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Jane ruined a perfectly good movie night with one single statement. “You and I should have a baby together.”

I choked on my Sprite, gave her a look, reached for her wine glass and said: “Ok, no more wine for you.” I took the wine glass and moved it to the far end of my coffee table.

“Jack, I’m serious.” Jane said sitting upright. She had been resting her legs on my lap while leaning her back against one of the arms of the new sofa that I had bought a month ago. “We should totally have a baby together. You and me.”

I sat back against the soft suede of the couch and folded my arms. “We’re not married.” I stated. Was she serious about this? Did she really want kids with me of all people? Why?

Jane chuckled and repositioned herself so she could place her feet on my hardwood floor. “And it’s not the 1800s either. I’m not going to be stoned to death for having a child out of wedlock nor am I going to be shamed, there are plenty of single moms out there in the world. Times have changed, Jacky-Boy.”

I chuckled at the sound of my nickname. It was one given to me by a summer camp teacher that Jane and I had when we were in 6th grade. The nickname had stuck and Jane still used it at times to tease me. “Fair enough, but you and I aren’t dating either.” I replied, “I’m not exactly sure most woman are lining up to be single mothers and you’re coming off fresh from your break up with Eddie. This is a really complicated situation”

Jane nodded. “That’s true, but I’m 29 and I always thought that I would be married now.” She sighed. “I wasted so much time with Eddie. Had I known that it wasn’t going anywhere I would have ended things earlier. I should have ended it earlier. After Eddie and I broke up, I took some time to think about what I want in life and what I have to do to get there. I realized that with the current state of my career and where I am both financially and mentally, I’m ready to have a kid.”

I turned off the movie. Donnie Yen and the bad guys he was fighting would have to wait, this was definitely a serious conversation. Jane and her ex, Eddie, had dated for about three years. Eddie, for all intents and purposes, was a pretty cool guy. He liked being outdoors, going rock climbing or just hanging out at the local brewery or gastro pub. Eddie had the kind of outgoing personality that was crucial for bringing someone like Jane out of her shell and she thrived when she was with him. Unfortunately, he also liked fucking girls that weren’t his girlfriend. Jane didn’t find out until she literally walked in on him mid-blowjob in the middle of the bed that they shared. That was roughly a year ago, Jane subsequently moved out after she found out. She crashed with me for about three months until she managed to find her own apartment, not too far away from my own. After that, we started hanging out almost every week. We would cook, work out together, go to restaurants, watch movies at home or in theaters, go out on hikes or talk about our plans for the future, the kinds of things that friends do together.

Wasn’t it? The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like those three months living with Jane was more as lovers than as friends. The only difference was that I hadn’t been intimate with Jane. Did I want to be?

I shook those thoughts out of my head and focused at the task at hand”So, let me get this straight, you’ve been thinking about having a kid for a week?”

“No, I’ve been thinking about having a kid for about two years now, I just needed to be in a place where I was stable enough before trying. I had a lot of growing up to do” Jane retorted,

I nodded. “Huh, ok”

I had to agree with her on that. Jane had changed a lot in the past year. Not only had she gotten a promotion at her work place. Her demeanor had changed too. Where she was once quiet and withdrawn, she was now more open and social, making jokes and engaging in conversations. Where she was once introverted, preferring to spend weekends watching TV or playing video games, she was now actively planning hangouts and events. In fact, our monthly movie nights were her idea. Eddie definitely had a positive effect on her in that degree. Too bad he was an asshole who couldn’t keep his dick out of other woman.

“I’ve been thinking about having a kid with you since July of last year, back when I realized that Eddie and I had no future.” Jane stated, matter-of-factly.

I blinked. That long?

“It’s not like you haven’t thought about it.” She said.

“Having a baby with you?” I echoed trying to play it cool. I took a sip of my soda. “Nope never crossed my mind.” Although I was at that age where I had to think about settling down and having kids, the thought had honestly never crossed my mind. I had dated around and had relationships of course, but none of them lasted. The last serious relationship I had was about three years ago and that had ended badly.

