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Ginger was sitting on the floor just inside the front door of her home. Ginger was not her real name. She was called Ginger because of her hair, though as she had grown it had darkened and was now a gorgeous dark auburn. Every time she went to get her hair trimmed they commented on it, and she regularly got compliments as she walked down the street.

Ginger was sitting on the floor because she was waiting for her master to come home. He liked it when she was there waiting for him, even more if she’d been there a while and the floor had made her cold or uncomfortable. She had her black studded collar on and was absent-mindedly swinging the leash between her fingers, her hands propped up on her bare knees. Ginger was daydreaming about what the evening was going to hold for her. Would he tie her up? Would he bring his friends over? Would he tell her to dress like a normal wife and take her out on the town? He was always coming up with new and inventive ways to exercise his dominance, and she loved it.

She heard them coming before they even got all the way up the walkway, he had brought a number of his friends with him tonight. She unlocked the door and then kneeled down into position, waiting for him to enter. He hadn’t called to tell her not to, so she did it. This was what she was for, to greet him at the door and give him whatever he wanted. She heard his footfalls as he stepped up the two steps to their door and he opened the door without even trying it first, confident that she had done her duty. She was so pleased that he trusted her with this!

Ginger didn’t see his expression when he entered, master liked it when she was looking down at her hands planted flat on the floor. Sometimes he stood on one of her fingers if she’d done something recently that displeased him, but he never truly hurt her it was just her punishment for failing. No worse than a spanking would be for a misbehaving child. Today he did not, he came in and took her leash, barely missing a stride as he went into şişli travesti the hallway. Even though she was accustomed to this it was still difficult to go from a kneeling position facing one way to a crawling facing the opposite direction. She made it though and didn’t get a yank on her collar. Joy! She was pleasing him today, and that made her very happy.

Because of her stance and her crawling she didn’t get to see how many of his friends he had brought with him. She knew there were no more than a dozen or so that knew the details of their relationship, and only about half of that who were willing to participate. She did not try and figure out how many there were, she was focused on keeping up with her master’s stride and did not want to disappoint him by making him stop and pull on her chain.

Ginger’s master led them into the living room and pointed at a spot in front of the fireplace. “Sit,” he commanded, not ungently. Ginger sat, her legs crossed beneath her, her hands on her knees, back straight but still looking at the floor. She knew that he would want her to wait for his command. She’d been his pet for almost two years now and had learned a lot of the rules… she didn’t want to even think “all” because there was always more to learn with him, and every day had a very distinct possibility of something completely new.

Ginger’s master talked with his friends for a moment and then leaned down to her. When he stroked her cheek her eyes closed and she leaned into his hand. Every soft touch was magic! He lifted her chin and whispered “open” so she could look at him. He met her eyes and smiled. “I have a surprise for you tonight, my pet. A cock quiz, as it were.” Ginger smiled, she thought the “cock quiz” instead of “pop quiz” was a very cute play on words. What could it mean, though? Her master kissed her forehead and backed away, letting her see who else was in the room. There were at seven other men there, some were familiar but bakırköy travesti at least two of them were new. She turned her eyes back up to her master and was met with a pleased expression. He wouldn’t want her to not have looked, but he was glad she didn’t look for too long. Ginger’s master liked it when her attentions were focused on him.

He didn’t introduce the men to her. She didn’t expect him to. There would be time for talking after, if he chose. He was still holding her leash and tugged on it slightly to get her up on her hands and knees again then led her and his men into their play room. This room was especially built for their more vigorous activities. She sometimes hated this room but she always came back to loving it again before long. He perched her on one of the cushions and went to the cabinets to get a few items. When her master began with a blindfold it did not surprise her. She was starting to figure out what “cock quiz” meant and the only thing she hadn’t learned yet was which hole she’d be guessing with. She was slightly disappointed however, they had done this before. It was fun though, so the disappointment wasn’t strong.

Ginger’s master blindfolded her, put in the ear plugs, handcuffed her hands together with a linking chain to her nipples and cuffed her feet together. She was in a silent, black world. She could feel the air moving around her a little bit, probably meant that someone was moving close to her, around her. She could smell that there were men nearby, half of her senses were blocked so the others were picking up more. Some of them were wearing cologne, others deodorant, at least one was wearing nothing – the pungent smell of sweat was both off-putting and enticing.

Someone came up to her and stuck his thumb into her mouth. She could tell by the taste and the shape that this was not her master’s thumb but she sucked on it. He pushed down and she let him open her mouth. She kneeled there for a moment istanbul travestileri like that. Blind, deaf, immobile, almost naked and with her mouth open. She wondered if they were taking pictures? It didn’t matter. A hand came and stroked her cheek, she thought she could recognize her master’s hand and smell so when the hand rubbed down over her throat she took it to mean that she was ordered to swallow whatever was to come.

Her master’s hand moved further downwards to cup one of her breasts, then he pulled on the nipple clamp until she squeaked, then the hand was gone and the head of a penis was entering her open mouth. She could tell at once that this was not her master’s cock, his was longer, thicker and tasted better than this. This, she thought, was the guy with no cologne or deodorant on. Well, better to start with him than end up with him at number five! Luckily he was clean, no link or long strands of hair or pee residue. She thanked her master for making them wash before they started.

This man put his hands into her hair, slowly thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, pulling her head to match his movements. He pushed himself further and further down her throat, but because of her master and their exertions she had little to no gag reflex left and was able to take this smaller dick without issue. He eventually pressed himself all the way into her mouth, his balls hitting her chin as he came spasmodically. She swallowed it all, noting the differences in taste, texture and consistency as she did and was even more certain that this was definitely not her master.

And so they came, one after the other. Some larger than, some smaller. Some thicker, some thinner. Some smelled nice, some didn’t. She went through eight different blowjobs and didn’t feel her master’s cock pass her lips or his jizz burn her throat. Her mouth was sore when they were done, all the muscles in her jaw and neck were crying out for a break. Her knees were aching, her back throbbed. The stream finally dried up and she felt a hand on her cheek. Her master’s hand. She leaned into him, smiling.

He took the props out of her ears and asked “Which one was I, my pet?”

“You did not enter my mouth, my master.”

“You are correct my pet, and shall be rewarded.” Ginger’s master kissed her on her forehead and she was pleased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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