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Here is my second chapter of this serial! As part 1 was more of a buildup to what comes in this chapter I hope readers will enjoy! I’m always open for feedback and suggestions also so feel free to comment and tell me what you think 🙂


For Christine, the days since meeting the new member of the 5th floor became slower and slower. Her work days as of late usually consisted of calling various on campus maintenance men to fix the chaos which the students on the 5th floor put their rooms through. 5-A had broken their oven because they thought it would be funny to see what happened when you heat up a fire work in there. Apartment 5-C would be fixed almost every other day due to them breaking a door or punching a hole in the paper-thin walls in the apartment. Christine sat in her quiet office, only the small fan in the corner of the room buzzed softly as cold air was blown into the room. She slowly rubbed her temples with her eyes closed, a light headache slowly overcoming her after a long conversation with Barry the builder.

Barry, a rather old, podgy man was called by the beautiful floor manager to fix the bathroom door in apartment 5-D. The phone call was a headache for her in a number of ways: Barry would always try to flirt with her over the phone, letting her know how attractive she was and how he would love to take her out to dinner.

Like most conversations with the maintenance men on campus she would get bored and uncomfortable quickly due to the constant looks down her top or invading of personal space. This time however was different. She was talking about apartment 5-D, and the door in which she had seen the new student naked, she had finally managed to get the image and guilty fantasies she thought up in her mind about him only for Barry to call and talk about the new guy and how lucky he was to be pitched up with Alexa.

Christine looked down at the locked drawer on her desk, remembering what is inside there. She bit her plump lower lip softly as she reached out to pull the key and open the container to reveal her dirty toy. However, she managed to stop herself, taking a deep breath and resting her hand on her leg. Leaning back on her desk chair she ran her fingers through her long dark hair and tried to take her mind off of the young 20 year old.

“Fuck…” she muttered to herself as her mind raced, she wondered if he had used that massive tool of his, wondered how many girls he’s fucked with that thing. She smiled as she felt herself quiver, it was wrong to want a student, especially a man half her age, she knew that…but what she wouldn’t give to try it, just once…

George had settled nicely into his new home. His new books had arrived and had finally finished unpacking and put everything where he thought was best. Now all he was waiting for was his first semester to begin. He had marked it on his calendar, pinned to the wall in front of his desk.

In big black marker the words “SCHOOL STARTS” where scribbled and the words circled a number of times. Since his first day he had been shown around by Alexa, she was very nice to him and was glad that he was getting along with his room-mate. He was getting used to her stick to the rules, always happy nature. She felt like a mother who was too kind to anyone she meets, but extremely thick and wildly more attractive than any women who where old enough to be mothers, whom he had known back home. He laid on his bed staring at the ceiling, noticing the long, thin crack which travelled across the edge of the ceiling to roughly the middle of the roof of the room. He was bored, and was too awkward to meet anyone on campus. So he mainly kept to his quarters, texting old friends from back home or wasting time on the internet, even spending some alone time as quietly as possible to ensure that Alexa did not walk in on him while he masturbated. There was a quiet knock on the door while he was thinking to himself.

“Come in.” He said casually, which lead to the door creaking open with Alexa peeking her head into the door.

“Hey George? I gotta tell you something.” She forced her self to enter the room and approach him. She was wearing a thin jumper and leggings, similar to the pair which she had worn when they first met.

“What’s up?” George asked quizzically, last time she asked to talk was for her to politely tell him to spend less time in the shower, he was sure he was limiting himself, certain even. Alexa turned the desk chair around to face him and sank her ass onto the comfortable seat. She slowly swivelled left and right on the chair as she looked over at him.

“So, John’s coming over in a few minutes. And I haven’t seen him in a few weeks…” She blushed lightly and gave an awkward chuckle.

“And, well I want to have some privacy, if you know what I mean?” George blushed a little and sat up on the bed, he raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“Sure, I get you.” She grinned and clapped her hands together gleefully “Great! He should be here soon, sorry Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort if you feel like I’m kicking you out!” She raised from her seat and began to walk toward the living room. George stood and began to get ready to leave, slipping on a pair of old shoes and slinging his empty messenger bag over his shoulder.

