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This is part 4A of the “Filipina Persuasion” series. This is the first of two possible endings of the series.


Despite Lin’s persistence and passion, I could not be unfaithful to Maricar. Not only has she shown me pleasures I had never imagined existed, but she had also utterly seduced and conquered me, body and mind. I felt sorry for Lin, but made it clear my loyalty belonged to Maricar and her alone. With that, I exited the toilet and went back to the table and sat on Maricar’s lap. Lin followed me, looking rather glum and dejected.

“Ah, you finally came back! You know, for a moment I thought you two would elope and leave us here”, joked Maricar.

She then grabbed my chin and, while looking in my eyes, said, “But I know you would not leave me, Daphne. You know you belong to me, don’t you?”

“Yes. I do belong to you, Maricar…”

“Good girl.” And then she gently kissed me on the lips.

“Well, it’s time for us to go, Millie! A night of fire and passion awaits us. Oh, and sorry Lin…but I promise I will make it up to you next time. Just had to give an old friend priority though!”

And with that we stood up and went back to Maricar’s place.


Back at her place, Maricar and Mille sat down on a couch and then asked me to bring them a bottle of red wine and two glasses from the kitchen. I did as instructed, then opened the bottle and poured wine in their glasses before kneeling in front of them.

“It’s amazing how obedient she is. You trained her well, Maricar”, said Millie.

“I know. There is nothing she won’t enjoy. She’s such a filthy slut. Talking of which…why are you not yet naked? Take off all your clothes, you little whore…”

I quickly undressed and then knelt once again before them, completely naked.

“This is much better. Now take off our shoes and socks. Don’t know about you, Millie, but my feet are all hot and sweaty from all the walking we have done…”

I did as instructed and removed their shoes and socks.

“How about we have our little pervert here give our feet a special massage with her tongue?” said Maricar and then grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her feet. “Start with mine and remember, I want to see your tongue between my toes as well!”

I started licking her soles the way she liked it, using my whole tongue and stopping at every wrinkle to lick them up and down several times. I then moved to her toes sucking each one individually and covering them in my saliva. Between switching toes, I also slid my tongue in the space between them, making sure to cover every single square inch of her skin. The pungent taste of her sweaty soles turned me on in the way I was now accustomed to and made me lick and suck her soles and toes with increasing passion.

After I had left both of her feet glistening with saliva, Maricar grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

“That’s enough! Did you forget we have a guest with us today? Her feet also need your attention, so get on to it! And you’d better do it with passion or Millie here will get very upset!”

I then moved my face to Millie’s bare feet and proceeded to lick and suck them too with as much passion as I could. Not that it was hard for me to do so, so turned on I was by the intense flavour of her sweaty soles. I kept sucking at licking her feet for more than 10 minutes and I could hear soft moans of pleasures coming out of Millie’s mouth. Finally, I was forced to stop only when Maricar grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

“That’s enough, you shameless slut! You’ve had enough time to savour Millie’s feet. So…whose feet do you think taste Casibom better: mine her hers?”

I was taken aback by that question, and not wanting to offend anyone I replied, “Both taste equally good…”

Maricar was not pleased with my answer and slapped my face.

“Don’t try to act cute! You must have a favourite. Say it!”

“I…yours, tastes the best, Maricar…”

She patted me on the head and said, “That’s a good answer. But I’m afraid you have upset Millie now…I think you should make it up to her.”

I turned towards Millie and said, “I’m sorry Millie…I did not mean to upset you…”

“No, no, no! That won’t cut it, Daphne!”, said Maricar. “It’s up to Millie to decide how best you can be forgiven. You will have to do anything she wants.”

“Wow! Are you serious, Maricar?” enquired Millie.

“Totally. She has been very rude to you, so that’s the least she can do to make it up to you.”

Maricar then pulled me back by the hair, grabbed my mouth with her right end and made me look at her while saying, “You will do anything she asks you, won’t you?”

“Y-yes, Maricar…”

“Good. Well, Milly, I think that Daphne here deserves a punishment first for having been so rude towards you.”

