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Double Penetration

Part 7

We walked in silence, hand in hand in the bright night. We were following the path as it wound its way around the bowl of low hills, mostly keeping to the crest of it.

I was getting used to being naked. My cock felt heavy and thick as it hung freely from my belly. The cool air swirled around my balls, caught in my pubic hair. I was intensely aware of my skin, of the places not usually exposed to fresh air. It felt wonderful.

Penelope’s hand was nestled in mine. She walked besides me, careful of her steps in the dark.

A new sound came rising up from the night. Voices. Voices nearby. Mostly laughter, some incoherent shouting. Penelope leaned against me, her skin warm against mine. We both looked around but could see no one. We continued down the path. The voices were getting nearer, or we were approaching a group of people.

We walked around a large boulder to discover a small pool of dark water below us. In the water were five people happily splashing each other. We were a good dozen feet above them and had not been spotted yet. We stood in the shadow of the boulder and watched for a heart beat.

They were campers from the festival, like us, and had found the secret hot spring that had been mentioned by one of the organizers days ago. I hadn’t given it another thought at the time, but I saw he was not pulling my leg. It did exist. And these five young people had found it.They were all in various stage of undress. One skinny guy in blonde dreads was naked, standing knee deep in the small pool. The others, two women and two other men, were in variation of underwear. A pile of colorful clothes was tucked on a rock nearby.

The pool was apparently not deep at all. One of the women, dressed in bra and thong, was laying on her back in the middle of the pool, her feet sticking up out of the water. she called out to the others to join her.

Penelope walked down to the pool. I almost cried out to stop her, to remind her of her nudity. But of course, for her, that was the point. I considered putting my clothes back on to follow her. But I stopped, inspired by her example. For me it wasn’t about the thrill, it was about the freedom. I just didn’t want to put clothes back on after feeling so free.

Penelope said “Hello” in a nice loud voice in order to not surprise the bathers. They all turned, a reply on their lips, but all became stone still, and silent. Penelope slowly walked down the length of the path towards them, stark naked, glowing in the moonlight.

“Whoa.” was all one of the guys could muster.

Penelope daintily made her way to the water’s edge, keenly aware of the eyes fixed on her. She dipped her toes in the water.

“It’s warm” she said, pleasantly surprised. She turned towards me, still hidden in the darkness above them.

“Come on, it feels great” She called out.

Put on the spot, I emerged from my hiding place, holding my clothes by my side. I too started walking down.

“Come on in” said the girl in the water. She turned around on her belly, pushing herself along the water with her hands. The globes of her ass parted the black water.

That broke the silence, and soon they were all asking questions, chatting and laughing. I think most were also very high because some of the comments were barely coherent. I finally made my way to the small group. They were still standing around, chatting. All eyes were on Penelope.

She stood there, smiling. I finally saw her as the others did. Not only naked, beautiful. But also clearly covered in cum from chin to nipples. The cum stains were etched in dust, and unmistakable. The other girl was openly staring, mouth slightly open, as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. The guys were fighting the surge to just stare at her naked breasts. Penelope acted as if all this was as natural as the air she breathed. But her nipples were as hard as diamonds. I knew that she must have been buzzing inside.

Since I was mostly ignored by everyone, I made my way to gaziantep escort the warm pool. It was a shallow dip in a rocky formation. A small stream of heated water from deep below had filled it, creating a large bath in the middle of the desert. At night, the water was black.

I sat in the water, washing off some of the dust from our walk. The girl glided over to me.

“You guys enjoying your walk?” she said, a grin on her face.

“We sure are” I replied, smiling.

She spun around in the water, floating on her back, bringing her breasts and tummy up to the air. As her bra-clad breasts popped up out of the water I was reminded of my nudity. I was not self conscious anymore. If anything I felt freer that I had in a long time. I saw this beautiful young woman next to me in the water, and all I could think of is how sad it was that she did not feel comfortable enough to be naked, to be free. I was shocked to suddenly find myself the freest among them. I had always been the shy, reserved one in these gatherings. Now I was the most liberated. Surprisingly, I had learned a lot from Penelope.

Penelope stepped into the water, splashing about before sitting down into the warm bath-like pond. She rinsed herself off, cleaning my cum and her sweat from her body. The others were still standing around the pond, staring dumbly at her.

I suddenly resented their presence. They were not part of our world, not part of this night. I stood up and walked out of the pool of water, shaking myself off in the night air. My feet became caked with sandy mud almost immediately. we were not going to be clean for very long.