“Anywhere you recommend me go for a while to pass time?” George called out to Alexa, who was now sitting on the sofa away from his eyesight.

“Yeah, there’s a really nice food court just across from campus, its cheap and there’s always a bunch of people around.”

George exited his room, shutting the door behind him, he had decided to wear a black logo t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting jeans, he looked pretty raggedy, though he did ok with the little time he had to prepare. Just as he came into the room the door knocked loudly, Alexa bounced up quickly and almost sprinted like an Olympic runner to the door. She swung it open and threw herself on the tall man who was on the other side of the door. He was handsome, very handsome from what George could see. The two men locked eyes on each other which caused George to give a friendly but awkward wave. As Alexa let go of John she turned toward George.

“This is George, my roommate, He was just leaving.” John took a step forward and extended his hand, George shook it firmly in greeting.

“Hey man, Alexa says you’re pretty cool, if you’re looking for people to hang with, I can introduce you to some people?” John was what many would call a jock, he wore a skin tight shirt which clung to his cut body and a pair of jogging bottoms, he seemed pretty friendly to George however.

“Sure, that sounds cool, I was just about to leave but I’d be cool with that.” He nodded and stepped past him to reach the exit of the room.

“See you later, I dunno when I’ll be back!” George quickly shut the door and stood there, alone in the quiet hallway, only the muffled conversations and noises of music or video games came from the other rooms. He had no idea where he was going to go, maybe that food court sounded ok.

“That was lucky.” John said to Alexa as he embraced her, his hands exploring her lower back. Alexa giggled and looked up into his eyes.

“Yeah, he’s a real heart throb. Probably going to fuck some girl he met last night.” John chucked, his masculinity making Alexa weak at the knees.

“Is that so?” he asked moving his hands lower to firmly squeeze her thick ass cheeks. Alexa squealed with surprise as she felt his hands explore her ass.

“Mmmm, yeah…be careful, you might lose me to him if you don’t treat me like a princess.” She teased. They broke their embrace as John lead his girlfriend to the sofa.

“So. All alone…just us…I’ve missed that thing you do baby…” He sat with his legs wide open, arm draped over Alexa’s shoulders as she leaned into him, resting her head on his muscular chest.

“Well…I miss doing it baby.” She bit her lip as her heart beat increased. Looking to his crotch she moved her hand to rub his inner thigh.

“How about I do it and then we can put a movie on or something?” She moved her hand to the waist band of his lower clothing, lightly tugging at the waist. John moaned lightly and looked over her, seeing her teasing him. Alexa pulled the jogging bottoms down, showing his trimmed pelvis, slowly she pulled his flaccid cock out, quickly getting hard at her presence.

“Well…I bet you’ve missed me doing this huh baby?” She asked as she lowered her body down beside him, assuming a comfortable position. She began to lick the shaft of his average sized cock, feeling it slowly grow and harden as she began to suck the head of his cock. She moaned lightly, feeling herself grow wet at the act of sucking him off. John moaned and began to brush her fizzy hair back to get a good look at her while she sucked his cock.

“Shit…” he grunted as he let the good feeling overcome him.

The sun was low, the sky grew orange as it began to set across campus. George walked slowly across the relatively quiet campus. Only a small number of people where around, some all guys, some all-girls, some mixed. They all seemed to be having fun spending time with each other. George looked over at a particular group which seemed to be the largest. They where all walking across the small grassy field which was a short cut to the recreational areas on campus. From this distance they where mostly guys, all of different race and looks.

The one person who caught Georges eye was the girl who seemed to be leading the pack. She looked stunning. Long flowing blonde hair which was tied into a ponytail, the hair reached her lower back and seemed to shine. She was wearing a pair of black leggings which clung to her jaw dropping curves. George could tell she was the reason they guys all hung out with each other. She strutted down the field with her head held up, almost regally. Her movements Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort where smooth as silk, George had a tough time keeping his eyes away from her.

