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Hey guys! Here’s another chapter of The Insatiable Boy. Here, Reese makes his return, resulting in some pretty hot and raunchy sexy. Lots of bareback, breeding, felching, and snowballing in this one. Please let me know what you think!

Chapter 4: Gavin makes up for lost time with Reese

It’s Wednesday night when I’m in my apartment, packing a backpack for my first shift back in nearly two weeks. I grab the essentials which basically consist of a water bottle, my laptop and some snacks to get me through the night shift. Normally I’d be dreading it, because it cuts into whatever evening plans I may have and basically kills my entire morning the next day. The only bright side is that this is the first time I’ll get the chance to see Reese since our time at the bookstore, and something tells me I have a good shot at getting what I want.

I look at my phone to see I still have a little time to kill before I’m due at Graham. I end up scrolling through this ongoing thread with Kareem which consists of a lot of porn links and our mutual flirting. He texted me the day after I left to say that he’d told his dad about his interest in guys. Needless to say he was accepting, albeit shocked. Kareem gave me the play by play along with a promise that we’ll see each other soon when the newness dies down. Little did he know that Daddy had texted me too, saying that he’s spending time with his son who was visiting and that he’d have me over once the coast was clear. I felt a little proud that I had both generations of them eager to play with me.

It’s just after 6 when I get to Graham, seeing the girl before me, Lindsay, typing away on her computer. She’s far too happy to see me here, and packs up before I even get settled in. Still, I don’t really care. I ease into that chair and put on some episodes of a show I’d been watching.

The rest of my shift is uneventful- with the same kids getting locked out of their rooms and another group of friends renting out every single piece of kitchen equipment we have. Before long, it’s ten and the building seems to die down with only the faint sound of footsteps coming up from the upstairs dorms. It’s not long before I grow tired of what I’m watching and take to my phone, scrolling through Grindr in search of some after work action.

Then, as if manifesting from my dreams, Reese comes down. He’s walking towards the desk in nothing but a pair of grey sweatpants, with his bare feet against the wood floors. The embarrassed expression on his face changes to that of a confident smile he sees me.

“Well aren’t I lucky?” He says, resting his elbows on the counter and leaning in.

I smirk, biting down on my lips as I get full view of his arms and those impossibly pink nipples. “Did you get locked out of your room or do you always just walk around here shirtless?”

“Both.” He says with a wink. He slips me his card and tells me his room number as I get the system set up to re-encode it. “I’ve been looking for you, you know.” He says, fucking me with his eyes.

“Oh have you?” I say, teasing him. “I figured you’d be spending your time in Trimmer Street.” I lean in to whisper, “I hear it’s a lot of fun there.”

Reese goes red, remembering that night he met me. “I feel like the next time I go there, I’ll need you to show me the ropes.”

I smirk, seeing his cock get hard underneath those sweatpants. He even takes a step back, making sure I get a clear sight of it. I hand him his card which he slips back into his pocket, causing the waistband to drop at one side. He’s not wearing any underwear, exposing that V that he worked so hard for.

“What time do you get off?” He asks.

Just then the buzzer goes off and Hannah starts to open the door. I look over at her and then back to him, “Right now, actually.”

Reese smiles wide, “Meet me in room 303. I believe we have some unfinished business.”

“Looking forward to it.” I say as he gives me a wink and heads upstairs.

Hannah eventually makes it to the counter, oblivious to our exchange as she texts away on her phone. She greets me and we go through the standard exchange of how we are, how the shift was…etc. As usual, Hannah doesn’t try and string out our conversations because she knows that we’re not that close. So I grab the rest of my stuff and start walking towards the door. Luckily she seems to have forgotten I was even there, so I turn towards the stairs.


Three flights later, I’m walking down the hallway towards Reese’s room, clutching on the straps of my backpack as I reminisce on the days I used to live here last year. Graham was fun- with all the international and upperclassmen cock I could want. My dick gets hard at the memory of spending afternoons on my back as the dorm cockslut for the select few guys I’d come onto. It’s also hard at the thought of Reese who’s pretty much a guaranteed good time.

