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The day started as any other day. Michelle turned off the alarm. She got up, packed her Master’s lunch for him to take to work. She was excited because today was Friday. Dan rolled over when his slave got out of bed. He knew from the time she got up till she came back into the bedroom, he had a half hour of sleep.

Michelle walked back into the bedroom. She crawled onto the bed and under the covers. As Dan’s slave, she was required to give him oral sex to start the day. She began to slowly lick his dick from top to bottom. She wrapped her tongue around his shaft. Slowly covering his dick with her mouth, she enjoyed his dick growing from soft to hard. She loved how she could make her Master’s dick hard and loved how it tasted tasted along with the moaning from his growing horniness. Dan was close to cumming but told his slave to get onto all fours. Obediently she got onto all fours. He picked up his flogger and began her daily morning flogging. He loved to make her ass bright red, a bit of stinging to her ass to start the day off right. By this time he was so turned on he could not hold back. He grabbed her hips and rammed his dick into her pussy. He fucked her only to let out a large moan. He pulled out only to tell her to open her mouth and clean the cum off his dick. He told her to get off the bed and go finish her morning routine of fixing him breakfast.

Dan took a shower, got dressed then went into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. Michelle only worked part time and did not have to be at work till 9:00 a.m. She had an hour and a half before she had to be at work. She had morning chores to do before she left for work besides her showering. She was required to make sure the breakfast dishes were finished and the bed made.

Today was a special day though. It was their fifth wedding anniversary and her collaring. Michelle had something planned for this weekend. She poured herself a glass of orange juice then sat down at the table. She started day dreaming about how she and Dan met. It was an unusual circumstance. She was a slave to another Master. The man that she was involved with unfortunately was not able to keep her as his slave. He had to leave town for family matters. He had a friend that was looking for a slave, however. He introduced Dan to Michelle. They went out a few times. He talked to Dan about his feelings towards owning Michelle. He liked her, so the two of them talked to her. She agreed to become Dan’s slave. She still had feelings for her current Master, but also knew he had to leave. She was willing to give a try with Dan. The two of them began training as to what he liked, his dislikes and what he was looking for. She cared about him after six months, but after the first year, she realized how much she was in love with him. As the fourth year approached, Dan decided to purpose to Michelle not only to become his permanent slave but to become his wife. He too realized after the first year that he was in love with her.

Michelle planned on actually taking the day off but did not tell Dan. She wanted this weekend to be so special for her Master. She wrote out a list of things that she needed to pack, things that needed to be picked up from the store and finally arrive at the bed and breakfast to decorate the room. After doing research online to find the perfect place, she found a bdsm bed & breakfast inn only an hour away from their house.

Michelle washed her glass and finished the breakfast dishes. She went into the bedroom to finish packing their clothes, toiletries and some of Master’s toys. She knew that the bed & breakfast had some toys but she knew Dan preferred certain floggers and of course her vibes and dildos. On the way to hotel she wanted to stop at the tattoo shop, grocery store and flower shop. She wanted to decorate her room with candles and flowers along with some nice romantic music. After picking up all the items, she headed to the bed & breakfast. Michelle was not sure what to expect because all she saw were pictures on the internet. The reviews for the inn were very good. She talked to the owner, the Mistress of the house. She explained that this was their fifth wedding and her collaring to her Master.

Michelle arrived at the inn. The inn was owned and operated by a Master and Mistress who were married. She checked in, got the key then went to check the room and the rest of the inn. She saw the dungeon and was so ready to be used by her Master in the dungeon. She needed to bring in all the things that she had to set up the room for the night along with their clothing. She walked to her car, grabbed all the bags along with her suitcase. Michelle had booked their room for two days. Her plans for the night were to pick her Master up from home, blindfold him and drive to the inn. She wanted this to be not only the best night of their lives other than their wedding and collaring. Once they arrived she görükle escort would lead him up to the room, have him sit at the table, light the candles and put on some soft music. She had arranged to have dinner delivered to their room at a certain time. After everything was set up in the room, she drove home. She luckily still had an hour before Dan arrived home. She sat down for a few minutes to catch her breath. Michelle looked at what time it was. She got up off her chair and went to take a shower. She walked into their room, grabbed a nice simple black dress. She bought some new lingerie for the night. Michelle also purchased another sexy outfit for Saturday night. She dried her hair and curled it then applied her make up. She got dressed. Just as she finished getting dressed, she heard Dan walking into the house. She walked out to greet him. Dan just stood there with a huge smile on his face.