“Where are you going?” asked the girl in the water.

“It’s too warm in there. I think I like the night air better. ” I turned to Penelope. “Wanna keep going?”

She looked up at me from her seated position. she looked completely at ease, as if in her bathtub, pretending not to notice the hungry eyes of the men around her. She carefully washed her hands, squeezing her arms together and forcing her breasts up and out.

“I’m enjoying this. This water is amazing, in the middle of the desert, that’s so wild!” she exclaimed.

I suddenly felt threatened by the presence of these other men, or simply jealous of the time left with Penelope they were robbing me of. I felt an urgent need to reclaim her attention.

I dug my toes into the sandy soil caught between the rocks. An idea struck.

“I could paint you” I said.

She looked up. “How?” she asked, slightly incredulous.

“Come over here” I motioned, drawing her closer to me on the water’s edge.

The old words had worked, she was focussed on me again, and on our game.

She knelt in front of me. Slowly, softly, I started covering her with thin wet mud. I held her arm out and covered it thoroughly. When I was done, I started tracing patterns in the mud, swirls and dots that soon covered her entire arm. She smiled and held out her other arm.

I started covering her arm as well, and then her shoulders and chest. When my hands started running over the heavy swell of her breasts, a heavy silence settled over th little group. My thumbs grazed over her nipples, finding them already hard. Her breasts were soft an heavy in my palms. I held them for a split second longer than I needed while looking into her eyes. She stared back into mine. Her lips parted moistly. She was turned on, and I was the cause.

The other men had come closer, watching me. The one naked guy was at half mast, turned on. The other girl stood back, obviously unhappy. But the one in the water came closer, watching intently.

I continued to cover Penelope’s upper body with mud. Satisfied, I started drawing pattens around her chest, around her breasts. One of the guys started doodling on her arm. Penelope raised her arm, offering herself up to them. They took their cue and gathered around.

Now she had four sets of hands drawing on her. The escort gaziantep guys nervously traced the edges of her breasts, never daring to go too far. Penelope stood up.

“You guys need more space to draw on!” she said.

I was kneeling in front of her, and her pussy was in front of my face now. I had the best seat in the house. The guys started covering her with mud, running their hands over her legs and back, brushing her ass repeatedly. Penelope opened her legs up a bit more, allowing them to cover her inner thighs as well. All the guys sported full hard-ons now. Penelope’s gaze would fall on a hard dick and she would smile like a cat who caught the mouse.

I spread a large glob of mud over her pubis, rubbing it over her lower belly, then down over her pussy. I pressed against it, finding her clit. She squirmed, but tried to stay still as the other guys started running their fingers over her body, drawing swirls and lines over her back and legs. Her ass received a lot of swirls.

Vey quickly she was covered in the muddy patterns.

“I think we need a new canvas” I said, pointing at the girl still in water.

“Me?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, you. You just need to take all those clothes off. You’d be perfect. ” I replied.

The guys cheered in agreement, grabbing handfuls of mud and turning towards her.

“No way!” she exclaimed, backing away form them in mock horror. Immediately the game was on, an d the guys started stalking her, despite her squeals of protest. Much feigned protest, if her smiles were to be believed.

I grabbed Penelope’s hand.

“Come on, we should head back.” I told her.

She had been suddenly left alone as the guys started chasing the joyfully squealing girl. She turned to me and let me guide her away.

A few turn of the path took us away from their sight. From time to time we could hear their laughter but not much more. We emerged from the clump of rocks that nestled the spring and onto the open ridge again. I looked at Penelope under the moon light. She was a muddy mess. I stopped her.

“Let me fix you up” I said.

I gently guided her towards a flat bit of the path. Gently I brushed off the excess mud until all that was left was a thin layer that colored her skin. I brushed away the chaotic patterns the guys had made.

“I liked those” she protested.

“I’ll make them better.” I said.

Carefully, I started drawing on her again. The mud had turned to dust. The patterns emerged form the subtle difference in shade. Swirls again, almost Celtic. Swirls in swirls, my fingers tracing her belly, her breasts, her hardening nipples. Swirls that covered her back and legs, her thighs. A swirl that covered her hips and ended at her clit. My finger finished that swirl last, but kept going, one finger on the hood of her clit, moving slowly in tiny circles.

Her hands grabbed my hair. I could see a single drop ooze out of her pussy and run down her leg, tracing a line through the curves painted on her skin.

