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Felicity Grahame was the 35-year-old wife of the local parson in a small English town. She had no children of her own but was a stepmother to her husbands 22 year old son from a previous marriage, the first wife had runaway with the church organist when the son Robert was only 1 year old. She had met her Husband Edward at the church fellowship and had agreed to be his wife after a 2-year courtship it had turned out to be a very dull marriage. Felicity had tried to support her husband and had thrown herself into the church and community activities.

One Saturday morning, Felicity felt the sun warming her through her bedroom window as she gradually awakened from her sleep. She became aware of the soreness in her vagina and her breasts and with a cry the memories of her shameful night came rushing back. How could she have behaved the way that she had? She was after all the prudish vicar’s wife and was a leader in the wives association that had campaigned against the low morals prevalent amongst today’s generation, yet she had allowed her body to be used by a man other than her husband in a way that she had only heard of, in some of the court cases she had presided over when she had sat as a magistrate.

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower, on the way she paused in front of the mirror and slipped off her nightgown. She looked at herself and saw a beautiful petite slim figured red haired women 5’ 2” tall with pert 36C breasts crowned with large pink nipples. She gasped at the bruises visible around them and also as she looked down her slim tanned body, on her thighs and pubic area where her lover/rapist’s fingers had grasped, teased and pinched.

She was shocked to discover her nipples hardening at the memories and unconsciously she began to caress herself as intimately as the man had done last night. The fingers of her left hand were rolling the nipple of her right breast as her right hand lowered down to her vagina and she began to rub her clitoris with her thumb and let her forefinger enter into her cunt, as her lover had made her call it. She began to become aroused and closed her eyes and began to recall how she had got into her predicament.

It had started the previous Monday when she received a packet in the post; on opening it she was glad that her husband was not in the room as she had gasped out loud at the contents. They were copies of photographs that showed a naked young woman laying on a bed with a large black penis in her and another one with the same woman sucking on the same penis with another man penetrating her from the rear. What caused her to gasp even more was that the photographs were of her. How could they have been taken, she had never made love to any man other than her husband, as far as she knew yet these photographs showed otherwise.

She looked closely at the men in the pictures and eventually recognised them as being fellow students from her college days. She then remembered that strange experience she had at their graduation party when she had gone back to her flat with a number of friends for the last few drinks. She had seemingly passed out, according to her room mate Thelma, who said that she had been put to her bed. She remembered waking with a sore head and some stickiness around her mouth and on her thighs. Thelma had explained that she had been sick and that Thelma had roughly washed her down.

Felicity was no fool and thought immediately of that date rape drug that had been reported about in the papers and wondered if she had been one of its earlier victims.

There was a note with the photographs and on reading it Felicity almost fainted. The note was a simple threat, unless she agreed to the conditions that were to follow, the photographs would be sent via e-mail to members of her husbands congregation and put on the parish web site.

Felicity was stunned, what could she do, it was obvious that even if she went to the police they could not prevent the emails being sent or them being sent to the web site.

She couldn’t tell her husband, as he was so straight laced after the way his first wife had behaved that he would have no sympathy and throw her out without any thought.

All day she wandered about in a daze and could not sleep that night. It was just as well the she and her husband had separate bedrooms, as he would have questioned her as to why she was so worried.

The following morning she waited impatiently for the postman and rushed to the door to ensure that her husband would not see that she was receiving mail that she would not show him.

There was another packet, a little larger that the previous, she immediately went to her room and opened it. Inside were a rather skimpy scarlet coloured dress, some black nylon stockings, a black suspender belt, a note and another photograph. This one showed her on the bed with the head of another woman between her legs, obviously sucking at her vagina.

The note was brief; it read, wear these clothes and ONLY these clothes on Friday night and go to the Holliday konuşanlar izle Inn on the outskirts of the nearby city at 6-o-clock. It went on to read, go to the bar and ask the barman for the envelope left for Miss Henderson, in it you will find a room key, go to the room, leave the door open and wait.

