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Chapter Seven

Skyler sat at the picnic table watching Kaia turn the vegetable kabobs and baked potatoes she had on the grill. The tall and sexy black girl’s back was to her, her long white hair pulled back in a band, exposing her regal-looking neck. Kaia wore only a sports bra as a top, her broad yet feminine shoulders and the slim, defined musculature of her back tapering down in a V to her narrow waist. Her darker complexion’s exposed skin seemed to catch the sunlight, and her upper back muscles were rippling delightfully with each move of Kaia’s arms.

Skyler let her eyes wander even lower to the beautiful black woman’s backside. Despite her narrow hips and how firm Kaia’s ass appeared to be, the auburn-haired beauty was delighted to see that the object of her attraction had a bubble butt. A throbbing heat began to grow between Skyler’s legs as she imagined palming both of those cheeks and squeezing them as she kissed Kaia. One of probably a hundred different fantasies she’d had about the former Marine since they’d parted ways last night.

Skyler had been hopelessly elated when Kaia had issued her invite last night, wondering if it was a date, or if the beautiful black girl was just trying to befriend a kindred spirit. The moments the two had shared, the brief instances they’d spent intimately staring into one another’s eyes and the soft little touches and caresses that Kaia had given her told Skyler that the beautiful black girl was interested. And yet it was painfully apparent that something was holding her back.

“We can probably put the steaks on in just a bit, and it won’t take them but just a few minutes to cook,” Kaia said as she sat down across from Skyler. “So, where were we?”

“I’d asked about your eyes, and you said there was a story behind it.”

“Ah, yes,” Kaia said with a grin as she stared back at Skyler, the gold flecks circling her gray eyes seeming to sparkle in the sunlight. “My great grandmother on my dad’s side was an Irish immigrant, with pale skin, red hair, and green eyes. So that left my grandfather very light-skinned with just a touch of red to his hair, which was also far less coarse than most black people’s.”

“I guess that made him stand out,”

“You bet your ass it did, and not in a good way either,” Kaia said, a hint of sadness in her voice. “My great grandparents immigrated to Canada because of all the grief their marriage caused. That’s where my grandfather was raised and where he met a blonde-haired and blue-eyed Swedish immigrant named Elsa at college, and the pair fell in love.”

“Let’s see then, that makes you what, three-quarters African, three-sixteenths, Swedish, and one-sixteenth Irish?” Skyler asked, her eyes closed as she did the numbers in her head.

Kaia laughed and said, “Yeah, something like that. My hair has always been a bit finer and lighter in color, and of course, my skin tone and eyes are directly attributable to my heritage.”

Not even realizing that she intended to say it before the words were out of her mouth, Skyler said, “It’s the perfect combination of genes. I know I’ve never met anyone alive as beautiful and sexy as you, Kaia.”

Skyler blushed profusely at having shared her feelings openly, her hands fidgeting at the paper napkin in front of her on the picnic table. The auburn-haired beauty was used to being the one that was pursued and found the prospects of being on the other side of the coin daunting and alien.

Kaia’s hand slid across the table and lay atop Skyler’s, her gaze seeming to stare a hole through the younger woman and directly into her soul. Skyler suddenly felt naked, her every thought and desire open to the sexy former Marine.

“You’re so sweet,” Kaia said softly before allowing a slightly teasing tone to enter her voice. “Although I’m not sure the woman you’re interested in would be all that happy to hear you say that.”

Skyler felt her blushing go an even darker shade of red before noticing the look in Kaia’s eyes was completely incongruous with the tone in for voice. They seemed almost to be challenging Skyler, a provocation of sorts to stake her claim.

And suddenly it hit the younger woman that was what she needed to do precisely. She wasn’t a child anymore, so why should she hide her feelings? Skyler might not know Kaia as intimately as she one day hoped to, but she could tell that she wasn’t the type to make light of her feelings even if she didn’t return them herself.

“Oh, I pretty sure she knows how I feel exactly,” Skyler replied, dragging a thumb up over the top of Kaia’s hand while biting at her bottom lip, her feet bouncing nervously beneath the table.

If the beautiful black girl seemed surprised by her response, then she didn’t show it. Her gray eyes seemed to darken and become intense, making the heat already present between Skyler’s legs practically burst into flames.

“And her?” Kaia asked, with one eyebrow raised almost in a playful challenge.

