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[Author’s Note: This is my full first story of this nature so it may not be the best but I hope you all enjoy it.]


I had been in such a mood lately, smarting off to my Daddy and just essentially being a brat. I don’t know if it was from the lack of quality attention or how we’ve just been having sex one way lately.

Once again we both had our weekend off of work and I found myself sitting on the couch next to his recliner watching him play one of the video games I’ve watched him play several times over the last year and a half of being together, while I played around on my phone and occasionally looking over at the man I loved as he played his game to just enjoy the sight of him while imagining him telling me to go make myself all pretty including my lace and mesh babydoll and collar then wait for him on the bed.

“What are you looking at babygirl?” Daddy’s voice asked breaking me out of my imagination.

“Just you Daddy, just you.” I smiled.

“Seems like you got something on your mind. Wanna share it with me?” He asked,

I shook my head, not wanting to say anything. He knows how shy I can be when I get dirty thoughts in my head.

He sighed and paused his game to look at me with his ‘Daddy Look’ that could instantly get me wet or put me in my place if I was misbehaving or even to get me to open my mouth and mersin escort speak my mind.

“Okay, what’s wrong? You’ve been bratty the last few days and I’ve tried to just let it go since I know you sometimes get this way but it’s never lasted as long as this.” He said.

“Nothing’s wrong.” I replied.

He got up, came over to me and stood over me making my heart speed up.

“Fine, if you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong maybe a spanking will get it out of you. Now go into the bedroom and wait for me.” He growled.

I got up and walked down the hall to our bedroom. I didn’t know how much time I had but I quickly got my babydoll nightie on and my collar out of our toybox then got on our bed and sat on knees waiting for him.

It wasn’t long before I heard him walk down the hall and my heartbeat quickened again. I looked up and saw him in the doorframe looking at me and I felt blood rush to my cheeks so I hid my face as best I could in my auburn hair.

“No use hiding your face from me little girl.” He chuckled as he made his way over to the bed.

He sat on the end of the bed and I instinctively crawled to be closer to him then he pulled me onto his lap and flipped up the skirt of my nightie. He started massaging my bare bum before the first smack came down followed kocaeli escort by 5 more alternating on my cheeks.

I wanted to hold out as long as I could but they just hurt too much, more than his Jagermeister fueled spankings did.

“Fine! I want more attention and not to just have sex on our sides. I want to be bent over our bed and fucked from behind, I want you on top of me so I can look at you and feel you while you’re in me.” I admitted.

He laughed, “Why didn’t you just say so babygirl. Now which one do you want right now, me on top or to be bent over?”

I thought for a minute before I replied, “I want you on top Daddy. It’s been so long since you were on top.”

“Good girl, now get me hard.” He smirked.

I moved into a better position and he pulled down the sweatpants he was wearing allowing me to wrap my hand around his thick cock that was already half hard. I started stroking and gripping his cock, just the way he liked while he slipped a hand between my thighs and started expertly rubbing my clit.

“That’s my girl, get Daddy nice and hard before he fucks this tight little pussy of yours.” He moaned.

His precum leaked out and I ran a finger over the tip to catch it and rub it along his shaft. He must of had enough since he growled and pushed me back onto samsun escort the bed with my legs open and inviting. Daddy stood up long enough to take his pants the rest of the way off before he climbed on the bed and got between my legs. He got into his position and shoved into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and placed my hands on his chest.

He gripped one of my hips as my hands roamed his chest digging my nails in or playing with his beard each time he thrust into me. Soon both of our moans were filling the soundless room as well as his penchant for talking dirty to me.

“Do you like this baby? Daddy’s thick cock filling your tight little hole?”

“Yes Daddy, so much.” I moaned.

He suddenly stopped and flipped me onto my stomach before he pulled me to the end of the bed so that I was bent over it. He stepped away from me long enough to get the bottle of lube from the bedside table. He added just the smallest amount before he pushed into my ass. My acrylic nails dug into the bed as he roughly fucked me while I begged for more.

“Does my dirty little girl want Daddy’s cum?” He asked as he began to shake.

“Yes Daddy, please. Please give your cum!” I begged.

He gripped my hips so hard and pushed in as far as he could as he grunted and filled me full of his cum then spanked me one more time and kissed my back.

When he had recovered and got cleaned up he removed my collar and undid the clasps for my nightie. I climbed back onto the bed and got under the covers. Daddy got in bed next to me and cuddled up before he asked, “Are you done being a brat?”

“For now yeah.” I smiled.

“That’s my girl.” He laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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