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Gwylan sat at the bar, looking around her. Above, she could see the glass bottomed hot tubs on the roof of the hut in which the bar sat. As well as the naked view of the people inside said hot tubs. The walls were decorated in tasteful yet implicit drawings and photos of naked men and women. The bar itself boasted a board of erotic drinks and glasses shaped into body parts. Each patron was sipping from a glass shaped like the opposite sex and chatting it up with his or her neighbour. All patrons, that is, except Gwylan. Sitting on her stool, she sipped a Blow Job from a penis shaped glass, complete with balls, and sighed to herself. So much for an all erotic weekend, Gwylan thought.

Gwylan had received an all inclusive weekend at the new island resort, Sexual Sands, from her boyfriend, who was hoping to expand her horizons and let her experience a hot weekend of sex and stress relief. So far all she’d learned was that speedo came in more colours than found in the rainbow and that men prefer petite blondes with big tits. And that bit of information seemed to put her out of the running. At 5′ 8″, Gwylan certainly wasn’t petite, her light brown hair wasn’t blonde enough for the title and her tits, well, they weren’t C cups but with the right push-up bra they came close. So Gwylan was stuck sitting at the bar substituting a real cock for one made of glass and sipping a Blow Job that she had to pay for.

Sitting feeling sorry for herself, Gwylan didn’t notice the rather large burly men that entered the bar. At least not until one tapped her on the shoulder, causing part of her drink to splash onto her barely there shirt and down her between her boobs to cause a rather spectacular titty hard on.

“Well, I’m sorry there ma’am. I didn’t mean for you to spill your drink.” The one who’d tapped her swiped a napkin from the bar and began to dab at the sticky liquid that was sliding into her bra, accidentally on purpose rubbing her nipples in the process. The other man, who was situated on the other side of Gwylan, wasn’t as subtle in his groping. He ran a hand up her shirt to cup the breast closest to him, and whispered in her ear, “My, look what I have here.”

Gwylan, while open to new ideas and options, took one look at the two men beside her, and felt it rather more prudent to try and decline there interest. One, they both looked like overfed truckers, and two, one seemed to be trying to twist her nipple completely off. Seems they didn’t care what kind of technique made it to the island, so long as passage was paid. “WOW! You seem to have my breast. And your friend now has one of my nipples. Well, thank-you for trying to clean me up, I think I’ll just go take a shower.” Gwylan slid off her barstool and made for the door, but as she gained the freedom of the cedar chip covered path, her two maulers hauled her into the bushes at the side of the path and up against the wall of the bar hut.

“Well now, don’t go running off now darlin’. We were wanting to have some fun. How about we head on back to Joe’s and my cabin and have a little party?”

“Yeah, Hank and I have a nice surprise for you if you do.”

“Thank you Hank and Joe, but, um… I have a prior engagement planned for this evening with…ummm…”

A voice, deep and controlled came from the bushes hiding them from view. “With me. How about you let her go now boys. Thank you for keeping her occupied for me.” A man, tall, built and dark in both eye and hair stepped from the bushes to stand in front of Gwylan and her two unwanted admirers.

Gwylan felt a flush of desire as she caught a look at her rescuer. “Yes, so you see Joe, Hank, I can’t go with you tonight, maybe some other time, hmm?” Gwylan slipped out of a now loosened grip and made her way over to the man. Hank and Joe weren’t too happy to have a protector show up for their prey, but they realized that it wouldn’t take long to railroad another into “partying” with them. They moved off into the bar again as Gwylan and her rescuer moved off along the path.

“Thank-you for stopping them. I don’t think I could have handled görükle escort them after drinking tonight. I appreciate it.”

“No problem. I’m sure you have people who are waiting for you though, so I guess I’ll see you around…”

“Oh no, wait. I don’t have anyone waiting for me right now. Why don’t we walk for a bit?”

“Sounds good to me.”Gwylan and her friend moved off along the path, deeper into the island forest. In her skimpy clothes and sandals, Gwylan soon began to shiver as the night slowly arrived to cover the sky. The man soon noticed, though didn’t comment until they reached a seemingly out of place hut in the woods.

“You look cold. How about we stop here for a bit and let you warm up?”, he said, indicating the cabin.

“Sounds good to me” Gwylan answered, mimicking his words from before. They entered the dark cabin, and Gwylan’s friend shut the door behind them. Gwylan stumbled in the dark and failed to here the sound of the lock turning as he closed off her only means of escape, pocketed the key and flipped on the light.

Gwylan gasped. Around her was various toys dedicated to the art of domination. A sling was in the corner, hung from a rafter beam. A cross was along one wall, a horse along another. The ceiling was interspersed with mirrors to allow a victim to see themselves depending on the position they were in. The remaining space was occupied by whips, crops, chains, tit clamps, gags, ropes and other various implements used in the erotic torture of the human body.