“Good evening Master.”

“Good evening slave.”

“Master, please allow me to please you with a surprise that I have prepared for you.” She said with a smile.

“And what do you have in mind my pet?” Dan asked

“Would you care for a shower first or would you simply be game to allow you to show the surprise my way?”

“Let me shower and changed first. Is this something I will punish you for, my pet?” Dan smirked

“No Master, but you will have to allow me to blindfold you and trust me. I truly believe you will be extremely happy though with my choice of surprises.” She smirked and flirty said to him.

“I will go along with your plan today Slave since it is our anniversary. No I did not forget what day it is.” He walked over to her, kissed her on her mouth and said happy anniversary, pet.

Dan showered and changed. Once he was finished, he said, “I am all yours pet, but remember if I disapprove, your ass will become a nice black and blue shade.”

They walked out to the car. Michelle pulled out the blindfold. “Master, it is time to blindfold you.”

Dan allowed Michelle to blindfold him. She started the car and drove to the inn. On their way he wanted some clues as to where they were going. She was very generic in her answers. She did not want to ruin the surprised that she had planned for months. Once arriving at the inn, she parked the car and walked to his side of the car. She helped him out of the car. He commented how he did not really like this whole blindfold idea but since it was their anniversary, he was going to go along with it. He heard her open a door and the sound of other people as he walked into the building. Michelle lead him down to what he thought was a hallway. She opened the door to their room. Dan figured out that it was probably a hotel room but yet was not quite sure. She guided him to the chair to sit. Once he was situated, she lit the candles, turned on the music and took off her dress. She left the door open so when the food was delivered they could simply walk into the room then they would very quietly shut the door after the food was delivered. She did not want to completely give it away that they were in a bdsm bed kissing her then took the plate. He looked around the room. He smiled from ear to hear noticing the candles. He held her hand to help her off the floor.

“Sit in your chair my pet. Thank you so much for the surprise slave.” Dan said

“Were you surprised Master?” Michelle asked

“Very much so.” He said

“Master, the surprises are not over. This is not simply a bed this inn is actually a bdsm bed & breakfast. There is a dungeon downstairs. It is for the guests only and it is fully stocked with a variety of toys and furniture. I have also packed your favorite floggers, vibes and dildos.” She said.

“You do realize now slave that you may not be going home without any bruises and soreness.” Dan smirked

“Yes Master, I am hoping that you enjoy yourself with my body and use my body as your canvas for painting it with various colors and shapes.”

They ate their dinner and did some talking.

“Master are you ready for the rest of your surprises?” Michelle asked

“Yes slave, I am ready.” Dan answered.

Michelle walked over to dresser, opened up the drawer and pulled out a few boxes. She walked over to her Master then getting on her knees. The first box contained a key chain that said, “I am Master’s property, slave and his servant.” It also contained their wedding & collaring date. There was a picture of a Master standing holding a leash and at the other end of the leash was a kneeling slave. He took it out of the box, told her he loved it then took out his keys to attach the new key ring. Michelle handed him then next box. She knew he kept looking at this flogger but did not want to spend that much money for a flogger. She knew what type of damage it would do to her body but her body did not belong görükle escort bayan to her, it was his. She was his property. The flogger had a wooden handle. She took the handle to one of their friends to have it engraved. There were two more boxes. The next box contained something she had wanted but also knew the pain and marks it would also embark on her body. Dan opened the box. She made a zipper for him to use on her pussy along with toy for her breast. The zipper for her pussy was made from clothes pins but the type of clothes pins that would have a nice grip to them so when pulled off she would be yelping. The toy for her breast was a wooden ring that slide over her breast. The rings were connected by a leather band in the middle but yet the strap could also be taken off if wished to be used as separate rings. On the outskirts of the wooden ring there were string tied and clothes pins attached to the sting. She also knew since these were the same clothes pins she used for the zipper, they would also hurt her tits. On the side of each wooden ring was a leather strap that would be snapped along her back.