“George?” he heard from in front of him. He quickly snapped back to reality as he turned to face where he was walking. There standing only a few inches away from him was Christine. She looked nervous, and almost shocked to see him.

“Oh hey Christine.” George replied smiling at her. From looking at one stunning girl to standing so close to another stunner. Christine was wearing a low-cut grey dress, the top held her large breasts up which flared out into a long, presentable skirt. Christine’s heart was racing. He was right there.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you out of your room for a few days.” She stated, holding one of her wide hips with her hand. George raised an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah well, Alexa said I should get out more.” Christine chucked nervously. She felt like a little girl, she had to get her head in the game.

“I see…Well I was just heading back to my office…want to come?” she asked sheepishly. Her eyes widened with shock; she didn’t mean to ask him…what was she thinking?!

“Sure.” George said after a few moments “Got nothing else to do…” She nodded and gestured him to follow.

‘You will soon big boy.’ She thought to herself as they walked together. Behind them both, the blonde girl which George saw not but a few moments before looked around, quickly scanning the immediate area, eyes seeming to light up an emerald green for a moment.

“Hey Amy, you coming?” a male voice called from the group which had passes her, now stopped to look over at her. Amy could not see anyone, the presence which she had sensed must have already disappeared…She frowned deeply. She was so certain that the presence she felt was him…

George shut the door behind him as he looked at the figure of Christine in front of him. He didn’t know why he said yes to join her, maybe his male instincts forced him to join the busty Asian beauty. Christine had slightly composed herself. She began to act like her normal managerial self again. She had decided on the way here. She had to do it. all she could think about on the way here was his cock. She was so close and no one was around to catch them in the act.

‘He’s a young man. No way he can say no to this body.’ she thought to herself. Sighing comfortably Christine pivoted on the spot and rested her backside on her glass desk.

“Tell me George. Do you like living with Alexa?”

“It’s ok. Why do you ask?” He looked around the room, examining what was around the desk, it looked like an ordinary office, cabinets, computer, desk, fan, plant in the corner of the room.

“Oh no reason. Just thinking about stuff…” She looked down between his legs, slowly trailing her vision up to his face.

“What kind of stuff?” George asked as he slowly took off his messenger bag and planted it on the floor next to him, he didn’t know why he took it from home, but just wanted it off of him.

“Well…As your floor manager…” Christine slowly raised up from her position and approached George.

“It is very important to me that the students I look after are, well accommodated.” She looked up at the taller man in front of her. She was holding everything back to not throw herself on him.

“If you don’t want to live with a girl who turns you on so much, I can move you?” George’s eyes widened, he was speechless at the floor manager, after a few moments he muttered confused.

“W-what?” Christine giggled, planning a hand on his waist.

“Its ok, you’re a young, handsome man…I can tell when a guy likes what he sees.” Georges breathing hastened, his heart was beating hard through his chest, blood rushing to his third leg.

“Like now for instance. My low-cut top…my big tits practically hanging out. I know you like girls like me.” Raising an eyebrow, she stood on her tip toes to reach his lips, approaching him slowly.

“Nice thick chicks…who like fat dick.” She kissed him softly. Moaning into his mouth as he kissed back. He had no idea what was going on, only that his floor manager was making out with him, and exploring him with her hands.

Christine began to unbuckle the belt which held his jeans in place, knowing from experience how to take jeans off without looking she kissed him more, sliding her tongue to meet his as she loosened his trousers. Without a second to waste she dove her hands into his pants, using both hands to grasp his long thick shaft and pull it out. It was much larger than his flaccid cock, easily 12 inches. She moaned as she slowly jerked him off while she continued to kiss him with her plump glossy lips. Finally, she broke the kiss and watched the young man gasp for air, he looked shocked that she was doing this.

“You’re so cute when your shocked George.” She held his huge cock in her grasp, Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort jerking him off slowly as she locked eyes on him. Her mind raced, she was on auto pilot as the man who was old enough to be her son watched.

