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Alternate Entry

So there I sat, on a sun lounger by the pool, looking out at the solid blue water in front of me. Above, the sun burned bright like it does in the Med, but the white walls of the house shaded me as I languidly smoked my cigarette. I had a nice cool beer to my side, so was nicely buzzed. If it was mid afternoon at this point, I figured I probably had another couple hours there before being driven inside to eat. That evening, I’d fuck the effeminate local gay who’d managed to seduce me, a straight guy, and sleep naked with the moon streaming through the open window. This little set up might continue for the rest of the week before I had to leave, never breathing a word, so I intended, about it.

I’d gone to Europe as a straight man. Hell, I still was a straight man. Only snag was I’d found myself fucking this cute little gay. He was feminine, with long hair and an ass to die for. He wore makeup, women’s lingerie and perfume. When we made love, it was like a chick under me, but one who only wanted anal. I was happy with this arrangement, especially as nobody knew about it. I figured I’d go home and this would be an experiment in the back of my mind – stepping outta my comfort zone while receiving great head. The temptations of Europe… and who says travel doesn’t broaden the mind?

Nonetheless, it was still women that interested me. Although I’d decided that I wasn’t in theory opposed to fucking a cute gay in the future or receiving head from one, I certainly was not planning on it, and was definitely looking forward to a return to pussy.

With these thoughts in mind, and the anticipation of some butt fucking later, I gently drifted off.

I was out for maybe half an hour or so before I woke. It was still bright and hot out, but I was still safe under the shade. I picked up my beer. Damn – warm. I put it down and lit another cigarette, exhaling as the rush woke me up somewhat.

At that point, I heard a rustling. Looking over to the far side of the patio, I realised that the high wall was not actually a high wall. Rather, it was only waist height, with the forest of foliage above keeping the appearance of privacy. Someone, the next door neighbour I guess, was moving around and watering the plants. I strained to see who it was as I had not met anyone since coming to this property.

There was a small clearing in the bushes, and after a while of the headless sprinkling sounds trickling through the foliage, a face appeared. To be precise, a face and chest. The face was breathtakingly beautiful: almond shaped eyes, a deep brown, with a touch of emotion in them. Her dark, black hair cascaded with volume over her shoulders. The nose was cute, cheeks round and lips full in a smirking pout, curling slightly at the top as if you say she knew how hot she was. She had a touch of makeup on, just enough to highlight her beauty, but little enough to tell me she was naturally stunning.

I guessed her age to be around mid 40s. She had that sex appeal that comes with a mature woman who keeps in shape – sure, there were a few wiggly bits extra here and there, but the confidence of wisdom makes up for those and more.

Then I scanned down to her chest. Straining to escape the floral, purple sun dress were two huge, round breasts. They were plump and generous, heaving up and down in the heat. They looked so soft and inviting, and reminded me what I’d been missing when I fucked the petit, flat chested gay every night, as tight as his asshole was.

So transfixed as I was on this Hellenic beauty, I was sat there like a drooling dog with my mouth open. This just increased her smirk.

‘Hello,’ she said, but in Greek.

‘Sorry, I don’t speak Greek.’

‘Oh,’ she giggled. ‘I was just saying hello.’

‘Ah, I thought so. Hi, nice to meet you.’

‘You too,’ I felt her eyes look me up and down. ‘Very nice to meet you…’

‘I guess you are Giorgios’s neighbour then?’

‘Yes, I certainly am. And you are..?’

‘Ah, well, um, I’m a friend. I’m staying here at the moment.’ I wondered if that seemed suspicious. Her smirk stayed as she chuckled knowingly.

‘Yes, friend, I guessed that. He has a lot of similar friends staying. Well, it was nice to meet you, see you around,’ she said, and disappeared behind the greenery. Fuck, man, she was hot! I had definitely been put in the mood. I closed my eyes, thought about those wonderful tits, and drifted off again, this time with a sizeable erection.


That night, as I fucked Giorgios doggy style, the soft breeze coming in from the open window, I thought again about his neighbour. His soft moans went unheard by me as I gripped his ass and thrust back and forth, imagining those giant, soft breasts in my hands. I came hard with that thought in mind.


The next morning I went for a stroll alone. Passing the various stray dogs on the dusty roads, it seemed everyone was staying in to escape the heat. Although not yet midday, it was already very hot. A local jogger ran sweating past me. I saw a car in the distance Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort drive off. Other than that, it was a very solitary walk.