Felicity was in complete dismay. Not only were the clothes suitable for a streetwalker but the blackmailer knew her maiden name as well. He must also know that her husband would be away at the weekend for him to pick the only night that she could leave the house without any questions.

Wednesday and Thursday passed in a blur and on Friday just as a reminder another packet arrived with some more photographs showing her giving sexual favours to the 2 men and the woman who has she had guessed was Thelma. They were accompanied by another threat with regard to publishing the photographs and stating that there were 36 similar photographs available.

Felicity decided that she had to comply with the blackmailer’s demands and knowing that it would take about and hour to get to the hotel, at 4 pm showered and dressed in the specified clothing, she looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised to see that the dress fitted her perfectly and was horrified to see that her nipples were prominent and that it could clearly be seen that she was not wearing a brassiere. She put on a raincoat and then drove to the hotel.

She remembered the instructions regarding only to wear the supplied clothes and removed the raincoat before going into the hotel. Felicity felt all of the men staring at her as she crossed to the bar but did not look around to see the effect that she was having, the barman looked at her appreciatively and on her request gave her the envelope.

Moving out of the bar she opened it and removed the key, noted that it was for room 101 and following the signs went to the room. She opened the door and entered, she saw a note on the table and read it. Following the instructions it contained she opened the bottle of vodka and made a large screwdriver with the orange juice and drained it in one. She was not used to alcohol and immediately felt its affect, she took another one and sat on a chair wondering what was to come.

The door opened and to her surprise there stood a young man slim waisted and about 6’ tall with short brown hair and she knew that he was, as the ladies in the sewing circle said, devishly handsome for it was Robert her stepson. She rose to her feet and asked him what he was doing there, Robert laughed and threw a photograph at her, and it was another one in the series.

She could hardly believe her ears when he said that he was glad that she had followed his instructions to the letter and was even more surprised to hear him say.

“ I have been spying on you in your bedroom for years, and have been wanting to fuck that great body of yours ever since I knew what my prick was good for.”


She began to plead with him to behave as a son should and how he was dishonouring his father, she reminded him that he had been calling her Mom for 10 years.

“You have been my son in my mind ever since I met you, even before I married your father.” she cried.

Robert laughed even louder and said that he knew that his father had stopped fucking her a few years ago, when she had asked him to give her a child. Now he was going to take over those duties.

Felicity realised that with all of the preparation that he done to blackmail her into this situation, he was serious and quietly asked him what was going to happen next.

Robert grinned and said.

“First of all I want to know all about your sexy past and how you had hidden it for so long”.

She explained about the date rape drug and was surprised when he accepted her explanation.

He then told her to lift her dress so that he could see her cunt, Felicity began to cry but he told he roughly that unless she obeyed his every whim the photographs would be circulated as promised. Knowing that he would carry out the threat she tentatively lifted the hem of her dress slowly revealing her nylon clad thighs and eventually reached the top of her legs until her pubic area was on view.

Robert looked and said,”

We will have to shave off that hair around your cunt so that I can get a good look at it”.

He then made her go into the bathroom and carried out his threat, he made her lift her dress until her pubic hairs were in plain view. When he began to shave her, his fingers played around her vagina , using his thumb to rub that spot just above her clitoris and then letting a finger stray with the lips of her vagina.

Felicity was shocked to discover that his gentle touch was having a strange affect on her, Robert saw her squirming and slowly parted the outer lips of her vagina, he ran his finger up her slit, and she shuddered at his touch. He quickly finished the shaving and led her back to the bedroom.

“Take off your dress.” He said.

Felicity kulüp izle complied and as the dress dropped to the floor tried to cover herself with her hands. He told her it was a bit late for that as he had already seen her cunt. He then moved closer to her and began to slowly caress her breasts.

“You have lovely tits mother”, he said, “I have wanted to suck on them since I was 13.”