Gwylan gazed around her then slowly spun toward her companion. “Umm? I don’t really feel comfortable here. Why don’t we go some place else? Please…?”

“Oh no, Gwylan, your not going anywhere. “

“This isn’t funny. I’m leaving!”

“Go ahead and try.” He let Gwylan move around him to try and open the door. Turning to watch her, he snagged a gag and a pair of hand cuffs that seemed to be conveniently left within hand reach for him. As Gwylan reached for the door handle and pushed on the door, she felt him slip behind her. Before she could turn around, he slammed her up against the door, face into the wood and hands beside her head.

“Fuck off, this isn’t funny! What…?! What are you doing??!!?” Grabbing both of her hands and pulling them behind her back, he slid the handcuffs on her slim wrists. Then he spun her around to look in her face.

“Don’t you get it, bitch? Your not going anywhere, this isn’t a game. Now shut up.” He slid the ball gag into place just as Gwylan tried to scream. “Thanks for helping with that, bitch. Now your face is stuck like that until I let you go… if I do!”

Gwylan’s face was now stretched obscenely around the ball. Whimpering sounds could be heard coming from her mouth as Gwylan’s captor lead her over to the horse. “I think I’m going to play with you for a little bit first, slut.” He cuffed Gwylan’s left hand to the horse as he bent her over it, then her right. Her legs were attached last. Then slipping a blindfold over her head, he cut her vision off from her unusual surroundings

“Oh, dear, what have we here? I seemed to have left your clothes on, Gwylan. Oh, but I can fix that.” He took a knife and slit the arms and back of Gwylan’s T-shirt, then the legs of her cut off shorts, leaving her in just her bra and string. “Part way done Gwylan.” Noticing that her bra was a front clasp, it was easier just cut the back of the bra, then the straps, to allow Gwylan’s tits to spring free, but he wasn’t has nice on her G-string. Taking hold of the back, he forcefully pulled up on Gwylan’s string, digging the front into her clit and cunt, sawing it back and forth to cause Gwylan to tear in pain. Eventually the string gave out and Gwylan’s tormentor pulled the underwear from her body leaving a deep line of red in her skin. “That’s just a taste of what’s to come, cunt. Be prepared for some fun.”

Gwylan’s tears ran down her cheeks as he examined her body, unchecked except for those that were caught in her blindfold. Her pinched her nipples, already swollen and sensitive from her görükle escort bayan earlier mauling, now receiving pain never before experienced by the woman. Her cunt was fingered, dry except for some of the spit used to loosen her some. First, just one finger, but soon two, then three fingers in her slit, stretching her unbearably. By the time he was forcing four fingers into her cunt, Gwylan was sobbing behind her gag. The noise was beginning to wear on the nerves, so he decided to gag her with something a little bigger. But first he wanted to introduce the little lady to his favourite toy.

Nipple clamps, shaped like alligator clamps and joined by a chain, were selected from the wall. Allowing Gwylan to struggle against her bonds, he slowly paced toward the restrained woman, dragging out the anticipation. By the time he reached her, Gwylan was shaking her head and moaning in desperation, trying to avoid what was planned for her. He slapped her ass hard, and the pain stunned her enough to allow him to clamp one nipple. Before she could adjust to the first, the second was applied. And Gwylan screamed. Pain exploded behind her eyes and she jerked, trying to ease it. Then she passed out. Her captor smirked. Some women were so sensitive.

“Come now sleeping beauty, time to wake up.” He jerked on the chain connecting the clamps, tugging down on the sensitive tits, digging the teeth of the clamps into her flesh. Gwylan was painfully brought back to full awareness. “Good, now your awake, you can enjoy this…” He held up a weight in one of his hands, aware that his captive couldn’t see it but wanting her to here the sinister plans in his voice. Gwylan moaned and shook her head frantically. “Oh, I can see your eager for this, aren’t you?” A sarcastic grin formed on his face as he attached the weight to the chain between Gwylan’s tits. He held the weight up for a moment, then let it drop, putting the full weight on her nipples at once. Gwylan’s breasts were distended, weighed and agonizingly stretched.

Gwylan’s eyes watered again, tears running down her cheeks as her chest was extended to extreme proportions. Her dominator moved around to look at his captive, enjoying the site of the tears leaking from beneath her blindfold, to drip onto the floor. “Now, slut. Seems to me that you’ve been receiving all the attention. Time for me to get some action, don’t you think?” Unzipping his pants, he removed the ball gag, but before Gwylan could scream, or even react enough to close her mouth, he forced his cock into her mouth and halfway down her throat.

As her gag reflex set in, he grinned, enjoying the sensations of the rhythmic pulse. Only letting her take a breath every ten strokes, Gwylan’s face was banged fiercely. Whenever Gwylan would begin to fade from lack of oxygen, he would pull down on the chain between the nipple clamps, bringing Gwylan back to full awareness using pain. Eventually, and for him, unfortunately as he had been enjoying himself, Gwylan became limp. Her quick gasps of oxygen were no longer enough to keep her conscious, and even the pain from her breasts weren’t enough to keep her aware. Gwylan passed out. The dark man merely grinned.

