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Marc felt a wave of excitement and gratitude rising in his chest. “Thank you, Josie.” At the same time, another thought occurred to him. “Am I on warming-up duties for you again?”

Josie stared at him thoughtfully, her head to one side. “Is that how you see it?” she finally asked. “As your duty?”

“No,” said Marc emphatically, staring right into her eyes. “It’s my pleasure.”

Josie smiled, and patted him on the jaw. “You’re a perceptive guy.” She raised her right hand to meet her left in a protective grip around his neck, and lowered her voice to a whisper. “I’d be worried if it was a duty for you, when you’re going to be doing it so many times.” Marc’s heart leapt as she pressed herself against him and kissed him deeply. Her shirt stuck instantly to his chest, so drenched was it in sweat, and the smell of her perspiring body filled his nostrils. He was so intoxicated that he stood ramrod straight and allowed her to make wet, clinging love to him.

When she managed to peel herself off him, Josie stood with her fingers pressed into his nipples. “Where’s the living room?” she asked quietly.

“Just down the hall,” said Marc, nodding past the kitchen door.

“Take me there.” Marc led the way with Josie’s hand brushing playfully against his ass. The living room was comfortable and spacious, but in the mid-afternoon heat it was like an oven. Marc quickly crossed to the window and opened it halfway, and as though realising for the first time what he was doing, he also took the precaution of drawing the curtains.

“Aww, you’re shy,” she teased him as she undid her sneakers. It took her more of an effort to pull her leggings down and slide them off. As Marc got closer he saw the sweat dripping off her thighs, almost sticking them together. Josie flopped down gratefully on the couch and stretched herself out from one end to the other. “C’mon then,” she ordered him, with another beckon of the finger. Marc stepped over to the side of the couch, his dick in the perfect position for her to play with.

“You thinking about something, Marc?” she asked as she stroked him.

“Just about how sexy you are,” he replied with a grin, his eyes playing hungrily over her outstretched body.

“You like me all hot and sweaty, don’t you?”

“Uh-hmm. I was just wondering…” He looked her over again. “Whether you did this for my benefit. Or just because you’re seeing him again tonight.”

Josie’s eyes widened. “Oh, because I need to get into shape for him, is that what you’re saying?” she demanded.

“No, I didn’t mean that. Just that, y’know…” Marc shrugged. “Maybe it gets you in the mood or something.”

“Listen, Marc,” she said patiently. “I work out because I enjoy it. It’s for my benefit, not for deviant boys. But if they happen to like it too, well, that’s a nice bonus. Now if you’re going to keep licking your lips, put them somewhere they’ll be useful.” She pointed between her legs, and Marc quickly took up position on his knees. Josie picked up a spare cushion to her left and threw it down to him. “Carpet burn,” she reminded him, and he placed it under his knees, feeling his dick swell again.

Josie spread her legs apart, one lying flat on the sofa and the other bent on the floor beside Marc. Her panties were so damp with sweat and juices that they were virtually see-through, and she helped him slide them down off her hips. He wasted no effort building her excitement up beforehand, nor did she want it. The smell and sight of her oozing pussy drew him straight into the act.

This time there was no need for either of them to clock-watch, and Marc spent the next few minutes in quiet bliss, his face buried in Josie’s crotch. Outside the window he could hear the sound of traffic and voices passing; it was a perfectly normal Saturday afternoon, save for the beautiful girl stretched out in front of him, using his mouth for her pleasure. Josie lay back against a cushion, her arms reaching up above her head. Occasionally she would give a little moan of pleasure and squirm slightly, rubbing a little more of her sweat into the sofa.

After a short while she pulled up her shirt and unhooked her bra, allowing her sticky breasts to breathe a little. She played idly with her nipples, as much to relax as to excite her. Now and then she opened her eyes and glanced lazily down the couch at Marc, catching his gaze as he stared at her over the rim of her pussy. Each time she gave him a little smile of encouragement and he went straight back to work, sucking gently on her clit. He knew now, as he should have known before, that all she was really interested in was indulging herself on his tongue for a while. He kept up a steady, stable rhythm, and she lay back and sighed in the cool breeze that wafted in through the curtains.

