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It was my first day on the new job and I was nervous. I was given the address and told to be there at 10 a.m. The lady of the house would be waiting for me. I walked up to the front door and knocked. I waited, butterflies in my stomach and rehearsing the opening lines of the training chat I’d been given. I was slightly turned away when I heard the door open and I started my spiel as I turned, “Good morning, I’m from Milkers R Us…” That was as far as I got because Mrs Myres was standing at the door in a sheer negligee. Her gorgeous breasts clearly visible through the silvery material.

“Oh good, you’re here,” you said, your voice oozing a sexy yet playful lilt, “come in.”

You turned and walked back inside, your sexy brief panties visible through the material. I quickly glanced about the quiet street wondering who else might have just seen the beautiful vision I just had.


I quickly came to my senses and followed.

“Where would be best for you, the lounge or the bedroom?”

“Well Ma’am, whichever you would find most comfortable, lying down or seated.”

“Fine, the lounge it is then,” and again I was following your swaying hips. We turned into a room and you walked across and sat down in the corner of the three seater.

“So, I suppose you know that I am doing this as a surprise for my husband. He told me his fantasy of wanting to be able to suck milk from my tits and, when I looked into it, that’s when I heard of your company. How long do you think it will take for my milk to start flowing for him?”

I was now staring at your full plump breasts as they pushed the material out and your nipples craved attention. “That depends on how well you respond to the treatment Ma’am but…”

“Oh please call me Kitty. I’d prefer that while we are doing this.”

“Certainly Ma’ … Kitty. Should we get started?” I could feel the lump in my pants from looking at your gorgeous body and tried to keep it hidden from your view – this was most unprofessional behaviour.

“Sure. What do you want me to do?”

“Well if you are comfortable where you are, nothing; we can start straight away.”

“Fine, show me what you’ve got.” For a moment I thought you meant my growing erection but then realised, as you patted the seat beside you, you meant my professional services.

I sat next to you and my heart was pounding. I reached out and gently undid the string sash that held your negligee closed and it fell open to completely expose your beautiful mammaries.

“I will need to just see how sensitive they are – I hope you don’t mind?”

“No not at all; actually I love it quite rough when hubby plays with them so you won’t need to worry.”

“Erm, … no, it’s just that sucking too hard can damage the tissue and slow down the letdown of milk. We don’t want that, so it would be good if, during the treatment period, you don’t let your husband play too roughly with them. Okay?”

“Oh, okay … if you say so.” You were clearly disappointed.

I reached forward and gently took your right breast into my hand and felt its firmness all around that lovely soft flesh. I allowed my thumb to drag gently around the areola and felt the tiny gooseflesh lumps stand firm against the contact. You were watching intently.

I joked, “You know why it does that don’t you?”

You shook your head. “It’s for the blind – it’s Braille and says ‘Suck here’.”

You chuckled at the joke but that allowed your breasts to jiggle delightfully and it was then that I tested your nipple by squeezing it between my thumb and bursa escort forefinger and rolling it around. You gasped at the contact. “Does that hurt?” I enquired, intent on my examination.

“Oh, er … no,” your voice quavered.

I looked up into your eyes and saw you face was flushed. Your arousal was quite clear as your nipples stood out hard atop your breasts. I quickly made the same check of your other breast, leaning across you a little to fully examine you. I noticed that your breath was coming in short gasps and I could easily see that you have very sensitive breasts.

“If you feel ready, we can begin,” I said. I realised that my nerves seemed to have gone now that I was at my work but your nerves had clearly risen from the cool calm lady I’d met at the door. Here it goes I thought! I’m about to get paid for something I’ve loved doing for free for years!

I shifted on the lounge so that I was facing towards you and stretched along its length. I leaned across you so that I could start with your left breast. Lifting it slightly I moved closer and I inhaled all of your womanly scents. It was a heady mix of perfume and your own secret aroma that emanated from just below my arm in your lap. You had your legs crossed in the vain hope I guess that you could keep your secret. I didn’t deny you that fantasy.

