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hello, this time exceptionally this is no erotic story in the usual sense, but I try to tell my first own lesbian experience. As also most other writers on Literotica tell some of their own experiences, I thought it might be interesting for the readers of my stories to get to know how I actually came on my current sexual preference, i.e. the love to other women. I have not always been a lesbian – well a little bi I’m probably still – but it’s some time ago that I was in bed with a man or boy now.

You have to forgive me, if I do not tell too much of my person. Well, I’m Carmen. You might also miss some erotic details but a little privacy has to be and the “first time” is something special. Thus then to my first lesbian experience:

I had just become 18 and High School was behind me and I had started studying laws. In High School I had had some relationships to the one or the other of the boys from school and there had also been the one or the other party – love and so of course I wasn’t a virgin any more. But there had never been the big “Boom” with one of the boys and so at this time I was young, free and single again.

Anyhow, here I was at my very fist student’s party. The party was organised in the base floor of a student home. I attended it with a few friends of mine. At this time I still lived in my parents house a few miles out of the city.

The room was completely crowded and the mood was just great. There was a lot of dancing, we had some drinks and there always were enough boys around us. After some fast dances I was heated up and had to get a new drink. So I went to the bar to get one. Unfortunately there were a lot of people and so I had to wait too. I wasn’t looking around much, but just listening to the music, when suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder from behind. “Carmen?”, I heard ask somebody.

I turned around and stared into the face of Sabine (I changed the Casibom name). Sabine had done a student-teaching semester in our school, which was part of her studying English to become a teacher later on. We had understood very well during this year an so we both were quite happy to meet again. Sabine was a quit good looking girl, but one that you maybe wouldn’t immediately put your attention too. She was a bit higher and her body was a bit rounder then mine, but she still was a sportive and all in all slim girl. She just had good curves, where needed. Her hair was brown and over shoulder-length. She was 24 at this time and so for a teenage girl like me it was almost something like a honour that she spoke to me.

We started talking immediately, finally got our drinks and moved to a corner to have a nice chat. Sabine was a very funny person, so time was really fleeting. During the conversation Sabine made some very nice compliments of my body and I returned them. Our topics finally went to relationship and I told her that I didn’t have a boy friend at the moment and then Sabine quit surprised me by telling me that she actually was bisexual.

I never had thought of women before. Or maybe I had, I don’t really know. Anyhow I had drunk a little and was in a good mood and the fact of Sabine being bi just fascinated me. I strangely felt a bit aroused and I had a lot of questions to her.

Sabine was open enough to answer all my questions and so we talked about loving other women, bisexuality and lesbianism a lot, until my friends found us. They wanted to drive home.

At this moment Sabine offered that I could also stay at her room in the students home and without really thinking it over I agreed.

From this moment I knew that something would happen tonight. Our conversation broke off a bit and finally Sabine asked me to follow her to her room. I was terribly excited when we moved up the Casibom Giriş stairs to her room. I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation any more. Sabine tried to keep the conversation moving, but I think I wasn’t a very good talking partner.

In her small room there was only one bed, of course. Sabine suggested to take a shower. I only nodded. Sabine was the first to go to the bathroom and I followed. I was so excited under the shower!!! When I came back to the room Sabine already lay in the rather small single bed and invited me to follow her under the sheets.

In the moment I slipped under the sheets I immediately knew that she was naked. My heart beat like crazy. I still had a towel around my body and only slipped out of it under the sheets. So we both now were naked; Sabines body very close to mine. I could feel her warmness.

Sabine tried to start a conversation again, but I still had a kind of knot. Sabine was more than a bit more experienced then I was. I felt how she slowly moved nearer, until I could feel her soft and warm body very close to mine. Our bodies touched form time to time and for me each touch was a deeply arousing impact. I was nervous as I had never been before. Finally Sabine looked deep into my eyes. Her hand first gently touched my shoulder. I closed my eyes. She softly moved to my face, very tender. Then I felt her lips on mine. They tasted me very gently, very softly.

I couldn’t resist to open my mouth lightly for her tongue and her tongue easily slid into my mouth and for the very first time I deeply French kissed with another woman. It was great; my heart still raced.

The thought if it was correct to kiss a woman only came to me for a very short moment. Too good were the feelings and too aroused was I. This kissed at this moment just was the best kiss I ever had. While we still kissed her soft hands gently began to move, began to explore Casibom Güncel Giriş my inexperienced, aroused body.

No word was spoken when Sabine finally took the sheets from our bodies and very slowly began to kiss her way deeper, her fingers now caressing my pubic hair and then my now very wet pussy. Everything went very soft, very gentle and very slow. I just lay there and let it happen – and I enjoyed. I enjoyed as she kissed my breasts and my nipples, as her fingers slid into my pussy, I enjoyed as her kisses caressed my stomach and I enjoyed as her lips and her tongue reached my pussy. It was an amazing feeling as a felt a woman’s lips on my cunt for the first time. I groaned from lust and I think it didn’t take very long until I came in my most satisfying orgasm till this day.

I think I not only came due to her experienced tongue moving across my clit, but also due to the arousing feeling that it was a woman that loved my body, that I had sex with.

After my orgasm Sabine took me in her arms again and we kissed again, our breasts touching each other and I loved everything. After this orgasm I very quickly was aroused again and finally I was relaxed enough to get a bit active myself and I also returned kisses to her, I for the first time caressed a girls breast, touched a wet pussy, kissed a hard nipple and I also for the first time tasted a wet, aroused clit and my tongue made a woman come!

It was a night that I will never forget. I never would have imagined how much it aroused me to kiss, to lick, to taste, to feel a woman; and I not only had these feelings for this one night. Ever since I love, I adore the taste of woman.

Sabine and I had been a pair for a while.

Since that night I didn’t have sex with a lot of boys or men. I really prefer girls and women ever since.

So I’m much more a lesbian than bi at the moment. Strangely I’m still not showing my orientation very openly, even though I never had any bad reactions.

I will enjoy your feedback and votings. Please excuse some mistakes in the wording and spelling, but it’s just not my natural language.

Greetings from Pussylove69

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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