When Josie finally reached down and eased his head away from her pussy, there was a huge wet patch flowing out of her all the way to the edge of the sofa. Marc took a long, deep breath, inhaling every last ounce of her scent, both the sweat and the cum. In contrast to her face, görükle escort his was a picture of exhaustion: his forehead was bathed in a shiny film, his cheeks burned red and his chin was dripping wet, even more so than the last time he had done this. But inside he was glowing in satisfaction, knowing that he had given her an enjoyable time. He watched her pull herself up on her elbows with a contented sigh.

“Mm, that was nice. You’re getting pretty good at this.”

“Thank you,” he declared, his voice a little hoarse. “Josie.” He bent down and kissed her on the stomach, letting out his breath in a long gasp. Josie giggled, took him by the head and drew him up to her lips, giving him a soothing kiss. His skin tingled as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“You’re a tired boy right now, aren’t you?” Marc nodded, and they shared a candid smile, acknowledging each other’s perversions. Josie looked down at her clammy body, half-sunk into the fabric below. “Sorry for making a mess of your couch.”

“Hell, I don’t care what you do with the furniture. You made a mess of me, and that’s all I care about,” Marc declared. He ran his hands lovingly over her torso, exploring her curves and bumps, and Josie lay back in contentment watching him.

“Marc,” she said eventually, breaking the silence. He looked at her expectantly. “How often do you masturbate, in an average week?”

Completely floored, he started to mumble a response. “Um, I don’t know…”

Josie rolled her eyes. “Oh come on Marc, don’t get modest on me. Not now. I’m curious. Do you get to do it as much as you’d like? I know I don’t. I haven’t got the time or the energy to do it properly when I get home from work most nights, so I have to wait till the weekend. It’s kind of frustrating.”

“Yeah, it is,” he agreed, unwinding a little. “I seem to be horniest in the mornings for some reason, so when it’s a Saturday or Sunday morning, that’s usually when I do it the most.”

“Oh, you must have had a hard time this morning,” Josie said sympathetically, ignoring the obvious joke. “But I guess you get plenty of time to yourself to have a little play, now that you’re a bachelor and all.”

“Yeah, I had plenty of time to myself before that,” said Marc with a sardonic smile. He cast his eyes down to the floor, bitter thoughts seeping into his brain. Josie watched him silently for a moment, then beckoned him forwards.

“Come closer.” He shuffled up the carpet until he was alongside her chest, staring right down at her face. “I’d bring that cushion too, you’re gonna need it.” When he was settled again, Josie reached out and touched his inner thigh, stroking it just below his crotch. “Now I want you to do something for me, Marc.”

“Of course. Anything.”

“I want you to put your hand back where it belongs, on your dick, and play with yourself properly this time. No fingers under the table, or squeezed down your pants. There’s nothing for you to worry about. You’ve got a friendly audience here.” She lay back on the arm of the couch, arms folded behind her head. “I want to see how you please yourself when you’re alone, and you’re relaxed, and you don’t have to care about anything except getting the most out of your penis.”

“I may not be able to deliver on the relaxed part,” Marc warned with a nervous chuckle as he wrapped his fingers round the head of his cock.

“Yeah, I guess that’s a risk. And I know you’re used to being more comfortable than this when you jerk off, but…” She shrugged. “I hope the view makes up for it.”

Marc nodded appreciatively and drew himself up on his knees, giving her a better view too. He began to slowly massage his cock head with his right hand, while his left reached down and gently cupped his balls. The wet squelching sound of his penis sliding between his fingertips brought a smile to Josie’s face. She tilted her head towards him and watched keenly as he began to stroke harder and faster, his hand spiralling all the way down his shaft and back again.

Marc took a deep breath and squeezed his balls more tightly, feeling the enormous load he had built up inside them over the past few days. His face clenched itself in rigid determination, sweat building up on his brow in the afternoon heat. He was intensely aware of Josie’s eyes on him, examining his reactions, and he wondered for a moment whether he looked idiotic to her; if he was just making a spectacle of himself for her benefit. But then he realised that her cool detachment was fading fast. Her hands dropped from their carefree pose, down to her chest and stomach, which she rubbed as she watched him. She raised one leg up on bended knee, revealing her pussy, as though half-tempted to begin playing with it too.