“Mmm, yeah, that’s a good idea,” said Millie, “and I can punish her anyway I want?”

“Well, nothing permanent, but otherwise, go ahead. Oh, and you don’t mind if I start recording you two, do you? For my personal use only, of course.”

“No problem at all…ok, you missy, get on all four on the carpet, now!” barked Millie.

“May I borrow a leather belt off you, Maricar?” she then continued.

“Oh, I like where this is going! Of course you may, Millie!” replied Maricar.

Maricar went to her bedroom and then came back with a leather belt, which she handed to Millie.

“Don’t worry, little slut, I’m not gonna use the metal end. But I want to hear you count every time I hit that round ass of yours with the belt. If you don’t, I’m gonna hit you again until I can hear you. Understood?”

“Y-yes, Millie” I replied hesitantly and with a certain sense of excitement mixed with fear.

Millie then placed herself behind me, lifted her hand and whacked my ass with the belt.

“Ouch,” I yelled. While she did not eat me with full force, it stung and caught me unprepared.

“You forgot to count!”, yelled Millie and hit my ass with her belt, but harder this time.

“Argh…that hurt!”

Millie then grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, lowered her mouth to my right ear and said, “It’s gonna hurt a lot harder, unless you start counting. Count well, and I may stop at ten lashes.”

She then assumed the position and whacked my ass again.

“Ouch…One…” I said.





She continued until I had counted to ten and then stopped. She then looked at me with a satisfied smile and said, “I think that should suffice for your punishment. Now, let’s take a look at your ass.”

My butt was all reddened and I could see bright red stripes corresponding to the lashes on it. Millie started caressing it to soothe the pain and said, “Does it hurt, little girl?”

I looked at her and nodded, a tear trickling down my cheek.

“Oh, poor little baby, Mommy Millie is gonna make it all good. Come on the couch with me.”

I moved over to the couch and she then made me lay along it, my head resting in her lap. She lifted my head up to her bosom and started cradling me, while kissing my forehead.

“There, there. Mommy is gonna make it all good. I know what you need right now. Casibom Giriş You need to suckle on Mommy’s breasts.”

She then popped her big, floppy breasts from her top and pressed my face against her left breast.

“Come on, open your mouth and start suckling. You know you want to…”

I hesitated for a second, but after the walloping I had experienced, I felt vulnerable and in need of consolation. I opened my mouth and placed it on her erect, dark brown nipple and began eagerly sucking on it. Millie let out a satisfied sigh as I did so.

“That’s a good girl. Mmm, you are making Mommy very happy now. Here, let me make you feel better too..”

She then placed her hand on my clit and began gently stroking and rubbing it while I switched between sucking her left and right nipples. Her experienced hand movements soon had me letting out soft, muffled moans while she kept sighing with pleasure.

After perhaps 15 minutes of this, Maricar interrupted us.

“Our little slut has been soothed enough, Millie. I think she is ready for the special treat we discussed before, don’t you think?”

“Oh, hell yeah! I’ve been looking forward to that all night!”, replied Millie.

“Let’s go and get changed in my bedroom. You wait here Daphne and wait for me to call you. Understood?” Maricar said.

“Yes, Maricar,” I replied

After about five minutes, Maricar called me and told me to join them in the bedroom. When I got there, they were standing next to the bed, completely naked, except for two black strapons they were wearing. Maricar was wearing the strapon she regularly used on me, while Millie donned a smaller one.

“Get on your fours Daphne and crawl over to us,” ordered Maricar.

I did as instructed and crawled over to them.

“Get on your knees now. Good. Now give our strapons nice, deep blow jobs like I taught you. We want them nicely lubricated with your saliva!”

I did as instructed and eagerly sucked on their strapons, deepthroating them and making sure they were glistening with my saliva. Satisfied, Maricar told me to stop and then told Millie to lie on the bed. She then told me to lie on top of Millie, back facing down. Finally she placed herself on top of me. I felt completely enveloped by the brown bodies of Maricar and Millie, with only my pale legs, arms and head sticking out.

“Daphne here has never been double penetrated before Millie. I think she is gonna get the ride of her life.”