He immediately took a nipple into his mouth, closed his teeth around it and began flicking it with his tongue, Felicity had never experienced such pleasure before, every time his tongue touched her nipple it grew even more intense and when he caressed both nipples she felt a stirring in her stomach and her already moist vagina became wet, after all it had been over 2 years since she had been made love to and she was a healthy woman.

Robert slowly slipped to his knees and his tongue and lips traced a path to the junction of her thighs. He noticed the juices glistening on her thighs, stopped for a moment and to her shame, said,

“ You must have super sensitive tits, you’re almost climaxing,”

he then continued with his ministrations to her body causing her to tremble with passion.

Felicity gasped, she had never felt anything like that before as the few times that her husband had made love to her he had no thought of foreplay.

She felt Robert’s lips caress her thighs in slow circles moving ever closer to her newly shaven vagina then his tongue snaked into her private orifice, she climaxed and fell onto the bed so intense had the pleasurable feeling been, that her knees had given way. As she lay there catching her breath, she realised to her horror that she liked what Robert was doing to her and wanted more.

Robert looked at her and smiled,

” I wondered if there was a real woman hiding under those frumpy clothes that you wear,” he said.

He then began to strip, Felicity again begged him to stop before it went too far. at the same time noticing that his penis was indeed extremely long and thick.

Robert ignored her and once undressed got onto the bed with her and began to kiss her between her vagina again, this time his tongue lapped at her clitoris and at the same time he inserted a finger into her, Felicity groaned with the thrill of his actions, Robert went to move his head away only for Felicity to clutch at his hair and say,

“ No Bobby, don’t stop, please.”

He bent his head back to her and caught her clitoris between his lips and begun to suck on it. Felicity began to shudder so much that he could hardly keep his head between her legs. Her back arched and she moaned out loud as her first ever multiple orgasm racked her body.

Robert lifted his head and moved up alongside his beautiful stepmother.

“How did you enjoy that Mom”, he said.

Felicity couldn’t speak she was filled with shame that she had had so much pleasure doing such a depraved act.

Robert placed a finger into her and began to slide it up into her, he added another then a third, and his thumb made gentle circles over her clitoris. Felicity felt her body begin to vibrate such was the strength of feeling generated by Robert’s skilful fingers, she turned to him and kissed his mouth, his lips tasted a little salty and she realised that she was tasting her own juices, she found that it was not unpleasant and hesitantly put her tongue into his mouth, she had French kissed as a young student and had enjoyed it.

Robert stopped fingering her and took her hand in his and then placed it onto his thick penis. Felicity realised at once that it was bigger by far than her husbands and to her shame thought that it must be as big as the ones that she had seen in the photographs. This thought sent a wave of lust through her body and she thought that her vagina had caught fire.

She looked at Robert and said,

“ Will you make love to me Bobby?”,

he laughed and said

“not unless you ask me properly, if you want me to fuck you, say it”

“I can’t “

she whispered, even though the sound of the crude words aroused her even more but she knew that she would give in, as for the first time in her life she was simply a women wanting sex nothing but sex, that it was her stepson made no difference she wanted his penis thrusting into her.

“If you want my prick inside your cunt, then you have to ask me in those words”,

he replied,

“Making love is what my father did to you, do you want me to fuck you so much that you will never want to be made love to again?”

As he was saying this Robert’s fingers were massaging Felicity’s clitoris raising her desire even further, unable to bear it any longer Felicity cried out

“Fuck Me Bobby, please fuck me. Stick your prick into my cunt and fuck me”

Bobby, slowly placed the tip of his 9” cock into Felicity’s cunt and worked it up and down, she put her hands onto his arse and tried to pull him into herself, she was whimpering with frustration and lady voyeur izle then gasped as Bobby slipped the length of his prick deep into her waiting body. Slowly he plunged in until his balls were right up against her pelvis he then pulled out equally as slowly until just the tip of his prick was at the mouth of her cunt, he then slammed into her as hard and as fast as he could, he repeated this again and again watching her as her body told him she was nearing a climax, on his last entry into her Bobby ground his pelvis into her. Felicity screamed with rapture as again she felt the most intense orgasm engulf her.