“Not having a baby with me.” Said Jane shaking her head. “Having Starzbet sex with me. I’ve seen the way you look at me. The glances at my chest and ass when you think I don’t notice.” She ran her fingers over the top of her chest. Her manicured French tips traced a path across her cleavage drawing my attention to the pale white skin of her chest and the scattering of beauty marks across it. I felt a pulse of lust throb through my privates and my heartbeat quicken in anticipation. Was this really happening?

It was true. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t fantasized what sex with Jane would be like. Who wouldn’t? Jane was beautiful. Thin and petite with a heart shaped face and long black hair that cascaded down past her shoulders. She had long shapely legs, a gift from years of running and hiking along with an ass so toned that you could practically bounce a quarter off of it. At the moment, she was wearing a baby blue tank top and a pair of jeans shorts with the pockets poking out from underneath the cutoff point. I stared longingly at the smooth paleness of her legs.

“Ok, but why me?” I said.

She shrugged. “You’re not bad looking, you’re smart, you’re decently accomplished, you come from a good family and you have a good heart.”

Not bad looking?

“Thanks, I think.” I said with a smirk. I didn’t think of myself as particularly handsome. I tried to keep myself groomed and my hair short. I worked out at least three days a week. Two days of weights and one day of boxing drills ensured that I was lean and fit. I had dated around and had relationships in the past, but nothing long lasting. Most days, I was busy at work, the life of a software engineer meant that long nights were spent in front of a computer either writing code or testing code.

Jane shifted, lifting her legs to top of the couch. “That’s not what I meant. You’re such a great guy. Anyone would be lucky to have you.” She said, leaning over and placing a hand onto my cheek. From this close, I could smell her perfume. Vanilla mixed in with flowers of some kind. It was intoxicating. She had never worn perfume before on our movie nights, had she been planning this all along? I breathed in her scent and felt my heartbeat quicken.

“Lisa was an idiot to do what she did to you.” Jane murmured under her breath.

I felt a stab of pain in my heart at the mere mention of my ex’s name. But that pain was quickly quashed when her fingers, soft and supple turned my head to face her. My brown eyes met her own. Her eyes were equally brown and quivering with fear, excitement and lust.

“I know you’ve thought about having sex with me.” She murmured wrapping her arms behind my neck. “because I’ve thought the same about you.”

The kiss caught me by surprise, it had been so long since I had been intimate with anyone that I had forgotten how good kissing felt. The taste of her lips, the softness of her body pressed up against mine as she moved to straddle me against the couch. I melted into the kiss. The feeling of closeness as our lips pressed up against each other. The feel and smell of my best friend as she straddled me and moved with me. Jane gasped when my hands moved to her back and brought her body closer, pressing up against my own. I could feel the softness of her breast press up against my chest, a sensation that sent my heart racing. Jane responded by deepening the kiss and opening her mouth to allow my tongue access. Our tongues tangled and untangled with each other as we explored the taste and feeling of each other. She tasted sweet and watery, with the slightest hint of oranges. Probably from the orange juice.

Jane moaned softly as she moved against me, grinding her most private of places against my crotch. The only thing separating the two were a few pieces of fabric, my shorts and her jeans. Unrestricted by the fabric of my shorts, I could feel myself growing to full mast within seconds. Jane moaned softly and rocked herself against me, giving me a crude lap dance. I moved my hands up the curve of her back and wrapped her hair around my hand as if it were a rope. With a gentle tug, she gasped in shock as I lightly but forcefully pulled her head back and away from my lips. I moved down to her exposed neck and Jane gasped deeply as I began traced down the path her neck with licks and kisses. I savored the taste of her, salty from her sweat and bitter from her lotion. I continued to make my way down stopping at her collar bone to lick at the nape.

“Jack.” Jane gasped with a whisper that could barely be seen. Her voice had taken on a husky quality, filled with lust and desire. “Jack.” She gasped again, this time more loudly.

I ignored her gasps and continued down to her chest, Jane was in no way busty or voluptuous but I still enjoyed being able to dive my head into her cleavage and ravage it with my mouth. Her fragrance, her taste was overwhelming my senses, driving my lust to new heights. I couldn’t get enough of it as I continued Starzbet Giriş to worship her with my tongue. The softness of her skin, the sensual sounds she made with each kiss, lick or bite. She gasped as I kissed the tops of her breasts, alternating between soft pecks, long lashes of my tongue and gentle bites on the supple flesh. My hands started to slowly roll her tank top upward, first exposing her taut belly, then her ribs and finally her bra clad breasts.