“Master, this is the last box. It is something we have talked about. I wish to have your approval of it before it was done.” Michelle stated.

Dan opened the box. He saw a picture and picked up the drawing. The drawing was a man standing holding a leash and slave at the end on her knees with her hands on her thighs. She was in the humble position. There was a queen of spades on her breast. Underneath the couple the words, “Slave owned Property” with their wedding date is written. She said to him to look inside the box. He glanced inside the box and there was a gift certificate for the tattoo parlor.

“I love all the gifts slave. Thank you.” He said. “I will definitely be taking you to get the tattoo. I just have to decide if I want it on your back shoulder blade or your ass.”

Dan walked over and kissed her. “Now to have some fun with my new gifts, slave. I also wish to say, I love the new outfit. You are looking just like my slut should. Go get on all fours on the bed.” He said

Michelle walked to the bed and got onto all fours like instructed. Dan rubbed his hands starting at her neck moving slowly down to her ass. He ran his fingers on the outside of her panties by her pussy. He discovered that they were actually crotchless.

“So my dirty little white slut thought she would be a naughty girl by having such panties.” Dan commented.

“No Master, I thought you may enjoy them and me being your nasty little slut, your white bitch.” Michelle replied.

Dan pulled her pussy lips with one hand as he played with Michelle’s clit with the other hand. His hand was getting very wet. The more he pulled her pussy lips and clit the wetter his slave got. He took his hand away then made her clean his hand with her mouth. He turned around, walked to the table and picked up his new toys.

“Roll over slut.” Dan ordered

Michelle laid on her back. Dan walked back from the table with his new toys. He picked up the riding crop that she had packed. He began to flog her pussy lips till they were nice and red. He attached the clothes pin zipper.

“Stand up slave” he instructed her. Michelle stood up. He grabbed her one boob and slid the wooden ring over her boob. He did the same to the other. He attached the clothes pins to the skin on her boob. Once that was completed he fastened the strap behind her back. Dan commented on how nice this looks. He could make the strap as tight or as loose as he wished. The tighter looked so good as the clothes pins pulled the skin back exposing the nipple. He took the riding crop and hit the nipple. She moaned with each swat. He walked over to the table, grabbed a piece of ice out of his glass then ran it along her nipple. Her nipple was getting nice and hard. He picked up his new flogger and swatted her breast, making sure to his the nipple. She gasped with each hit. Once he had his fun with her nipples, he attached a free standing clothes pin.

“Get back on all fours.” as he pointed to the bed. Dan spread her legs apart. He took another piece of ice and placed it right on her clit, tucking it so it would not fall but simply melt. She instantly felt the coldness of the ice but more so the ice melting so fast that the water was dripping off her clit. Dan loved playing with ice.

Dan picked up his riding crop and began administrating swats to her ass. Michelle’s ass was a nice pink. He was too excited to try his new flogger. He swats her ass once. She yelped. He laughed. He flogged her ass a few more times. He rubbed her ass then rubs more ice one it. He repeated the process over the next hour.

“Now let’s see how those tits and pussy lips are faring with the clothes pins.” Dan laughed, knowing very well that Michelle will be crying and bursa escort screaming when he takes them off. Normally he will not leave on so long. He took the pins off her nipples. She did indeed scream.

