for not having Vicki’s confidence and continuing the seduction. However to recover the situation Lisa suggested a game of pool, not a game that Sarah played often but as she was also looking to recover her composure she agreed. Taking the all important bottle of wine with them the girls moved to the games room where we have a full size ex pub pool table. Lisa briefly explained the rules as she bent over the table setting up the triangle, house rule number one is that biggest tits break, so it was quickly agreed that Sarah had the first shot, instantly her inexperience was obvious as most of the triangle stayed intact, however we are not to bothered about official rules so Lisa took her shot managing to pot a red ball and explained to Sarah that she had to only hit yellow ones and finish on the black.

As Sarah bent and concentrated on her next shot Lisa could not help but look longingly at her figure the curve of her ass and her breasts falling forward in the shirt making a very tempting cleavage. It was with these thoughts in her head that when Sarah completely missed the shot the white ball managing to bounce around the table not hitting anything but cushions, Lisa laughed out loud answering Sarah’s puzzled look with “When Pete and I play a foul shot means remove one item of clothing and 2 shots to the other player” Sarah joined in the giggling then to Lisa’s surprise pulled her shirt over her head revealing a skimpy bra and said “House rules it is then”… Lisa took her two shots but looking at Sarah’s bare flesh and breasts barely contained in a skimpy bra caused her to snooker herself behind several yellow’s so naturally Sarah insisted on house rules and Lisa’s shirt joined Sarah’s on the chair.

The game continued slowly, but with both girls being a bit drunk and obviously eyeing each other up as they bent and stretched over the table it was not long before Lisa accidentally potted the white ball. Which led to the removal of one sock and teasing from Sarah who was not wearing socks…. More wine was poured and the game got slightly silly and it was not long before both girls were wearing nothing but knickers, the balıkesir escort sight of Sarah bent over the table was causing Lisa many problems, she was very wet and could feel the pulse in her hot pussy and needed to sit down before she fell down, Sarah changed her mind on the shot she was taking and moved around the table bending over directly in front of Lisa who found herself at eye level to a beautiful ass bent over the table and she could see Sarah’s pussy only just constrained in her tight thong. Sarah stayed in this position for a moment too long, then looking back at Lisa under her arm she smiled and said “oops” I missed the yellow with a grin that confirmed it was deliberate, Sarah then with out moving from the table put down her cue and wriggled out of her knickers right in front of Lisa her prone position and Lisa’s eye level view confirmed that she was as hot and wet as Lisa felt, and it was as much as Lisa could do to keep her tongue from that beautiful pussy, another moment that stretched to eternity.

Standing Naked in front of Lisa, Sarah asked “So what happens if I miss another shot?” Lisa replied with a grin “Well then it’s 2 spanks for you and 2 shots to me, House Rules!” Lisa bent to the table to take her 2 shots Sarah walked behind Lisa placed her hand on Lisa’s bum and said “So does Pete really spank you if you get it wrong?” being completely distracted Lisa put the white ball straight into the corner pocket, Sarah from her advantaged position grabbed the waist band of Lisa’s thong and pulled them down swiftly before Lisa could even stand up.

Sarah used her two shots to good effect potting 2 yellows and covering the corner pocket with her last shot also tucking the white close behind the black. Lisa had no clear shot at any pocket, but the 3 reds that were left on the table were all in a group and close to the cushion, Lisa gently rolled the white in behind the 3 reds snookering Sarah in the process.

Sarah looked at the shot from all angles saying “That’s just not fair!” in the mock protest that often follows this game when it’s played for fun. Finally deciding to attempt to bounce the white off the end cushion Sarah bent to the table, Lisa unable to resist ran her hand down over Sarah’s bum and said “don’t forget, two spanks if you miss” instantly knowing from the return wiggle that Sarah wanted those spanks as much as she wanted to give them, this was confirmed as Sarah changed the angle of the cue and cannoned straight into a red ball instead with a mock cry of “Oops!”

This was all Lisa needed, placing her left hand square into the middle of Sarah’s back she pushed her down onto the table. Whilst her right hand rubbed Sarah’s ass cheek slowly looking for the right place to spank, well that’s what Pete said he was doing when he did exactly this to Lisa… then the first spank a sharp but gentle slap, the noise itself was sexy, and the slight jump of surprise from Sarah was rewarding. The ‘rub it better’ circles were light and gentle and twice Lisa’s fingers stroked over the length of Sarah’s wet pussy, before Lisa started to repeat the process on the other cheek, this time slower and more intensely knowing that Sarah would be waiting for the spank and the follow up touch to her pussy just as Lisa had on many occasions, the anticipation making everything more powerful. Getting nothing but positive vibes Lisa followed through sharp slap, stroke then sank her finger right into Sarah’s wet pussy frigging her gently until a surprisingly short time later Sarah gasped a short small orgasm.