I make it to his door and Reese pulls me in after the first knock. He’s grinning wide as adana escort I set my backpack down and pull him into our first kiss in weeks. He tastes good- too good. I slip my tongue into his mouth and feel his cock harden in response. It’s not the floppy, soft cock that I remember from the night at the bookstore but it’s hard and throbbing, leaking a noticeable wet spot into his grey sweatpants.

“Someone’s happy to see me.” I say, slipping my hand underneath the waistband and grabbing it at the base.

Reese bites on my lip, “I haven’t cum in two days. It’s like a fucking super soaker just waiting for you to pull the trigger.”

I press our foreheads together, seeing those beautiful green eyes. Reese leans in for a kiss which I grant him, “I’m not gonna let any of that cum go to waste, dude.”

Reese chuckles as he lifts me up and sets me on his dresser. He’s a lot stronger than I thought he was, flexing those biceps as he places me on top. He strips off my shirt and goes right for my neck, finding that sweet patch of skin that I love to get bitten. I feel his teeth graze it, followed by his lips who close in on that spot and suck. Most guys would be turned off at the thought of leaving marks, but not me. They’re like little reminders of all the hot encounters I have.

Once he’s made a noticeable enough mark, Reese goes down to work my nipples. I feel his tongue lap at them like beads of candy. I swear, they’re hardwired to my dick because even just the slightest press of his wet tongue gets me harder than before. I cup my hands at the back of his head, massaging his scalp and running my fingers through his soft hair.

Reese likes this, so he comes up for a sloppy kiss. “Can I your eat hole?” he asks, abandoning any reservations.

“Of course, bro.” I say, like we’re two old friends who are sharing a beer and watching the game. But we’re not. He’s a guy I barely know and I’m going to let him do whatever it is he wants to do to me.

Reese gets to his knees and peels off my clothes in record time. He’s like a kid who can’t open his presents fast enough- nearly ripping at my shirt and breaking my shoes. I laugh at his enthusiasm, knowing that if I hadn’t cum in two days, I’d be doing the same thing. He finally gets me all the way naked and playfully kisses my bare foot as he works his way up my thighs. Reese finally gets up to my crotch and presses his nose against my trimmed pubes, inhaling my scent. It’s like he’s a puppy getting to know me through the way I smell. He looks up and gives me an approving grin before diving down on my dick.

When you’re a bottom- there are certain sexual things you have to get used to, like usually having to finish second or having to deal with spending a lot of time on your knees. The biggest one for me is getting my dick sucked, which doesn’t happen all that often. Most of the time, I’m the one who’s really throating some Top’s cock to completion- and you certainly won’t hear me complaining. So when Reese grabs my cock by the base and swirls his tongue along my wet tip, it takes everything I’ve got to not cum right then and there.

Reese pulls my skin all the way back and kisses the tip affectionately. “I’ve never had an uncut dick before.” He says, nibbling on my foreskin. “There’s more to play with.”

I chuckle and pull him up for a kiss. His lips are saturated in my precum and I can smell my musk on his face. I offer my mouth to his tongue the same way I offer my hole up to his fingers. Reese presses inside me before bringing them up for a lick.

“Mmmm.” he says approvingly before going back down to taste it from the source. Reese’s big hands take hold of my thighs, pulling them up like stirrups as he gets better access to my hole. I rest them on his shoulders as the boy pulls apart my cheeks until my pink pucker has nowhere to hide. He stares at it for a bit- almost like he’s never been given the chance to be so up close and personal with a guy’s hole like this. Part of me wonders just how much experience he has- or whether or not he just feels so comfortable with me that he’s taking every opportunity to study my body. That same cautious studying ends once his tongue touches my hole as he licks me out eagerly.

Reese isn’t shy with his enthusiasm. He laps up along my hole, sucking on my pucker like it’ll produce cum. He gets his whole face into it, rubbing his cheeks against my cheek until they’re wet and shiny underneath the cheap overhead lights. He dips his fingers into my hole prodding at my insides until he comes across that small bead of nerve endings which he pokes and pokes like a button to release all of my precum. I pull him up, feeling flushed from just getting rimmed. Reese is wearing that dirty grin that makes him look even more adorable. He blushes as I lick my juices off his face.

“I swear I could do that all night.” He says, sinking his finger back in.

“That can be arranged.” I reply, tweaking adana escort bayan one of his nipples. “But right now I wanna feel just how much cum you’ve been saving up for me.”