Skyler saw no reason to let it come to an end, enjoying the mischievous tone Casibom to the banter between them, so she said, “Oh, yeah, I think she badly wants to get in my panty’s.”

That remark caused the usually composed and collected Kaia to spew the mouth full of sweet tea she’d been attempting to swallow, spraying it off to the table’s side. That caused Skyler to break out into a gale of laughter as Kaia struggled to cough up sips of tea that had managed to go down the wrong way.

It was a magical moment for Skyler because, for the first time since she’d encountered the enigmatic cocoa-skinned blonde, it was Skyler who seemed to have the upper hand. Skyler knew where the sudden burst of confidence came from, her late-night talk with her mother. One that had come as a complete and total surprise and left the beautiful auburn-haired teen thinking for the first time that perhaps her immediate future didn’t seem as dark as it once had.

Once Kaia had cleared her throat and regained the composure, she turned back towards Skyler giving her an evil look that was done in jest and said, “Alright, I have to get the steaks on the grill, so they’re ready before the rest of the food is overdone.”

Skyler could only smile seeing the effect that she’d had on the sexy former Marine and basked in the glow it made her feel to know for sure that Kaia seemed to want her every bit as much as she craved the black goddess.

“What about our grill master? Does she her eye on anyone?” Skyler asked, and by the tone in her voice, it was evident that she was baiting the cocoa-skinned blonde beauty with everything she had.

Skyler heard Kaia’s laugh, followed by the ribeye’s sizzling as she dropped them on the grill. Once she had the meat situated the way she wanted, Kaia looked over her shoulder and gave the high school student a tantalizing look that made the throbbing inside her clit rapidly speed up.

“It just so happens that I have met someone recently,” Kaia said before turning back around to study the sizzling meat cooking on the grill.

“Oh yeah? What is this woman like?” Skyler asked, her chin resting on her right hand with both of her eyebrows raised in interest, a smirk on her face.

Without turning back around to face Skyler, Kaia said, “She’s a bit younger than me and sexy as fuck, but she’s also, as it turns out, a bit of a brat.”

That got a surprised belly laugh from Skyler, who coyly said, “Oh, my, what are you gonna do about that?”

Kaia flipped the steaks before turning to look at Skyler. With a solemn expression on her face, the beautiful black woman said, “I may have to end up putting her over my knee and giving her a very firm spanking.”

Skyler’s eyes went big at that, her sharp tongue suddenly dulled into silence, no stinging retort there to help her save face. Not sure how to respond, she just sat there and stared at Kaia, who met her look with a confident smirk.

“You should see your face right now,” the sexy black girl said with a giggle, her finger pointed at Skyler.

Frustrated and embarrassed, the teen beauty bit at her bottom lip, her arms crossing her chest. Finally, finding her voice, Skyler said, “And how do you know this woman would even like getting spanked? Maybe she’s not into that sort of thing.”

Kaia’s grin grew even wider as she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Brats don’t get to choose when they get spankings.”

Rather than admit defeat, Skyler placed both thumbs against the side of her head, wiggling her fingers as she stuck her tongue out at Kaia, doing her best to live up to the title that the cocoa-skinned beauty had bestowed on her.

“Alright, young lady, you’d better behave, or there will be no dessert for you,” Kaia said, with a smoldering look that left Skyler wondering what the sexy black beauty meant precisely.

“Oh?” the teen replied, trying to keep her voice from cracking with the nervous energy she felt coursing through her veins. “And what exactly is it that I would be missing out on?”

Kaia was busy pulling the steaks off the grill and placing them on a platter with the vegetables and foil-wrapped potatoes. She then made her way over to the table and sat the food down between them, a mischievous smile present on her face the entire time.

“Suddenly want to be a well behaved young lady? Kaia teased her as one eyebrow arched high as if she didn’t quite believe the auburn-haired beauty could do such a thing.

“Maybe,” Skyler said almost demurely, her voice quiet and the flush on her cheeks darkening.

“Well, I guess we’ll see if that’s the case or not. If you’re a good girl during dinner and clean your plate, maybe I’ll give you something else to eat. Something moist and chocolate, maybe.”