I stood up and led her to a large boulder nearby.

“Turn around, put your hands on that rock” I told her. She obeyed without hesitation.

The position made her lean forward, ass out, the globes of her butt separating. I knelt behind her and started drawing swirls again. I started on one side, circling the round ass cheek before linking it to the other with a single line. I continued that line, round and round, until it filled the other cheek. I continued that line until it disappeared between her legs.

Without me having to ask, she opened her legs wide, leaning further on the rock.

Her pussy opened, the lips swollen and wet already. I continued my line around her pussy, her ass hole. The dark heart of her sex was the center of a concentric ring, a Celtic maze whose only exit was an entrance.

I kissed it. she shuddered. I gently tugged on her hips to turn her around. She did, leaning back onto the gaziantep escort bayan rock, legs wide open.

Again, I leaned in for a kiss.

The soft lips of her sex brushed against my lips. I pushed deeper in, opening her, searching for her with the tip of my tongue. Her hands started roaming through my hair.

My tongue found the opening of her vagina, my mouth drinking from the juices flowing from it. I pushed deeper against her, my mouth covering her sex, my nose bumping against her clit. I curled my tongue against the roof of her sex while gently rubbing her clit with my nose. I held my breath, unable to breath. She held her breath too.

I broke off her pussy and took a deep breath. I licked up, parting her lips, reaching her clit. I dove back in, wrapping my lips around her tiny sensitive nub. I sucked gently, flicking my tongue against it. Her fingers curled in my hair.

I dove back down, tongue deep in her, drawing out her juices, parting her sex with my face. Then up again, focussed on her clit, sucking and teasing. She held on to my hair, knees shaking.

I went down back in the deepest part of her; the softness of her pussy, the wetness of it, pushed against my mouth and chin. I prodded and swirled my tongue deep into her before, again, rising back up to her clit and sucking, hard this time. Her hands clamped on my head as she spasmed and rode my face, crushing her pussy against mouth. Her juices flowed down my chin and neck.

After a few seconds, her hands let go of my hair. I stood up.

She was standing, legs spread, her sex offered, her back against the rock and her head titled up to the sky. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep and fast. I stepped up to her. We were both naked already; my cock naturally rested against her slick pussy. I twisted my hip and the tip of my cock found the entrance, the wet warmth, and slipped in. She grunted and grabbed my shoulder. I pushed in, one hard stroke that took me all the way till we were belly to belly. She gasped, cried out, eyes still closed. I started pumping, hard but slow, drawing grunts out of her mouth and streams of cum from her pussy.

“Stop, stop” she cried out.

I paused. She pushed herself off the rock, lifting herself off my cock. The air felt suddenly cold against the wet, sensitive skin.

“The rock is killing my back.” she said, turning around. She leaned forward, hands on the rock, offering her ass.

I was standing barely a foot away from her, cock raised to the stars, covered in dust, my face a mask of dirt and pussy juice. For a split second my awareness blew out, carried perhaps still on the mushroom tea I had ingested a while back. I saw us in this vast desert, under the silver moonlight, surrounded by the looming shapes of boulders and hills. Her back to me, she was a single expanse of grey swirls, her feminine curves echoed in the rounded boulders around us. It was a familiar and alien sight. Captain Kirk must be fighting some alien two hills beyond. I was naked under the stars, a beautiful woman naked and offered in front of me, and I didn’t know what planet I was on.

My body knew, so it took a step forward and slid my hard cock into the warm wet of her pussy. I watched the globes of her ass move with each thrust of my hips, my cock

disappearing in the folds of her sex. Her back arched, curved upwards, ended in the mass of hair that hid her face from me. I saw her breasts sway under her, her hard nipples calling out like metronomes the rhythm of our fucking. Her pussy clenched; she was about to cum again.

I matched her, my balls heavy with my need. As her orgasm racked through her body, I suddenly pulled out to heave my cum over her ass and back, landing streaks of white over her dusty swirls.

We both stood there for a few seconds, my cock resting in the crease of her ass, cum slowly dribbling form the tip of my cock to slide between her cheeks. Finally she stood up and turned to me. She had a dazed smile on her face.

“You’re good?” she asked.

“Yeah. Great.” I replied. ” You?”

“Perfect.” She said as she took hold of my hand and lead me away, down the path towards the Festival. “I wish I had some water though. I’m thirsty as hell”.

“Me too. We’re almost there” I said, admiring her back and the swirls of dust and the arcs of cum that patterned it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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