With a sudden moment of clarity he realised that he didn’t have to put on a show for her. She was right here in front of him, the focus of all his pent-up desires, and all he had to do was let her see it. He swung round on his knees so he was crouched directly over Josie’s body, taking in every inch as it glowed görükle escort bayan in the hazy light from the curtains. He looked her up and down, from her tousled hair to her dainty toes, and masturbated with an intensity he had never done before, groaning as waves of intense pleasure shot up his cock. His fist was by now a faintly visible blur, and his body lurched forwards with the effort, dripping precum onto her belly. Letting his face dissolve into silent, pleading ecstasy, Marc caught Josie’s eye and stared at her, just to remind her: this is all for you. As it should be.

Josie’s tongue was poised eagerly on her bottom lip. One hand held her breast, the other one loitered just above her pussy, as though wanting to join in but resisting. She stared up at Marc, her eyes goading him on, her mouth twitching unconsciously every time a moan escaped his. By now he had easily hit the plateau from where there was nowhere further to go except orgasm. He kept pushing it, teasing his cock right up to the brink of uncontrollable release and then backing off again. But he knew that much more of this and he would shoot, even without meaning to. “Oh God, Josie,” he hissed desperately. “Josie…”

She twisted her head to one side and looked up at him: her eyes more piercing than ever before, flicking back and forth as she decided what to do with him. Then in a flash she was up off her back and perched on her knees on the sofa. She placed her hands over his and removed them, calmly but firmly, from his crotch. Without any need to be told, Marc laced them behind his back and stared up at her expectantly, his body quivering with the thrill of submission. Josie loomed over him, her presence overshadowing his. She took him by the neck and whispered her will directly to his face, their foreheads almost touching.

“Now you must understand this, Marc. You’re not getting an orgasm now, or any time soon, but that’s not because you don’t deserve it. OK?” Marc nodded silently, his eyes like saucers. “You’ve certainly earned it, many times over. But I knew just now, when your cock was desperate to explode, that you weren’t going to let it without asking me first. Because that’s the kind of man you are. My permission is very important to you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Josie.”

“Yes, and that’s as it should be. This is a very special part of you which I haven’t seen yet, and I need time to think exactly how you should get it. So,” she added, gripping his cheeks and smoothing hair back from his brow, “don’t lose sleep worrying over when I’m going to let you come. When the time is right, I am going to make you come. And you’ll be very grateful for it.” Those last words came out not as an order, but a promise; as she said them, Josie’s steely face broke into a beaming smile, and Marc felt all his apprehensions just melt away.

“Thank you, Josie,” he sighed. She kissed him briefly on the forehead. Then suddenly, with an explosion of passion, she wrapped both arms round his shoulders and kissed him long and hard, her tongue exploring every inch of his mouth. Marc sank into her embrace, a familiar wave of euphoria washing over him. In her arms he felt both comforted and indescribably turned on at the same time. His cock surged upwards, pressed between their bodies, eager yet powerless; it was a feeling he was getting used to.

Josie kissed Marc for a long time, then pressed her cheek against his, hugging him close with a deep, affectionate sigh. Gradually she peeled herself off him, still staring at him with dancing eyes. “It doesn’t have to be weird, you know,” she said at last. “It could be normal.”

Before Marc could ask her what she meant, she was on her feet in front of him. Her stomach was right in front of his face, and without a second thought he leant forwards and planted another kiss on it. It had almost become a ritual for him, and Josie offered no objection. She patted his head approvingly. “Thanks for the water. I’ll call you to let you know when we can meet again.”

She began to pull on her discarded items of clothing, wrinkling her nose a little as she smelt her sweat-drenched top. “I think this is going to take a longer shower than last time,” she observed with a grin. In no more than a minute she was fully dressed and back in the doorway, while Marc was still knelt there dumbly in front of the couch, his head and soul miles away from normality. “Bye, Marc.” His head jerked up as he heard her voice.

“See you soon, OK?” she said gently. She blew him a kiss as she left. He gave a faint wave of acknowledgment, and heard the sound of the front door closing. He let out a long breath and placed both hands in front of him on the couch, to try and steady his mind as much as his body. It didn’t help at all that he was putting them directly in the warm, sticky depression where Josie had been lying only minutes before. He ran his fingers round the edges, as though retaining the memory of her, for a long time before he got up and tried to do something more productive with the rest of his Saturday.