Skyler’s already wet panties received a fresh coating of her feminine essence as she considered Kaia’s proposition. She knew that the cocoa-skinned beauty taunted her with innuendo and double entendre while pretending to be coy and proper, but her eyes told a different tale. While her Casibom Giriş words might have been a tease meant to tantalize Skyler’s desires, Kaia’s eyes held far more interest for the sexy teen, because they spoke of the lustful inner battle waged inside the former Marine.

Shaken and a bit rattled by all of the sexual energy passed between them, her mind like a lightning rod trapped within a summer thunderstorm, Skyler sought to change the subject.

“So, tell me about the mysterious Kaia,” Skyler said, tilting her head to the side and batting her long eyelashes at the woman who enamored her.

“Well, you already know that I was a Marine and an only child. You’ve heard about my parents and grandparents, what is it you want to know?” Kaia asked as she cut into the steak on her plate, pinkish tinged juices oozing out of the medium-rare cooked cut of meat.

“When did you come out to your parents?” Skyler asked as she pulled at a chunk of red bell pepper, drawing it off the wooden skewer she held.

“When I was sixteen. My dad wasn’t crazy about it but was still supportive. My mom said it wasn’t a surprise at all to her because I’d never shown the least bit of interest in boys but seemed to dote on my female friends.”

“Any great romances in your past?” Skyler asked as she picked up her tea, squeezing the lemon resting on her glasses’ rim before dropping it into the mixture and taking a sip.

The change in Kaia’s body language and demeanor was instantaneous, as was her expression. Her lean and defined body stiffened noticeably, and she seemed to wince.

“Should I not have asked that?” Skyler said, almost cautiously. The auburn-haired beauty’s tone indicated she realized from Kaia’s reaction that it might be a touchy subject.

After a moment, the beautiful young black woman seemed to relax, shrugging her shoulders to say it was alright, though Skyler could still see that whatever memories were in Kaia’s past, they grieved her.

“I was engaged to be married not too long ago,” the cocoa-skinned beauty replied while staring down at her plate, her fingers picking at the grilled vegetables there.

Wary of saying the wrong thing, but curious to know more about the enigmatic beauty across from her, Skyler gingerly said, “What happened?”

Kaia looked up at her, and though there were no tears in her eyes, they looked moist and sad.

“When I returned from Afghanistan, she’d left me for a man. I guess I should have seen it coming. She’d been married twice before, with both ending in divorce before we met. But I fell hard for her, and I guess kind of fooled myself into believing that she wasn’t a straight girl just experimenting,” Kaia replied matter of factly, a hint of bitterness still creeping its way into her response.

Skyler’s heart broke for the woman she’d grown so fond of in the last eight days. She reached across the table and took Kaia’s left hand, squeezing it tightly.

“I’m so sorry, Kaia. If I’d had any clue, I’d have never asked.”

Kaia smiled back at her, a single tear escaping her right eye. Skyler could tell that the former Marine was doing her best to prevent any more from emerging. The auburn-haired young beauty knew that a change of subject was needed to help the gorgeous black girl out.

“Jacob had already called my parents and whined about how I’d dumped him before I ever got home last night,” Skyler said, rolling her eyes to emphasize how little she thought of his actions. “As if that was going to help his situation.”

“What a bitch move,” Kaia said, her tone instantly lightening with the subject’s change.

“I know!” Skyler replied demonstratively. “My dad was upset with me, particularly when I wouldn’t tell him why. It’s not that I have a significant problem with telling them the occasional lie. But it just felt wrong to have to lie to him about my sexuality.”

“And what about your mom?” Kaia asked as she resumed cutting up her steak.

Skyler smiled radiantly at the gorgeous woman across from her and said, “She didn’t seem as surprised as my dad. I think she’d seen it coming with the way I’d been ignoring him this past week. But she did come up and talk to me after my father had gone to bed.”

“Trying to get you to change your mind about the boy they hoped was their future son-in-law?”

That got a laugh out of Skyler. That was likely precisely what the pair had been hoping for until last night.

“No, but she did sit down on my bed and ask me to be honest with her. The two of us have always been close, and she knew something was up,” Skyler replied as she stirred the butter around her baked potato.

“What did you do? Tell her you finally figured out what a doofus he was?”

“No, I told her that I was gay,” Skyler replied, her voice so low that she wasn’t sure that Kaia would even hear her.

“You what?”

Skyler smiled, enjoying the look of shock on the beautiful black girl’s face as Kaia stared back across the table with a look of disbelief gracing her countenance.