“I would have NEVER guessed you where this big…Mmmm I’ve never had a man this big before.” She winked and sank to her knees, staring in awe at the sheer size of it, how the fuck was she going to take something this huge? With her hands firmly grasping the shaft, Christine began to suck the large head, peeling back the foreskin before she rubbed her thick lips over it. Moaning she looked up at him, seeing how much he was enjoying it. George moaned as his hands balled into fists, he had never had a woman touch his cock before, and the person who was sucking him off made it so hot. He let out a heavy moan as her bobbing continued, Christine began to jerk his cock while she sucked, moaning as she felt her lips touch the end of her fist, 5 inches was all she dared to take into her mouth at this time, knowing he would let her lead she enjoyed the inches she took into her wet mouth.

“You men are all the same.” She said lustily as while she broke her sucking to talk,

“Always attracted to big tits or huge asses…and thick thighs. Me, Alexa, that blonde bitch who hangs around with all those guys.” She sucked harder, making George weak at the knees.

“Word of advice hun, stay away from her, magazine models like her are always trouble.” She smiled innocently before sucking his cock more.

George wasn’t listening to what she was saying, he was too busy trying to hold back the intense feeling of wanting to cum back, he didn’t want this to end so soon…Christine knew what he was doing. Finally, she let go of him, letting his cock point powerfully at her, precum leaking out in volumes. She stuck her tongue out from under his cock, letting his pre seed drip onto it before tasting him. She moaned with satisfaction as she stared up at him.

“Tasty.” She said simply, rising from her knees to meet him.

“Take me.” She said as she held his cock, the first 5 inches sloppy from her saliva. She stepped back to the desk, smiling sexily at him, she turned around to face the desk, leaning over to pull out a small box from the drawer. She had retrieved a box of condoms, placing them in his hand she bit her lip and looked down at his giant dick.

“Well, they’re probably too small, confiscated them a few days back. You know how to put one on right stud?” She started to caress her breasts as she watched him fumble with the packaging, she couldn’t wait to feel it inside her, filling her insides up. With her breathing increased she watched as he pulled out a condom and slowly started to unravel it over his cock (with difficulty).

“Mmmm there we go, glad you remembered that part of sex education…how about you show me what else you remember George?” The Asian beauty turned around again, grasping her skirt and frantically pulling it over her body. George instantly noticed the lack of underwear which the manager had, her thick ass and toned thighs pressed together as more of her naked back was revealed to him. Christine finally pulled the dress over her and leaned over, spreading her legs out for him to get easy access, her large tits pressed onto the cold glass desk.

George approached, placing one hand on her thick ass, the other holding his shaft to guide it to her pussy lips. Anticipation grew in Christine, as well as George, they both wanted this, Christine’s lust for young men and huge cocks, Georges desire to lose his virginity. He pressed the head at her entrance and pushed it in, causing Christine to instantly moan and wince with a slight pain. It had been too long since she last had sex, and with the dildo, she was glad that she practiced taking something this big.

“Fuck me…geez its so huge!” she moaned as George began to fuck his floor manager, he grasped her wide hips firmly and began to pump his cock into her firmly. He grunted hard and felt his cock throb and pulse with every passing second. Christine moaned loudly, the noise reverberating around the room. After moments of firm fucking Christine felt herself quiver uncontrollably, she panted hard as an orgasm overcame her, letting out a guttural moan as her body tensed up. Once the orgasm died down, she looked over her shoulder at George, he seemed mesmerised at her thick body before gritting his teeth and closing his eyes tight, he pushed in as deep as he could which surprisingly shifted Christine’s body forward on the desk. Her eyes widened in shock as she felt something inside her, pushing her apart. It seemed that he came inside her, shooting his load into his tight-fitting condom. She felt it expand more and more.

“Fuck how much cum have you got in there?!” she moaned as she felt a feeling like something and left the inside of her, she looked back slightly worried as she saw the bulbus condom which was filled with thick creamy cum, she turned around on the desk and sank to her knees, mesmerized over how much cum he had shot.

“Fuck…that’s so much cum baby…god…” She giggled in disbelief, watching as George casually slipped the condom off and place it onto the floor, she looked surprised as she looked at the protection, leaking a waterfall of cum into the carpet.

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