Reese smiles wide and plants another kiss on my lips. This time it’s soft and almost romantic. He takes his cock by the base and taps it against my hole a couple times like he’s testing the waters. I chuckle, knowing this is where the tenderness ends. Reese is flooded with so much pent up sexual energy that I expect nothing less than a hard fuck.

He reaches over to his desk and pulls out a bottle of coconut oil from one of the dresser drawers. He’s used up three quarters of it already- which is a lot considering the semester had only started about three weeks ago. I watch him- seeing those tight muscles on full display as he greases up my hole and his cock. Then his eyes catch mine- like he wants to make sure we’re watching each other as it starts.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, you know that?” He asks, owing me no compliments at all. He’s just being sweet at this point.

“You’re pretty damn attractive yourself.” I say, in pure honesty- not because I feel like his compliment is owed one in return. Reese replies with a wink before I feel that thick head pressing into my hole. He’s pulled my cheek apart with one hand while aiming his cock in with the other. I imagine this is the perfect angle for some porn studio camera man to come in and get that perfect shot. But there’s no camera man- no studio lights- it’s just me and Reese and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Reese pushes his big cock inside of me until he’s all the way in. I breathe a sigh of relief when I feel his pubes touch my ass- having not taken a cock so big since Kareem last weekend. Out of all the guys in this city, I seem to end up with the most hung dudes just waiting to pound me. And I oblige, willingly.

With his hands on my shoulders, the tall boy starts to thrust into me. My body starts to sway with the motions, bringing me back to my happy place. I lean over and kiss along his forearm in thanks. Reese notices and decides to slip a finger into my hungry mouth. I think he knows by now that I always have to have something in there. I suck on his fingers, one at a time like they’ve been dipped in honey. Then I focus on his index, sucking on the long digit like I would his cock. He loves this- the show that I put on all while he continues to pound into me.

By now, Reese has managed to push me all the way back into the wall and I can feel the sweat on my back seeping into the cheap paint. My ankles are resting up on his shoulders while he’s holding onto my waist with one hand. I’m now lightly biting on his fingers, not enough to cause pain, but only so that they stay hooked in my mouth. He likes me like this, like I’m his prized catch that he’s reeling aboard.

“Fuck me, bro. I’ve been wanting this dick all week.” I say, knowing my voice will carry over the super thing walls of Graham.

“You’re such a slut, Gavin.” He says pawing at my chest. “I’ve been wanting to tap this ass since I saw you all fucking sloppy at The Jungle.”

We’re both laughing at this point, reminiscing of our slutty antics when he pulls me in for a kiss. Reese started sweating as he ate my ass, so by now he’s drenched. I wrap my arms around his back, feeling his stickiness in the process. My legs come next, wrapping around his body until he has nowhere to escape. But he doesn’t want to. He just holds me, licking at the soft piece of skin he bruised on my neck and giving me full access to his lips.

He holds my face and it’s so fucking intimate at this point- my body is interlocked with his, molded together with sweat. His pounding has pressed the dresser into the wall, leaving a mark he’d have to deal with when he moves out. I clamp downon his dick, feeling those short jabs as he rocks my hips.

“Breed me, Reese. Gimme that load.” I plead, holding him so tight and needing nothing more than his cum.

“God you’re good.” he says, leaning in and giving me a long lick between my pecs. I hold his head there, feeling his warm breath on my skin as he finishes himself off. His orgasm comes quick, having been built up for the past two days. I feel his tongue licking at my skin as his cock unloads- sending a loud grunt all through the entire floor.

I’m petting the back of his head while affectionately kissing his hair, “That’s it baby, cum for me.”

Reese straightens himself up, seeing that wide grin on his face from a boy who’s just had one of the best cumshots of his life. He pulls his cock out and I see it glistening underneath the fluorescent lights.

“Push it out.” he says, sinking down to his knees and pulling apart my cheeks.

I exhale, relaxing my muscles as that river of cum flows out of my pucker. I feel it- warm and seemingly never ending as it streams down my hole and onto the wood dresser. Reese must escort adana have cum a lot, based on how it’s pooling on the surface where my ass sits. The entire time he’s watching it, fascinated like it’s some presentation he’s really into. Then he really took me by surprise. Reese dove his face into my sloppy hole, licking his own cum up eagerly. He took his two fingers and placed them on both sides of my pucker, pinching them together to coax even more cum out.

