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“We’re going to play a game, Pet.”

Goosebumps appear on her arms as she looks at all of the implements displayed before her. Some obvious, such as floggers and a paddle. Others appear to be ordinary household items, but of course she knows better than that. Cable ties, scrub brushes, are those chopsticks?? She didn’t even notice the deck of cards when he first sat her down in the chair. Leaning over the back of the chair, facing the bed, he tied her quite securely to it. She can wiggle her hips some, but her hands and legs are very tight. This both calms and excites her in a way she has yet to come to terms with. Waves of lust and love and sexual anticipation wash over her.

The phrase “be careful what you wish for” enters her mind. She’s the one who gave him the idea of a kinky card game of chance. She copy/pasted something she read on a forum, sent it to him just a few days ago. And here he is, making it happen. And even better, he’s making it his own. For her. She’s bursting with love.

He assigns each implement a number, using the heart cards. Then explains the game. Pick a card, match up the number, your ass gets that many strokes of that item. King is bare-handed spanking, Ace is her choice, except the Ace of Hearts, which ends it. Simple enough.

He holds the deck where she can reach and she chooses the first card. 5 of Spades. She looks around and sees the 5 is some kind of utensil she’s not familiar with. He picks it up and shows her. Its a long, thin brush, with pointy metal sticks.

Ok its only 5, I can handle that, she thinks as she takes a deep breath.

swish swish swish

oh that doesn’t hurt at all.


Fuck that hurt! Deep breath…

Next card…2. The paddle. He never really used it on her before. It has a soft, furry side, and then the hard side. SPLAT He used the hard side. She braces herself for the 2nd hit, assumes istanbul travesti it will be harder. He rubs her ass with the hard wood, pulls back, but switches midair to the soft side. He’s so nice… Deep breath..

After a number of hits with all 3 floggers, and another go at the metal thing, she picks an 8. A new brush she hasn’t seen before. She doesn’t know if its soft of course. He runs it down her back while he says “One”. She wiggles from the chills it gives her. He lifts her up, exposing her pussy, and starts running the brush across it. She moans. “Oh you like that, Pet, do you?”

“Yes, Sir” After 6 more AMAZING strokes on her pussy he replaces the brush with his fingers to feel how wet she is.

“Is Pet enjoying my game?”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir”

Next she picks an Ace, and she chooses his hand for 30 seconds of spanking. Another thing she’s coming to terms with is how much she loves when he spanks her. Why does she enjoy it so much? It turns her on so much!

“I think my Pet wants to cum” He puts a blindfold on her and says “Time out”. She hears some rustling about, then he begins touching her all over. She just sighs and takes it all in. She’s tied to the chair, after all, what else could she do? He stops to get something, she’s listening intently, trying to be good and not turn her head around to see.

Finally she sees that its her Trinity Wand, the one with 7 speeds. He’s plugged it in and is positioning it in place so its right up against her clit. She squirms in anticipation.

He turns it on “OH!” he got it in the exact perfect spot on the first try. Before she could relax into it and enjoy, he’s turned it off. She puts her head down on its side and prepares herself. Is she going to get to cum soon? He turns it on for another split second before starting up the game again. She’s now squirming more and beginning şişli travesti to shiver. “Is Pet cold?”

“No, Sir”

“Is Pet horny?”

“Yes, Sir. Very Much So!”

“Gooood Pet. Pick a card.”

The next few turns she pulls the cable ties, scrub brush again, and a flogger. Then its time for the chopstick looking things. Its a bunch of wooden skewers tied together, which he taps gently on her wet, swollen pussy, making her squirm even more. “Does your pussy like the attention, Pet?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He puts the wand on again. For 3 seconds this time.

She cries out in frustration when he turns it off. She’s now grinding helplessly against the wand, which provides no relief when turned off.

After another 30 or so hits with various implements, she finally pulls the Ace of Hearts.

She looks up at him wondering whats next. As always, her face melts with the desire to kiss him. He smiles and leans down to give her a good, deep kiss as he positions himself behind her. He turns the wand on the lowest setting. Her inner slut takes over as she starts to grind herself against it, trying desperately to bring herself to orgasm. The setting is just too low. After a few minutes of writhing in frustration, His right hand comes around the front and holds the wand firmly against her.

Her immediate squirming makes her realize how tight he’s holding her in place. She has nowhere to go! “Cum for me, Pet”

And she does! “OHHHH YES!” Her whole body shakes as she explodes in orgasmic bliss. She puts her head down and sighs, but instead of turning the wand off, he turns it higher!

“Cum again, Pet.”

Immediately her body begins to shake again. She loves feeling his whole body pressed against her back, grinding her against the wand. Totally trapped in his strong arms, she starts moaning “Oh, OH OH bakırköy travesti OH YES”

“Very nice, Pet. That’s 2. Are you ready for 3?”

Oh no, he’s going to keep doing this until the highest speed? I don’t know if I can take it!

On one hand, she’s excited that he’s doing this, its something she’s read and fantasized about. But in reality, she knows how strong that vibe gets in the higher numbers, and she’s very nervous about it hurting.

“Yes, Sir,” she manages to say. Her whole body tenses up and he turns the dial.

“OH, mmmmmmmm” that one wasn’t as strong. Her pussy is starting to feel numb already. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Good Pet.” He turns it to 4. For an added touch, he starts to move the wand all over her pussy.

“OH-OH-OH-OH-AH-AHHHH YES YES THANK YOU SIR” Her body is shaking and grinding uncontrollably now.

He kisses her neck, whispers into her ear.. “5”

She SCREAMS “OHHHHH”. He puts his hand over her mouth. She knows he’s concerned about the neighbors, but she can’t help it! Now that his hand is over her mouth she doesn’t have to worry about it. She lets it all go, screaming into his hand, her whole body shaking with wild abandon.

“6” When she screams again, his hand moves up, he’s covering her nose! She’s breathing laborously into his hand, fighting to get what little bit of air is there. He moves his hand away and she’s relieved, and takes a few breaths, only to feel his hand covering her up again. She didn’t take a deep breath first! She didn’t know she needed to. They never talked about breath play. So now she’s just trying to relax her breathing, but at the same time his whole body is wrapped around her, holding the vibe tight on her overly sensitive clit. Her breaths are short and desperate, and the next time he takes his hand away she knows to take a deep breath, and she’s ready when he puts it back.

She’s now given total control of her body to him, down to her breathing. Her clit is so numb she’s not sure she can cum again. Her whole body relaxes into his, her mind goes blank. He turns the vibe off, wraps his arms around her for a few minutes, tender kisses to her neck.

“Well, we didn’t make it to 7. Next time, Pet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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