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This is a true story and hasn’t been embellished in anyway.

I feel I should state now, that I’m a married man (I was about 44 at that time) with absolutely no thoughts or interests in gay sex, in fact, nothing could have been further from my mind…how things can change!

Several years ago, I was on a short pre-Christmas vacation in New York City with my wife. We had had a busy day taking in the sights of NYC including Central Park and a freezing boat trip on the Hudson River. We had a table booked in a restaurant close to our hotel, The Millennium Broadway, for our evening meal.

My wife wanted to shower and do her hair which I knew would take a couple of hours. With that in mind, I told her that I would go to the gym for my workout.

It was a pretty standard gym with all the usual stuff. I spent some time on the weight machines, then moved on to the treadmill for a lengthy run. While I was on the treadmill I noticed that there was a sign pointing to a sauna. Fantastic I thought! I love a sauna, however I hadn’t bought and swimming shorts with me, never mind, I’ll just wear a towel.

I finished my workout and made my way back to the changing room. I soon got out of my gym stuff and wrapped a towel around me. I entered the sauna which was quite small, and sat down opposite a guy, he was the only person in there. We politely nodded at each other and sat quietly. The guy was about 18 or 19, certainly no older. He was incredibly good looking; slim, tanned, smooth and blonde. He was so good looking, he could easily have been a model.

I looked at him again and noticed that he was letting his towel slip open and was starting to show his cock. I looked away quickly but my eyes were drawn back again. By now his towel had completely slipped off him and he was proudly showing Escort Bayan his very hard and big cock. My eyes were fixed on this beautiful guy and his delicious cock. I said to him that he looked pretty turned on, he said he was as he’d seen me in the gym working out.

I don’t know what came over me, but I just got up and sat next to him. I reached over and held his cock. He started to move himself so that his cock was sliding up and down in my hand. I started to jerk him off while watching his cock. It was like I was someone else; something took over my head…I just had to suck that cock. I asked him to stand up. He stood in front of me, but as I was still sitting, his beautiful hard cock was level with my face. He said it was his first time and asked if I was “clean”. I told him it was also my first time and that I was clean.

I leant forward and took his throbbing cock in my mouth. It felt fantastic as he fucked my mouth, but I was really worried that someone else could walk into the sauna at anytime. I continued to suck on his lovely cock while keeping an eye on the glass door.

I had my hands on his firm butt, pulling him deeper into my mouth. As my hand were on his butt, I pulled his ass cheeks apart, rubbing my finger against his tight little hole. Something had clearly possessed my mind, as I found myself making my middle finger wet and slowly sliding it into his hole. He stopped fucking my mouth as he said he didn’t was to cum yet.

He loved my finger in his asshole and pushed back on my hand so my finger went in deeper.

By now my own cock was throbbing hard.

He told me to pull my finger out of his ass and put it in my mouth. My mind was in turmoil. I desperately wanted to suck my finger, but all of this was so alien to me. I guess an Bayan Escort element of “what the hell” set in. I took my sticky finger from his asshole and put it in my mouth. I sucked it, Oh my God!, it tasted so nice that I very nearly cum.

This beautiful young guy had hooked me in.

He knew I was still watching the door for unexpected guests. He suggested that he sat down, and I could sit on his lap, that way we could both see the door. I was hesitant, but just went with the moment.

I could feel his cock under me, it felt so nice. He pushed me forward a little, and rubbed his pre-cum covered cock against my hole. He pushed it in as I stayed still. Of fuck, this hurt! I tried to relax, and it got easier. I liked it, I liked it a lot!! I began to slowly move up and down on his cock which seemed to be getting bigger.

We still had our towels to hand in case anyone walked in, thankfully no one did.

I let him fuck my arse, but he needed to be gentle and slow. Oh my word, it felt so good!!

He told me to stand up and swap places with him. I did, and he guided my cock into his still sticky hole. This felt fabulous, but very strange, as I’d never done anal before with anyone. He told me that he was always toying his ass with as many things he could find that resembled a cock shape, he clearly was well practiced. He was going crazing on my cock, getting it to go as deep into his dirty hole as possible.

I felt i was going to cum and I guess he could sense that too. He got off and went straight down on my cock that was covered with his dirty ass. I was shocked that he wanted to taste his ass so much, but he didn’t seem to care. He just took my cock deep into his mouth as my cock exploded. I shot torrents of cum into his mouth and as he continued Escort to suck and swallow, my cum dribbled out of his mouth.

My cum had barely left my cock and I was instantly overwhelmed with guilt and disgust with myself, and acutely aware that my wife was waiting for me in our room. I knew I should go, but I knew, that one way or another, I just had to have his cum.

At that point, he stood up put his cock in front of my face again. I knew he wanted it sucked again. He cock was huge; veiny, engorged and a shiny head still dirty from my ass. I looked and hesitated, but took it in my mouth. I sucked him and tasted my ass, this tasted so nice! He had his hands on my shoulders and felt him tense up. He pulled out of my mouth and jerked himself off to a climax spurting huge amounts of his hot cum all over my face and chest.

As soon as he’d cum, he said he was sorry and must go as his parents were waiting for him. With that he went.

I used the shower which was inside the sauna (never seen that before) to wash off our cum and to rinse my mouth from the taste of our asses.

I never saw him again, never knew his name, but oh my word, did he open up some issues for me?!!

I returned to my hotel room and as I expected, my wife was ready and waiting for me.

For many weeks, I couldn’t get my experience out of my head and felt hugely conflicted with guilt, disgust and wanting to do this all over again.

To this day, regrettably I have never been with another guy, but I still dream of doing so. I now consider myself to be secretly bi and regularly wank off to gay and scat porn, with vivid memories of my wonderful horny first time gay experience.

Each time I climax after watching gay or scat porn, I am still immediately consumed with guilt and disgust at my growing passion for scat play. I know its wrong, I know its disgusting, but let me tell you, I find it hugely erotic and just wish i could meet this lad again for some more extreme anal and cock play. As a very inexperienced bi guy, I still wonder if this is normal?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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