“I Casibom Güncel Giriş told her that I was a lesbian and that I knew for a long time that something just didn’t feel right with any of the relationships I’d had. I told her they left me feeling cold and empty inside but that I’d felt like I had to keep trying because I didn’t want to disappoint them,” the auburn-haired beauty replied with a satisfied smile, feeling light as air and ready to float away at her admission.

“Damn, girl. What did she say?” Kaia asked as her eyes showed a strange mixture of awe at what Skyler had done…and something else that the sexy teen couldn’t quite discern.

“She asked me what had made me so sure, and I told her that I’d met a wonderful young woman that intrigued me in so many ways and occupied my thoughts continuously. I explained that this enchanting woman was beautiful, brave, and strong and had brought feelings bubbling to the surface that had always been there simmering within me, but I’d fought to suppress.”

Smiling across at Kaia, Skyler added, “I promised her that I had no desire to embarrass them but that I wasn’t willing to live my life in secret and have them be ashamed of me. I think that may have impacted her more than anything because she teared up almost instantly when I said that.”

A sheen of tears covered Kaia’s eyes, glistening in the late afternoon summer sunlight. Skyler was pleased that her words elicited such a response from the tough former Marine, her feelings for Kaia swelling even more at its sight.

“I was expecting tears from her or some kind of furious and frantic reaction at the news, but she shocked the hell out of me by saying if that’s what it took to make me happy, then she could accept it and be happy for me. I don’t think she was expecting it, but it was clear that she was expecting something,” Skyler explained, her voice cracking at the memory.

“What about your dad?” Kaia asked

“I haven’t told him yet. My mom asked me to give her time to talk to him and get him prepared. She didn’t want him just reacting out of instinct to the news. She said if she had the time to get him in the right frame of mind, she thought he would accept it, though he may never be happy about it.”

“Wow…so, you are sure…I mean, I know that you seemed confident last night, but I thought that might have been just because you are caught up in how you felt about…well, this woman you’re interested in.”

Skyler couldn’t help but giggle at the coy way that Kaia skirted the issue of her crush, although the beautiful teen would hardly call it that herself anymore. No, her feelings for Kaia had undergone a metamorphosis to something far beyond simple attraction or affection. She didn’t know how to classify it yet but had little doubt in her mind that she was on the verge of falling for Kaia, and hard.

Despite the nervous flutter that she felt in the pit of her stomach, Skyler looked across the table at the gorgeous creature staring back at her. She wanted this next part to come out just right, without a hint of levity. Skyler wanted to impart to Kaia exactly how serious she was.

“I don’t know how it’s going to feel to be made love to by a woman, although I expect that it’s going to be magical. But like I told my mother last night, I’m utterly positive of two things. One is that I’m gay, and it’s not just because of this woman that I’ve met. I think that I was in love with my best friend before she moved away five or six years ago, but I was just too naive and young to understand what it was I was feeling. And I’ve always made an effort to admire the girls around me, I just always told myself it was because I wanted to compare myself to them, but that wasn’t true. And now that my eyes have opened to the truth, I can’t stop looking and admiring them in an entirely different way.”

Skyler paused there to allow her words to sink in, hoping that Kaia would ask her the question she so badly wanted to answer. To her instant gratification, the gorgeous black girl didn’t disappoint.

“What was the second thing?” Kaia asked with a little quiver in her voice.

Skyler took a deep breath as she pushed her plate away and slowly swung her legs over the bench she’d been sitting on, never taking her eyes off of Kaia. She stood and made her way around the table, her heart pounding in her chest and a building heated throb pulsing between her legs. Just as Skyler reached Kaia, the beautiful black girl spun in her seat, facing back out towards the grill, a perplexed look in her eyes.

Skyler didn’t hesitate, straddling Kaia’s long legs and coming to rest on her muscular thighs as her arms slipped around either side of the sexy black girls graceful looking neck. And though Kaia seemed completely surprised by the beautiful teen’s aggressive maneuver, she didn’t resist it at all, her hands finding Skyler’s narrow waist.

“I told her that the second thing was that I wasn’t sure how this woman felt about me. But I fully intended to find out on our date tonight,” Skyler said. She managed to tear her eyes away from the gray depths of Kaia’s mesmerizing gaze to find her plump lips just as she saw the sexy black girl’s pink tongue part them slightly, just enough to moisten their surface.

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