They then started gently sliding their strapons in, Maricar in my pussy and Millie in my asshole. I had never experienced anything like that before and with my bum still a bit sore from Millie’s walloping, I could not help letting out a few “ouchs” to indicate my initial discomfort.

“Don’t worry, baby. We will give you a few moments to get used to it. You are gonna love it in the end, you will see!”

They then paused their gentle penetration once about half of their strapon was in me to let me settle down. Maricar gave me passionate, deep French kisses, while Millie kissed my neck and nibbled my ears from behind, while at the same time squeezing my breasts. After a few minutes of this, Maricar stopped her kissing.

“Ok, I think you should be fine. Let’s start with the real fun now!”

They both began slowly pushing their strapons all the way in, then paused it there. I had never felt so full before. The sensation was so intense that I let out a moan.

“Mmm, I think our little slut here is gonna love this, Millie! Ok, let’s push in and out together and try to match my speed!”

Marcar and Millie both began to pump in and out of Casibom Güncel Giriş me with their strapons. After a while they had managed to match their movements and speed, so that both my holes were being fully penetrated at the same time. The sensation was mind blowing and it did not take me long to start moaning loudly. Noticing that, Maricar and Millie picked up their pace and were soon pumping in and out of me wildly. At the same time, Millie, now in the full heat of passion, was biting my neck and squeezing my breasts hard from behind, while Maricar was alternating between deep tongue kisses and spitting in my mouth while calling me a dirty nymphomaniac. It did not take me long to come with a loud scream with an orgasm that made my whole body shake. However, this barely registered with my two Filipina lovers, who continued their frenzied assault on my pussy and asshole until they finally came, which was after my third orgasm.

We then laid still for a few minutes, my body sandwiched between theirs. I was completely covered in their sweat and was feeling exhausted after such intense orgasms like I never experienced before. But Maricar and Millie were not yet finished with me. They started taking turn in fucking me in a combination of positions: doggy style, missionary, cowgirl and in both of my holes. They would switch after each time I had an orgasm, so that they could rest in-between and keep banging me as hard as possible, giving me no quarter. As one of them fucked me, the other would sit beside us and record the proceedings with her mobile phone, often encouraging her friend to fuck me harder and occasionally slapping my face and breasts or biting my nipples. They kept going with this relentless assault until the early hours of the morning and I soon lost count of the orgasms I experienced.

When they finally stopped, satisfied by their own orgasms, both my pussy and asshole were sore like never before, but I was so drained and exhausted that I quickly fell into a dreamless sleep as I lay on the bed, as they hugged me on the left and right of me.


When I woke up the day after, still feeling sore, Millie was already gone. Maricar had been sitting at her desk, browsing her computer and when noticing I was awake, came to the bed, lightly kissed me on the forehead and then laid next to me, hugging me in a big spoon.

She then put her mouth next to my left ear and said, “Last night was so much fun, baby! Millie left saying you had been one of her best fucks ever. Next time we ought to invite Lin over…maybe both Millie and Lin! Imagine having three girls fucking you relentlessly for hours…”

She then started gently stroking my pussy and continued, “But most of the time I just want you for myself. I want you to be more than my little lesbian slut. I want you to be the girlfriend I can show off to all my friends. In fact…we can get legally married in this country…oh, I’d so love to introduce you to everyone as my wife!”

Maricar then turned me around, held my hands in hers and looked me in the eyes saying, “Will you marry me, Daphne?”

I looked back at her, with so many contrasting emotions going through my head. Only a few weeks before I was with a wonderful boyfriend and had never thought about having sex with a woman, let alone marrying one. Now I could not imagine being happier than as Maricar’s lesbian slave and girlfriend. But while my family could tolerate a brief lesbian adventure, they would never cope with me getting married to a woman. And my friends too would never be able to understand it. Taking this decision would mean a new start in my life and a definite break with my past. I hesitated. But Maricar, she had really turned my world upside down and made me feel emotions I never thought possible. As I looked into her mesmerizing eyes, my internal conflict dissipated and I knew that my answer could be only one…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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