Marc bursa escort spent another few days on tenterhooks, his mind barely half on his work as he whiled away the hours waiting desperately for her call. He was beginning to think that she was playing a joke with him, that perhaps things were serious with this old flame of hers and that he was her disposable fun, despite all she had said to the contrary. Once he managed to compose himself, he realised where these irrational fears were coming from; as his feelings for her grew more and more intense, so too did his worries about losing her. She was leading him into some very strange places, and he was both grateful and fearful.

When the call came at last, she didn’t invite him over for an evening or a weekend but ordered him to come to her straight away, in the middle of the day. Marc didn’t need to be told twice, and dropped everything he was doing, hurrying to his car. He was parked round the corner from her office for a few minutes before she sauntered into view, waving as she spotted him. Marc felt his ribcage tighten and his cock rise as she walked up and climbed in beside him. “Hi,” she said, giving him a little peck on the cheek.

“Hi. So… is this a spur of the minute thing, or were you always planning it?”

Josie thought for a moment, then shrugged. “A bit of both, I guess. I just couldn’t wait much longer.” She put her arms round Marc and gave him a longer kiss. “How have you been doing?” she asked him softly.

“I’ve been getting by, you know. Just trying to get on with my job. But to be honest, it’s all just…” He looked downwards, faintly embarrassed, as Josie gazed at him questioningly. “It’s all really dull compared with you, you know.” He felt his cheeks burn red and his voice dry up in his throat.

“Oh, Marc. That’s so sweet of you.” Josie gave him a hug, allowing him to remain still in her arms. Eventually she settled back, stroking a strand of hair off his face. “I’m gonna have to do something special for you, aren’t I?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. You don’t have to do anything…”

“Marc,” she said firmly, stopping him in his tracks. She held him by the chin and looked deep into his eyes. “I know exactly what you mean. I knew when I left on Saturday, but I did kind of a shitty job taking care of you. That’s not going to happen again.” She twisted to face him in her seat and pressed her arms flat against his chest, kissing him deeply. Marc sat and bathed in her blissful touch for a few seconds, before he dared to reach out and take her by the shoulders. They kissed long and hard, their pulses racing and their hands gradually dropping to each other’s waists.

When they broke off at last, Josie’s lips were wet with spit and her hips squirmed impatiently. She reached over to Marc’s crotch and rubbed his ever-expanding bulge. “So how’s this been feeling, huh?”

Marc took a deep breath, his heart racing. “Uh, well… it’s starting to get a little impatient.”

“Let’s take a look, shall we?” He unzipped his pants and took out his cock, well aware that he was sitting in the front seat of a car parked on a main road. It sprang neatly into Josie’s fingers without her needing to move them, and she traced her way down the twitching shaft, feeling every vein and contour with her index finger. “Beautiful,” she murmured. She took Marc by the back of the head and drew him to her, one hand on his skull, the other stroking his cock. He fell obediently into her arms, consumed by her power; she had him completely under her control, and he didn’t care who was watching.

As Josie ran her hand down Marc’s cheek, she stared hungrily at her possession. “Put your hand up my skirt,” she ordered, spreading her thighs open. “We might as well commit a felony together.” Marc slid his hand eagerly under the hem of her skirt, feeling the warmth of her crotch straight away. Josie seemed ready to shove it into her panties, but instead she allowed him to start rubbing her through them. She sank deeper into her seat, her legs spread even wider and her head slumped back, watching him. Her grip on his dick was slacking as she indulged in her own pleasure, but he was harder than ever.

The only sounds in the car were the soft moans of Josie and the much louder noise of her pussy squelching as her underwear got stuck in it. Her thighs spasmed in and out, her body almost arching off the seat in desire. While her mouth dropped open uncertainly, her eyes silently urged Marc on, burning deep into him. He reached out to her chest and she helped him push under the gap in her shirt. He began to play with her right breast, and suddenly he was the one in control, fingering her nipple and clit together. She was willing, and he knew full well that she would have come hard and wet on his hand within moments, if the sight of an approaching passer-by hadn’t suddenly put her defences up.

In a flash her legs were closed and she was pushing Marc’s hand awkwardly away. She composed herself as the pedestrian walked by, her own hand casually masking his erection. When the coast was clear she gave a long sigh and glanced down, her face glowing red with exertion and a tiny hint of embarrassment. “OK,” she breathed. She turned to face Marc and gave him a quick, but determined, kiss on the lips. “Tonight, my place. You got that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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