Pulling his dick out of her mouth, he moved to grab another gag from the wall, as well as a medium sized dildo and a large vibrator. The gag, built to allow maximum air flow while still disabling coherent speech, was put into place. Then he moved to inspect the other end of Gwylan’s prone and unresisting body.

Fingers inspected Gwylan’s pussy, and found it wet. “Maybe the little bitch is turned on by this?” He began to work the large vibrator into Gwylan’s small hole, stretching it beyond its previous boundaries. Gwylan stayed out of it, much to his surprise. When the vibrator was over half way in, Jack turned it on, pulled it back out a small length, then rammed the whole thing into Gwylan’s over stretched cunt.

Gwylan woke up screaming, only to hear the sound of laughter. “I was hoping you would wake up, Gwylan. I didn’t want you to miss the next part.”

He bursa escort lubricated the smaller dildo with his spit and began to push against Gwylan’s rosebud. Gwylan continued to scream behind her gag. “Oh, shut up bitch. You should be thankful that I picked such a small one for you. I could have picked a 13 incher to open you up with.” Gwylan quieted some, trying not to provoke him into reaching for said weapon.

By this time, the head of the dildo had breached Gwylan’s ring and was being pushed and pulled, the man above her working it into Gwylan’s ass like it was a drill. Gwylan felt something give, and the dildo slid home deep in her ass.

“There, now don’t you look pretty? You should see yourself. Here, let me get that blindfold for you.” He removed Gwylan’s blindfold, allowing her you see herself in the mirrors placed in various locations about the room. The gag kept her mouth wide open, stretching her face much the way the weight attached to her tits were stretching her nipples. Her tits themselves were shaped like cones. By looking in the mirror in front of her, she could catch the reflection of her bottom from another well placed mirror. Her cunt gaped around a vibrator, easily 3 ½ inches around, currently buzzing on a low setting. The dildo in her ass wasn’t visible from the outside, but she could feel it stretching her ass walls, hiding in her bowels.

Gwylan thought she had run dry of tears, but her eyes proved her wrong as they began tracking previous traces of tears on her cheeks. “Oh dear, now I’ve upset you. Bad Boy. I’ll just cover your eyes again so that you can’t see yourself anymore …there, all better. But now I want to fuck you, Gwylan. So we’d better take this vibrator out, hadn’t we?” He pulled the large vibrator out of Gwylan’s pussy, then lined up his dick with the dripping lips. “Seems you’ve become wet, Gwylan. You must be enjoying this,” He snickered.

Though stretched out, her cunt was still a tight fit. He pounded away happily, content for the moment to verbally abuse Gwylan while raping her pussy. As Gywlan’s tormentor reached for his climax, Gwylan began to feel herself tighten up as well. Gwylan tried to ignore the feelings her rapist was evoking in her cunt, but as he reached his peak and slapped her ass, Gwylan also came, clamping tight around the invading prick.

“Hmm, looks like you did enjoy that, didn’t you Gwylan?” Gwylan didn’t respond in so much as a whimper. “Well, that’s okay. But now I’ve got to be going. You were a good fuck cunt.” His voice faded as he reached for the door. “Don’t worry. The cleaning crew will find you in the morning. And I’ll be long gone by then.” Laughter drifted away as Gwylan, still attached to the horse, began to whimper. Still gagged, blindfolded, clamped, tied and with a dildo up her ass, Gwylan settled in for the long wait ’til morning.

Minutes, hours, days may have passed before Gwylan felt the breeze across her body signaling that someone had entered the room. She began to whimper again, deciding that although it hurt her throat, freedom outweighed the strain on her vocal chords.

“Poor Baby.” A familiar voice ran across Gwylan’s skin, giving it goose bumps as she realized who it was. “I think I was a little rough on you this time, wasn’t I?”

Gwylan’s blindfold was removed and she stared up into the face of her rescuer-turned-rapist. He then removed her gag, and very gently kissed her mouth. “Let’s get you out of that position, hmm?” The man unbound Gwylan’s arms, then her legs, but placed pressure on her lower back to keep her in place. The dildo was removed with care, and the clamps released was infinite gentleness. When Gwylan was allowed up, she dressed in the shirt offered her, then turned toward her once again rescuer, a questioning look upon her face.

“You followed me? I thought you paid for this vacation so that we could have a break?”

“Oh, Gwylan, baby, I wanted you to explore. You didn’t seem to be having much luck with that on your own, so I took it into my own hands. You seemed to enjoy it.” The last was said as more of a question, and at Gwylan’s hesitant nod, the man smiled. “Good. Now come on. You are probably very sore and could do with a hot bath and a massage. Then you can go explore some more.”

Gwylan smiled at her boyfriend, and taking his hand, walked into the dawning sunlight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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