Slowly I moved closer and my lips surrounded your nipple and grazed against the bumps of your areola and I snaked out my tongue to wet the surface so that a good contact and suction could be created. Gently at first I nibbled your nipple that was protruding hard into my mouth so that I could roll it around before I gently started to suck it into my mouth. Your breasts were heaving with your breathing coming quickly as your sensitive nub disappeared from your view.

I moved my right hand to cradle and caress the side of your breast just as a baby does when suckling from its mummy. And then I increased the pressure of my suction. Still only directed at the nipple and the tight surrounding flesh. I could feel it swell in my mouth – excellent.

I detached and looked up to you, a dreamy look glazed in your eyes. Remembering my training to stay objective, I avoided the basic error of asking, “How does that feel?” but went with, “Does that hurt at all Kitty?”

“Oh goodness no!” you sighed.

“That’s a great start then; now the other side. Be sure to tell me if you feel any pain in the nipple area. As you can see I won’t be using my teeth on you so it should not hurt. If it does we need to stop. Okay?”

You looked dreamily at me and said, “I understand,” but I got the feeling you were looking forward to a little pain if it arrived. I moved slightly to gain access to your other breast and as I moved we both looked at your left nipple which remained engorged and red from the small amount of sucking. It really was sensitive which made me feel that I would have you milking within a few sessions.

Again I caressed the side of the breast to hold it in place as I moved my mouth to your pointed peak and sucked it in. Again you sighed. As I increased the pressure I felt your gentle movement and from the corner of my eye I could see your hand caressing your other nipple. You were getting more aroused. It was bad enough that I was rock hard in my pants but now you were clearly getting excited. What would I do?

Company policy is clear – no sex with clients or we’d lose everyone to angry husbands. I just had to concentrate on the job but I also knew you had a clear view of my pants-covered malatya escort cock sticking out and, lying on the lounge as I was, there was no way to turn to hide it.

I increased the pressure again and felt your nipple soften and extend into my mouth. It was a surprise as it was something that can take two or three sessions to achieve. Again you gasped a little as your distended button moved to the back of my mouth as more of your breast disappeared from view. Your bountiful round globes are a tit-sucker’s delight.

I stayed in close contact and suckled harder, drawing the nipple deep into my mouth with a steady sucking pressure. Gradually I started to rotate my head to draw more of you in until, even to my surprise your fat swollen nipple was reaching to the back of my throat. I was sucking hard and you were quietly rocking me, your hand now at the back of my head increasing the pressure of my contact. As you pushed harder it became more difficult to breathe through my nose as your abundant tit flesh mashed across my face. You adored having your tits sucked.

I had to pull away so that I could attend to the other nipple. My estimation of thirty minutes of sucking was almost spot on. Stimulating only one would cause all sorts of milking problems. I pulled back and you released my head. I broke the contact with a loud smacking noise as your inflated and bloated tit popped from my mouth. The perfectly rounded breast with the pert nipple in its centre that I had seen in your profile picture that you had given the boss at your interview, was now a cone shaped reddened point with an areola that had doubled in size during the sucking session.

I quickly moved to the other nipple and spent the next thirty minutes sucking that one in the same way. You, however, didn’t hesitate to push my head into your breast and sure enough the sucking increased. The nipple stretched to fill my mouth and I was in heaven. Only the release of that nectar into my mouth would make this any better. You became restless and it was clear that you were hot physically and emotionally. After thirty minutes I withdrew – much to my reluctance and disappointment as yours, I am sure, and I sat up on the lounge.

There before me was a picture of beauty! A wonderfully endowed woman with her tits bared, her fat engorged nipples stretched and red. If a couple of pale milky drops had appeared at this point I’d have come in my pants. The look in your face, when I finally looked up, was one of agony. You had been squeezing your legs together but now I had moved you had spread them wantonly. The room was filled, once I sat up, with the unmistakable aroma of cunt juice. Those flimsy panties were dark at the crotch.

