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I was stood in the middle of our bedroom naked, bent over at the waist. A thread was tied, pulled tight from one thumb down to my big toe. My Mistress Wife was stood next to me, cane in her hand, talking.

We have been living in a 24/7 FemDom relationship for some years now, and She has been cuckolding me with Dave, Her work colleague for the best part of 12 months.

She is a drop dead gorgeous, 38 year old gym bunny, in a body any 18 year old would die for. Tall, slim and beautiful. Tight waist, curvy arse and gorgeous tits, and the most sexual attitude to dress style you could wish for — short skirts, tight trousers — wonderful. Her relationship with Dave was becoming increasingly intimate, and I was struggling to deal with the intimacy. She was addressing that now.

“I am going to give you some extra-hard, punishment strokes.” She said. “You must remain where you are without moving. If you move and break the thread, then I will tie you to the bed so you cannot move, finish the set that I started, and then apply the complete set to you all over again. So you will end up receiving double the punishment. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

“Right,” She began, “To start with we need to deal with the fact that I no longer think of you as my sexual provider. You haven’t fucked me properly for years and I don’t know what makes you think you should start trying to do so now.”

“I do not think of you sexually in that way, and I do not want to do so. I will not be doing so, and you need to get used to that.”

“Now, I am going to give you 20 punishment strokes with istanbul travesti this cane. After each stroke I want you to count it off and then say ‘Thank You Mistress. I do not think of myself as Your sexual provider.'”

“Right, let’s go,” She pulled back the cane for the first stroke.


20 strokes later I was whimpering gently as I stood there, bent over, my arse in complete agony.

“Right. That deals with that. Let’s hope we don’t have any more nonsense in that respect. Now, there are a more things.”

“Firstly, Dave is the primary source of my sexual excitement. When I think about him, see him or get a message from him on my Blackberry, my pussy gets wet and I think about having sex with him.”

“When I feel horny I think about him and about reaching out to him, and not to you.”

“As you know, I am a very sexual being. I love sex, and so I think about him in this way on and off throughout the day. You should be glad that I have him to think of in this way, since you don’t fulfill my sexual needs. You should be happy – accepting, encouraging and supportive of his role as my sexual provider.”

“To make this quite clear to you I am now going to give you 30 punishment strokes. After each stroke I want you to count it, thank me and say ‘We are lucky that we have Dave as Your sexual provider Mistress, especially since I am not able to fill that role.'”


30 strokes later I was crying tears as I stood, bent in the middle of the room.

“Good, Mistress said, “Now there is still more.”

“We have established that I like kadıköy travesti to think about Dave a lot of the time, that when I do so, I think about having sex with him and that I enjoy doing that.”

“We have also established that when I see him my first thoughts are sexual. Obviously I enjoy these thoughts and obviously I enjoy thinking about him. I enjoy being with him, talking to him and being in touch with him. This is called intimacy. It is natural between two people who enjoy an established, sexual attraction like we do, and I enjoy this intimacy with him.”

“You should be glad that I am able to be intimate with him and actually enjoy intimacy with my sexual partner. He is not just a shag, he is a boyfriend that I enjoy being intimate with.”

“Now I am going to give you another 30 punishment strokes. After each stroke I want you to count it off, thank me, and say ‘We are so lucky that You enjoy Your intimacy with Dave, Mistress.'”


My arse was killing me now.

“Right. One other thing. We need to clarify your sexual role. Yes! You do have a sexual role, and it is this:

You exist to give my arse oral pleasure with your mouth – to lick my arse. We both know that you enjoy licking it too, and that’s just lucky for you, and your privilege that you get to enjoy it.

You don’t have any other sexual role. At all. Ever. You must never desire, want, suggest or even think about me in any other sexual way at all. Never.

Now, I Iove having sex with you, and you must aim to serve me sexually every day. So anadolu yakası travesti before I send you to make me tea every morning you must offer to lick my arse. If ever you do not offer you will be punished.

You must never ask for, seek or expect any other sexual pleasure with me or by yourself at all. Nothing. Ever. No wanking, fucking, blowjobs, nothing If you ever suggest you want something else you will be punished.

To make this clear I am going to give you 25 punishment strokes. After each stroke I want you to count it off, thank me and say ‘The only sexual pleasure I deserve, Mistress, is the pleasure of licking Your arse with my tongue. I am lucky and privileged to be allowed to lick Your arse.'”


I was crying real tears again.

“You are doing well,” Mistress said. “We are nearly done now, so hold tight. It would be a shame to break the thread now, for me to have to tie you down and start all over again, so keep it up.

Next thing. My pussy, my mouth and my hands. These are all sexual organs, designed to give men pleasure, but not you. You do not deserve that sort of pleasure. Dave does deserve it, oh yes! But you do not. You will not engage with these areas sexually, and if you do then you will always be punished for it.

Sometimes I might want you to eat my pussy, fuck me, or I might even want to touch your cock with my hand, and perhaps even give you a blow job. If I choose to do these things then that is my right to do so. But me making that choice does not change the fact that if you engage sexually with my hands, pussy or mouth then you will be punished with strokes of the cane, even if I tell you to eat my pussy, you will have to pay.

So now I will give you 30 more strokes and after you’ve counted each one and thanked me you must say ‘I must never engage with You sexually Mistress, and if I do, I should always be punished for it.’

Ok. Ready?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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