“Fuck that’s so hot Gav, I’ve never seen a hole this loose and sloppy.” He went back in for more, thoroughly cleaning me out.

“Eat it up, baby.” I said, petting his hair as he continued to lick me clean.

When he felt satisfied, he eased up on his knees and leaned back. He slaps my still hard cock with his hand, not forgetting that I hadn’t cum yet. He sticks out his tongue and gives me a wink, telling me all I needed to know.

I get up on my feet and grabbed the back of the beautiful boy’s head. Reese opened wide as I shoved my cock in, feeling no resistance at all. He gets about halfway before I felt his throat start to close and his gag reflex kicks in. Still, I didn’t need much more. The boy’s tongue was impossibly wet and his soft lips clamped down on my cock with just the right amount of pressure. He looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes and gave me a nod, telling me that it was ok to keep going.

I grab the back of Reese’s head and started to face fuck him, pulling my cock out until only the tip scraped against his tongue before shoving it back in halfway. I’d turned into a total bottom over the past two years, so getting to face fuck a guy as hot and masculine as Reese was a rare treat. He encouraged me, grabbing onto my ass with his palms and kneading my cheeks in the process. The urgency of our fuck and his willingness to submit like this was driving me over the edge and I wanted nothing more than to give him my cum so we could keep going again and again.

Reese looked up at me with his pretty eyes and I was done for. He eased up on my dick, feeling that cum surge through and leaving only the tip on his tongue. I placed a finger on his cheek as I shot ropes into his mouth- most of which he caught while some shot across his face like white streaks of paint.

“Fucking hell that looks good.” I said admiring my handiwork as he stuck out his saturated tongue, showing off his prize. He pulled me by my wrists and I sunk down along with him. There, the two of us knelt on the cheat dorm carpet, with his room now filled with the scent of cum and sweat that would never air out. He pulled me close, holding onto my face as he pushed himself up higher than me. I watched as he parted his lips and stuck out his tongue, letting my cum fall into my mouth. That still warm, and thick liquid hit my own tongue before being swallowed down in greed. He smiled at this, pleased I followed along with his plan. To give him some extra reassurance, I stick my head up and suck on his tongue- really getting the last of all my load.

Reese pulled me in for probably the hundredth kiss in the past hour as I curled my body into his. We looked like a porn reenactment of The Pieta by Michelangelo- only as two sex-crazed boys, naked as the day we were born, and covered in sweat and cum. He pulled off a few minutes later and laid back on the carpet, still cradling me as I rested my head on his chest. We laid like that for a few minutes before I looked over at Reese and we exchanged smiles. He then started to bust out laughing and I couldn’t help but join him.

“Jesus Christ, I’d never had sex like that before. Are you always like this?” He asked, pinching on my nipples.

I nodded. “Not at first, but I’ve kinda lost a lot of inhibitions in the past year. Just doing what feels good, you know?”

He nodded too, “Well it fucking worked. I’m somehow exhausted but also ready to go again.” He wiggles his hardening dick as proof.

I laugh along with him and give it a stroke.

“So what are you looking for, anyway?”

I take a minute to think about what he’s asking. I’ve been in similar situations before- where I have some really good sex with a guy that’s nearly ruined by the conversation that seeks to define what this is. Most of the time, we’re not on the same page and Reese is too good to risk miscommunication.

“Experiences, mostly.” I say.

“So no settling down?” He asks.

I shake my head, “Not right now, no.” I turn to him, “I sort of see it as food.” He looks a little confused, so I explain it, “There’s just so many options out there and I definitely want to try them all.” I give a kiss on his cheek, “But I also want to be able to go back and have my favorite dishes. That might seem selfish, I admit.”

“Not to me” Reese says, leaning up on his shoulder, “People as young as we are get so caught up with finding the right person- and damn if you manage to do so, then good for you. But I’m just trying to have fun- with you and with every other guy who’s looking for the same.”

I curl my lips, “So you’re cool that we’re just non-exclusive fuck buddies.”

He nods his head excitedly, “Oh hell yeah! Sex with you was the best I’ve had since moving here. I definitely don’t wanna give that up- but I’m not ready to retire my Grindr account either.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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