Bobby pulled his prick out and moved up her body so that his prick was at her mouth.

“Suck my prick Mom” he said and pushed the tip onto her lips.

Felicity had never taken a penis or as she now thought of it a prick into her mouth before so she told Bobby that she did not know how to do it properly.

Gone was the prim and proper vicars wife, she wanted to please this man who had transported her to heaven with his lovemaking.

Bobby told her to open her mouth and throat as wide as she could and as she did so he let his prick slide down into her. Felicity gagged slightly as his thick member hit the back of her mouth but managed to keep going, Bobby then told her to move her head up and down and to use her lips and teeth to stimulate the head of his prick as it came out of her mouth. Felicity proved to be a natural and found that she was enjoying the feeling as well as liking the taste of her own cunt juices that were mingling with Bobby’s pubic hairs. Bobby felt his climax building up and with one last thrust shot his load deep into her mouth. Felicity choked slightly but began to swallow the creamy liquid jetting into her mouth.

Bobby withdrew his prick and looked down at his victim, he had thought that his stepmother was a prude like his dad he now realised that she had the potential to be quite a lay.

He waited a while and then moved back down to Felicity’s cunt and began to lick her out making sure that his tongue whipped across her clitoris.

Felicity was stunned to feel her body respond and even more so that Bobby wanted to continue. When her husband made love to her,once he had climaxed he rolled over and went to sleep.

Bobby moistened a finger in the wet cunt and moved it to Felicity’s rosebud of her anus, he gently put the tip of it into her as he was lapping at her clitoris. Felicity lay there her body trembling with the passion that Bobby was arousing in her yet again. When his finger entered that forbidden place she was astonished to find that it thrilled her even more. Bobby placed a second finger into her anus and was sliding them up to his knuckles, Felicity grunted with pain and pleasure with every thrust he made into her and when he stopped cried out for him to continue.

“Put your fingers back into my arse Bobby, please, keep on licking my cunt, I want to come again”

Bobby told her to roll over as he was going to fuck her arse, Felicity was worried that something as big as his cock, (another word that he had taught her) would tear her. He assured her that it wouldn’t and as she positioned herself with her butt in the air she felt the tip of his prick push at the entrance to her anus. Bobby told her to finger her cunt and clitoris as he had been doing whilst he was teasing and pulling on her nipples. Felicity felt a rush of sexual passion as she realised that she was going to work herself off as Bobby was plunging into her arse, the obscenity of it thrilled her even more and as she frantically finger fucked herself she felt Bobby’ balls slam up against the back of her legs, without her realising it he had buried his long thick prick right up her arse. Her climax was mind blowing and she began to have orgasm after orgasm as she felt Bobby’s sperm flood into her body.

Bobby slowly withdrew his cum soaked prick from his stepmother’s arse and taking her by her hand led her into the bathroom and began to shower.

He was taken by surprise when she dropped to her knees and took his soft prick fully into her mouth and by skilful use of her tongue stiffened it to a full erection, he lifted her up and caught her under her thighs, raising her body so that his rock hard prick could enter her moist open cunt.

Carrying her this way he went back to the bedroom and placed her onto the bed. He lifted her thighs over his shoulders and plunged deep into her body. Felicity had to stifle the scream of pleasure that threatened to erupt from her at the intense feeling that fucking in this position gave her, she felt a climax building again and marvelled that her body could respond so readily.

Bobby looked down at her and said,

” Are you ready to cum Mom? I’m going to cum any second and fill you full of spunk”.

His calling her Mom seemed to trigger an even wilder response within her and she locked her legs around his neck and tried to pull him even deeper into her.

” Yes son” she screamed, “fill your Mom with spunk, cum inside me. “

Her climax was even better than the last one, as she felt Bobby shoot into her. She lay exhausted and it was Bobby who had to make her shower, get dressed and leave the hotel to go back home, just in case any of the neighbours would ask her husband why they were both away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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