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On this fine and lovely Monday morning I was cursing the sunlight through my office window under my breath. The first workday back after New Years was always hell! Not only did nearly two weeks of work pile up, but the too much partying last Saturday night while watching the Wildcard games was still bouncing around the remains of his brain. “Headache” was such a small word for such a large pain. He sat down at his desk, planning to get a few things together for a meeting in 20 minutes when he felt the hand on his leg. He didn’t really realize what it was until it moved across his thigh. Rather than jump his mind flashed to the Corporate Christmas party of just over two weeks ago.


“Oh Hiya Jay!” She says it and nearly loses her feet as she over spun around.

“Oh God, she’s smashed!” He thought to himself. “I’ve never seen her drunk!” was his second thought. His third was even worse, “And she’s holding out car keys.”

“Shannon, you can’t drive tonight.”

She pouted so prettily. “But I have to! I need to get home.”

He held his hand out for her keys. His reputation paying off for him. She listened, even being very drunk. No one in the company ever ignored him more than once. He wasn’t an ogre, but such a straight arrow that everyone came to respect it!

She handed over her keys, with some reluctance.

“Actually I knew that. I just took them out from habit. I was planning to get a cab.”

“This late? Out here?” He looked around at the rural scene. This year the party was at a new country club miles from the city center. The odds of her getting a cab were pretty slim. He did what he always does and made a fast decision.

“No, Fast link I’m taking you home. Do you have a way of getting your card tomorrow?”

“I think so.”

“OK, come one. But if you get sick in my car I will never let you forget it.”


She gave him her address and he got her into his car. He drove his new Christmas present, a small sports car, and she whistled appreciably.

The drive was longer than he thought, but while she was certainly chatty, she wasn’t obnoxious. It was funny hearing some of what the other employees thought of him. At least the good stuff. Then she got to the more interesting stuff.

“You’re kidding me, Shannon!”

“No, I’m not. Most of the female staff would love to have a go at you, and half the male staff would as well. Remember Molly?”

“Molly, the small redhead from accounting? She moved when her boyfriend got transferred, right?”

“Yea, that’s her. You see why we all love you, she’s been gone for about 3 years and you remember the details! Well Molly had this little plan. She kept telling us how she was going to sneak into your office and hide under your desk and then when you sat down, she would wait until someone else had come in and then give you a blow jo

“Now you are teasing me!”

“No I swear it. We all checked out your desk and figured it might work.”

“You all?”

“Sure it was a great little fantasy for Molly and me! Oh, I probably shouldn’t tell you that!”

“I think we need to change the subject.”

She was quit the rest of the trip. At her place she tried to apologize. “Shannon, it’s no biggie. Just get some sleep and if you need a ride to fast links get your car, give me a yell. But not before noon, I plan on sleeping in.”

He had pretty much dismissed the conversation until he felt a hand on his thigh just as Tom, one of his assistants came in. He felt his cock get massaged through his pants and it made following what Tom needed very difficult. Just as Tom left, he felt and hears his zipper going down. “Shannon, it had to be Shannon!” She tried to pull back from underneath the desk, but his chair didn’t move. Just as a very warm mouth engulfed his hardening cock, Beth came in for a regular weekly teleconference. She dialed and the two of them listened to the meeting. Luckily there wasn’t too much to say because the mouth was incredible! She pulled his cock out parallel to the ground and was sucking it slowly, in a hot and tight mouth. He had never felt anything quite like it in his entire life!

The teleconference ended and Beth left. He found his eyes on her hips, something her always hated seeing other guys do, but the sway of her hips and the mouth swallowing him seemed to be moving in sync. He found himself nearing an orgasm! His eye caught the clock on his desktop and he only had minutes before his meeting, one he couldn’t ignore! The hot mouth seemed to know it.

He came, hard! He nearly fell to the top of his desk as he felt his cock getting stuffed back in and Shannon. . It had to be Shannon . . . struggle with his zipper. He got his body back and went to push himself back from his desk when a voice interrupted him.

“Don’t you have a meeting you have to go to?”

The voice froze him, because the last time he heard it, it was much more slurred as it apologized to him. The problem was the voice was coming from his doorway. There was Shannon in the doorway, her arms folder under her breasts and the smile on her face was strange.

He gathered his material and got up; the chair went back under the desk before he could even catch a glimpse. “Was it Molly?” he thought furiously. As he passed Shannon, she smiled at him and whispered, “Happy New Year, Jay!”

He went to his meeting, down the hall and around the corner. As he passed the corner, Shannon looked into his office. She held a hand up toward the person coming out from under the desk. She was watching down the hall and saw him pop back briefly looking back towards his office. Shannon smiled at him and shook her head. When he went back around the corner, she knew it was safe.

“You can’t tell him!”

The young man standing there with a very satisfied look on his face and a very hard cock straining at his slacks was nodding.

“I’m not kidding. If he finds out it was you, there will be hell to pay!”

“Aw Shannon, you know he liked it.”

“I do know it, I was watching! Damn he came so good! But he thought it was me down there. Right now he’s trying to figure out what girl just gave him a world-class blow job. But if you tell him it was a guy, more important, if he finds out it was you, he will freak out! No one wants that! Plus, you little slut, you agreed before I even told you whose cock you were going to get to suck! Do you want to cross me and him?”

The young man shook his head slowly. He knew crossing Shannon was a bad idea and annoying Jay was a guarantee for a long period of unemployment!

Shannon made sure the hall was clear and the two of them went the opposite direction that the boss went. Around another corner they high-fived and went their separate ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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