Coming to my destination, the nearest shop, I walked into the cool interior. Fans were everywhere, and the breeze was pleasant after my brief foray into the sun’s glare.

The bored guy at the counter nodded at me, fanning himself as he did with a piece of paper, the armpits of his white shirt dark with sweat.

Walking to the fridge, I picked out a pack of ice cold beers, and ran one over my forehead to try and cool off a little.

Then, when I turned around to go and pay, who should I see at the counter but none other than the neighbor from the day before.

This time, I got to see the whole length of her.

She was in another tight sun dress. Those magnificent breasts were once again pushed up high and out, and captivated me instantly. But I looked down to her legs. The dress curved around her wide hips, flaring out and in again. Just a little above the knee was the hem, allowing me the see the sexy, thick legs with no cover.

They were not thin, which is not a complaint (just how I like it in fact), and I imagined how substantial her tanned thighs must be when completely bare. Just delicious.

Her feet were petite and had toenails painted a dark red, encased as they were in sandals with a generous heal that kept her leg muscles taught.

I approached.

‘Hey again!’

‘Hello there!’ she said brightly, that smirk even more pronounced at such a short distance. Her pink, glossy lips were round and full.

Her cheeks were slightly chubby close up, and I imagined planting kisses on them for hours non stop.

Her arms, uncovered, carried just a tad extra flesh, and you could see the subtle ripples of middle aged upper arms, but the same thought of kissing that soft skin up and down captured my imagination.

‘Nice to see you again,’ I offered.

‘And you also.’ She had a stronger accent than Giorgios. It was thick but not hard to understand. Basically, it was ridiculously sexy.

‘I see you plan on a productive afternoon,’ she joked, eyeing the cans.

‘Yeah, well I’m on holiday and it’s hot, so thought I may as well help the afternoon to slip by.’

‘Hey, I’m not judging you,’ she laughed. Her white teeth were dazzling and I had to remind myself that she was at least one, maybe two, decades older than me.

Turning around to pay, I was able to check her ass out freely. It was big and round, but in a hot way. Probably, as a young woman, she had an ass like Giorgios. Rounded, cute, a real bubble butt. With the strains of age, it had ballooned, but she seemed a healthy and in shape woman, so I figured it was a smooth, limitless backside.

The material was obviously thin, considering the weather, which had allowed her underwear to have an obvious line. She was wearing a thong, stretched right across that vast expanse of buttock.

She paid and wiggled out into the street. I handed over my coins and also went to the door. To my pleasant surprise, she was waiting for me.

‘Katerina, by the way,’ she offered, putting a hand to her chest to gesture it was her name. I introduced myself and we turned to walk to our respective abodes.

‘It’s a lovely island that you have. Have you lived here long?’

‘A few years, after my divorce, I came here to live. You are right, it is a beautiful place. Where are you from?’

‘I’m from the States. I’m just travelling round Europe for the summer, and happened to be alone in the islands here so I’m staying for a short while.’

‘I see.’ There was a pause in the air. Then Katerina surprised me.

‘So are you fucking my neighbor then?’ I really didn’t know how to respond. This woman oozed sex, and I obviously wanted to impress her. Admitting to gay sex wasn’t, in my book, the way to do this.

‘Don’t worry,’ she soothed, sensing my awkwardness. ‘He always brings straight boys back. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen another homosexual at his house. I guess it’s a speciality.’

‘Well, I dunno what to say really. I mean, I’m straight and all. I’ve never done anything like it. He got me round on the pretence of using his pool, and somehow I ended up sleeping with the guy. I dunno… he’s so feminine it sorta feels like it’s a woman. Sounds crazy out loud.’

‘No, not at all. He is very feminine, I agree. Look, I’m not judging, I’ve tried women out, too.’

This was more like it! A hot Greek milf telling me about lesbian action. Hey, I’m a dude, I can’t help myself. By this point we’d reached our houses. I noticed, for the first time, a vintage sports car outside. It was a little European one, and painted a rich racing green.

‘Well, nice talking to you,’ she said.

‘Yeah you too! Maybe I’ll see you again.’

‘Maybe. I usually join Giorgios for a drink on a Monday evening so I perhaps will see you later, young man.’ This was pleasing news and I asked Giorgios about it when I got back. He was cleaning up the house in nothing but a red thong which accented his glutes.