Lisa removed her hand from Sarah’s back fairly confident in the results she expected and was instantly rewarded as Sarah rose held her tight and kissed her passionately breathlessly saying “show me” this time there was no awkwardness and the kiss lasted for a long time with both girls hands roaming freely Lisa kissed her way down to Sarah’s breasts kissing each of them all over slowly working her way in spirals towards Sarah’s nipples which is one of Lisa’s favourite area’s to kiss. Whilst her hand slowly moved between trabzon escort Sarah’s legs pushing her thumb deep inside whilst her wrist pressed against the clit with swift hard motions she brought Sarah to a loud and powerful orgasm Lisa had to catch Sarah as her legs buckled, placing a cushion on the edge of the pool table Lisa helped Sarah onto her back kissing down the length of her body until she finally she was able to taste Sarah’s pussy, Once Lisa gets her tongue into a pussy she is relentless using her thumb as well she worked Sarah to the point of exhaustion, totally enjoying the feel of her thumb being squeezed by Sarah’s orgasm’s finally when Sarah could take no more Lisa kissed her way back up Sarah’s body until she was laying on top of her kissing her lips deeply but gently.

After another glass of wine and lots of touching and talking Sarah had her breath back and started to kiss Lisa’s nipples slightly too quick in her desire to learn Sarah worked her way down to Lisa’s pussy taking her first taste tentatively, but soon she was lost in her work and with a little instruction from Lisa soon was causing orgasms to build just as Lisa had done to her.

In the lull just after her second orgasm Lisa heard the key in the door, as I returned home. She made more noise than normal and pulled Sarah’s face hard into her so both I would know what was happening and be quiet and also Sarah did not have a chance to know I was home…..

Now up until now I have been repeating the story as told to me by Lisa, however now I was stood in the doorway watching as these two beautiful naked women writhed together, Lisa looking me in the eye as she came Sarah unaware that her work to make Lisa cum harder was much enhanced by Lisa’s exhibitionism. Time stood still or moved very fast or went backwards I have no real Idea, I stood as quiet as I could watching the show and have no idea how long for, eventually Lisa pulled Sarah up on top of her, holding her head so she was still unaware of my presence.

When they were kissing Sarah lying right on top of Lisa, Lisa put her legs between Sarah’s and lifted her feet until they were resting on the edge of the pool table. Both pairs of legs spread wide open, I was entranced in the sight of two pussies one face up the other face down touching and merging into one awesomely horny vision, only then did Lisa take her hand away from Sarah’s face to reach around stroke her back she then broke the kiss to look straight at me causing Sarah to also notice I was there, Lisa said “I think she is ready for cock now” immediately turning her head back and kissing Sarah as she held her for me.

Naturally I was naked and ready in seconds, I had to grab a couple of books from the shelf to stand to get my alignment right, I took plunged my cock into Sarah’s very wet pussy and with Lisa’s hands and mouth also playing with any erogenous zones she could reach it was a very short time before Sarah reached yet another orgasm. Whilst I gritted my teeth and tried desperately not to cum myself (was close before I got naked!) but unlike these two lucky women I know I can only cum a few times in an evening and I didn’t want it to be over yet. Just then the image of the two pussies came back to me and what a great way to slow things down and give me more time…. So I pulled all the way out of Sarah and pushed all the way into Lisa, alternating pussy on every stroke physically it was slower and gave me more time, but the imagination is the worlds greatest erogenous zone and both women know what was happening as well as I did so it was not long before all three of us were ready to cum and cum hard, Lisa was the closest so I stayed in her for a short while bringing her over the edge had a major effect on both Sarah and me, so as Lisa’s orgasm was ending I pulled out and fucked Sarah for all I was worth, within seconds we were both cuming hard.

Being a gentleman I left the two girls alone for a while and went upstairs to run a bath, we are lucky enough to have an enormous whirlpool bath that fits two with ease, I was hoping tonight it would fit three…. It sort of did but wasn’t very sexy!!! So I gave up and jumped in the shower quickly then returned and used the sponge to wash both Lisa and Sarah before we all trooped of to the bedroom for more and more and….. hey you don’t need me to tell you…. Use your imagination and we probably did that at some point through the weekend….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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