Jane disengaged herself from me and took off the rest of the tank top herself. Her bra wasn’t anything sexy and tantalizing, its function was to keep them in place. A simple push up bra that lacked any lace or anything else remotely sexy, but it was the person that was wearing that excited me. Jane, my best friend for the last ten years, half naked and straddling me. I took a moment to drink in her appearance, the slim flat tummy, the soft curve of her hips, the grey tattoo of a sunflower running up the left side of her ribs, ending just at the base of her breasts. I admired the size of her breasts, seemingly bigger thanks to her bra. I drank in her appearance, I had seen Jane in a bikini before and I was familiar with the size and shape of her breasts, but this was something new and exciting. Now I could look at her without feeling awkward. I noticed details about Jane’s body that I never got to see during our beach trips. The scattering of tiny brown beauty marks across her chest or the tiny red splotching of a birthmark on her shoulder.

I stared at the rolled up tank top in Jane’s hands, still not quite believing that this was happening. She tossed it to the side and gave me a devilish grin that caused my heartbeat to quicken and send blood down towards my penis. I dove back in, kissing the curve and shape of her breasts, so tantalizingly soft. Jane gasped loudly and pressed my head against her tits, keeping me there as I worshiped them with my mouth and tongue. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, I rolled the bottom of her bra up revealing her breast beneath. Her nipples were small and brown, the color of milk chocolate. I continued to kiss at her breasts, enjoying the silky flesh and supple softness of their size. I stopped just before my tongue reached the nub of her nipple, instead I let my tongue draw circles around her areola, careful not to let it touch the raised mound of her nipple. She moaned in protest and placed two hands at the back of my head as if she were afraid that I would stop my oral ministrations. I finally covered her nipple with mouth and swirled my tongue around the base of her nipple, careful not to touch the waiting nub. She gasped in response and pressed my head harder against her breasts.

“Jack,” she gasped, was she begging or moaning? “Jack.” Fingers tangled around my hair, keeping me at her breasts.

I flicked my tongue rapidly against her nipple, alternating between softly biting at the nub, suckling on the darkened flesh and licking the hardened flesh. I repeated my motion on her other breast, worshipping every part of her breasts. Jane’s hands cupped both sides of my chin and lifted my head back upwards. Our lips met again, the kiss this time was more passionate, less lustful, I kissed her like a lover, my love. My heart soared as my tongue mashed up against her. I was elated. I was kissing Jane. Jane, my best friend for the past ten years. The girl who had been with me for nearly all of my major life milestones. Who I had studied with, hiked with, dined with. Jane who had cried in my arms when she had first gotten her heart broken. Jane who had cheered with my mother when I got my Master’s Degree in engineering, who had stayed up with me through long study sessions and sleepless nights. Jane who was now half naked from the bottom up and kissing me like we were lovers who had been intimately familiar with each other for years.

How could I have been so blind for so long?

Jane pulled me out of my drunken stupor by breaking the kiss. My lips suddenly feeling empty without hers. Our gaze met and time stopped for just a second. She leaned in close to me and nibbled on my earlobe, the hot mist of her breath sending shivers up my spine.

“My turn.” She whispered into my ear. I nearly came right then and there.

She moved down kissing my neck while clawing at my shirt with her nails, hungry for more. I responded in kind, moving my hands down the small back and grabbing her ass with both hands. Jane purred approvingly, her teeth pressingly deep into my neckbone, undoubtedly leaving marks. Her hands dove under my t-shirt so they could caress my chest. “Why is your shirt still on?” Jane murmured, her hands desperately trying to get it off my body.

I took the clue, removed my shirt and tossed it in the same general direction that Jane had tossed her tank-top. Jane bit her lower lip in approval at the sight of my shirtless body. She dove back into my neck, kissing, licking and biting, while her hands caressed my body. Starzbet Güncel Giriş I try to keep fit, running once a week and lifting weights twice a week. Jane clearly approved, she couldn’t stop touching me. “Fuck.” I murmured, as she moved down to kiss my chest.