‘Oh yes,’ he confirmed. ‘You don’t mind do you? Just some wine. Plus, she super sexy and I’m sure a straight boy like you will appreciate her… assets. We’ll probably have to change our evening plans but I will make it up to you…’ with that he dropped to his knees, opened my shorts and took my cock out. When it entered his expert mouth I closed my eyes and imagined the milf was taking it instead. I came a lot.


That night, we sat outside and drank red wine. At about 9, I heard a ring on the bell.

‘Ah, that’ll be Kat,’ and off Giorgios went. When I looked around, there was the most gorgeous sight that made me question why I was ever fucking this flat chested dude.

She sauntered out, hips sashaying from side to side, in a tight black dress. Again, her thick legs and plump breasts were on full display, but this time she had dark eye makeup on with bright red lipstick. She screamed sex. And that pout was, of course, in full force.

‘Hello, young man,’ she smirked as she walked out. We double kissed cheeks and then sat down with wine.

‘It’s a lovely evening, thank you for sharing it with me you two.’

‘Oh no, that’s fine, our pleasure.’

‘I’m sure you’d rather be… doing other things!’ she laughed. So did Giorgios. We discussed a few different topics and one bottle turned into two, the three of us getting merry together.

‘So tell me,’ the neighbour said. ‘How is gay sex, young man?’ I wasn’t really sure what to say but I was quite drunk and so went with it.

‘Well, so far, not to different to a woman. But Giorgios has a tight ass and gives great head, if that’s not too much information!’ We all laughed. The glint in her eyes showed me she was enjoying this.

‘Have you sucked his cock?’

‘Er, no, I mean I’m not really into that.’

‘What, you mean he services you but not the other way round?’

‘Well, I have used my hands a couple times,’ I blushed.

‘You are embarrassing him, Kat!’ exclaimed my lover. ‘I’m just going to the bathroom, excuse me.’

‘But you haven’t given up on pussy I hope?’ she resumed, eyeing me intently.

‘Oh, no way, I love pussy and I love chicks.’ The talk of sex had, I noticed, got me quite hard.

‘Good…’ she said mischievously, but left the conversation there.


At around midnight, and quite a bit of wine later, Giorgios suggested a swim.

‘Oh, but I don’t have my costume!’

‘Oh come on, don’t be such a prude! We go naked!’

‘You two boys can, but I’m not! Besides, I have makeup on.’

‘What do you say, a quick dip? She’ll love seeing a couple of young guys naked anyway. She hasn’t got laid in ages!’

With that, Kat gave Giorgios a playful slap. He quickly stripped naked and she whooped.

They then turned on me and implored me to get my kit off. What the hell, it was dark and I was drunk.

So I stood up and put my glass down. I fixed my gaze on Kat as Giorgios slipped into the water. I whipped my t shirt off and saw her eyes go down from my face to my body. I put my fingers in my waist band and pushed my shorts off. Standing in my boxers, my penis was bulging. Slowly, I pushed the underwear off, so I was utterly naked in front of this fine specimen of womanhood. Her eyes were wide, that smirk gone as she was transfixed on my cock. I walked past her smugly and jumped in. It was a thrill that I’d never felt before – exhibitionism.

The water was cold and after a few minutes we got out.

‘Enjoying the parade?’ Giorgios teased. I knew which of us she was staring out, though, and it wasn’t him.

‘Yes, it is quite a show…’

‘Would you like to see some more?’ She smiled and nodded. So, with no warning, he got down on his knees in front of me and started blowing my cock. Still dripping with water, I gasped and looked over at Kat. She was biting her lips and unable to break her staring at her neighbor’s mouth going up and down my wet penis.

Giorgios licked the head slowly, then trailed his tongue down my shaft a few times. Finally, he sucked each ball individually, suddenly standing up at the end.

‘OK, lady, show is over!’ he laughed, before stumbling.

‘Wow, that wine has gone to your head!’ Giorgios had sat down and was giggling to himself.

‘We’d better get him to bed,’ Kat said, now suddenly serious which seemed odd considering two of us were naked. We helped him up and walked him to bed, where he fell down and started snoring instantly.

We closed the door and walked out, with me suddenly feeling very exposed.

‘He really was wasted.’

‘Ha, yeah, I know. Can’t take his booze I guess.’

‘You know, young man, I wouldn’t mind having one more for the road.’

‘Sure thing, Kat.’ I refilled her glass. We stood there and sipped, me naked, her with that tight black dress clinging to her voluptuous body.