“Good thing this is a bdsm bed & breakfast.” Dan smirked

Dan picked up his new flogger. One swat to each nipple as Michelle flinched and yelped. He laughed and gave her a shit eating grin. He unleashed the strap behind her back then pulled the wooden rings over her breast. The clothes pins were still attached to her skin. He loved that she squirmed while moving the direction of the pins. One by one he twisted the clothes pins and then took them off. He could see the pain in her eyes. This made him enjoy it all the more. When the clothes pins were all removed he picked up his floggers. He mixed it up with his floggers so she never knew which one was going to swat her.

Dan told her to roll over onto her back but closer to the edge of the bed. The bed had eye hooks drilled into the inner side of the post, so this would give the Master a variety of heights or even widths to tie his slave. He cuffed her ankles then attached it to one of the eye hooks. Nice and spread apart he thought to himself. He grabbed the riding crop; lightly at first hitting the clothes pins then twisting a few of the clothes pins individually. He debated to take one clothes pin off at a time or to simply pull off all at the same time fast. He twisted the bottom two clothes pins then removing them one at a time. He did that with the next one. She whined with all four pins that came off. She was thinking he will torture her this way one by one. Surprising her, he grabbed the string and yanked the pins off. One by one he saw them pop off. She screamed in pain.

“I love the expression on your face and your screaming bitch.” Dan said to Michelle

Dan picked up the flogger and swatted her pussy lips. Michelle tried to move but because her legs were tied spread eagle, she did not have the ability to really go anywhere. He walked over to the table, picked up his phone and began taking pictures of her position and the swollen pussy lips. He crawled up onto the bed hovering over her face. She opened her mouth humbling accepting his dick. He loved the position she was in as it gave him full access to her pussy. He leaned over and attached a few of the clothes pins from the zipper back onto her pussy lips. He noticed that on top of the dresser was a couple pair of chained clamps. He pulled out of her mouth, walked over to grab the clamps and attached to her pussy lips. He put the chain behind his balls then rammed his dick into her pussy. He was so turned on that he was ready to cum but slowed himself down to enjoy the full effect of her position. He grabbed the clothes pins and twisted them. He felt her muscles tightening around his dick as she whined and tried to wiggle. He could not hold back any more, he continue to fuck her till he came. He pulled out of her pussy told her to lick his dick nice and clean. Dan got off the bed, stood at the edge as he flogged her puss with the clamps on. He ripped clothes pins off while he held the chain to the clamps. She screamed from the pain. Once the clothes pins were off, he played with her clit. He got her so excited then stopped. He inserted beads into her ass and pussy. Dan untied Michelle, and then told her to crawl up to the top of the bed. He turned off the lights and went to cuddle with her.

The next morning, Dan allowed Michelle to sleep in. He noticed the brochures on the coffee table. He read them. One thing he noticed was that if Master’s wished to have their slave’s nude, they were more than welcome. The only restriction was at the dining area. They were able to site with lingerie on though. Dan left a note for Michelle to get dressed in the lingerie outfit that she had on last night and come down to the dining room. He opened the door quietly and walked downstairs. He wanted to explore the rest of the bed & breakfast. He ran into the owners. They sat at the dining room table talking to him. They told him what made them open a bed & breakfast. The owners congratulated him on his fifth year wedding anniversary and collaring his slave.

Michelle finally woke up. She saw the note and got dressed in her outfit. She headed downstairs. She was a little nervous because she was not used to being in such little clothing in public. She walked over to her Master and greeted him. She then turned to the owners to greet them. They said good morning then commented on her outfit. She turned red as she is shy in such a way. They ordered breakfast. A scantily dressed slave dressed in a waitress uniform brought out their food. They continue to talk to the owners. As they were finishing their breakfast, the owners told them to enjoy the grounds. The owner explained they were in a secluded area so if Dan wished for me to be nude at any point he there would be no problem with any of the neighbors or anyone else. He looked at his slave with a shit eating grin.

“Oh, now that I know this, we will begin our day with a walk outside.” He noticed as he looked outside a path that led into the woods.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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