“You muttered, “Please, could you do me a favour? I know what it said in the contract but I am on fire down here!” you nodded towards your crotch. “I need something to release the pressure. I know you can’t have sex, and I don’t think my hubby is that open minded that he’d let me fuck you but could you, … please … go down on me? I know it’s a lot to ask but my tits are so sensitive that I’ve been on fire since you got here and … well, your cock certainly seems to suggest your interested.”

The boss had said no fucking the clients. She didn’t want me to fuck her, just suck her. I spied a loop hole that I figured, if no-one asks: no-one will know. I didn’t say a word. I slowly moved around and slid from the lounge to the floor in front of Kitty. She knew I’d agreed. She shuffled forward so that her well spread long çanakkale escort legs were leaving her cute backside perched on the edge of the sofa. The wetness of the lounge covering and her panties told me she was telling the truth about being on fire down there.

I moved in and her aroma overtook my senses. She reached down each side to her hips and then yanked her panties aside. The flimsy material disappeared once she’d undone the side ties. Before me was another picture. Were all my dreams coming true today?

Her shaven pussy showed the most gorgeous and engorged fat outer lips that were glistening with her running juices and the inner folds had protruded, shining in the midday light. I slowly leaned in and tentatively poked my tongue into the lips, sucking the outer lips into my mouth in an intensely sucking French Kiss. I poked my tongue into her inner folds and rotated it around her grasping vaginal walls. She gasped loudly, “Oh my God that feels good! Harder! More!!”

Like on her tits she grabbed the back of my head and dragged me into her. Using my hands to spread her cunt wide, I dove in deeper extending my tongue in and up to try to stimulate that elusive G spot while my fingers diddled her clit. She rocked into my face and continued with all sorts of obscenity, “Aw fuck! That’s good. Harder! Bite me!”

I clenched my teeth on her left inner lip and pulled it hard to one side and drilled three fingers into her depths. Her cunt muscles clamped down immediately only increasing the sensation as I thrust my fingers into her gaping hole. I dropped the cunt lips to attack her clit, sucking it as I had her tits. I was determined to get milk of some kind out of this woman and I think she agreed as after only a few seconds of my gyrating sucking mouth on her clit and my fingers delving deep into her she came.

First it was a clamping on my digits that I thought might break them then the deep guttural, “Ahhhhhh!!!! Oh my God!” and then the gushing spasms of her cunt muscles that sent a spray of her internal juices across my face. I couldn’t believe how soaked I was. She whimpered like she was in some ecstatic pain. Then suddenly she pushed me away and I fell backwards onto the floor.

Before I could even start to get up she was above me and looking ravenously at my groin. She pounced on me, her cunt above my face and my arms pinned by her legs. It was not like I was going to fight her off. I felt my zip go down and then her hands in my pants. My engorged cock sprang free into the cool air and was immediately engulfed in a molten mouth as she devoured my length. I had been rock hard for over an hour and sucking tits and a cunt had only made me wetter and more ready.

She manoeuvred her cunt to my mouth so that I could clean her gaping flaps of the last of the juices. As she drove down the length of my cock she pushed down on my mouth. Our rhythm was quickly established and equally quickly over as I couldn’t stand it for long and I erupted deep in her throat. She sucked firmly and took what ever was left of my essence and then she was off me. She rolled over and stood up, amusingly closing her negligee around her.

Delicately she used a finger to gather a drop of my come from her lip and sucked it clean. I was up and able to re-arrange my attire. Nervously she looked down at the floor and then briefly up at me, “Thank you … er .. um … for the session. How many do you think it will take?”

“I think you will be a very good milking candidate and possibly only three or four more sessions will see those sensitive breasts fulfilling their duties for you. It will need to be every couple of days as we said, so that you can recover from each session. We can’t afford to overdo anything,” I smiled, thinking of the wonderful non-sex we had just had!

“I will see you same time on Wednesday, okay?”

“Yes. Thanks.”

“I’ll see my own way out. Bye.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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