‘So, you’re not getting sex tonight, I guess,’ she stated as we stood by the poolside, the stillness of the night only punctuated by the singing crickets.

‘No, I suppose not. To be honest, though, I’m starting to get bored of this gay shit. It was a thrill at the beginning because it felt so wrong, so taboo. And of course, his cute little ass was like a woman, and it felt so good, and his blowjobs were like nothing I’ve felt before. But I’m straight, ultimately, and while this was fun, I miss girls.’

She stared at me coyly, her eyes peeking out from under her long eyelashes. It was almost a full moon, with no clouds, that gentle breeze from the sea coming up over us.

Some of her outlying hairs blew softly. I felt a slight chill, but it was warm enough not to matter. My nudity felt suddenly so thrilling.

‘Well, why don’t you switch,’ she breathed. She walked nearer, our eyes locked in.

We stared at each other, just inches apart. Her deep brown eyes transfixed me, and a charged pause was in the air. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, our heads moved together.

As our lips touched, I remembered how soft a woman is. Her lips were wet and round, and our tongues instantly slipped in to dance with each other. The sloppy, wet, generous kisses mashed our mouths into one big sticky mess. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and she took the hint, sucking it as if giving a blowjob.

The feminine smell of her hair and skin was driving me wild and soon I felt my cock harden into her soft stomach. It was, still, in the open, and I felt her purr as it pulsated into her body.

My hands slipped around her waist as hers headed up and her fingers ran through my hair, gripping me as my hands mirrored hers and grabbed her ass. Oh my god! It was so big and round. Compared to the delicate little bubble butt I’d been enjoying, this one seemed limitless. I squeezed and kneaded and rubbed, filled with that erotic thrill that comes with the first time you get a handful of a woman’s ass.

For five or ten minutes at least we were locked in, me squeezing her body and lapping my tongue into her mouth, teasing each other and orally dancing. She tasted faintly of wine in an enticing way. My erection didn’t subside as my hands slipped beneath the hem of her dress onto the smooth, warm leg and slowly caressed up. I felt the edge of her buttocks, and she was obviously not wearing particularly conservative panties because her ass was all flesh in my hands.

Our heads moved apart, although our bodies remained intertwined. We looked into each other’s eyes. He hands softly ran through my hair and over my face. We snatched little, wet kisses, darting between this and eye contact.

‘God, you’re beautiful!’ I whispered. She smiled broadly.

‘You are not too bad yourself…’

I tilted my head down and to the side so I could kiss her neck, softly and sensually. I breathed in her ear: ‘I want your pussy.’

She stepped back and I wondered if I’d gone too far. Instead, she reached to the straps of her dress, slowly put them to the side and shimmied out. It fell to the ground softly. There she stood, breathing heavily, the breasts rising in her lace black bra.

He stomach wasn’t completely flat… there were a few extra pounds like there were on her arms and legs. But not much, and it just made me want to kiss it all the more. Her waist flared right out, and stretched across was the elastic of matching, skimpy panties. Her thighs looked so smooth and muscular, and I had visions of my head being between them, eating her pussy.

She stepped out of her shoes and back toward me. I felt her naked skin against me, warm and soft. Again we embraced, our tongues slopping into each other. The only sound in this still night was our mouths wetly dancing together.

I reached round again, my hands on her back, gently digging my fingernails in. Running down, I reached the waistline of her panties. Still kissing intensely, I debated whether to go under the fabric or hold off, almost teasing myself.

I went for the second option, partly so I could feel what kind of underwear this older woman was wearing. There is something about knowing that which gives me a thrill. I’m not sure whether it’s because I know such an intimate detail, or whether the eroticism comes in finding out that a woman has thought in such a sexual manner about the clothes that will encase her ass and her pussy. A woman choosing to wear a thong is, for me anyway, such a naughty prospect.

We stood and kissed, lapping each other’s tongues softly but passionately, my hands grabbing her round ass without stopping. Her hands were everywhere – in my hair, pulling slightly, around my neck, tracing down my back, squeezing my ass, feeling my muscular legs, and finally round to the front where she stroked the erected (throbbingly erect) penis, moving my foreskin slowly up and down the shaft.

‘Take your bra off,’ I whispered, nibbling her earlobe. ‘Slowly.’

She took another step back, although not as far this time, just enough to allow me to see her heaving breasts. They were bigger than ever now, and her breathing was fast and hard, ensuring they were rising and falling like giant flesh balloons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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