Frantic, delicate, hands pawed at the button at the top of my pants, undoing it with a clumsiness that I didn’t expect from Jane. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. She finally managed to undo the button and zipper that held my pants together, her hands snaking into them to reach for my hardened cock.

I groaned loudly when her soft hands grasped my shaft and freed it from its confines. Jane fell forward onto my chest as she ran her hands up and down my full length. “Fuck. Had I known you were packing this, I would have told you sooner.” She whispered into my ear, her voice husky and filled with lust.

I lifted my hips and let her take the rest of my shorts off. Jane pulled them down to my ankles, sinking down to her knees as she did so. Now she was face-to-face with my cock. I’ve watched enough porn to know that my manhood wasn’t exactly the biggest in the world, but I’ve also had enough sexual partners in the past to know that I’m not exactly small either. Yet before Jane’s petite figure, I looked monstrous. “Fuck, you’ve got a nice cock.” She said, her hands slowly running up and down my length. I gasped at the softness of her hands gliding against my shaft every now and then, she would stop at the top and rub her thumb over the bulbous head of my cock. She moved in and gave my shaft a soft peck with her lips, I quivered with excitement. Seeing my reaction, Jane got bolder and ran her tongue agonizingly slowly up the length of my cock, stopping just at the mushroom bottom of my cockhead. I was so hard and ready.

“You taste so good.” Jane moaned before she took me into her mouth.

The soft wetness of her mouth was almost too much for me to bear and I almost exploded in her mouth right then and there. I had read somewhere that the tissue inside of the mouth are similar to the tissue in the vagina. Would this be what it would feel like to fuck Jane? She didn’t give me a chance to ponder that thought as she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth. She kept her mouth tight around my cock, wrapping her tongue around the shaft while sucking on it with her mouth. Jane bobbed up and down on my full length taking me deeper into the depths of her mouth with each dive. She took and deep breath and went down on me down into her throat, I nearly came right then and there. The sensation of my cock being wrapped around her tight throat muscles, the soft warmth and slick passage of her throat was drive me insane. “Oh fuck.” I gasped, my hands gripping the back of her head to keep my cock lodged inside of her esophagus. The tightness was unbearable, I could feel every bit of her throat around my cock.

I held her there longer than I had expected, keeping her head firmly in my hands as she choked down on my length. Eventually, Jane smacked her hand against my knee, desperately signaling to me that she was out of air, and I released the hold I had on her head. Jane slowly freed disengaged her deep throat and slid her mouth off of my cock, a single long thread of saliva and precum was still connected her lips to my cock head. I groaned at the sight and pulled Jane up to kiss me, not caring that her mouth had just been wrapped around my cock. Our tongues danced again as my fingers desperately tried to undo the button of her shorts. My fingers fumbled trying to undo the top button, pawing at it desperately. I needed her. I wanted her. I had no idea how much I wanted Jane until tonight. All those times we hung out, cooking together, eating together, just being around each other, how could I have been so blind for so long?

Jane gently placed a hand on my chest and pushed herself away. “Let me.” She whispered. She turned around, hooked both thumbs through the waistband of her shorts and pulled it down; bending to give me a good view of her ass as she did so. My breath caught in my chest at the sight of Jane’s red thong and her perfect ass. She turned and gave me a look so deliciously wicked and lustful that it made my cock visibly twitch.

“Like what you see?” She asked, turning around to face me. She was now practically naked, wearing nothing except her lacey red thong. I nodded, my breath caught in my throat. Never would I have imagined that I would be in a situation like this. Jane grinned at the sight of my nervousness. She did a small spin showing off her body for me. I breathed deeply at the sight of her, so beautiful. Jane let the thong drop to the ground and stepped forward slowly, sauntering towards me at an agonizingly slow pace. I watched each of her steps, admiring her smooth alabaster skin and shapely legs.

“Good, because I wore this just for you.” Jane said, She hooked her thumbs underneath the straps of her thong and played with them a bit, teasing me about what was waiting for me underneath. “I wanted you to want me.” She continued stepping forward. She licked her hand and straddled my lap, her delicate fingers taking a hold of my cock shaft, now so hard that it was practically painful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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